Levana Sophia Digital 2.4-Inch Video Baby Monitor

Levana Sophia Digital 2.4-Inch Video Baby Monitor

Levana Sophia 2.4-inch Digital Video Baby Monitor Sophia Digital Video Baby Monitor Sophia (So-FEE-ah) Meaning: Wisdom Get more done knowing your baby is safe and sound with the Sophia monitor at your side. This baby video monitor has been designed with parent-friendly controls and features in mind, including 48 hour battery life in power saving PEEP mode, temperature monitoring, 15 feet night vision, and 500 feet ClearVu digital signal. Babies love the Talk to Baby two-way communication, invisible night vision LEDs and soothing night light. Stay in tune with your baby from the next room and beyond thanks to the insight of your Sophia baby video monitor. 48 Hour battery life in PEEP Mode When you have a full day planned or are looking forward to a full night of sleep, you won’t have to stop and recharge this monitor for up to 48 hours. PEEP (Power-on/off Energy Efficient Picture) sets your monitor and your camera to ‘sleep’ when there is no sound in the nursery, saving hours of valuable battery life. The second your baby makes a ‘peep’, the camera and monitor will activate so you can see and hear exactly what is going on. Temperature monitoring to ensure comfort Check the temperature in the nursery at any time to ensure your child is comfortable. The camera includes a temperature sensor which feeds to the parent unit. Studies indicate your baby’s room should be between 68-71° Farenheit (20- 21° Celcius). This feature can bring you peace of mind without waking up your child. Private ClearVu digital signal View larger Private ClearVu digital signal ClearVu technology provides outstanding precision and clarity of a digital signal from up to 500 feet away. Sophia has a private, secure and interference-free digital signal that no one but you can view. Talk to baby two-way communication View larger Talk to baby two-way communication Calm your baby with the sound of your own voice with two-way Talk to Baby intercom. Parents love this feature for communicating to each other when they need some help in the nursery. Babies love this feature because they know when you are on your way to the rescue. LED volume indicator LED volume indicator This baby monitor lets you not only hear but see the sound your child makes with a color-coded LED indicator bar. Typical room ambience will display as green, while noise or cries from your baby will change from yellow through orange and red depending on the volume. Expandable up to 4 cameras View larger Expandable up to 4 cameras The Sophia monitor’s expandable system grows with your family. Add up to three additional cameras to conveniently view up to four areas of your home on one monitor in scan sequence. Compact and sophisticated, these wall-mountable cameras look great in any area of the home inside or outside of the nursery. Gentle nightlight A gentle light show can help make the nursery more relaxing and soothing for your baby. Controlled from the parent unit, you can turn it on or off without entering the nursery. Adjustable brightness Easily increase and decrease the brightness on your monitor to accommodate any setting. Increase brightness when you’re outside under the glare of the sun and decrease when in a dark room; your eyes will be glad you did.

Main features

  • Private, secure clearVu digital signal with 500 feet range
  • 48 hour battery life in voice-activated, power saving PEEP mode
  • 15 feet automatic night vision
  • Invisible LEDs keep the nursery dark
  • Talk to baby two-way communication

Verified reviews


Love ALL Levana baby monitors

Have owned and recommended Levana baby monitors for a good three years. It may be a minor thing for some, but I LOVE that this monitor is in a light yellow because its not only pretty but works in a baby boy or girl room. So easy to use and a good price as well.

Megan Oostburg, WI

Works well, though it’s a very basic video monitor

I’ve used several video baby monitors and this one is a good one if all you need is the basics.The parent unit is compact, and the camera doesn’t take up much space. It has very good range as well, although as you get further away, you’ll see "lines" through the picture. It’s almost like interference but it’s not snow. The refresh rate is kind of slow, but among entry level models, that’s normal. Monitors that advertise higher resolutions really don’t have much better resolution than this one, since they almost all broadcast a standard TV signal or half-resolution signal, regardless of the resolution of the camera itself. The camera and picture are similar to most others in that colors are washed out, the refresh rate is low, and it has a hard time compensating for backlit subjects. If you’re using this to monitor a crib, most of these things aren’t a problem.What this monitor lacks compared to higher end ones is the pan/tilt/zoom type of feature. Sometimes that’s useful if you have a room where the camera isn’t a wide enough angle to see everything in one position. The other thing is that even though this camera can be tilted up or down, it can’t be rotated on its base. Therefore, if you plan to wall mount, it needs to be in a direct line with whatever you’re monitoring.Levana has a nice system where the video screen can shut off while the audio is still present. Then, if a noise exceeding a certain volume level is heard, the screen will automatically wake up. So, if you need to use it on battery power for a while, it’s not going to drain too quickly.Overall, this is a good entry level monitor that functions well and if you only need the basics. More expensive monitors generally won’t give all that much better color or resolution and often a larger screen just saps battery faster and looks more pixelated anyway.

