Levana LV-TW502 Safe N’ See Advanced 3.5-Inch Digital Video Wireless Baby Monitor with Talk to Baby Intercom and Remote Controlled Lullabies

Levana LV-TW502 Safe N’ See Advanced 3.5-Inch Digital Video Wireless Baby Monitor with Talk to Baby Intercom and Remote Controlled Lullabies

Introducing Safe N’See Advanced, Levana’s unique wireless video baby monitor with 100% secure Clearvu digital technology. See and hear your baby with unbelievable precision up to 500 ft away1 on this large and 3.5″ display. Temperature monitoring will help you ensure baby is comfortable and safe. Talk to baby intercom will allow you to communicate to and from the nursery to soothe your baby or to call your partner for extra supplies. Automatic night vision will allow you to see your baby up to 10 ft away2 in complete darkness. Turn on the soothing nightlight and the five selectable lullabies from the parent unit and help baby fall back to sleep remotely. Add up to three additional cameras and monitor more than one room as you family, or your child grows. The camera can be wall mounted and can also be powered by batteries if you chose. The Safe N’See Advanced system features sound activated control, helping you to conserve battery life and allowing you to adjust the level of sound required to activate the monitor. You will be able to confidently do more knowing your baby is safe. because you love.

Main features

  • Large 3.5″ LCD gives you a larger display so you can see even more of your baby’s amazing moments
  • Advanced Clearvu Wireless Technology allows you to clearly see your baby up to 450ft away
  • Temperature monitoring to help ensure your baby is safe and comfortable at all times
  • Talk to Baby intercom lets you soothe your baby from a distance without having to go into the room
  • Soothe your baby to sleep with your choice of 5 lullabies, turn on and change songs all from the parent unit

Verified reviews


I used to think these things were only for hover-moms!

I’m definitely a cautious person, but when these camera-baby-monitors first started showing up on shelves several years back I honestly thought they were only for hover-moms and worry warts. Now I see just how handy this invention is! Surprisingly, too, we’ve found it even more helpful in my 3-year-olds room as opposed to our 8 month old!I feel like this product is the future in parenting. Of course, I take care to spend a lot of time with my kids as a stay-at-home-mom. But as all parents know, you can’t be right there with them every second. While I used to think these things were for parents who were so obsessed that they wanted to watch their babies sleep, now I know that naptime is not the only time this monitor is useful.For example, I can work on dinner in the kitchen while my girls play with toys in their playroom and I can still keep an eye on them! My three-year-old has started to show a little aggression toward her sister now that the baby is old enough to crawl and play with her sister’s toys. I can still watch my older daughter for shoving and grabbing even when I’m out of the room. Before I had this video monitor I could only guess why the baby started crying while I was out of the room.The intercom is a brilliant feature! At first I thought, “Yeah, right like I could soothe my baby over intercom. When she’s crying she wants to be held!” Though that is still true, I’ve again found this feature handy with my older daughter. When I put her down for a nap she often likes to sneak out of bed and play with her toys. With the intercom I can give orders, such as “Get back into bed, it’s naptime not playtime,” from across the house. And I no longer have to risk waking her up by checking in on her to see if she’s even sleeping. Brilliant!The temperature feature is just another lovely bonus to this monitor. We live in an older house that can heat unevenly, and Colorado in the wintertime, it can grow quite cold. I love being able to see how warm my daughter’s room is at night. This is also a very nice feature with babies and overheating – as some have theorized that SIDS is possibly caused by overheating, plus we all want our babies to sleep comfortably.This video monitor is extremely easy to use. Once it arrived, we opened and began using it within just a couple minutes. The screen is bright enough, and not fantastic image (like a modern TV, for example) but definitely what I would expect for something this small and at this price point, so I’m satisfied.So far the only setback we’ve had is that the monitor seemed to interfere a little bit with my laptop & wifi, suddenly my internet connection was slow and fussy. But my husband was able to “switch channels” on the computer and as long as the monitor is not powered on right next to my computer then it works just fine.The night vision feature is SO great, they really thought of everything when designing this monitor, it seems. What a great thing to be able to see if your toddler has fallen out of bed or if your baby is awake when you hear a noise. Like I said, this product is part of the future of parenting, it’s brilliant and takes safety to another level.I will be adding another camera to this system soon, so that we will have an “eye” on both of my girls when we’re not in the room. I swear I’m not a hover-mom! But I love having a view of my children no matter what room I’m in. Any stay-at-home mom knows that leaving your baby in a room for a minute even to just go to the bathroom can have it’s risks. And being able to check in on your child when you hear something at night, but without having to risk waking them up, it’s just wonderful.I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is expecting or has a baby or even small children. It’s a small price to pay for all the extra “eyes and ears” to help you keep your child safe and know what’s going on at all times. I’ve very, very fond of this video monitor!

