Levana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor with 8 Hour Rechargeable Battery and Talk to Baby Intercom

Levana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor with 8 Hour Rechargeable Battery and Talk to Baby Intercom

Do more all day long with the 8+ hour battery of Levana’s Jena Baby Video Monitor. This monitor gives you the freedom of knowing your baby is safe with a private and secure digital wireless signal up to 500ft away. Feel free to move about your home and tackle your daily tasks without going out of range. Craving a full night of sleep? Jena gives you over 10 hours of battery power when set to PEEP mode. PEEP (Power-on/off Energy Efficient Picture) sets your monitor screen to “sleep” when there is no sound in the nursery. The moment your baby makes a peep, the monitor will activate so you can to see and hear exactly what is going on. Use the two-way Talk to Baby intercom to tell your baby you are on your way or to ask your partner to come and give you a hand. Jena also gives you clear, automatic night vision from up to 15ft from the crib. With extra features such as nursery temperature monitoring, lullabies, nightlight and expandability up to 4 cameras the Jena baby video monitor system is a parent’s dream come true. LEVANA. Do more knowing your child is safe.

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  • Levana 32111 Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor with 8 Hour Rechargeable Battery and Talk to Baby Intercom

Verified reviews


Great Video Monitor +Bonus

When Amazon offered this too me, I was not sure. I already own a great baby video monitor at a reasonable price point. I love the Levana Jena monitor, though, it has some well thought out additional items that the one I owned did not. The light feature and lullaby features turned out to be so convenient. I have a baby and toddler in the same room and my toddler often misplaces something in his crib, so I can use the light feature. I love being able to use it to speak to my children. I find it easier to tell my toddler, I am on my way with his millionth request for more water or some other delay tactic than here him scream and wake up the baby.I totally recommend this monitor, it’s not that much more than the budget-friendly option I previously purchased but this one just has a few extra features that make’s it worth it.

Joann Donovan, IL

More Better than Not.

I have already owned two of these Levana modelsLevana BABYVIEW20 Interference-Free Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Night Light Lullaby Cameraand was rather pleased. I found the second one I acquired (after 2 years of use and abuse of the first one) was less disruptive to my wi-fi.Anywho, I wanted to give this even FANCIER model a go.Like:~The camera is on a stand that allows for MUCH easier positioning.~WALKY TALKY…wish that had been around when my little guy was first born.~Temp reading of the room~Even less disruptive to WifiSame (but like):~Voice (vox) activated… though this one you can adjust the sensitivity for the sounds it reacts to~Lullaby option~Night lightNot so much:~While the picture quality is good, it’s a touch more grainy and jerky, in my opinion.~I don’t like having to go into a menu to turn the VOX option on/offOverall, the improvements are worth upgrading to this model. If nothing else, having the option to ‘talk’ back into baby’s room and tell them you’re coming would have helped with my stress at times when I was delayed in getting to the room.

Eugenia Whiteland, IN

A great system — just short of perfect

Our first baby video monitor was a Levana and it was terrific (2008 — the BABYVIEW20). That being said, it did start to have audio problems, then the camera stopped working, but it exceeded our expectations and lasted three years of heavy use.When I have the opportunity to get this, I jumped. As good as our old model was, this one beats it in every way.IMAGE QUALITY/RANGE/BATTERY LIFEThe quality of the image is great — in the daytime or very dark. In the darkest room, it’s not a green image or anything, the baby is lit by infrared light that allows you to see the baby rather well in black & white. It transmits 15 frame per second, so the video is rather fluid. The range is crazy far. I was able to go about 300 feet away from the house and it still worked great. After quite a few months, we still haven’t had it go dead yet! The book lists four hours of battery life, which is longer than we ever need.CAMERAThe camera is more compact than the other model and it actually has the ability to use AAA batteries to transmit in addition to the AC adapter. It has a speaker for lullabies and the “Talk to Baby” feature I’ll write about below. Remarkably, it has an external temperature probe, which is a testament to the designer’s desire to get an accurate temperature. It also has a nightlight on top that is switchable from the monitor. The green power light on the front is rather annoying to us when it is near us when sleeping, so I covered that up.FEATURESThe thermometer feature is a fantastic bonus — you have to enable it in the menu, but it is nice to always know that it is not some extreme temperature.Talk to Baby intercom is obviously to talk to the baby, and this is not something my daughter likes, but some kids might do well it. This also opens this kit to other interesting uses — like a front door monitor.You can play lullabies from the monitor — with five to choose from. My daughter isn’t a fan of this feature either, but maybe yours will! This was a big annoyance on our last model and this one, too — the button to play a lullaby is the on the side of the monitor, so if you drop it, hold it wrong or bump the button, you could play a lullaby and wake up the baby. NO!! I wish they would add an option in the menu to deactivate those buttons.The last options in the menu are to activate VOX (silent on the monitor until there is noise) and the ability to change between multiple cameras.This model has a charging base that appears to have an intelligent charging system that stops charging when the battery is full (or at least the light goes out when it is charged). If this is intelligent, it will help the battery life.Overall, I’m impressed with the changes Levana has made in this model and I’d highly recommend this model to everyone that is looking for a baby video monitor.

