Levana Oma Powered by Snuza Portable Baby Movement Monitor with Audible Alarm

Levana Oma Powered by Snuza Portable Baby Movement Monitor with Audible Alarm

Audible Alerts Conveniently Portable Oma Baby Movement Monitor When baby is finally quiet it should be a relief, not a worry. At LEVANA, we know how tempting it is to check on a soundly sleeping infant over and over again — just in case. We are proud to bring you Oma the portable, battery-powered movement monitor that can easily be used everywhere you and baby go. Breathe easier knowing the LEVANA Oma will be there to help you check in a little less and relax a little more. Sensor Detects the Slightest Movement The Oma monitor clips snugly onto baby’s diaper and senses baby’s tiniest movements with a soft, flexible sensor at the belly button area. Because your baby is in constant contact with the sensor, it is unlikely to give a false alarm, unlike an under-the-mattress monitor. Knowing you will only be alerted if the situation is critical will help you feel more at ease during baby’s deepest sleep. Alerts You if Complete Stillness is Detected If the sensor detects more than 15 seconds of complete stillness, Oma will beep loudly to alert you that your attention is required immediately. Oma can also be set to detect weak and irregular movements. If abdominal movement is occurring less than 8 times per minute the movement indicator light will flash orange and a different warning tone will sound. This feature is enabled by default but can easily be disabled. Conveniently Portable No need to disassemble and reassemble a movement monitoring system every time you head to the grandparents’ house. Oma movement monitor is compact and battery powered, so you can easily pack it up and take it with you wherever you go. Additionally, because there are no wires, Oma is safe for use in Moses baskets, bassinets, and playpens. Quick Features Audible alarm after 15 seconds of no abdominal movement Portable, battery-powered monitor with no wires or cords; use anywhere baby sleeps Superior clip keeps the soft sensor snug against baby’s abdomen Optional weak or infrequent movement alert setting Formerly Snuza go! now available from LEVANA

Main features

  • Superior clip keeps the soft sensor snug against baby’s abdomen

Verified reviews


Peace of Mind, Easy to use!

We received this Levana Oma portable movement monitor in a brown hassle-free packaging.It’s really easy to use. There are two buttons, one on the left and one on the right.On: you hit the LEFT button until you hear a “click”Off: you hit both buttons at the same time (LEFT and RIGHT) until you hear a “click” from both sidesThe LEFT button is for “WITH SOUND” or “WITHOUT SOUND” option.I like to use it with sound option because it’s easier for me and the baby gets used to hearing it.What it does: It will monitor abdominal movement and tell you by the tiny beeping sounds with flashing lights or no sound but with flashing lights.If after 15 seconds of no abdominal movement, the audible alarm sounds will kick in and it’s pretty loud. It’s definitely a piece of mind for any parents. I would test it first before your first use to make sure it’s working properly.

Peggy Scottville, MI

Great idea….

This is a great itdea. Took us ten minutes to get the item out of the plastic case. And to set or turn off you need strong fingers. And am seeing how one can replace the battery. They don’t note battery life.Then once placed on the diaper as shown, the family four month old felt it and wanted to take it off so am not so sure how this will work for a baby over the age of three months or so.Seems well made and easy to clean.

Maude Knob Lick, KY

Easy to use, but a bit odd

I let a friend of mine with a newborn use this, and they did not find much use for it. It works fairly well if you need it, but their baby sleeps in their room for now, so they just didn’t really use it. If their newborn had been sleeping in a separate room, it may have been more useful.l…so before buying or registering, think about if you will really use it. I would recommend it for parents of babies with health concerns, or parents who will be having a newborn nap or sleep in a separate room.

Lilia Alfred, NY

Security for Moms

Big things come in little packages and this small devise can really add the confidence and security of knowing baby is alright during his sleep.It’s precious to be know that this monitor will alert you if your attention is necessary. It helps keep the baby’s sleep undisrupted and assures you that baby is sleeping normally.A portable device like this is a wonderful gift to any new mother. Giving her a little piece of mind and security.It’s so easy to use, you’ll love it.