Madge Wrangell, AK

Super video baby monitor

This Levana Sophia video baby monitor was just what we needed to keep track of the twin grandchildren while they are sleeping.Not only does this work well but it looks nice too – sleek and unobtrusive.Be sure to take the click-on stand off of the monitor before installing the flat rechargeable battery that is included. Otherwise you aren’t going to be able to get the battery door open all the way.The camera runs off of a plug-in adaptor but has the option to run off of four AAA batteries (not included). Much easier and cheaper to just plug it in. It has a 6 foot long cord.The power supply for recharging the monitor works quickly and also has a 6 foot long cord.Picture quality is very good (I was surprised at how good it was) and so is sound quality.The instruction manual that comes with the set-up is laughable but I was able to download a much more detailed manual from the mylevana website.I am very pleased with this baby monitor and would recommend it to all new parents, grandparents, day care providers or anyone who wants to keep an eye and an ear out on little ones.

Laverne Pleasantville, OH

Very good for a standard Baby Monitor

The Levana Sophia baby monitor performs very well as a standard baby monitor. I took the monitor and camera out of the package and charged the monitor and plugged the camera and positioned it facing the crib. These are my thoughts:PROS:1. Simplicity – Very simple to setup. Charge the handheld monitor for 6 hours and plug the camera. Once you turn both of them on, they will immediately pair.2. Clear sound – I could hear my baby stir. No static.3. Clear video – I had no problem seeing the full crib and my baby day or night.4. Inexpensive – Much cheaper than the other brand we have.5. Night light – The night light helps me see the crib and I can turn off the other night light we have.CONS:1. View – it seems to be set a a wide angle. I have to move the camera very close to see my baby.2. Portability – The camera does not have batteries so that this cannot be relocated to areas without an outlet. My other baby monitor which is more expensive has this feature. I just mention this so that people understand what the capabilities of this baby monitor.SUMMARY:For the price, this is a great buy. If you are looking for a basic baby monitor this functions very well.

Natalia Florissant, MO

Not Intuitive

[Good]Our WiFi has not been affected (yet). I will update this review if it ever does due to the nature of Sophia’s wireless transmission protocol. Aside from the main feature itself, this is the next most important feature since everyone uses WiFi Internet these days.Night vision is great. It’s very clear. i was most impressed with this feature.Easy to setup: I didn’t have to configure anything and it just worked.Since this is not a WiFi based product, you won’t have to worry about some teenager breaking into your network, harassing your family, and invading your privacy. Yes, it has happened before. For details on the subject, just google news for “baby monitor hacker”. To be safe, just don’t get a WiFi baby monitor.[Ok]The price is very reasonable.There’s some slight lag, but it’s not horrible.The overall picture quality is alright, but not awesome. There are a few reviews saying that the quality is HD. It is NOT HD.Sound quality is ok. It’s comparable to other baby monitors, but nothing to brag about.[Bad]UPDATE: The remote parent unit does not turn off if you press the off switch once; only the video monitor turns off. To really turn it off, you have to hold down the power button for about five seconds. This has to be one of most dumb design decisions just to save money on an extra button; this isn’t an iPad. If you’re not aware of this design flaw, the battery will eventually die. What happens when its battery is about to die? It keeps beeping loudly every 30 seconds, draining the battery even faster and waking everyone up. I use to have a natural gas alarm that did the same thing, so I threw it in the garbage. Thankfully you can either just keep this baby monitor parent unit plugged in or hold down the power button for about five seconds to fully turn it off to avoid the annoying beeping. I’m not impressed with Peep Mode.The parent unit does not have the advertised 48 hour battery life, even when it’s in “Peep” mode for 99% of the time. It is closer to 16-20 hours. This is just really misleading advertising. If they stated that battery life was 24 hours instead of 48 hours, no one would really be complaining. Maybe I have a defective battery? Again, I’m not impressed with Peep Mode.”Peep Mode” should be automatic. You shouldn’t have to activate / deactivate it with a button that resembles a on/off button. This confuses people. If “Peep Mode” really needs a physical button, then it should be a completely separate button from a on/off button; or it should just be removed.It’s not a megapixel camera. This is understandable given the low price. However it would be nice to see a product that offered megapixel resolution: 720P and up. Right now only cheap IP cameras provide it. When I think about it, I’m not sure if it’s even possible for a wireless camera to be megapixel resolution that isn’t using WiFi.It doesn’t have a high definition display. This is understandable given the low price and that it doesn’t have a megapixel camera.[Misc]I did not have any issues getting the back cover to snap in place again with the battery in place. Could it have been easier to perform? Yes. Is it difficult or hard? No.[Verdict]The parent unit needs a real on / off button. Removing the battery from the unit is not a good substitute. Other than the usability failure of peep mode, this is a decent video baby monitor.