Dona Wenona, MD

Great baby monitor, my second from this company.

This is my second Levana baby monitor. The first one was the Levana 32108 Era Advanced 2.4 Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Picture Capture and Digital Zoom. I really like that one, it is smaller, light weight and easy to take around. This on is a bit bigger but still very light weight. It has a bunch of great features some of them include:Temperature monitoringNight visionLED Night LightLullabiesVoice Activated ControlIntercomThe voice activated control is a new thing for me, it wasn’t on my first monitor from Levana. It is a great tool to conserve the battery power during night monitoring. So, when you baby awakes and starts to make sounds the video and audio pops on so you can see and hear your baby when he needs you.My favorite feature is the night vision. I wake up so early to get ready for work that I don’t want to put on lights to see my baby. With this monitor I can see him with the night vision while he is sleeping in the other room while I am getting ready. It is great. I can see him perfectly on the screen.The camera can be powered using 4 AAA batteries or using an AC adapter, which every works better for you. If you need to put the camera somewhere where there is no wall outlet it is great to just use batteries instead. With batteries it says it has a battery life of 3 hours. The monitor has a rechargeable battery. The battery life on the monitor is 8 hours. I haven’t tested it fully for the that amount of time so I don’t know if it actually goes 8 hours.Between this one and the other one I own, I would choose this one. Longer battery life and the voice activated control while sleeping is a great feature, plus the night vision that I already have. This one also comes with 5 lullabies as well.

Queen Valley Falls, NY

It works!!

UPDATED from 2 to 4 stars: I had to let the battery drain completely before it would recharge. Now when I place it on the charger after a few hours, it charges fine. I use it every other day and it works perfectly!Good things:1. Super easy to put to together and use2. Good picture quality3. Like the temp feature4. Sound is very good5. Does not lose signal (house is about 800sqft)Bad:The charge base for the parent monitor does not charge! The red light does not turn on. I have pulled the battery out and re-plugged and then placed on charger and it worked. But once you remove it, and put it back on the base the red light doesn’t turn on. I know it needs to charge because I have used the monitor for several hours.I will be contacting customer service to see about a replacement. Will update review once I hear back from them…

Jeanette Suffern, NY

Strong signal and easy to use

Baby monitors can be very complicated, and many come complete with thick user’s manuals that look more like car manuals. This monitor does have a comprehensive manual, but we didn’t need to read it to figure out how to set up and use this monitor. The video picture quality is good, even in very low light. Also, the range of the monitor is quite impressive. We carry the monitor all over a big house and have never had a lost signal or any interference with the sound or the video feed. After trying several high-end (and expensive) video monitors, this one is our favorite.

Eleanor Viola, KS

Used this as a kitten monitor – worked great!

I used this as a kitten monitor and it worked great! The full color monitor was clear and allowed me to see my kittens in their nest with momma cat. I opened it out of the box and was viewing my kittens within minutes (and without reading a manual). I found the battery life great and did not have any problems with the audio as some previous reviewers posted.