Christi Canute, OK

Consider this a must have!

I remember when my kids were very small and SIDS was just starting to be recognized; what I wouldn’t give to have a device like this! Perhaps I could have gotten some sleep of my own!Moms today need every tool available, and this is one that is convenient, portable, and potentially life saving. Clip is on, and it monitors baby’s breathing and movement. No movement for more than 15 seconds or an irregular pattern and parents are alerted.

Terri Moran, MI

Rest assured, rest easy, and get peace of mind

If you have a newborn who requires a lot of attention because of health concerns, this monitor is for you. Rest assured, rest easy, and get peace of mind that the monitor is doing it’s job, with an audible alarm to alert you. The monitor clips easily to a diaper and is quite small. It’s soft, gentle, and not much of an obstruction.If you have a perfectly healthy newborn and maybe you’re concerned when you’re not at the baby’s side… you probably don’t need this monitor. Save yourself the worry and stress, and instead go with a standard baby monitor without the alarms.

Isabella Melbourne, IA

Good in theory, if it wasn’t glitchy. Snuza was better.

I had a Snuza (the original maker of these movement monitors) for my son who is now 2.5, and it was a life saver (literally). We never had issues, and in fact, our old Snuza has been sitting in his dresser for over a year, and still works great (doesn’t have low battery signal, etc).I was paranoid that our old Snuza’s battery would give out on us soon after the arrival of our son #2, and wanted to be prepared, but didn’t know where to safely buy a replacement battery (plus the idea of hacking into this thing to change the battery made me a little nervous)…so I just ordered this as a replacement for our Snuza.Mistake.The second time I used it, it already showed the red "low battery" signal! And has since showed the same red signal multiple times. I was actually nervous that I was mistaking it for the signal that baby had had episodes of long pauses between breaths, but I double checked, and it was definitely the battery light. Now I never feel confident using it, like who knows how the battery is doing or whether it will stay on all night.To make matters worse, Levana customer service is terrible, they are IMPOSSIBLE to get a hold of. I have tried calling, using "live chat" online (which is never available by the way, even during the hours of the day that it says it should be), and have emailed the company using the website, which said I should hear back within 1 business days, and of course, I haven’t heard a single thing.Overall, I’m sad to see Snuza go, quality and customer service seems to have definitely gone with it. If you can get a hold of the old ones that actually say "Snuza", go for it! They are wonderful.

Tami Ravena, NY

Peace of Mind …

When I read one of the reviews here that suggested this device for travel, that really resounded with me. It is a very petite appliance which can easily be tucked into a carry-on/diaper bag and it would make no difference in weight or bulk. And, it is certainly a more convenient choice than packing up the entire baby-monitoring system, praying it doesn’t get crushed in transport, and having all that extra bulk cluttering up one’s suitcase. So true! And, I can confirm that this is the very best use of this device … fabulous. (Many thanks to this reviewer for this AWESOME idea!!)Now, I did receive one “grounding” comment from a parent who declared this a “fear-based product.” She was telling me how the actual cause of SIDS has frequently been the subject of speculation, but there are no definitive causes (I knew this, but I let her vent. LOL!). At this time, there are no predicting factors and no medical history that would warrant concern. Current statics indicate that SIDS claims the lives of less than 0.5% infants in the United States. She was truly angry that a company was capitalizing on the fear that any parent has for their newborn. I had never really considered this, but I can now understand her frustration (having conducted a little research myself). it makes sense, and I respect that opinion.BUT, here is the truth: if this appliance helps a parent/parents sleep better, then why not buy it? There is nothing in this product that could possible harm a child (even the tip is a soft, rubbery quality). And, if it saves ONE, single life, then wasn’t it really worth it?For certain, this is a durable product that can be passed to a friend or used for another new addition to the family.Knowing the statistics for SIDS will make you feel so much better! And, if that level of comfort is still not present, order this and find yourself relaxing a bit more!