Wendi Northfork, WV

Good Product

I thought I’d give this product a try after ordering the Lorex Baby Monitor.PROS:The monitor is thick with a large base so that it is easy to sit on surfaceThe swivel adjustment adjusts forward instead of backwards, making it easy to adjust the camera without having to put something under the backside of the base in order to see a lower bedOnly has one LED light that stays on and that’s the power lightThe "talk" feature is loud and vivid. When I whisper to my grandchild through the monitor she can hear me loud and clear, I’ve found this to be a challenge in other monitorsYou don’t have to mess around with signing out of your wireless connection into another in order for it to work, which makes me feel more secure that someone else is not spying on my little oneI’ve not had ONE downtown period since using this product, which makes it reliable for meThe price is right compared to other monitor systemsIt allows up to four camera monitors on one systemThe camera has night vision and sound that allows me to see and hear what is going on when she is sleepingThe monitor allows you to turn volume down or mute itThe monitor has a stand on it that allows you to set it on your nightstandIt comes with a monitor period. Many others require you to use your smart phone or tabletCONS:The system only comes with ONE cameraThe monitor LED is smaller than desiredThe display is HD, but only in high lightThe display is very bright, however it does have the "peep" optionIf left on full-time, the monitor battery doesn’t last long at allBesides that, i really couldn’t find anything else that I did not like about monitor

Dianne Retsil, WA

Decent for the price.

This is good baby monitor for the price. I can see and hear the baby clearly and honestly I don’t need fancy stuff- just want to make sure baby is safe and happy.So far I have no problems with battery’s life, set up was easy and there is no cracking noises etc. Simple and easy.Recommended.

Wendy Denton, NE

Excellent baby monitor

This is a great value for the price. The baby monitor is easy to use: you just charge it and go. No additional set-up is required. The screen is very clear, especially for its small size. The night vision works great. Audio is clear. No complaints here!

Alexandra Morning View, KY

It does everything it says, but…

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m sorry, the yellow plastic casing on the handheld viewer looks so cheap to me. It was my first thought when I opened the box. The set up was a breeze and this is perfect for those that don’t have smartphones and want a handheld monitoring device. We have used the camera several times in the last month and it works great – my teen son loves talking to the monitor so the little tot can hear him! Kind of a neat device, but I wish they had picked something other than yellow plastic. I guess if that is the worst complaint, it has to get 4 stars from me!

Kimberlee Ladoga, IN

Eeh. Janky design. Very hard to setup. No instruction manual. Very confusing settings controls. Good picture though.

Pros:- Excellent picture quality- Great color and night vision- Both units operate on battery, with some power saving options built in.Cons:- Super janky design. Camera unit is white, monitor unit is a pale, hospital yellow. Yuck.- Camera unit has a 2-3 inch "tale" sticking out (which I think is the microphone), which is only shown in 1 of the many marketing photos.- Battery covers were VERY hard to remove.- Monitor settings are VERY confusing and not well explained, even in the detailed operating manual (which was not included in the box, I had to go the website to get the PDF.)

Wendi Lavinia, TN

Never Disappointed.