Charlotte Keyes, CA

Fantastic Upgrades

I have one of Levana’s earlier iterations of the baby cam, and it was decent enough, but was lacking refinement. I’m happy to see this new model had made some quantum improvements over their previous model I owned.Excellent Picture QualityThe screen on the base unit is stunning given the size. It almost looks like it’s in HD or something — the images are super crisp and clear, and the quality is quite good. The viewing angles are excellent too.Excellent Signal and RangeThus far, I have experienced no dropouts or stuttering in my video playback whatsoever. The connection between the base unit and camera is rock solid, even when I went outside with the base unit.Superior Night VisionIt isn’t just hype, this Levana baby cam has one of the best night vision capabilities I’ve personally used. It comes close to the quality and clarity of my expensive HD video camera’s night vision, which is pretty stellar. It easily captures images in a dark room from over 10 feet away. Not sure why you’d want a baby cam so far away from what you’re trying to keep an eye on, but you never know, so it’s nice to know the capability is there.Easy User InterfaceThe menus on the base unit are all very clear and easy to follow. Truthfully, I barely looked at the instruction book. My theory is, well designed products should be self explanatory — the more you have to look at an instruction book, the more I consider the product to be a piece of junk. Products should do the job they’re designed to do with little to no required reading. If not, it’s a sure sign that the product’s design department has failed at their job, and ultimately, have failed their customers as well.No Ferrite CoresMy old Levana had ferrite cores on the cables of both wall chargers for the base and camera; a seemingly little thing, that’s actually big thing — and it wasn’t good. Ferrite cores are those little cylindrical blocks that are sometimes placed on either end of a cable. There’s a technical reason why they do it, all of which matters little to me. Ferrite cores simply get in the way of laying power cables in a neat and clean manner — and for a baby monitor — they’re just redundant beyond belief. Thankfully Levana did away with them this time around.LullabiesThis is a cool little function, that for me, sets Levana’s baby monitors apart from the rest. Glad to see they improved upon this nifty feature and even added a couple more lullabies. Just push a button on the base unit, and baby gets to hear a nice lullaby playing from the camera’s speaker.Two-Way Intercom – Great For The Front Door TooExcellent feature! The base unit can ‘listen in’ on the room with the baby cam, and hear everything as if you’re in the same room. But Levana takes it one step better — the base unit also has a talk button, so you can speak into the base unit, and your voice will be heard in the room with the baby camera from its speaker — brilliant! I’m actually considering using this as an intercom for my front door, so I can SEE who is at the door and actually TALK to them before unlocking and opening the door. And since the camera’s microphone is always on and listening, there’s no need for anyone standing at my door to even push an intercom button to talk to me — which means I can mount the cam safely inside my screen door where no one can mess with it.Long Lasting BatteryThe camera can be powered with batteries, or the included wall adapter. I have mine plugged into the wall, so I can’t speak to battery life for that one. But the base unit comes with a rechargeable battery and a charging cradle. I like the cradle because it eliminates the step of having to plug the base into something to charge it. With the charging cradle, you just set the base unit into it and it starts charging automatically. Battery life on the base unit seems to be getting me around 8 hours, which is what the manufacturer estimates, so spot on with that one.Bottom Line – This is a fantastic little baby cam with some great improvements over the old model. Battery life is great, night vision is stellar, excellent picture quality, good range, easy to use interface, and a 2-way intercom all adds up to a winner for me. If you need a baby cam or just want a 2-way intercom with video, this is a really good one. Good luck.

Marci Garber, IA

Works well

The basics:-good night vision-good battery life for the rechargeable monitor–a little under the claimed 8 (edit: actually about 6 after a few months)–but the camera should be used with the adapter as even the 3 hour life with rb’s can be a pain-good picture and camera quality-built-in lullabies are a nice touch-sound is clear-range is plenty for all but Trump Tower (“Still asleep at 7 am?! You’re fired!”)-built solid enough to last.Short of the battery life issue and a price tag that would be more competitive at about 100-120 instead of 140, this is a good unit.

James Kaneohe, HI

Great Monitor…

This is our second Levana Monitor. Our first one, which we used for our son, was just ok. I really wasn’t expecting awesome quality with this model. I’ve got to say, we’ve been pleasantly surprised! The picture quality is awesome, not the grainy fuzziness that we had to put up with on our last one. The battery life is great, and it has some really cool features that we love.I didn’t think I would use the Lullaby feature, but I actually use it all the time. It seems to help calm my daughter once I lay her down. I also like the two-way talk feature. Whenever she starts to cry, I can calm her and shush her while I’m getting up and heading into her room. She doesn’t always stop crying, but more often than not she stops and looks around :)The only issue that I have with this, and I’m not sure if it’s a problem with all of them, or just with my unit, is if she starts crying or screaming REALLY loud, the sound on my receiver will cut out and I can’t hear her anymore. 90% of the time she starts out with some gibbering or regular crying, which I always hear and respond to, but very rarely she’ll just start screaming and when she does, the sound will give out, while the lights still light up as normal.As I said, not sure if this is an isolated indecent or what. I haven’t read about this happening to anyone else, so it may be just mine. This little glitch aside though, I absolutely recommend this monitor. It’s been so handy to have around the house, and made the transition of moving her into her own room so much easier.

