Levana Wireless Audio Baby Monitor with Sound Indicator LEDs

Levana Wireless Audio Baby Monitor with Sound Indicator LEDs

Levana LV-TW100 Analog Wireless Audio Baby Monitor; 40 MHZ Wireless Monitor Provides Range Up To 300 Feet

Main features

  • 40 MHZ Wireless Monitor Provides Range Up To 300 Feet
  • Sound Indicator Leds Show If Baby is Crying
  • 2-Channel Switching for Optimized Wireless Signal
  • Parent & Baby Units Have Wall Mountable Options
  • A/c & Battery Power Provide Wire Free Options
  • Perfect for Any Home – 300ft Wireless Range with optimized 40MHz analog signal
  • LED Noise Level Indication Lights display up to 4 levels of noise
  • Extensive Battery Life Up for to 84 Hours
  • Volume Control on the Parent Unit
  • Wall Mountable for Convenient Monitoring

Verified reviews


Very basic, analog audio baby monitor with vox. Not a great value.

After playing around with theLevana Wireless Audio Baby Monitor with Sound Indicator LEDs (LV-TW100)I have it’s not going to be a monitor that I keep using and here’s why:The Bad1. Analog 400Mhz so it’s easy for anyone with a scanner to listen in2. Although it has vox (voice operated switch which means that the transmitter only turns on with sounds of a certain loudness) it’s not adjustable. So no listening to baby’s breathing etc. Only fairly loud sounds will activate the transmitter. This may be a good thing for some folks but not for me since I want to listen in on whatever is happening.The Good1. Very small and portable2. Comes with AC Adapters for transmitter and receiver but these are 120v only so may not be appropriate for travelling to some countries3. Decent Range. Should be fine in most wood-frame North American housesAt $30 it’s not a bargain by any means and you can probably get a better analog monitor like theSafety 1st Glow And Grow Baby Monitor, Whitefor about $5 less.

Angel Horse Creek, WY

Ok for older infants, not sensitive enough on sounds.

I have to echo what others have. This monitor needs to be more sensitive to babys noises. It takes quite a bit for this to pick up the noise of your baby. While this may be fine for older infants if you are just starting out with newborns then you will probably want to hear every little sound and this set will not do that. This set would be fine for older infants/toddlers as you probably don’t want to hear every little noise as they get older. This would also make a good travel monitor as the battery life seems to be very good when just using the internal battery. This set is convenient and small which is nice. Overall this is not a bad set but those looking for a very sensitive monitor may not be happy with this set.

Leanna Glens Falls, NY

Wireless Audio Baby Monitor

First off, this isn’t a high-quality device that you’ll want to use as your primary monitoring system for your very young infants. The price is right to use it for older toddlers at naptime, the sick or disabled or the elderly. It’s one-way walkie capability makes it very helpful for those situations where the caregiver needs to be moving from room to room (using the belt clip-on) and still monitor the child / patient.I think for what it does for the price makes it a perfectly fine and useful tool for the home.

Daphne Stow, OH

Good for Traveling, but I’ll Keep My Philips Advent Monitor for Home

The inexpensive Levana wireless baby monitor system is light weight, and the receiver has a belt-clip on it so that it can travel along with you from room to room (strangely, there is also a clip on the transmitter… but I’ve been able to use it on curtains or books, so, while a little strange, it’s still useful).We use this as a travel monitor to use while visiting family, and also as a battery-backup to our Philips Advent SCD530/00 monitor system, which is about five times more expensive. I don’t think I’d use this as our full-time baby monitor, partly because I am spoiled with the features of the Advent system (talk-back, temperature and humidity sensors, multiple lullibyes on timer), but also because this system just doesn’t compare in quality. I had a Levana video monitor before, and it didn’t last more than a couple of months, and it didn’t work all the time even before it’s swan song.This unit uses 3 AAA batteries per handset, and also has a plug for an outlet. I really do like the portability of this Levana, perhaps for travel, perhaps to augment your main baby-monitoring device, but I don’t want to recommend it as anyone’s one and only mainstay device.

Pansy Sutton, ND

Good for travel. Some basic issues. Prefer a video monitor.