Lily Honomu, HI

Piece of Mind for Parents of Sleeping Newborns

When we first brought our daughter home, my wife would wake up constantly to check that the baby was breathing. This device comes in handy for the first few months especially for first time mothers. It is easy to use and lightweight.

Elise Barwick, GA

Easy to use, reliable, and small enough to be unobtrusive.

I love the entire concept of this monitor, it’s one of those "why didn’t I think of that?" inventions. The ease of use ensures that it will be used, not relegated to a drawer to be forgotten about because it’s too much trouble like so many gadgets.I’ll agree that a more comprehensive user guide should be included with the product, but I’m not going to ding the rating by taking off a star just for that. There is a very good .pdf user guide on the Levana website and it explains EVERYTHING if one bothers to read and comprehend it. It has more detailed instructions on how to change the alert mode for example, but the unit comes out of the box ready to use with default settings that work fine; a user can turn it on and clip it on using the quick start pictographs for a guide and it will work fine.It only has two buttons to control it; push the left one to turn it on, push the left and right simultaneously to turn it off (power down) or push the right button alone to silence an alert. You can play with it for 2 minutes before you attach it to the child and figure it out.It can be used on belly sleepers, but it needs to be attached off-center from the navel but not on the baby’s side; it won’t sense abdominal movement from breathing if it’s too far from the belly. Again, this is easy to figure out from observing the baby; once you grasp the concept of how it works you shouldn’t need an inch-thick technical manual to explain it.It’s lightweight, a little over an ounce. The contact tip is soft and latex-free. The battery minder is a great feature, and it uses one "half AA" battery, (CR14250) commonly available. The manual says that the unit should only be used with the battery included in the package, suggesting that one needs to use only Levana-sourced batteries but you can find a suitable replacement online from many retailers. It doesn’t have to say "Snuza" on it to work as long as it meets the spec. I’d recommend keeping a spare for peace of mind.The battery that shipped (installed, a nice touch) with my unit had full strength but I bought a spare anyway due to the nature of this item.I recommend this item, while it’s not a substitute for diligence it does provide a little more peace of mind for the anxious parent and the price is great considering the quality.Thank you for reading my review.

Carmela Americus, KS

Peace of mind

Can you say peace of mind? This small gadget doesn’t disturb your baby while he sleeps but will beep if he stops moving. I’m a ftm thus paranoid and this artifact gives me enough peace to get better sleep. Highly recommend.

Alyssa Ogden, IA

Great monitor. More effective than video monitor, and possibly for SIDS prevention. Only a couple complaints

These new wave of portable monitors are fantastic – sleek, small, and monitor breathing. I have not seen a video monitor that does that. And, its fairly intuitive and works great out of the box.Here are a couple issues I had:* My battery was 50% right out of the box.* You have to download & print the manual yourself (and I ~strongly~ recommend doing this – you don’t want to be fumbling around with your computer at 3AM if you have a question about the monitor)* The clip works fine on a diaper, but you have to be somewhat inventive to attach it under a onesie or something like thatFinally a note about using this as a SIDS prevention tool (and I know this is controversial, so please don’t shoot the messenger). This is great monitor for peace of mind, and I do give it a strong recommendation (4.5 stars). But there is zero evidence it helps prevent SIDS, and the company is not making that claim.All in all, one of my favorite monitors.