I have used Levana monitors for years now. They are nearly indestructable. I know, I’ve dropped prior models numerous times, even down the stairs and they have held up. And as my children have grown, triplets, and gained the ability to be destructive, my old Levana was used by them like a football. After my sister had her first child, I wanted her to invest in one as well. But she’s still in some mode were she needs to the "best" mom ever, a title that has never existed. To save her sanity, and her husband’s, I watch their baby on the weekends. And the one item that is a necessity to me? The Levana.I’m not as young as I used to be, so I crank the volume up, place it right in my eye-line on the nightstand and I am prepared. What I would like to point out, sound quality is great but picture quality is flawless. My husband even remarked on how clear it is. One issue, getting the battery in there was not an easy task. I’m going to chalk it up to me being a bit rusty.

Jolene Stanfordville, NY

bare bones device

The product is sleek and the camera is really shiny, really white, and comfortable to touch — it would fit in with any decor in the baby’s room. The video receiver is really bright yellow, which is a good neutral color for both girls and boys and would compliment any room.The device transmits immediately when you turn the camera on.There is a definite lack of instructions in the box — do you need to charge prior to first use? What is the maintenance on the device? There are two very tiny handouts in the box that show what each symbols on the device means and how to plug-in the chargers. They also refer you to a website.There are two reasons for why I might’ve not seen instructions:1) since this is a free product given to me as a reviewer, perhaps they didn’t add it to my box (the item came in a non-descript box without their logo/upc code, etc.);2) the manufacturers think that their device is so simple to use that it doesn’t need instructions (this is a fallacy — every device should have instructions even if they are redundant and the customer chooses not to use them — but the customer needs to be given the choice)Be ware, that it might be that this product does not contain instructions.In terms of the visibility of the baby or what is going on in the room, you will be able to see the baby in sepia colors. You will be able to tell what is hapepning overall, but it is not by any means a perfectly clear picture that lets you see the baby as if you are in the room.The device is activated by your voice or the baby’s voice, so you will always know if something is amiss.For the price (currently $89.99 on amazon), you get a very sleek, functional baby monitor.

Jerri Omar, WV

Good quality for a basic monitor

We have tried a number of different monitors over the years with our kids, partly because a couple have broken down and we have given others to grandparents to use in their homes. The Levana Sophia is a good basic video monitor with the core features that you will likely need. There are better quality monitors with more features out there, but they come at a higher price point. This will definitely meet your needs if you are just looking for a basic monitor.The Good:
• The battery life on this monitor is great and lasts much longer than our other Samsung monitor with a larger screen (Samsung SEW-3037W Wireless Pan Tilt Video Baby Monitor Infrared Night Vision and Zoom, 3.5 inch).
• The picture and sound are clear enough to see and hear the most important things.
• We have found this to have a very good signal, it rarely has interruptions.
• It includes two-way communication, which not all basic monitors include, and which can be very useful. In our case, we only found this feature useful when our kids were toddlers – when they were babies talking to them this way was not helpful or calming.
• It is expandable to up to four cameras and will scan through them so you can monitor multiple kids at the same time.The Bad:
• This camera does not allow you to adjust the camera position (pan & tilt) from the monitor. Whether or not you really need this feature likely depends on where you have your camera located. We have had times where something partially blocked the camera view and being able to adjust it prevented us from having to go into a sleeping child’s room. If you have the camera mounted on a wall with a very open view of the crib, this will probably not be a problem for you.
• The screen is relatively small. For the most part, this is okay since you really usually want to know if your child is awake or asleep, but there are times where it becomes hard to see what is going on.Overall, I think this monitor is a great choice for caregivers looking for a video monitor with basic features. It’s reliable, has a good battery, and will allow you to see the things you most need to see.

Latisha Crawford, TX

Awesome Baby Monitor!

I have owned 3 different baby monitors at 3 different price points and this onewins hands down. The most expensive one at around $300 is not any better thanthis one. I love this one because:1. It has a CLEAR color display. My other 2 are black/white.2. it is SMALL. Which makes it very portable when doing things around the house.3. Love the YELLOW color scheme. Neutral for any gender.4. It is EXPANDABLE for 4 other camera in different location around the house. if you have more than one small child.5. It can be a NIGHTLIGHT.6. INFRARED for night time.7. The RANGE is great. In our house I can go around over 100 ft without any issues.8. Two Way WALKIE TALKIE – So your baby can hear you9. It does not buzz like my other 2. This drove me nuts are nightIn thinking of any cons I really cant find one, well the only thing would be the Tilt on the camerawhich for some families this can be a problem but there are always ways to make it work.I know some people complain about the size of the display but to me that actually a plus so that it can be more portableinstead of bulky and in the way.I highly recommend it.