Sheena Caliente, CA

Does the job but VERY annoying.

This is the 2nd Levana monitor that I’ve had and, just like with my first one, it has several annoying issues.Number one: the picture freezes ALL THE TIME. Not just the standard way when there’s no movement. NO. Like when I hold and kiss the baby, put her in her crib, rub her tummy a minute, walk into my room, look at the monitor and the picture is a fractured image of me holding her from 5 minutes ago! Restarting the unit doesn’t always fix this issue. And it happens ALL THE TIME. My other Levana model did the same thing.Number two: The rotation of the camera is horrible. It takes so many readjustments and weird placements to finally get a good angle for a picture. The other Levana camera that I have is able to rotate in every direction, so you simply hang it once and point the camera. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Why on earth they changed their GOOD product to the horribly limited one they have now, i have no idea.Number three: the parent-end unit BEEPS loudly whenever you turn it on. Super annoying. Even more annoying when you pair it with the next thing on my list…Number four: THERE IS NO MUTE! Let’s face it, sometimes your kid just makes noise and there’s no reason to mess with them, especially when you can SEE that they’re fine. And it’s 2am and you want to go back to sleep. But there’s no mute on your monitor… if you turn the monitor off, then the next time you want to check on the baby IT WILL BEEP AND WAKE YOUR PARTNER UP. So you can’t turn it off. But you can’t sleep with that noisy baby chatter. So you bury it under the blankets and TRY to sleep. Does this sound the like kind of regular procedure you should have to perform with a device that costs as much as this one? NO!!DEAR LEVANA: for goodness sakes, PLEASE figure out how to make a product with more efficient video quality and PUT A FRICKING MUTE FEATURE on your products!!As for the “good” parts about this product – the music playing and talking to baby features are great. I love being able to see the actual temperature of the baby’s room at all times. And the parent hand-unit is pretty self-explanatory, which is nice. It even has a stand on the back, which was a big complaint of mine on my previous Levana monitor.In spite of the things i hate about this monitor, i still use it. So i guess it’s not all that bad. But it’s FAR from perfect.

Keri Oakdale, NE

BEST video monitor.

This is our 4th baby monitor… We’ve had Graco digital, Philips Advent, and earlier Levanva video and now this one. This by far is the best digital video baby monitor that I’ve used. currently we only have one camera, but the system is expandable to multiple cameras…. It’s on my christmas list as we move our 2yr old to his big boy room and bring in the newborn to get another camera.Pro’s…excellent picture day and night.. nightvision really works and is automatically managed by the camera.two-way communications… “Lie down now and go to sleep, buddy”remote controlled night light – can turn it on and off without going into the room..remote temperatureremote music – can turn it on and off after you see your kid is asleeppower saving… remote monitor can be setup to be sound sensitive to only show screen when sound is heard (adjustable)Can be battery operated in camera (havent used it)Con’s…Would like a mode that turns off music after a period of time.

Jacquelyn Molino, FL

Love all the features but has one drawback

Although my baby isn’t here as yet I have set this up already in her nursery and have “used” it (more like tried it out) on a few occasions in order to give a real review. The one drawback that I do have with the monitor is that the camera that is placed in the baby’s room does not have a volume control button so the talk to baby option comes through very loud. Not sure if this will be a problem when baby is born, hoping that it will not scare her. Although you can hear through the parental unit clearly, when speaking through it, the sound coming from the camera isn’t as clear.This parental unit comes with a huge 3.5″ LCD screen which means that you will be able to see your baby clearly. The night vision option is also useful. I have turned the lights off in her room and was able to see into her crib so I’m not concerned about that. That is an added plus for me but was not enough for me to give it 5 stars. There are 5 different lullabies that is also controlled from the parental unit and can be turned off or changed with a touch of a button. The temperature monitoring is also great, it will let you know when baby’s room is not the right temperature.The night light that is on the camera is not very useful, you may still need to buy an actual nightlight for baby’s room. The VOX (Voice Activated Control) is also a nice touch and can also be turned off/on. It allows the monitor to turn on when the baby makes a noise and you can adjust the level of sound you want before it’s turned on. This helps save on batteries.Batteries are not needed though since it comes with 2 AC adapters. The unit can be wall mounted but we have it on her dresser looking directly into her crib. I’d definitely recommend this and not because it was free but because it’s actually a great monitor.