Maggie Hartford, WI

Great for the price

I bought this monitor because my other audio/motion one was starting to act up and I think as my baby has become a toddler it’d be nice to have the video and I don’t need the motion anymore. Especially when he moves to a toddler bed and can get up on his own in the night.Things that are great:- The price! I paid $99. That is cheap for the amount of features you get.- I can talk back to him. I think this will come in handy as he gets older and I can tell him to get back to bed (when he moves to that toddler bed) or tell him I hear him and am on my way up.- Battery life. I’ve not had it off the charger for 8 hours but I’ve had it off for as long as I need and haven’t had an issue. At night it sits on my night stand on the charger. My other monitor had two monitors and after 6 months the one monitor had to just stay on the charger at all times. The other one only lasts an hour off the charger now (I’ve had them for about a year and a half).- Can expand to more cameras. I haven’t bought the other camera yet, but I do move this one around to other rooms in the house. If he is playing in one room and I need to fold laundry in the other room it is easy to move the camera but once I save up enough pennies I’ll buy a second camera to just keep in that room.- Temperature. I like knowing the temperature in his room. We keep his door shut and it can get stuffy in there or on the winter nights (we live in Florida so not that cold) it can get chilly. At a glance of the screen I know how I need to adjust the a/c. I know I sleep better at the right temperature and of course so does he. And it’s all about keeping him asleep. Peaceful nights for him mean peaceful nights for me.- Distance from camera to monitor. We live in a 2,400 sqft house. He is on the second floor in the front of the house, our room is on the first floor in the back of the house. You couldn’t get him farther away. We’ve never had an issue with the camera and monitor loosing signal.Things that are good:- Video clarity. In the light it’s better of course. In the dark it is good enough. I have it about 8 feet from him (mounted on the wall above the crib looking down). I’m sure if I had it closer it’d be better but then I could only see a smaller area. He is all over the crib so I needed a wide angle shot. Regardless it is plenty good enough to see what I need. You aren’t going to be able to see your kid breathing with it, if that is what you’re looking for this one isn’t the one for you.Things that are ok:- Sound. There are five bars (one lowest sound, five loudest sound). If I have it on 3 it’s not very loud. If I have it on 4 it’s the sound level I’d prefer but you start to get background noise. 1 and 2 is no sound basically. 5 is too much background noise.- The nightlight. I’d hardly call it that. It isn’t very bright at all. If anything it’d just show you enough light to find the camera. We have another nightlight so that isn’t really anything we needed anyway.- Lullabies. I’ve only used it once and it annoyed him. He fussed even more so we never use it.Things I don’t like:- The button placement of the lullabies. They are on the side and when you pick it up it is right where your fingers would press those buttons. My husband has accidentally hit them a few times and then you scramble to quickly turn it off. Not sure why they put them there, it seems like the worst place for those buttons.All in all I’d recommend this monitor. For the price it is a great video monitor. It has the (what I consider) important features and none of the other frills I want with that hefty price tag.

Eddie Township Of Washington, NJ

Cautiously optimistic

We had another baby monitor from this company and it failed miserably. We are cautiously optimistic about this one working much better. Our “just out of the box” impression was that this model might work better.The monitor and camera are a bit bulkier than the other model, but they just might be sturdier too. We have no issue with the size being bigger. We like how this model allows us to view in color during the daytime. If the monitor works as promised, we will enjoy it and find it very useful. We have been using it for over a week without problems (the old monitor didn’t even last that long). I will revise and edit this review as our opinion changes over time with use.The picture quality is great day or night. It is really amazing how cameras can be made to view things in a dark room with technology today. The set up is super simple and takes just a minute or two. Having a baby monitor with a camera is great to see if your little one is sleeping or not (or standing there waiting for you). Taking a look to see if our little guy is covered or not is really important to us too.The only thing my wife doesn’t like about this baby monitor is that the monitor powers down after some time. I understand that this is some type of power saver mode, but for my wife it is just an annoyance.