Mallory East Liberty, OH

My friend absolutely loves this!

I gave this to my friend for her new baby, and she won’t stop raving about how awesome it is. It is so much better than a sound only baby monitor. It is a good price, too, though I received mine free for a review from Amazon Vine. I would, on her word, recommend it.

Leticia Montezuma, NM

Cheaper yet in some ways better than competition

This is the cheapest baby monitor I’ve used, yet of the 3 used for comparison (a Motorola MBP26, and a VTech Communications Safe and Sound, and this one) I like the hand unit the most. It has the clearest image in my opinion (it looks like a mini HD screen), and the thinnest hand unit. Good reception around the house, and good night vision. 2 Individual chargers are included: one for the video unit, the other for charging the hand unit. Definitely recommended.

Tammy Shawanese, PA

An excellent baby monitor with very few flaws

This is a good option for a portable baby camera solution. It has good color resolution, night vision capability, and is fully portable -with a rechargeable backup battery. It also has audio, and allows you to push a button and talk back to the camera. (Additionally, it also has an antenna that can be flipped up to give you more range -helpful if you are outside.) Finally, it allows you to turn the brightness up or down which is what you’d need to do if you wanted to use this outside.PROS:+++ CAMERA HAS COLOR PICTURE. Don’t they all, these days? But, in any case, it is color and looks nice. Picture quality is excellent+++ HAS NIGHT VISION. Once the room gets dark enough the color disappears and the picture becomes black and white, but allows you to see in the dark. This function works very well. And once the light is turned on it switches right back to color.+++ GOOD AUDIO. You can hear pretty well from the camera’s microphone and there is a neat LED across the top display which lights up more LEDs the more the camera picks up noise. So, there would be a visual indicator of red LEDS if the baby was crying. (This is helpful because if you muted it you’d still know the baby was crying by the LED indicators.)+++ RECHARGEABLE BATTERY. This is pretty awesome. You can unplug the monitor station and take it with you around the house. It will typically last all day, but require recharging near the end of the day if baby has had multiple long naps. (However, you can also use it plugged in as well. You do not need the battery. In fact, we use both. We keep it by the bed at night, plugged in, and then move it downstairs in the morning or during afternoon naps, and only use the battery at this time.)++ TALKBACK FUNCTION. You can press a button and talk back to the camera -it acts just like an intercom. This might be useful if you were using it in the house with young children.++ EASY VOLUME UP OR DOWN. Right below the screen there is a very simple to use volume toggle.++ LOUD CHIRPING WHEN BATTERY RUNS LOW. When the (rechargeable) battery is going to run out (usually at the end of a day of usage, after at least a few hours of baby naps) it produces a loud beep every minute. At first I hated this but then I realized how important and helpful it was. It was basically telling me, "hey, I am going to turn off in 5 minutes, and you need to charge me". God forbid it just turned off and you went happily about your business in another room (or were sleeping) not realizing the monitor was no longer working, and then something happened to your child. This was a great feature, and it reinforces my high opinion of this product.++ CAN HOOK UP MULTIPLE CAMERAS. I didn’t use this function but I found the menu on the device. It clearly can hook up to three other cameras, and you can view them at the same time (I believe) while then selecting the main camera to watch. I did not test this function so please do your own research on this capability.++ MONITOR FLIP OUT STAND. This means you can place the monitor almost vertical, which provides an easy viewing angle.++ HAS A TEMPERATURE GAUGE. This is a neat feature, and I liked it. It shows you the temperature of the room with the camera right on the monitor.+ TALK BACK FUNCTION WORKS WELL. This is an improvement over the other Levana monitor, where the talkback function sounds metallic. This does not, and sounds pretty good.CONS:– VISIBLE LIGHTS. Unlike the other Levana camera set (Levana Lila Digital Baby Video Monitor with Night Vision and Talk to Baby Intercom 32000 (White) ) which has no NO VISIBLE LIGHTS, this one has an unfortunate red power LED on the front, and a dual LED yellow one on the top. Unfortunately this provides a focal point for your baby. Not a big deal for a very young one, but I guarantee if your child can stand he or she will immediately swat this from the crib unless it is anchored on the wall.– DOES NOT SWIVEL. Also unlike the other Levana camera set (Levana Lila Digital Baby Video Monitor with Night Vision and Talk to Baby Intercom 32000 (White) ) this monitor does not swivel on the X axis (horizontally), only the Y axis (vertically). This means that if you mount it against the wall (hardware not included) you will need to place it exactly above your crib in order to get the proper view. No placing it on a side wall or at an angle like with the other monitor noted above. If you have a well situated tall table, however, this may not be a big deal for you.– NO BELT CLIP. This kind of cripples the use of this as something you’d wear while working outside. But, on the other hand, presumably you’d want to SEE it, and wouldn’t want to carry it around on your belt. That said, it would have been nice, at least to help in monitoring a baby sleeping. It does have a stand. It looks like a belt clip but it is not, and it will come apart with very little pressure. It is only useful to stand up the monitor.Overall, I am happy with this product, but I would pick the other Levana monitor over this one because it swivels more, and doesn’t have lights on the front. The temperature gauge wasn’t important enough to me to sway the deal. Either way, however, I highly recommend this brand, and I recommend both this (and the other monitor) in particular. I have used the almost identical one for over a year and it continues to hold up well. This one has done well for about a month now.

