Levana ClearVu Digital Video Baby Monitor with Color Changing Night Light

Levana ClearVu Digital Video Baby Monitor with Color Changing Night Light

Levana ClearVu Digital Video Baby Monitor with Color Changing Night Light (LV-TW301)

Main features

  • ClearVu technology ensures outstanding image clarity
  • The built-in night vision allows you to see your child, even in complete darkness
  • Enjoy up to four hours of continuous audio and video monitoring with a fully charged monitor
  • The color changing, built-in night light displays a calming light show
  • Expands to Suit Your Needs – up to 3 additional cameras (purchase separately)

Verified reviews


Does what it says it will…

The Levana Clear-Vu digital baby monitor does exactly what it says it does, and it does it well. It sets up easily and transmits a clear picture in both light and dark. It’s a cute little unit that is attractive and easy to use. The nightlight feature is pretty and soothing.However… i feel it is lacking in a few features, and could use a few basic design adjustments.First, the quietest sound level that it will adjust to is still VERY loud. I don’t need to hear EVERY SINGLE breath that my baby takes, i just want to know when she’s crying.Second, the switch for turning the video on and off is very tricky to do at 2am in the dark. It would be far easier if it had a push button on the front of the unit than the slide click on the side. It’s such a pain that i’ve taken to just sleeping with the unit tucked into my hand so that i don’t have to fumble around in the dark to turn on the video.Third, the switches on the camera are all on the bottom of the unit so that once you have it mounted in it’s holder on the wall it’s extreme;y difficult to change the settings.Fourth, and probably THE most annoying is that the monitor unit has no stand other than the charging unit. It needs a belt clip and/or pop-out stand like the other Levana models have.Additionally, I would like to purchase another charging base, but cannot find one anywhere, not on Amazon and not on the Levana website. You’d think they’d be more than willing to give you more things to spend your money on.But maybe I’m nit-picking, because honestly, it’s a very nice product that i will keep and continue to use. But if I had to pick a “perfect” monitor, this would not be it.

Earline Granite Bay, CA

Simple and effective

Functionality:This device is extremely easy to use. You can control the brightness and the volume from the monitor unit. The picture is excellent and clear. The audio is surprisingly good, and gets quite loud. I think this is excellent for parents who want to stay apprised of what’s going on, since you really can hear everything.You can add more cameras (to a total of 4) and the included wall mount was perfect for watching from the top corner of a room. Seeing my 2 year old, Penelope, play or sleep is almost as much fun from the screen as it is in person.Nightvision is extremely strong, with a very large array of IR bulbs enabling crisp video in very dark rooms. Be aware that this camera will conflict with Wii-motes. I had to move mine to a different corner.The nightlight function is really cool. You can turn it off, but I think it’s charming. Another thing you can set is having the camera send video if it hears sound. The monitor has its own charging base which thankfully produces a very faint green light when charged (we hate brighter LEDs in our bedroom… this one doesn’t disturb us at all).Build Quality:Really high, IMO. The receiver is solid, its charger holds it nicely, the camera’s night lite is pleasant. Everything has a durable feel.Value:This seems expensive to me, but I’ve never bought a comparable product. It’s well constructed, simple to operate, and does a good and reliable job. I looked around and don’t see anything that represents a better value for what this product can do.So congrats on the child in your family or friend’s family, and if you want a monitor, I recommend this one.

Jodie Tower, MN

Adding my 2 cents to others reviews

I don’t need to repeat the positives and negatives of this camera solution that many others have identified very well. I have this camera in our nursery high above the crib and mounted on the window valence. Thankfully the power cord for the camera is just long enough to hit the electrical outlet without slack. My biggest beef is the lack of continuous on for the camera. It’s voice activated and will shutdown when there’s no noise. Now maybe I’m crazy, but I like to check on my little guy without waking him up sometimes, and having to go in just because everythihng is quiet is annoying when I have this high tech camera.The best part by far is that this is a digital and secure feed that is paired to the display unit… I’m not worried about my camera feed being wireless snooped or my conversations being snooped by neighbors with this product or people with worse intentions.I would like to see a lanyard/belt clip and perhaps a remote “on”, but it is a good device and we intend on using it to augment a philips advent dect based baby monitor.for you existing parents.. ever think you MAY have heard your baby.. well.. if the camera is on, then he/she did make noise… so you’ll see if they are up.