Jessie Hubbard, IA

Excellent for New Parents–No More Poking the Baby

This is an ingenious little device that you clip onto the baby to help detect movement. Actually, it detects lack of movement. You put it on the waistband of the diaper or somewhere on the baby where it can pick up the baby’s abdominal movements at he/she breaths. Think diaphram muscles contracting/releasing as you breath. An alarm goes off when your baby stops breathing. I tested it on my baby, then a stuffed animal…and it worked as it promised. Such a nice little device to have especially for first time parents.I used to poke my baby if she was in too deep a sleep and I couldn’t tell if she was still alive. But she’d wake up and sometimes she’d be crying. Sounds crazy but every new parent goes through this fear because of all the scare around SIDS and just the fact that new parents aren’t very well acquainted with baby care. As strong as my maternal instincts were, I definitely had a hard time telling if my baby was still breathing at times…especially in a dark nursery at night. So this definitely gave me peace of mind.However, if my next baby is a normal 7-8lb baby, I’m not sure if I would use it with my second baby because I have experience now and know how to tell if my baby is breathing. But I think this is great not only for parents who worry, but also for babies with sleep apnea, breathing problems, pre-mature babies, and babies that are full-term but really small. Small babies take very small breaths and it’s hard to see. So even though this thing is a little pricey, peace of mind and the safety of your baby is priceless.Few things to consider is, and this is not in the product description or the brief intructions that come with the device, does this device pose any other health risks? Does it emit any frequencies/waves? What about the battery? If a battery is faulty and leaks corrosive chemicals, can it get out of the device and onto baby’s skin? I don’t know. These are the “what if”s that I’m asking but don’t have answers to because I can’t find any.But all in all, if you worry a lot about your baby because either you just worry a lot of there is medical reason for you to worry, I would recommend this to you. It is a helpful device. But make sure you take some baby CPR courses and have some kind of emergency plan in place so that if the the alarm does go off one day (I hope it doesn’t) you can respond right away and with appropriate measures.

Lucia Algonac, MI

Easy to use and life-saving concept.

As the father of a newborn daughter (my first child) I have read up on everything I can about modern child-rearing and have attempted to take every precaution I can to keep her healthy. The fear of SIDS constantly looms over any newborn and something like this portable baby movement monitor can be life-saving. It is easy to use — just a push of a soft button — and small enough to fit unobtrusively on the baby’s diaper.

Nell Osage, IA

For parents that worry

When I was pregnant, I worried obsessively about miscarriage or stillbirth. I had endured a loss, and that intensified my anxiety. I thought I would be past the worry when baby was born. Boy, was I wrong. SIDS infiltrated my mind, and I was losing sleep because I had to check the baby constantly. I would shine my phone on the swaddled bundle just to make sure their tummy was subtly rising and falling. Not to mention, we always have babies that are born weeks early–which are at increased risk for SIDS and other respiratory problems. The Levana Oma Clip-On clips onto the diaper and rests against baby’s tummy. I was surprised by how small this monitor really is. The orange sensor is super soft and doesn’t bother baby at all. My one main concern was false alarms in the middle of the night that would wake us up and the baby, but that has yet to happen. There are other products out there similar to this one, but the prices are much higher. I will definitely recommend this to friends and family members who are expecting babies (or I’ll just give them mine).

Lindsay Otto, NY

Not for Swaddlers

This does not work for us because we have to swaddle our baby. I turned it on and put it on his diaper then took it off and it did sound an alarm. I think it is a good idea for babies that do not need to be swaddled or older babies. I put it on under his swaddle. It was very easy to put on and take off, but you would not be able to hear the alarm or turn it off if it was sounded.

Emily Canfield, OH

My Snuza died, so I got this…..

Love it! I loved the Snuza until it started turning itself on and off, and alarming randomly. The Levana is almost identical in appearance and in function. There are some improvements. The sensor is a little shorter, which I think makes it sturdier. The diaper clip is WAY better; tighter with better teeth. The movement indicator lights are slightly brighter, making them visible through clothing and also they are true to color. The orange light appears orange, not red. This eliminates confusion as to what the light is indicating (low battery vs. smaller movements). The Levana has three sound emission holes, instead of one, so the alarm is clearer. Not louder, just clearer. Hard to explain, but the sound is more pure.So far, so good. I will update as needed. No false alarms yet.

Mariana Van Dyne, WI

Love it!

I didn’t know anything like this even existed until I was shopping for my pregnant friend. You actually attach this to the baby’s diaper and it sounds the alarm if the baby is too still. This gave my friend incredible peace of mind when she gave birth to her baby girl, to know that she would be alerted if her daughter were to begin to suffer Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Peace of mind is worth so much, and this little baby movement monitor is definitely worth what you pay for.

