Levana Astra Digital Baby Video Monitor with LEVANA Powered by Snuza Oma Portable Baby Movement Monitor System, White/Black/Orange

Levana Astra Digital Baby Video Monitor with LEVANA Powered by Snuza Oma Portable Baby Movement Monitor System, White/Black/Orange

When baby is finally quiet it should be a relief, not a worry. At LEVANA, we know how tempting it is to check on a soundly sleeping infant over and over again just in case. Astra and Oma work together to provide total peace of mind. See everything with a pan tilt and zoom camera and, when you’re not looking, know that you will be alerted immediately if baby is not moving. Breathe easier knowing LEVANA Astra and Oma will be there to help you check in a little less and relax a little more.

Main features

  • Breathe easy knowing the wireless Oma baby movement monitor will alert you after just 15 seconds of no abdominal movement by staying in direct contact with baby’s tummy
  • Watch and listen to baby using the Astra video monitor with 3.5″ screen and pan/tilt/zoom camera
  • Use the Astra video monitor for up to 48 hours in power-saving PEEP mode and reduce how often you need to recharge your battery
  • 12 feet Automatic night vision with invisible LEDs keep the nursery dark so baby can sleep more soundly
  • Portable, battery-powered Oma movement monitor with no wires or cords; Use anywhere baby sleeps

Verified reviews


Unique, inferior to cheaper Lorex BB3525, LB315, LW2450, LW2451

Levana Astra features the pricey Oma sensor, which clips onto the diaper, monitors baby’s movements, and is not necessarily wanted by everyone nor compensates for a lack of Wi-Fi, but is unique and fills a market niche. However, the Oma would doubtfully prevent sudden infant death syndrome, which cause is unknown, whereas remote viewing through Wi-Fi may certainly show an abuse sometimes misdiagnosed as SIDS due to a lack of evidence.The Astra without considering the Oma is inferior to cheaper Lorex BB3525, LB315 and LW2450, LW2451 (playing lullabies and monitoring temperature + sound-activated recording + allowing outdoor camera LW2401AC2 respectively), which unlike the Astra allow to connect to the Internet for remote viewing on smartphones and tablets using Skype. However, remote viewing on BB3521, LB311 requires Lorex ACCWIFI1 WiFi Remote Connection Cradle (charging monitor) sold separately God knows where. The Astra is solid, its functions work properly, the camera supports two-way talk with the child, but the handheld’s and camera’s speakers face back and right respectively.

Kerry Durham, MO

Love the Pan & Scan

I love this baby monitor. When my daughter was an infant, I may have thought the ability to move the camera was not a worthwhile feature, but now that she is older it’s a feature I could not do without. My daughter is 17 months old and will wander into her room giving me the occasional much needed reprieve. Her bedroom is small, but this camera will pretty much let me see her entire room. I can scan from her bed to the open space on the floor where she plays to her toy box to her closet. It’s really great! I would need 3 or 4 cameras to get the viewing flexibility that the Astra gives me. When it gets a little too quiet, I can peek in on her no matter where she is in her room.The Astra also has several extra features. It has lullaby mode, talk to baby and sound only mode to extend the battery life.There are issues with me for range, but that may be because we have so many wireless devices in our house. And it’s only a minor problem. The signal with drop out for a second or two, but it comes right back up and it doesn’t happen constantly.At 17 months, my daughter is way too old for the portable baby movement monitor. This device adds a great deal to the price of this set. It is a neat idea, but I don’t know how much use most people will get from it. The Astra is also sold without the baby movement system, but at the time of this review, the price difference is so insignificant there is no reason you would buy the other version.

Carolina Bethune, SC

Great Product

I’ve had a few different baby monitors, but this one is my favorite. The ability of the camera to move, as well as to zoom, makes this a really great system. It means that if I hear an odd noise, I can check out the rest of the room as well, and see if maybe our dog, Ptoliporthos, has wandered into the room and is doing something weird (like snoring…nothing stranger than when you think your baby is snoring…especially like a bulldog…).I also like the infrared LEDs that make it possible to see Little One without turning on the lights. As others have said, the camera works well in both low and high light conditions, which is nice since we sometimes need to use it during the day.I do wish that it would be possible to communicate two way with the device (more like a phone, less like a walkie talkie), as it makes it easier to talk to other caretakers who are in the room with Little One. But, that’s hardly a problem that is unique to this system. Most of the moderately priced baby monitors have roughly the same features.Oh, and for those of you who wish that this had a temperature readout, just put a good old-fashioned mercury thermometer next to Little One. You can use the pan, tilt, and zoom features to find out what the temperature is right in the crib!(Obviously, that’s a joke. Only ever use alcohol thermometers near a baby. The mercury ones have a funny smell that they don’t seem to like.)