Ollie Fulton, OH

Very simple to use, perfect for an infant in a crib

This item is perfect for the parent who wants to keep a baby in their sight. It is very easy to set up and use, and the picture quality is good enough for an anxious parent to keep tabs on a baby. It is not an item for keeping an eye on something that is moving, however. The view is narrow–it is very easy to move out of frame. The only real use for this that I can see is to watch an infant in a crib. Which, of course, can be paramount to a parent. Particularly if your baby has reflux or some other condition that makes you want to keep a close eye. Or if your baby has learned to roll from back to front and you want to be able to return them to their back.It’s too bad the camera can’t be battery powered. It could be useful to make it more portable in some situations. But this is a quality device that I would recommend for the parent of a new baby.

Susanne Tallmadge, OH

good at first BUT

Worked great for the first couple of months. Now it keeps freezing up. Several times I discovered her crying in her crib but the picture on the monitor was frozen and still showed a peacefully sleeping baby girl. I hit the reset button and it clears up the problem but only temporarily. I have tried to contact the company and they will not get back to me. I would not recommend this monitor.

Eugenia Maidens, VA


This is so wildly unlike the audio monitor I received from my registry during my first pregnancy. This thing is pretty darn cool.Setting the monitor up was a breeze. We haven’t mounted it, because we have no idea still where it will go. I sent my 5-year-old daughter into one room with the handset and I danced around in the other room so she could see me. Then we switched places. This entertained us for approximately 45 minutes than I’m comfortable admitting. I can’t recommend this thing more.The colors are a bit wonky on the monitor. My daughter was wearing a black shirt, but it looked baby blue. I’m thinking this is a by-product of the night vision feature. DO NOT get close to the base with he handset, the screeching that will ensue is straight from the depths of Hades, I promise you.EDIT: December 8, 2013 – this has really come in handy with my new baby! Sometimes the monitor is hard to see if the nursery is bright and the base faces a window, but otherwise the sound is impeccable. Still very much in use.

Verna San Juan, TX

Awesome baby monitor

Love this monitor! I have had no issues with it at all and it works really well. I love the cordless handset! I would definitely recommend this to anyone and if you have issues the customer service department is very helpful. Mine came with a defective power cord and they replaced it at no charge.

Darlene Alsey, IL

Super impressed

I was a little wary about buying this product since it was used. However, I did not want to pay $200 for a video monitor so I decided to take a risk. I’m really glad I did. I love this monitor. The only complaint is that the camera does not swivel. I have to prop it a certain way so I can get the baby in the view piece. The camera monitor is great and high quality. I would definitely recommend this camera!

Suzanne Hyde Park, NY

overall a good product

I give the Levana ClearVu points for performing its function well: the color picture, night vision and sound quality aren’t television but they are what I would expect from a monitor and do the job. It’s easy to plug in and use quickly, which makes it convenient for travel or moving to another room, as long as you can find somewhere to plug it in and place it for a good view. It does come with a wall mount, but of course that option is more permanent and time-consuming. For me, another prerequisite in a monitor is that the handset recharges, as this one does, so there’s no need to replace batteries; the camera plugs in directly. **Update: We noticed that we get disruption in wireless internet connection if the ClearVu receiver is near our laptop, iPad, etc. It goes away as soon as we turn the receiver off.**It’s a bonus that you can add additional cameras to the system, though it’s a feature I haven’t tried.I haven’t seen/read any suggestion that Levana addresses security concerns with video monitors, but that is more of an issue with the category in general. (It’s something I’ve been warned about as a parent but I am not up on the technological details.)I’m docking one star mainly for an ease of use issue. I do like that you can choose for the monitor to be on continually, or to display only when triggered by a noise in the room. The nightlight can be on those settings as well. However, the switches are on the camera itself rather than the handset – which means once you leave the child’s room you aren’t going to be able to change settings.A final note: the nightlights may be a big bonus for some children. However, we got this monitor when our child was already one (after using only an audio monitor up until that point) so I believe the nightlights are overall more distracting, so we leave them off. Furthermore, we first tried the Levana on the setting where both camera (with red light for night vision) and nightlights were triggered by noise. So when our son stirred, the lights turned on and I believe scared him – it did look like a creepy red eye shining in the dark. I’m sure it’s not an issue if you’ve used it from the beginning, or leave it turned on from the time the child is put to bed, but something to remember if you’re buying for a toddler.

Natasha Hatchechubbee, AL


Before you even read this, acknowledge that there are MORE one star reviews than five star. I got this off of a groupon deal for 65.00 no tax. Even paying a mere 65 dollars, it is not worth it. We used to have a summer infant camera that could zoom, and pan the room and paid about 150 for that. You cannot see a thing in the dark. The camera’s night vision is absolutely awful. Your honestly better off buying a sound only monitor than this. Also the volume on the unit is sad. I can barely even hear it when baby is screaming her lungs off. The battery life is ALSO terrible. It lasts 2 hours at most on a charge.