Eunice Bell Buckle, TN

Good, but with a few problems.

Overall, I really like this monitor. I was able to see my daughter clearly and communicate with her without getting up. A few problems though. After a week, even though I was the only one touching the charging plugs on the viewing receiver, the charger stopped working properly. I had to wiggle and perfectly set it without touching to get it to charge. There were certain rooms in my house that I would get no signal from, and my house isn’t that large. I’m wondering if a replacement charger would fix the problem, but I haven’t looked into if they are available.

Lidia Little River, TX

Easy Way to Monitor Baby!

We have a new grand baby and this Levana Sophia 2.4" Digital Video Baby Monitor is wonderful. It was SO easy to set up. Having gone through two monitors with our 4 year old grandson, we like this one so much more! The fact that the nursery is yellow just happens to make the cheery yellow monitor even seem personalized for us. We love the fact that you can talk to the baby through the camera if need be. The picture is clear, night or day, and the temperature reading is a great addition. The LED lights’ colors help make it easy to tell what is going on. With so many features, at a reasonable price, I’d strongly recommend this baby monitor!

Patrice Troutman, NC

Kind of Ugly but works well

First off, I’m not sure why they made the parent unit this ugly yellow color. It doesn’t enhance the unit as the color is not pleasing and the two tone color is unnecessary. It would have been much better if the unit was a solid white.The picture quality for the monitor itself is decent for this price point. (Note: since I received this monitor, the price has fluctuated by almost $50. Make sure you pay attention to the price changes if you don’t need this item immediately.)I would put this monitor on par with most monitors in the <$100 range. The picture quality is decent and the sound it good. This monitor has a feature that I have not seen before – it tells you the temperature of the baby’s room. That’s a nice perk, but not a necessity.Much like most monitors, the talk to baby feature is kind of like a loud speaker at the supermarket. I don’t care for this feature for babies, although it works well as more of a walkie talkie for younger kids.

Katina Pontotoc, TX

Caught red handed!

This is a very nice device if you need a camera to watch a baby, child, pet or other family member. I use it to keep an eye on my Dobermans who like to do stupid stuff sometimes when no one is looking. The night vision works pretty well and the temperature reading is a neat feature that can be set to read in Fahrenheit or Celsius. You can talk into the handset if needed, although it sounds kind of loud and harsh. The battery itself is supposed to be good for 300 charges and is best recharged when it is about to die out. The camera needs to be plugged in all the time to work. As of now, I have left the monitor plugged in since I mostly only need it at my desk. The battery life is not that great if you don’t use the auto shutoff. The signal goes out for a second here and there. I am not sure if it is the device or something at my desk causing it.The camera can be adjusted to look up or down and set up was very easy. The instructions included are minimal, but we didn’t even need them to get things running. This is a handy little monitor that I am happy with. I may consider purchasing additional cameras for this.