Geneva Independence, CA

Some great features but others are counter intuitive

This baby monitor has excellent video, a million times better than our Summer Infant monitor. It has very nice color and performs well at night, and during the day as well. The sound is better too. The battery life I have found also seems exceptionally good.I will say since we are used to a more simple style of monitor, it took a minute to get used to the extra steps required to control this unit. It was not a deal breaker at all, and the new features that were not available on our old model are a step in the right direction. The only thing I dont like about this monitor is the handleld unit has an annoyingly bright LED light that almost lights up a dark room. I wish there was a way to dim them or turn it off.

Morgan Flournoy, CA

So Helpful!

Love this monitor, I can still keep an eye on the baby while doing housework in another room. This is a great gift for a new mom

Rebecca Verona, NY

Unique system that contains the infant movement monitor.

Levana is a well-known player in the baby monitor market, and has come out with this system that includes a unique item- the Oma movement monitor. This is a small revolutionary device that is mainly designed for infants, and attaches to his or her tummy. It senses movement and will alert you if there is not movement noticed. It marks even small breathing that cannot be picked up by looking at a visual baby monitor. Keep in mind, while this is a neat feature, it has not been proven to reduce SIDS.The camera portion of the system works fairly well, with pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities. I found that audio and video quality were both solid, though not top of class like the nicer Samsung monitors. You are able to speak through it, which is useful for talking to baby. One feature it does not offer is temperature display, which is becoming more common in the nicer systems.This is a capable system but I’d say there are better options out there, unless you specifically want the movement monitor (which is also sold separately).

Yvonne Lawn, PA

Functions well for baby’s safety, and the alarm after 15 seconds of abdominal stillness can be a life-saver. Six stars!

This Levana monitor is everything a parent could want. Not only can you hear and see your baby, you can relax knowing that the movement sensor will alert you to any breathing problems. That brilliant Oma Baby Movement monitor is a tiny, battery-powered unit you clip to the top of your baby’s diaper, and if the baby’s abdomen does NOT move for fifteen seconds, the alarm sounds. SIDS is such a tragedy, and this little sensor is a comforting step you can take to prevent it happening to your baby. To me, this movement monitor is worth the price of the whole system.The quality of the audio and video of the camera (even with its 3.5" screen, pan/tilt/zoom features, and night vision capability) and microphone is not what you want to send your family to introduce your baby, but it is not intended for that use. This is baby safety equipment, and it functions very well as intended.

Jennifer Ravenna, MI

Great for two kids in one (smaller) room!

I have tested and used many multiple baby monitors with my two kids. What I love about the Levana Astra is that the camera is rotational removing the need for an additional camera in our small bedroom. I can see both kids by moving the camera around. My 1 yr old is past the infant stage so I couldn’t get a good read for the portable movement monitor system. I tried it on myself and if I stop breathing/lay still for 15 seconds, it vibrates on my stomach. If I still don’t respond, an audible (and optional) alarm goes off. I could see this being a panic saver with one of my children with whom I woke up every minute paranoid on whether he/she was breathing. I could also see it being annoying as my other child was very active, even as an infant. We couldn’t keep him in a swaddle and I doubt this would have stayed on. It’s an ice bonus and worth trying if it could bring you peace of mind.Other nice features, easy to use and set up (5 seconds, literally). There is a microphone function. I’ve used cheaper, equal quality monitors but none that rotate so I have always had to purchase a second camera making the price comparable.

Lilia Church Rock, NM

Overall it’s great but there are some cons to consider…

So I’ve been using this for six weeks now and there are things I love about this and things that I’m not a fan of (but still plan on using it)Pros:- great sound and I like that you have volume control and a music option- The intercom is great (and nice and clear!)- The range is good too…I have somewhat of a larger house (2600 square footage) and it’s two stories so I was worried about the range but no problems (even if I go outside!)- I like that you can purchase extra monitors if needed (up to four!)- You can adjust the picture depending on daytime/nighttime so you can see easier and it makes a huge difference!Cons:- So the company brags about a 24 hour battery life and NOT TRUE! I’m lucky if I get a few hours out of it and believe me, there is nothing more annoying than the beeping from a dying battery at 4AM! (and yes, I do charge it)- The monitor is also supposed to be in color and sometimes is but there is no rhyme or reason for why it’s color and why it’s B&W; (and for the life of me, I can’t figure it out on their website either but to be fair, I haven’t tried to contact the company for assistance either).- At times the picture is blurry (with the night vision, the daytime is clear) like it’s focusing on the wrong thing…not a major deal since you can still see fine but somewhat annoying. Overall though, the picture quality is better than most at night!Overall I would recommend this to others and we have loved it! The pros completely outweigh the cons so hopefully this review helps you make a decision 🙂