Brandi Coosa, GA

Great comfort – eats batteries but we knew that going in.

Great comfort – eats batteries but we knew that going in. Go ahead and buy the corresponding batteries as you will go through one ever 2 weeks. Ends up costing about 10 dollars a month to operate but that is worth the improve in sleep/piece of mind.

Pansy Highfalls, NC

Peace of mind

The Levana Oma Baby Movement Monitor offers a lot of great features that other baby monitors do not possess. Not only does this monitor sound an alarm when significant movement is detected, it also alarms if complete stillness is detected for more than 15 seconds. This portable, lightweight monitor is easily clipped onto the baby’s diaper. The only possible disadvantage is that the product requires a CR14250 battery which is a bit less common but still widely available. The product works nicely and gives very few false alarms.

Jenna Sterling, NY

Works like it is suppose to

I was surprised at how small it was and sure enough it fits very nicely on the babies diaper near the belly. The orange part feels like a tongue– a rubbery one that is. I tried it out and it works just like it says. It will beep at different volumes or silently and if you take off and set on a counter where there is no movement for 15 seconds it will sound an alarm. I could actually hear it upstairs because I left it downstairs on accident turned on. I didn’t even read the manual, but it’s very simple to operate and adjust. Seems fitting for a small baby you want to make sure is still breathing and moving.

Violet Spring City, UT

Warns you if the baby has stopped breathing.

This offers peace of mind for new mom’s and dad’s. How I wish I’d had one when my son was born! I remember waking up every two hours because of worry about S.I.D.S. I gave this to a friend who has a newborn and they love it. It secures easily and is supposed to sound an alarm if the baby stops breathing. This is not the same as an audible/walkie talkie type monitor. It helps warn you of S.I.D.s (sudden infant death syndrome) or if the baby has choked on something, etc. (which was another source of anxiety for me when my son was a newborn). Once the baby is able to roll, etc. it probably won’t be feasible to attach this unit to them, since they’ll probably remove it. I’ve heard that after the third month most babies are safe from S.I.D.s This is a great gift for a parent with a new born who needs a little extra security so they can get a few hours of sleep when they first bring that little one home. I suppose there could be problems with false alarms if an infant breathes really shallow, but my friend hasn’t had that experience with this unit.

Leann Bethel, OH

Makes me sleep better at night.

We have been using this monitor for two months. It works great. It is easy to put on as long as the diaper is on tight. Our three month old likes to move around a lot so sometimes the alarm sounds but at least we know it is working. We have not had to replace a battery yet.

Charlene Pyote, TX

Gives us peace of mind

Just like other parents we are so worried about SIDS. Our baby girl was born premature and we just wanted to be sure we were monitoring her sleeping so that we can tell if there is a problem. This gives us peace of mind so we don’t go to be worried.

Kristin Paige, TX

Just a little peace of mind

After the birth of our first, the paranoia and fear of SIDS kept me awake at night – literally. I would stare at my son while he slept in the dark just to make sure he was breathing and fall asleep with one hand on him as he slept. As the months passed, my exhaustion superseded my anxiety but I still worried about the times he’d be sleeping and I couldn’t be vigilant. I had looked into other monitors which required installation under the baby’s crib mattress, but that was impractical because my son had a number of different places where he’d fall asleep for a nap or for the night. This Clip-On portable movement monitor was just the ticket to buy me a little bit of calm since I could clip it on to his diaper and he could sleep wherever he wanted to. I tested it out to make sure the alarm actually did go off when there was no movement, and it worked as expected, and I’m pleased to say we haven’t had any false alarms while using this. It’s unobtrusive and much smaller than I expected, no cords or choking hazards, and most importantly, baby doesn’t seem to mind the thing at all.

Lauren Greene, ME

Peace of Mind

Honestly? This is awesome. Why did it take so long for something like this to hit the shelves? If you want peace of mind, this is for you. Levana Oma Clip On Portable Baby Movement Monitor will alert you if your child goes 15 seconds with no abdominal movement. You can adjust the settings if you’d prefer a sensitive or less sensitive alert. Will you hear the alert? For sure. It will definitely catch your attention, so no worries there.This clip on Baby Movement Monitor is a nice size that shouldn’t bother your child and is totally portable. It is well worth the cost of the product for the peace of mind this Levana Baby Movement Monitor with alarm gives new parents.