Priscilla Collinsville, IL

Review after an year of use

Excellent and quality product. Extensive usage for over an year, due to H.Sandy suffered water damage too, but still working like new. No issues and batteries last a long time for me. Very good and solid product. Visual and audio quality is good. Reception is excellent. Night vision is on the lower side though.

Adele Monroe, CT

Cool little unit!

I don’t have a baby, so I used this unit to watch my cats at their food bowl area. The screen is large and the wireless video quality was very good, especially considering this unit runs on batteries. The night vision worked great and it was fun to spy on the cats in the dark. I have a single-level 2300 sq ft home, and I received good video quality in every room, no matter how far I was from the base. This is a great little unit for people who want a remove viewing camera, even if you don’t have babies. 🙂

Mamie Frederick, PA

Levana fails once again..

When baby #1 was born, I bought Levana’s Safe N See Monitor. Within weeks, the battery stopped working. The company sent me another one, which worked for a week, but then that one went kaput. Even though the battery stopped working, and the picture quality was abysmal, I really liked the voice activation (vox) so we kept using it.When baby #2 was born, I thought I would check to see if Levana made any improvements and to see if I could add the old camera to the new model. Lo and behold here is the improved version. I bought it and can happily report that the battery holds a charge. However, you CANNOT add a second camera (after an hour with tech support going over the steps again and again I gave up). Worse, this unit CONSTANTLY blacks out (loses connectivity) and beeps ALL NIGHT LONG. That’s right, while your babies are finally sleeping and you think you might be able to get some rest, the unit LOUDLY BEEPS at 11.30PM, 12.20PM, 2AM, 3.30AM, 4.15AM… you get the picture.As per Levana, something must be wrong with my wifi. If that were the case, why does my original Levana monitor not lose the connection/ beep? Orly the new “advanced” monitor has an issue.Overall I’ve spent $2560 with Levana for substandard monitors. Yes their VOX is great, but the low overall quality of these units should be a deal breaker for anyone.I would like Levana to take both these monitors back, and issue me an Amazon voucher so I can buy another brand.

Gena Rothville, MO


I’ve been using this video monitor for a couple weeks now, and I absolutely love it. Most important = It has great night vision! This is a huge deal with monitors and I’m super impressed with this monitor. I haven’t had to use the talk feature very much (daughter is too young yet to be calmed by just my voice) but it does come through nice and clear.I wish I could stop the beeping of the buttons. They make a loud beep when your press them which can be an issue if you have a very light sleeper significant other.The VOX feature works well, but the battery life is still pathetic at best. Since I don’t have much experience with other monitors I’m not sure if its normal but I can only get about 5 or so hours per charge.I am not a huge fan of the lullabies. They’re hard to control and a bit too upbeat to be useful in helping your child fall back asleep. Maybe when my daughter is older I’ll appreciate them more.Day vision is very clear.Would recommend.

Germaine Doddridge, AR

6 stars

Let me start by saying we’ve dropped this thing 30+ times and it’s still holding up. I absolutely love this thing and don’t know what I would do without it.The picture is great, you can see the room temperature, you can play music and even talk to your baby which is wonderful when you’re across the house.When i talk to my son he stops fussing and just stares at the camera. It’s awesome!I bought this because we were on a budget but it ended up being the best bang for our buck!