Wanda Fort Towson, OK


I LOVE THIS VIDEO MONITOR! It does exactly what it is supposed to do and it is conveniently portable enough for use anywhere!

Joan Kimberton, PA

Just ok

My husband and I purchased this monitor for two reasons. One b/c we are expecting another little one in April and two b/c we wanted something to watch our toddler with while we transition him to his “big boy bed”. I purchased the monitor based on the reviews from Amazon and found that the product didn’t meet our expectations. I mounted the camera in a corner of my sons room in order to get a good view of his bed and some of the floor. Unfortunately the night vision was so shotty that I couldn’t make out where is was in his bed. This may be due to the fact that Levana says the night vision is best when the camera is no more than 10 feet from what you want to view. I did try to just set the camera on his dresser which was approximately 8 feet from his bed, but again the night vision wasn’t very clear. I also noticed that there was some static pulse like feed back in the sound portion of the monitor. We do have wireless internet and cordless phones so I am not sure if this may have been the culprit. I also didn’t like the fact that there wasn’t a button to turn on the camera only the switch on the side of the unit which was not terribly difficult to find, but just not at easy to use. My husband and I ended up going with a summer infant monitor that had better overall video quality. The night vision on the Levana may work just fine for closer observation of little ones in cribs, however it didn’t meet our needs for our toddler’s safety.

Rosalyn Roff, OK


I love the monitor. I can hear him breathing and see everything in the dark. I would recommend to anyone!

Dena Clifford, IN


I really wanted to like this monitor. It seemed like it had a better design that some of the others out there. We wanted it to work so badly that we actually returned the first broken one for a second. The first one stopped working after a week and the second broke after a few days. Luckily we still fit in amazon’s 30 day window for returns on electronics. I had read that if it breaks after that you have to deal with the company directly which takes a super long time. Who wants to go a month without a monitor while you wait? The screen also lacks a stand, so you have to prop it against something to have a good view. In the end we ordered the Samsung monitor and have been extremely happy. In my opinion, if you want a baby monitor that will actually work…go with a company that makes electronics, not one that makes every baby product you could ever imagine.

Marissa Oldwick, NJ

It is ok for the price

Well, the price is acceptable for a video baby monitor. I check the review before I bought it. I like the design, they look round and cute. I did not use the night light that much, but it is a good feature to have. The video is clear even at night. The only big problem as others mentioned is there are freeze for the video picture for couple seconds and than keep going. Well, this is bad for a video. Anyway, it still do it’s job, because we just want to make sure his safety, not just look at him all the time.

Margie Pittsburg, OK

I’d pony up and buy a better product

The unit is very low-tech. The camera works, but seems to stay on all the time. There is very little functionality, other than a decent cam. The sound monitor is not very good. The battery on the hand unit died after 2 months…i’m still trying to find a replacment. Stick to the big name monitors.

Lucille Calico Rock, AR


This monitor is the biggest piece of crap I have EVER owned. You can barely make out your baby’s face in the screen, the picture is totally blurry and the sound is crap. Its bulky and “staticy”Dont buy this piece of junk!!!!

Kathie Kilbourne, OH

choose a different monitor

My husband surprised me with this monitor when I mentioned that I wanted a video monitor. At first I was overjoyed, it was so nice to be able to see what the baby was doing. However, the reception was HORRIBLE. The sound and video would shut off before I could even leave the room the baby was in, even after the monitor had been charging (turned off) for hours. It didn’t seem to be a battery problem at all. I walked closer to the camera, turned off the monitor, tried to turn it back on and the video and audio were still off. I waited a few minutes and then tried again and the monitor finally came on. All while in the same room as the camera and my sleeping baby. I turned off the wireless internet in the house for a few hours… and I still had the same problem. I don’t have any other electronics, aside from my iPhone. I was glad that this fiasco hadn’t happened at night while I was in a separate room from my child, I would have been horrified if the monitor turned off without warning while I was sleeping and I hadn’t been able to hear my crying baby. After reading the other reviews on several sites about this particular monitor, I decided to try another video baby monitor all together and we returned this product to amazon.

Jayne Felt, ID

Great product

We purchased this to use in our apartment, and have used it for 3 weeks now.This product does exactly what it says it does.Good transmission (I’ve had no problems w/static, or image quality).I use it to keep an eye on my daughter during her day time naps, and night time sleep. It’s meant far less treks to her room, less disturbance for her more sleep for me.Only complaint: the button to turn the camera on/off is located under the camera and a tad inconvenient. Not a big issue, but having it on top of the camera for example would make it easier to turn on/off.

Annie Petersburg, MI