Sheri Chama, CO

Levana Oma Clip-On Portable Baby Movement Monitor with Audible Alarm

This is such an excellent idea! I wish I had something like this when my kids were babies. I was one of those parents who constantly went in to check on the babies to make sure they were still breathing. I lived in fear of SIDS. Now I have grandchildren to worry about and will make sure they all have one of these.It didn’t come with a manual which would have been really appreciated. You can find their manual on their website, however.The alarm is plenty loud, but this coupled with a two way baby monitor would be ideal! Just clip it onto the baby’s diaper and rest assured that your baby will be checked on and safe through the night. If your baby stops breathing, the monitor will alarm and alert you that something is wrong.It is small, and nicely designed, so there is no fear that it will cause any discomfort to the baby while he/she sleeps.I highly recommend this for all new babies, and especially those who are born pre-maturely or with problems. It really is worth the piece of mind.

Esmeralda Avon, CT

Reliable Trustworthy Baby Monitor

The monitor is powered by a 3.6V lithium thionyl chloride.Icons are clearly visible and understandable. The coloring is also cute and nursery oriented.The tip that presses against your baby’s belly is pretty soft and seems to be comfortable to the baby’s skin. It presses against, but does not poke into the baby or cause discomfort.It’s very small, under 3" in length and under 2" in width.You’ll hear a loud beeping if the baby is still for more than 15 seconds. You can also set it to detect weak or irregular movements, a different tone will signal if the baby’s abdominal movement occur less than 8 times per minute.This is a must have for all mothers. Highly recommended.

Josephine Bethany, LA

Wonderful product

This is a great product for parents who need some extra peace of mind while their baby is sleeping. Of course you should still be diligent and take every safety precaution when it comes to your baby, but sometimes you just need some extra assurance. This device is small and simple to use and could potentially save lives, so why not use it and ensure your child’s safety?I thought that it was kind of weird that it did not come with a manual or in a labeled package, just in a generic brown package with a single sheet start-up guide. But it is simple to use. It fits comfortably on the front of baby’s diaper – the orange part is flexible and comfortable on baby’s tummy. The alarm that sounds is quite loud, which is good if you are sleeping.I think the only thing I wish for this product is that it had a rechargeable battery instead. Although I have not used it enough to know just how long the battery WILL last, the battery does already seem low on arrival (the product arrives with the battery already installed).I am so glad that this product exists. I will definitely be getting some great use out of this (and hopefully some more restful sleep!).

Clarissa Mc Kinney, TX

Excellent for vacations

While I do not use the clip-on at home, I did find it to be an excellent addition to our holiday trip. Since there is so much to do around the holidays, with so many things to pack, I felt like I needed something smaller than our baby monitor system for when we were on the go. This worked perfectly. In California, it is still warm enough that I do not need to bundle my baby up while he is sleeping, so clipping on the diaper while he is taking a nap worked wonderfully. I could also set him in the bedroom with the door creaked open and stand in the other room talking to family and friends without holding the other end of the monitor listening for any sounds. The alarm is loud enough that it can clearly be heard over talking and through at least two rooms when it is not muffled by clothing or blankets. This will now be my go to travel baby monitor. It’s small, fits in the diaper bad with everything else, loud enough for me not to worry, and the battery works well enough that I could get a few trips out of it before replacing.I have given it four stars instead of five because it is not practical for me at home. In North Carolina, it is cold enough that I have to bundle him up for naps. This muffles the sound of the alarm, so I have to have the door wide open and be close by listening for the alarm. Since I have a video monitoring system, it defeats the purpose of me having the movement monitor on. If I can’t hear it, then it doesn’t provide me with anything except an extra thing to unclip for a diaper change.

Kelley Daniel, WY