Joann Rueter, MO

Just what I wanted

I am a new mom and was very paranoid about leaving my daughter in her room alone. This baby monitor is perfect. The video is great and the sound clear. I am very happy with this purchase

Margot Dundalk, MD

Works well

We have the monitor upstairs and the receiver downstairs. Works great. We particularly like that the sensitivity can be adjusted. For the money, hard to beat.

Betsy Weston, VT

Best baby monitor ever!

Alright, this is my 4th child, and my 4th or 5th monitor. It is by-far the very best I’ve had! The camera quality is excellent, I love the screen feature that turns it off when there is nothing to view (and turns it on if there is noise). The music feature is cool, the nightlight is great, and I LOVE how lightweight the monitor is (so I can pin it to my pants without them falling down…hahaa! My old video monitor was HEAVY!). The ONLY feature I would add is making the camera capable of swiveling from left to right, as well. But hey–it’s still great–and I will live comfortably with it just going up and down! Got this on a great sale on Amazon–watch the prices–they fluctuate often!!

Carmen Hyannis Port, MA

Good video camera

As all of the reviews have said, this is a good camera, I wish the motion was a little more smooth, but I guess this how it goes with digital vs. analog, which I am used to. Reception is good, holds a charge well and is very informative with the temperature gauge. The night vision could be better, but I can see my soon good enough.

Sasha Oacoma, SD

It’s a good value

I like certain elements of this, specifically being able to talk to your baby. My only major complaint is the volume. It’s very quiet even on the loudest setting. Also, to turn it on, you have to hold the power button for a long time, like you’re powering up a cell phone. Finally, I have to keep it on the charger for it to stay on. For some reason it turns itself off after a while if you turn it on when it’s not sitting on the charger. I’ve had two Summer video monitors for my first two children, both of which ended up breaking. I would say that when working the Summer video monitor is a better product, but they do wear out (and we don’t use them very often – only for naps on the weekend), so for the price, I think this is a better choice.

Sharlene Milltown, MT

Great buy!

I looked around for a while before I finally decided to purchase this prodcut and I am glad that I did.The battery life is great and the monitor is big enough that you dont have to squint to see what is going on with baby.I love this monitor and would definitly recommend it to friends!

Mollie Cliffwood, NJ


Really good product!! Was happy with the price! Everything seems to work well with the product so far. The night vision is a little grainy but still quite decent. I would recommend to a friend.

Camilla Mequon, WI

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this monitor!

This is my second monitor. I had first purchased a Motorola monitor that I fell in love with, but when it broke I was very disappointed with the customer service as it could not be fixed or replaced and I was told to just purchase an entire new baby monitor system, well I paid a fortune and decided not to go with another Motorola product after that experience. I looked around and found this one. At first I didn’t think I would like it because the price was much lower and figured it was just an "okay" monitor but it is so much more than that! I love that it shows the temperature in the room and has what is called "peep mode" to save the life of your battery. I can go days without having to charge the battery. With the Motorola Monitor I had previously you couldn’t go much longer than an hour without having it charging in a wall somewhere which I found quite annoying. My toddler wakes up and is sort of quiet in his crib but when he moves around in his bed or makes the smallest sound the monitor senses it and the screen and sound come on right away. When he is sleeping the sound and screen is silent it’s great. The clip on the back makes it easy for transporting up and down my stairs because I can just clip it on my belt. It has a talk feature which I don’t use because it frightens my son but also has lullaby music also. Overall I am very impressed with this monitor and you can’t beat the price! I will soon be putting two children (a toddler and a baby) in the same room together and I am thankful that I have this monitor. Highly recommend this product. I know some people mentioned the light on the camera was bright but I found it to be a helpful nightlight if I need to check on my son in the middle of the night.

Dee Makawao, HI

awesome baby monitor!

This baby monitor is better than the more expensive ones I have seen. Only issue is that I wish that the screen was a little bit bigger, otherwise it works perfectly! Has a stand/clip so the monitor can be put anywhere from the counter to your waist while doing things around the house. The music selection is calming to baby and being able to talk to him is fun. The picture was more detailed that I thought it was going to be which is a huge plus. No issues thus far with battery and we have had it for several months now.I see us using this for years as we keep an eye on our little one while playing and napping in his room.