Mariana Newton, MS

Average quality camera and intercom/monitor; OMA is a nice feature for SIDS worries

This camera and monitor are most definitely made by some third party in China for Levana and Defender brands, as this they are identical in every aspect, down to even the control design on both monitors, though this monitor is white and the Defender 22502 is black. Other than that, and the OMA sensor, they’re the same, and the Defender camera/monitor is 125 on their own site, so if you don’t need the OMA sensor, this offers not much over that, and at 210 instead of 125.But the OMA is useful if you worry about SIDS; it clips onto your kid’s diaper, and if there is no movement in about 17 seconds, signals you. It’s quite sensitive and picks up most any movement, but then some babies really can lay perfectly still for more than 20 seconds, so its real value is conditional for each parent and child.The camera is good, works well in light and dark, and the monitor is solid as well. The sound is clear and nicely audible. The battery life is maybe a day at most, so just keep these both plugged in and you’re good to go.It is made in China, and my increasing experience is that electronics made there compared with other places tend to fail quite regularly after a year or two, as it seems every corner that can be cut often is, with weaker components inserted when possible to boost profit margins. So I certainly can’t speak for longterm quality, although I have year-old Levana items that still work well enough, so time will tell. I would feel more comfortable on many levels if this was made in the USA or somewhere else with less quality control issues than the land of lead paint in kids’ toys etc, especially if I was using it exclusively to monitor my child. So that’s worth considering as well.

Araceli Sandusky, MI

Some really nice features, but some that don’t work as well as they should either.

I bought a Motorola baby monitor similar to this one a couple years back:Motorola MBP36 Wireless 3 5 Inch InfraredSo I was quite excited to see this one offered to me that had the feature of the split screen (seeing all the cameras on the screen at the same time, which the Motorola one did NOT have. So I’ll just go over pros and cons:Pros:Split screen (up to 4 cameras can be added) is awesomeCan move the camera, tilt, pan, etc… so you can look around the room… this is great!Can talk through it (see under cons though too)Can play nice musicViewing is great, quality of picture is also great!Comes with a little SIDS warning device… not useful for me, but still, it’s a nice extra!Volume, adjustments, etc… are all perfect!Cons:Camera does not move as easily as the Motorola one, but it’s still very nice and minor.The biggest con is the microphone. I use this heavily to tell my kids to get into bed or call them up, etc… saves me many trips up and downstairs; but the problem with this one is that the kids can’t understand me through it. It’s choppy, sound is not good, etc… so it’s frustrating.So if the microphone is important to you, look elsewhere. I wish I could find one that has the split screen AND all the features of the Motorola one. Overall, it’s a great little monitor; but be aware of it’s flaws.

Winifred Falconer, NY

A very nice monitor

It works really well. Depending on the lighting in the room, it will automatically adjust to color and night vision. I love the fact that I can adjust the camera from the monitor. It has a large range of motion and I can see most of her room from where I have placed it. Also, you can hook up to 4 cameras, so if there is multiple rooms that you child goes into, at least you don’t have to move the camera.Levana Keera Additional Camera (32014)It is easy to switch between the cameras or have it automatically alternate between the cameras. It is also very easy to sync the cameras to the monitor. You can also have it play 4 different music types to sooth the child, and switch or turn off from the monitor. I would recommend it, especially if you are looking for one and want to add cameras to it.