Carissa Kouts, IN

A reliable baby monitor with lots of features

I’m replacing another baby monitor with this one, so I do have some basis for comparison.The core functionality of the device is that it displays video from the camera wirelessly. It does this very reliably with a signal my wifi and microwave do not interrupt, and with a very good picture. Audio quality (hearing from the monitor) is also very good. You can adjust the volume, of course, but even on the quieter settings, you can hear just about anything going on in the room. There’s a mode where the monitor turns on when it detects motion or hears noise [Update: you can adjust the sensitivity, and this is quite helpful].The camera is larger than I expected (I’ve uploaded a picture to Amazon showing the size of the camera more clearly), but is light and can be secured very easily on a high corner of the room you want to watch, but be careful to put it in a place that is the same temperature as the crib. You could also just stand it up on top of a shelf… it’s very stable this way. The amber night light is functional but nothing special..I’m a huge fan of the thermometer. I found it to be pretty accurate. What a great idea. I have a nice little remote to a fan in the other room, and I can kick it on or turn it off without even getting out of bed.The lullabies are not going to take your breath away, but the camera and monitor play a few recognizable tunes (twinkle twinkle, minuet in G major, etc) on synthesized bells and sound good if you manage your expectations. The intercom function is really good, if a little tinny sounding (when listening from the camera). Your voice is easy to recognize and comes through loud enough to hear clearly.The monitor’s clip/stand is OK, but a little funky (you have to rotate the stand such that the unit hangs below the clip/stand), but I suggest keeping it on the charger most of the time. I haven’t had this long enough to fairly evaluate the battery life, but my initial impression is that the 1100 mAh battery won’t last all day. I’ll update when I know for sure. [Update: it just lasted 6.5 hours for me, but it’s brand new and only displaying video intermittently… I will keep it plugged in] The monitor is a perfect size (I’ve also uploaded a picture showing this), about the size of one half of a Nintendo DS, and has good build quality (as does the camera).All in all, this is a very nice product full of features. I think it’s worth the asking price. You can certainly get a good monitor for less money, but I don’t think you will have much reason to be disappointed if you choose this bells-and-whistles model.Once last note, this is not packaged with Amazon’s Frustration Free packaging (I’m a fan of frustration-free packaging). The packaging is typical store-shelf style, which presents the product very well if purchased as a gift for a baby shower.

Eliza Glen Allen, VA

Improvements on an already great monitor

We previously had a Levana 2.5″ video monitor, so this was an upgrade to that.Some of the basics that’s the same between this one and the other one. They both have night lights on the camera (controlled by the base station) that are mostly worthless, barely any light. They both have nursery rhymes (never used…), and both allow you to talk to the child (voice isn’t so clear, and with no parent in there, really scares my daughter). They also both allow great video (day/night) to be passed to the base station. The camera has to be paired as well, making interference from a neighbor using the same camera nearly impossible. My wife considered her old 2.5″ video monitor indispensable, and now the same with her 3.5″ one.So on to the differences. The major one being the size of screen, you get an extra inch. It helps to see the screen, however the resolution from the camera isn’t improved, so it mostly helps you see what your child is doing from a few more feet away (my wife used to have to grab it and pull it closer to her). The other thing is there is no longer a charging base, only a cord which plugs directly into the side of the device, it’s not as nice, but it’s not that annoying (especially if you leave it in one spot). The other benefit of this is updated firmware/hardware on the base station unit. Even though Amazon and the documentation doesn’t show this, it’s possible to connect up to 4 cameras with this device. It’s not easy switching between them to view, but there is an automatic mode which switches every 10 seconds or so. We connected our second camera without issue, and are able to use one base station for both.

Jessie West Chazy, NY

Equal to the leading brand at a huge savings!

Video monitors are becoming very popular, featuring more functions, better picture, and cheaper price. This model has a large screen with a very clear picture, as well as a few other helpful functions at a really good price point. When comparing this to the leading video monitor the functionality is about the same at about half the price! I have added a picture at the top showing the image on the screen during normal use.Things I love
• A large viewing screen
• VOX mode works great. The monitor is silent and dark unless there is noise in the room, the amount of noise needed to activate it is adjustable.
• A bare minimum of white noise when the unit is on
• Very user friendly
• Clear image on the monitor in light and dark conditions.Things I would change
• The lullaby button is right below the volume buttons. I would hate to accidentally press lullaby button and wake up my baby. It would be more functional in another location.
• The image lead me to believe that the nightlight displayed some sort of image on the ceiling. It doesn’t, it’s just a gentle amber light which is fine for me but I wanted to give others the heads up.Overall my experience with this monitor has been very good. I have piece of mind being able to see my child anytime I want day or night. I love the VOX feature, it is really nice not listening to loud white noise all night long the way I did with my standard audio monitor. The unit comes on when there is noise and stays off and totally quiet when there isn’t. The battery lasts for hours so I leave it plugged in at night on the nightstand and then bring it around with me during naps and have had no problems with a low battery.