Annie Geneva, IN

Great monitor

Purchased this monitor for our new baby on the way. It was very easy to set up and the instructions were easy to read. I do recommend testing it our to learn all the functions before baby arrives. I thought the lullaby function wasn’t overly loud as some of the other reviewers had mentioned but maybe that depends on the baby. The monitor picture is very clear and the night vision works extremely well.

Elvira Friant, CA

A Very Good Video Baby Monitor At A Great Price

The Levana Jena Baby Monitor is a great video baby monitor at a reasonable price. The receiver has a fairly standard sized screen with decent resolution. Of course the pictures are not razor sharp but they are more than adequate for a baby monitor (especially at this price). The range is pretty good (I get a clear signal even outside our home). The night vision feature also works well for subjects within 5 feet of the camera. Further distances can be see but not as clearly (keep in mind that the night vision works with infrared lights so the picture will be black and white when in complete darkness).*** Positive Points:***- Good quality construction for both the receiver and transmitter- Two way communication (You must hold the talk button for your voice to be sent to the transmitter).- User replaceable battery in the receiver (the transmitter can also work with batteries).- Has a temperature reading and sound level LED’s- Receiver has a belt clip that doubles as a table stand- Has musical lullaby as well as a night light*** Negative Points: ***- Slow frame rate (makes the picture look choppy though this is ok for a monitor)- Menu system is a bit of a pain though fairly simple once you get the hang of it- Night vision does not work well beyond 5-10 feet (this is true of most baby monitors)- Noticeable audio delay between transmitter and receiver- lullaby volume cannot be adjusted on the transmitter (it is very low and barely audible)Overall: This is a very good buy for a video baby monitor.

Katherine Oakhurst, TX

Great as long as camera is plugged in

I have had this for a month now and we use it nightly. Overall this is a great product for the money.Pros:Video camera is clear even at night and has a zoom feature, so you can zoom in on your little one;Night light (though isn’t that bright, and if you have it away from the changing area, there it really only helps you see your little one for night time feeding;lullabies, my little one loves to hear the music!Temp – love that you can set temp guides and an alarm goes off if it gets too hot or too cold (based on what you input)adjust screen brightnessTwo way talk – though I do not use this as mine is only 3 months old, this will be useful in the future when he gets older, now my husband just likes to mess with me;ability to add more cameras (up to 3 more), this was huge for me as we are planning on having more childrenCons:no panoramic ability, so the view you have on the screen is your view unless you zoom and my little one moves all around the crib, so I have had to adjust the camera several times to make sure I can see him;LOUD beep when parents unit comes on sometimes (randomly) or when it reconnects to the camera. (not sure if it is loud on the childs unit, I don’t think it is, if it is it hasn’t bothered my little one) but it is definitely loud on the parents unit.If you use the batteries on the childs unit (I do not recommend) the childrens and parents unit lose connection A LOT, I just tried this for the first time and it has lost connection so far at least 10 times in 20 mins. so I would keep it plugged in if possibleno ability to connect to iPhone, ipdad etc.Overall this is a great product for the money. Would I like a bigger screen on the parents unit, sure, would I love to move the childs camera via the parents unit, sure, would I like to connect to my iPhone, sure but for the price, it works well and I am happy with it.

Luella Laconia, NH

I change rate from 2 to 4 stars

I was rate for 2 stars because the pictures qualities and some options that need to be improve. But today I change the rate to 4 stars. Because I have tried another brands more expensive than this one. This one is not perfect but it’s the best baby monitor I have used.1. The price is not too expensive2. The sound volume and sound activate (VOX) works the best if compare with another brand I have used.If you’re looking for the best baby monitor quality Infant Optics DXR-8 is the best one only thing I didn’t like they don’t have sound activate which I think the most important for baby monitor.Samsung SEW-3037W is better picture quality than Levana but can’t compare the quality with Infant Optics DXR-8. Samsung SEW-3037W has sound activate option but the sound volume is too low.Every products have pros and cons. If you don’t mind the picture quality almost black & white but they do the jobs that you need from the baby monitor and the price worth to pay this one good to go.

Cathleen Trafford, PA

Not a good monitor. Poor video quality. Doesn’t always pick up sound.