Alisa Harrison, NJ

Easy to use, but there are options

I was interested in trying this product because we used the Snuza Go! on our son for 8 months. The Snuza Go is/was a movement monitor exactly like the Snuza Oma here; it seems they simply have a new distributor.The new distributor seems to be a lot more customer-service-oriented, which is great. It was hard to find customer support for the Snuza Go, which did malfunction about 6 months in (it was replaced under warranty). Tip on battery life: it lasts much longer if you don’t switch the monitor on/off frequently. For example, during a diaper change, it’s better to keep it in your hand or clip to your shirt than to switch it off (if you set it down, it will go off).Regarding the Snuza Oma monitor, it appears to function exactly the same as the Go: you clip it to the baby’s diaper and it will sound an alarm if no movement is detected after 15 seconds. It is a very sensitive monitor, which is great for avoiding false alarms. However, this monitor will not serve its purpose if the baby is in motion in a swing, car seat, or bouncer. On the other hand, its portability means that you can use it in the crib, pack and play, etc. without moving equipment. If you choose to co-sleep, the monitor will not be worth much, since it would not alert you if, for example, you rolled onto the baby. The baby may be suffocated, but the monitor will likely detect the movement from your breathing.However, for babies who sleep in a crib or bassinet, the peace of mind may well be priceless for you; it was for us. As new parents, we were deeply anxious about the possibility of SIDS, and even if this is no more than a placebo, it allowed us to sleep. We had a couple of “false alarms” when the clip fell off (after the baby was more active and rolling) and–after he started to roll onto his stomach–when the diaper became wet and front-heavy. And there were a couple of times in the middle of the night that I’m honestly not sure about: the alarm sounded, we responded immediately to check/rouse him. He seemed fine.I believe the monitor is more than a placebo: although no product or entity can claim to prevent SIDS, the triple-risk model suggests that a monitor such as this might well alert you if a vulnerable baby is in a stressful environment and not getting oxygen.In sum, I heartily recommend the Snuza Oma.*** Note, the reviews that say this monitor vibrates are incorrect. They have not used the product, or they are reviewing the wrong item. The orange monitor (Oma) does not vibrate. Only the purple monitor vibrates (Oma+)***We opted for this model over the Snuza Oma+ (formerly the Halo or Hero) which is purple and vibrates first to rouse the baby, then sounds an alarm if there is still no movement. Our thought was, we would respond immediately to an alarm and we would want to know immediately if there was any issue.We also tried out the video/audio monitor that is packaged with this clip. It was incredibly easy to set up and operate, requiring no text instructions to get running. The video and audio are clear, the zoom works well, and the tilt/pan operates very smoothly and allows you to monitor the room (and not just the bed). The video switches automatically between color and night vision based on the room’s lighting. It allows you to speak to the baby or play a small selection of songs, which is nice. All in all, I was pleased with the unit.However, my husband has also set up cameras that connect via Wifi, which allows us to monitor from work (a la nanny-cams) or just from our phone. I personally prefer his set up. However, this camera does what it claims to do pretty well.I give 4 out of 5 because there are other better cameras out there, although this one is good. You also have the option of buying the movement monitor–which I would give 5 stars–separately. That may or may not be your preference.

Norma Chickasha, OK

Outstandin Baby Monitor

The Levana Astra Digital Baby Video Monitor with the Snuza Oma sensor is a very high quality baby monitor system with quite a few great features. Basically this is two separate products, an advanced baby monitor and a motion senson you can attach to the baby which monitors the baby’s movement and breathing.I did not test the baby sensor with an infant so I will only say that it does work (notifiying the user after 15 seconds of inactivity) but I’m wondering this would stay on during sleep and I question if something like this is even necesarry?The monitor is special to say the least. Setup is easy and my favorite feature was the rotating camera. Attached to a wall, the video camera can pick up pretty much a whole room so there are many applications of this monitor if a toddler is out of a crib. The monitor has a nice, clear two way speaker function, an LED lighting indicator which tells you the volume of your babies’ whispers/cry if the volume is off, and three lullabies which you can use to get your baby back to sleep. The PEEP mode which saves battery life and only turns the unit on when there is activity is very nice as well.

Trina Bridger, MT

Baby breath monitor and non-digital PTZ make this a plus

I have used a couple of baby monitors and pretty much all of them are the same in terms of video quality – day time is great and night time with infrared is just ok.But there are a few things which really set this one apart(1) Non-Digital Pan Tilt Zoom : Means the camera head physically moves to cover a larger area instead of digital PTZ like the others (Motorola)- Extremely useful feature(2) Baby breath monitor : a unit that you put on your baby’s abdomen which will measure the baby’s breathing and alerts if there is an issue- My babies are now 1 year old and If I tie this thing – they will surely throw this one out. Can be useful till your baby is about 4-5 monthsOther than that the build quality is good – images are brighter.

Geraldine Prichard, WV