Bianca Littlefork, MN


If this monitor had a vibrate/silent feature to where you can mute it unless movement/sound wakes it up via vibrate I would have loved it. Because the lack of vibrate feature I did not keep it.

Carmen Lake Ozark, MO

The Best Video Baby Monitor Ever Made

You may not have heard of Levana, but you should. They’re one of the more esteemed brands of baby products in my mind.They’ve been pioneers of sorts in the video baby monitor arena, and I’ve owned most of their products, plus a few of their competitors’. They’ve been consistently high quality, and set the standard for good design.This is saying something, because while we wanted a video baby monitor with intercom capability for years (so we could tell our toddlers to get back in bed), the only other option we could find before Levana was a flakey no-name “2.4 GHZ” product that required daily rebooting to work. Having Levana make such a monitor is a big relief.Levanas tend to be easy to use, have all the options and features you’d expect, plus they pay attention to the little details like having a built-in belt clip that swivels around to act as a stand.For this model, they’ve managed to improve on previous design, making the screen MUCH larger and offering better controls while actually dropping the price!!!I miss the charging cradle of the previous model, but I guess it’s not that hard plugging the monitor in when you want to charge it.

Tabitha Nekoma, ND

Highly recommend

We’ve had this for over a year and it still works great. My only complaint is that you can’t really use the camera cordless because the batteries drain in a matter of half an hour, but other than that it’s awesome all around.I just ordered another similar model to try out because I like the function and ease of this brand.

Lashonda Hannibal, OH

Good monitor, but not great

Got this baby monitor as a gift. The picture quality is pretty good. Camera has a resolution of 640×480, and the monitor has a resolution of 320×240, (according to Levana’s site). Which seems to be the same resolution for most of the other baby monitors (Motorola, Samsung, etc.) The FPS is listed at 15, and that works fine for us. Even when my baby is on her swing, I can still see her facial expression, and it’s not just a blur from the movement of the swing. I like how the camera can run off of battery. I tried it once, and it lasts about 3 hours off of AAA batteries. Not long, but at least it has that option.There are mainly three things I’d change/add to this monitor.1) Having remote pan/tilt/zoom. That’s a feature I’ve learned is a big deal to have for us since our baby moves around a lot in her crib.2) Having the option to turn the volume off. We play white noise for the baby, and it’d be nice if we didn’t have to listen to it too.3) Having non-visible IR LEDs. While the night vision is actually pretty good, I wish the four LEDs weren’t visible. Our baby sometime stares at the glowing red LEDs, and I’m not a fan of that.

Betty Celina, OH

Excellent but needs mute button

Works amazingly well considering how much cheaper it is than comps. Would be nice to have a rotating camera, but for the price, can’t complain.Only big annoyance is the lack of a mute button!

Ida Laurel, IA

Good monitor, good price

We purchased this monitor for our second child and it has worked well for almost a year now. We are on our second one but that is due to our older child dropping it on the floor. Basically, she was holding the monitor and I thought it would be funny to make a face at her in the camera. I startled her by doing so, she dropped it on a hardwood floor and it broke. Needless to say, my wife was not too happy with me. I can’t really blame the monitor too much for breaking since it fell on a hard floor.Anyway, after the dropped monitor fiasco, we ordered another and it works well. The picture is usually pretty good and it’s neat to be able to play music or talk to the baby from the receiver. The night vision works great and it tells you the temperature in the room too which is neat. I would recommend this for any parent.

Anastasia Gray, GA

Works Really Well, But Battery Could Last Longer

We didn’t think we wanted or needed a monitor for our 1000 sq. ft. home, but a video monitor really comes in handy at night. It allows us to see if the baby is just tossing and turning or truly waking up. We kept thinking she was waking, only to go in and actually wake up a tossing and turning baby. It is also really handy to take along when I go down to the basement or if I’m cleaning and it is difficult to hear her.This monitor gets the job done. I highly recommend it. My only gripe is the battery doesn’t last all night if you unplug it. But this isn’t a problem because we just moved it so it could stay plugged in at night.Great Product!

Celia Buena Park, CA