I’m familiar with Levena’s baby monitors since I’ve owned two of the Baby View 20 monitor. I figured I’d try this one since I thought the baby view version was pretty good but pretty much dies after a years use, I was hoping to get a little more wear out of this one. The Levena Jena monitor is pretty crappy, the video is poor, you can’t see you baby’s face, sometimes the monitor doesn’t pick up sound, it takes a little bit of crying before the VOX goes off. Also you can’t turn off the volume or put it really low like you can with Levena’s Baby View 20 monitor. This monitor can tell the temp in the baby’s room but it’s never accurate, it reads about 3-5 degrees warmer than it is in the room. The talk feature is actually pointless unless you plan to use this in an older child’s room. The talk feature sounds awful too, your voice won’t sound clear. I’ve so far use this monitor over the last 6 months and I really don’t like it. I’m actually going to buy another Baby View 20 even though they only last about a year but the quality is so much better. I recommend getting the Baby View 20 over the Jena, the video quality is several times better, so is the sound, and it picks up the baby cries/noises like it should, it puts my mind at easy, which is what a baby monitor is suppose to do, especially when 0-6 month babies are at higher risk for SIDS. Here’s the link for the better Lavana monitor:Levana BABYVIEW20 Interference Free Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Night Light Lullaby Cam

Augusta Starrucca, PA

Very satisfied

The YouTube video for pairing a second camera was more helpful than the manual. Very good monitor for the money once you get the pairing down.

Barbra Fairbank, PA

Good camera monitor for the price.

For a lower end camera it functions well. Beep alert is very loud. Resolution is ok but works well. Only issue is that the room temp does not seem to be accurate. Mos tof the time it says 82 degrees which is not right. But overall a good deal for the price.

Alisa Philippi, WV

A decent, reliable video monitor for the price

The Levana 32111 is the fourth video baby monitor system I’ve had, and, price considerations included, is the best one for the money. Like another reviewer, I’d prefer a pan-and-tilt camera because my son always seems to move to a spot on the very edge of the screen, but those cameras tend to be almost three times as much as this one. If I were to buy two other cameras (the monitor being able to select from four sources), then I could have my son covered from all directions, and, I imagine, have him feeling paranoid that he is being watched for the rest of his life.The daytime video quality is very good. I’ve set the camera up on one end of the living room, which is about 22-feet wide, to watch my son eat his breakfast (instead of chasing the cat) as I shave in the bathroom, and from close up to about 15 feet away it’s perfect; more distant than that is still clear but tends to result in a brief “where’s Waldo” moment because the monitor is still a relatively small 2.4″ in size. This is not really a concern; I don’t believe new parents will be placing the camera up in any suspended ceilings, 16-feet away from the crib.The night vision is pretty good. Yes, it is “grainy.” Even military quality night vision tends to be grainy, with glowing eyes and all that. Of course there is no color-contrast, but from crib-range, the night vision quality is just fine and you can easily identify a sleeping toddler. I was actually impressed by it, having seen it on three different models previously; I thought this model holds it own nicely.The sound quality, while lauded by others, I thought was not quite up to the standards of the other monitors I’ve used in the past. There is a time-lag, first of all, of up to a second in transmission time. I can’t say the sound quality is bad, but I think it is sub-par compared to the other monitors I’ve used… although to be fair, those monitors were all about twice as expensive as this one. When I use the monitor to “talk to” the camera, the sound quality is, again, not as good as the other monitors I’ve used.The lullibyes do seem to have better sound quality than incoming voice, but are difficult to control from the monitor. I’ve pressed a button accidentally more than once and had the lullibyes begin, and it isn’t easy to stop them when this accident occurs. They also always seem to be louder than what the voice is set for, which can be shocking.The on-screen temperature guage is a nice feature, but as with all monitors I’ve ever had, the accuracy is open to debate. It’s very localized and will differ, almost assuredly, from the other side of the crib. It’s a good general measuring tool.All in all, I really like the 32111 Jena video monitor. Especially for the very economical price, it is very worth it.

Gay East Hebron, NH

My peace of mind!

I love almost everything about this monitor! The only thing I don’t really use is the music. I don’t think there is a way to adjust the volume for it either. I like the intercom and that the monitor will let you know the temperature of the room! Having this video monitor has brought me peace of mind when putting my baby down for bed because I can see her! I also like that you can add more cameras without having to get another monitor. The price was good and I would recommend this product for others to purchase!

Ethel Saint John, IN