Faye Midway, PA

My 3rd Levana Babycam

Levana continues to improve their camera and receiver technology and this one is better than the last two that I’ve had… It’s still not PTZ, but that’s not necessary for a crib cam. The receiver has a significant charge time, straightforward controls, and a tight sharp screen. The temperature is a key feature that my wife and I require… Its a good feeling to see and know the temperature is good for our baby.This receiver supports up to 4 cameras, and I’ve paired 3 with it successfully. The simplistic controls work for multiple cameras, but don’t expect to use this as a security cam, it lacks controls for zone detections and other basic security cam features.

Ida Paris, MI

All of the Features you Need at a very Reasonable Price

We have used 6 or 7 baby monitors over the years. They have ranged from the very high end units that have huge screens, wifi capability, pan/zoom, lullabies, and all of the other bells an whistles. For us, we have found that a relatively basic camera – with a decen sized screen (and the Levana Sophia’s 2.4" screen falls into that category) is the best for us.Notes– The base unit and the camera pair very easily (automatically) with each other. We have used some brands that require a manual pairing, but not here- Expandable up to 4 cameras- Very easy to talk 2-way from the base unit/monitor. This may not seem like a big idea, but it is handy when the biggest most prominent button is the two way talk button.- The night vision mode is grainy, but it is the equivalent of EVERY baby monitor on the market. Unless you are willing to spend A LOT more you will need to accept a grainy night vision shot. Honestly, we have gotten used to the view quality.- The screen is big enough…. some (higher priced) baby monitors have larger screens, but we have found that this is not always what it is cracked up to be. Larger screen add to the weight (not that big of a deal), size (a bigger footprint on your night stand), typically decrease video quality (because the cameras are rarely improved enough to offer a picture for the increased resolution), and it decreases battery life.- The Levana Sophia monitor is completely rechargeable- It does come with a built in room thermometer (which can be set to both Fahrenheit and Celsius) – we just wish the displayed temperature was a larger and easier to read.- We have not had any problem with the camera interfering with our internet, cell phones, or cordless phones..- One feature that it does not have – that we kinda like having (again it does come at a cost) is a pan feature. We may use the pan feature on the camera 2 or 3 times a year, and it roughly doubles the price point of the baby monitor.Final Verdict – If you are in the market for a video baby monitor the Levana Sophia is definitely worth considering . There are baby monitors with more features (larger screens, lullabies, video outputs, Wifi) but we have found that most of those features are very rarely used. What we want is an easy to use and very reliable baby monitor – and the Levana Sophia fits the bill perfectly!

Imelda Mayo, SC

Budget friendly video monitor, but very small viewing screen

This is my first Video Baby Monitor. Back when I had my kids the Audio Monitors were the only reasonably priced option so it’s nice to have this available for use with my Grand-kids. The instructions for set up were easy enough and truthfully that was the part that I was worried about most. Once I had it set up and on, I tested out the sound and video quality both in the light and dark. I was pleased with the sound as it picked up even small noises and surprisingly the clarity of picture was excellent in the light and dark. Additionally the peep mode, night light and temperature sensor are all nice additions, even if the temperature isn’t always accurate. My only complaint is that the screen is so small and to get a good view of the baby, you need to place the camera somewhat close to the crib. Overall I think that this is a great budget friendly video monitor.

Sydney Holly Hill, SC

Five-Stars From This Grandma …

As a grandma who babysits frequently, I need a baby monitor. Because my grandson is active and, a bit of a ham, a video monitor is desirable. I found the “Levana Sophia 2.4” Digital Video Baby Monitor” is both an excellent video monitor and reasonably priced. The unit is compact and the parent monitor charges quickly – the one I received charged within two hours!The voice transmission is excellent – sounds are crisp and clear. Sound is adjustable. If your little one is an active sleeper, this feature is especially nice. At its least sensitive setting, the monitor does not transmit the light moans and grunts, but does transmit sounds that might indicate a problem. The two-way communication feature is something that is useful when you are dealing with a toddler or preschooler who employs stalling tactics such as “I’m thirsty, I need a drink” or “I have to go potty” … Many times, the simple sound of a parent/grandparent’s voice will be sufficient to obviate the “need”. In a one story home, the sound transmission worked well through multiple walls and closed doors.Video transmission is amazing! When there is a light in the room, the transmission is in color; the image is better than picture quality of the older analog televisions. In a darkened room, the picture on the parent monitor is different shades of gray and white – it is similar to night vision pictures shown on television newscasts. The pictures, in both light and dark, are clear and easy to see. If your toddler or preschooler is an imaginative child or one who sings and tells stories to his/her toys, the “Levana Sophia 2.4” Digital Video Baby Monitor” is a fine form of entertainment – particularly for grandparents.The temperature feature is nice, but not particularly necessary. Digits display in the lower right corner of the parent monitor, but are less than 1/8” high. The nightlight can be turned off which is nice if your child is someone who will not sleep if there is a light in their room.If sightlines are not clear, the “Levana Sophia 2.4” Digital Video Baby Monitor” would be a nice addition to your playroom or family room. The monitor would allow you to maintain visual contact with your little ones while you are engaged in other tasks. Further, if you need to speak with the child or children, the two-way communication feature allows you to do so.For all the positive features of the “Levana Sophia 2.4” Digital Video Baby Monitor”, there are several cons. The stand or belt clip that attaches to the parent unit must be removed to insert the battery. It is a hard, brittle plastic and removing it requires considerable care so that it does not break. The information included with the “Levana Sophia 2.4” Digital Video Baby Monitor” is minimal. You can find the actual product manual at www.mylevana.com – it is excellent. You are not required to register your monitor to activate the warranty. However, should you choose to do so, they ask for the serial number of your unit – that is located in the battery compartment. Also, be sure to retain your receipt as the warranty will not be honored without it.Based on its features, its value and its functionality, I am giving the “Levana Sophia 2.4” Digital Video Baby Monitor” 5-stars.

Karina Cottonton, AL

Another great Levana product

I have a newborn grandson that I babysit for occasionally, so I got this video camera to use when he is here.I have used other Lavana video cameras in the past, and I love the quality of their products. This digital video baby monitoris no exception. The quality is great, the clearity of the display is amazing, and the night vision works awesome. The only thingI wish I could change is the size of the display. It is smaller then the ones I have used in the past, but the quality of the picture kind ofmakes up for that. The sound is very clear, even the sound of my voice when I talk to my grandson through this monitor. I also love the factthat it isn’t Wifi, so no one can hack into it. It also doesn’t interfere with my Wifi modem, so that is a huge plus. I would highly recommend thisbaby monitor, for the quality alone. The price on this one is less expensive then some of the other models they have, so this one is much more affordable as well.

Lisa Allerton, IA

Very basic, entry level baby monitor

This is an entry level baby monitor. It functions well for those that need video, sound, and the ability to talk to their baby. Being able to monitor the temperature in his/her room is a very useful feature, though in my testing it did not seem super accurate.My first impression of the unit was that it looked cheap. The yellow is a terrible color choice, and the whole thing is very lightweight plastic. The screen is VERY small. I use the Summer Infant video monitor which has a 4" screen, which is twice the size of this one. I found the screen small, but did have good quality, especially with some light in the room. The night vision worked well and I was able to see my daughter clearly.Overall, it’s an entry level video monitor that may work well for the right person. If you can spend about $75 more, you can get a much better unit.

Casey Hot Springs, SD

Outstanding baby monitor

A very basic baby monitor with a built-in speaker that amplifies your sound when you take to the monitor unit, the picture is sharp and the audio is clear, it even has a built-in thermometer that tells you what the room temperature is. The price is not bad either. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an entry level baby monitor.

Nelda Arlington, MA

Very small screen

I guess I should have seen on the product description that the screen was small, but it didn’t hit until I realized it was smaller than my camera. And I have to load the pictures from my camera onto my computer to see if they are good or not! Some people have said they didn’t like the yellow color of the remote, but if you move it around like I do, it’s easier to see if it doesn’t match the color of everything else. Works well, good audio, easy to use and understand. Way nicer than just an audio monitor. The thermometer baffles me. Who needs to know the temperature of the baby room?

Maggie Powellton, WV

is easy to operate

The Levana Sophia Video Baby Monitor is an excellant choice for anyone who need to keep tabs on their slumbering little one. It was a cinch to set up, is easy to operate, and the picture and sound qualities are top notch.I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because, well, seriously, that ugly yellow color receiver? Yuck!

Vera Derby, OH