We have aLorex LW2002W Portable LCD Wireless Surveillance System (White)that we love. However, I wanted a simple audio monitor for travel. I got this one to test, and recently took it on a weekend trip.First, setup is okay. For some reason I thought the monitors used rechargeable batteries and a docking station; instead it requires 6 AAA batteries. Instead of using 6 AAA batteries, we left the monitor in our sons’ room on the wall charger, and used batteries in the one we took downstairs and around the house.The most frustrating part of setting up these monitors should have been the most simplest; retightening the screw over the battery compartment. The screw is tiny and when unscrewed it falls out. To put it back you have to make a perfect eyehole shot through the belt loop or it slides out the sides and onto the floor. The trick around this is to use a tiny screwdriver that has a magnet on it. Better yet, the manufactures should have used a system where the screw doesn’t come completely out. As it is, it took several attempts; I kept dropping the screw, and got pretty irritated.The other issue I had was I wanted to turn the knob so I wouldn’t hear my son talking, but could see the lights showing he was still awake. Turns out it doesn’t work that way, the lights will not display if you turn the volume all the way down (not off); so no option on a visual display over an audio display, it’s audio and visual only. I didn’t like this feature.Not sure how well it works for distance, as we were only about 30 feet from our son’s room. Overall the monitor works great, but once you have a video monitor it’s difficult to go to an audio monitor. It’s great for travel and short trips, but there has got to be better monitors out there. However, this certainly does its job and is simple, light, and works just fine.

Elvira Nehawka, NE

prefer over Sony monitor

We had a 27-ch Sony wireless baby monitor prior to replacing it with the Levana model. The Sony model worked fine for a few weeks, but over time, a persistent noise emerged and changing to different channel combinations did not help. Perhaps it was some other household electronics causing the interference but we could never locate the source. Levana model is almost exactly the same like Sony model, except smaller. Setup is a no-instruction required affair, and fortunately, the irritation clicking noise was gone! Levana is keeper.

Carey Rockbridge Baths, VA

Just not sensitive enough

The Levana monitor is very basic. It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, which is fine with me, but it just isn’t sensitive enough for a very young baby, which is NOT fine.Our daughter is 4 1/2 weeks old and sleeps in a co-sleeper next to our bed. The monitor is kept on a nighttable about 2 feet from her head. Several times — for example, when she and my husband are sleeping in, and I’m up with the other kids — he’s brought her out to me and told me she’d been fussing for several minutes. Meanwhile, the monitor has been on the entire time, and I haven’t heard a single thing. That’s not OK — if she’s awake and fussing, I don’t WANT her to have to get to the screaming-her-head-off stage before I even realize she’s awake.If you have an older (louder) child, this may work for you. But I can’t recommend it for newborns. We’ll be going back to our Avent monitor.

Renee Lynchburg, VA

Performs better than some of it’s more expensive counterparts

I find that the range on this unit reaches farther than more expensive models I have used recently.It’s small size lets you bring it with you where ever you go. Smaller than a deck of cards (not counting the antenna), I am easily able to slide this into a sweatshirt or sweater pocket when my hands are full while carrying laundry upstairs. Because of it’s tiny size, it can easily be taken with you and you can be mobile around your house, to continue doing things while still listening to baby napping. It also has clips on them so if you wear a belt, they can be attached that way.The sounds this unit picks up are so-so. If the baby is crying, talking (in baby talk of course) or playing with toys, you can hear that. But your not going to hear them if they are just crawling around in their crib. Definitely will still need to check in on them to see if they have woken up. But still a nice unit with an affordable price.

Freda Hibbs, PA

Too expensive for how crappy it works

Coverage is spotted at best if existent at all. When I bought this monitor it was $30, it feels cheap and works cheap. It cannot receive signal further then down the hall, and forget being on a different level. If it lost signal, you had no idea of knowing. My daughter was crying upstairs and I didn’t even know we had lost connection until I went to check on her myself. I gave this set away and purchased the soney nursery set ntm-910 for the same price $30. This set comes with 27 channels (instead of only 2 like the levana set) and it’s water resistant as well as having a great built in feature that lets you know if it looses connection by beeping loudly to get your attention. The sony set also comes with a built in rechargeable battery. It also is sturdy and doesn’t fall over like the cheap, light levana set.

Rene Groveland, MA

Levana Wireless audio baby montior LV-TW100

Aweful. my husband made this quick and cheap purchase without reading a single review and it lived upp to the dismal previous reviews. It was super loud on both channels no matter what we tried even on the lowest volume! We could NOT go to sleep with this thing on in our room even with a fan on to dull the noise, it was very loud and static-y without any noise from our daughter, simply a bad monitor. We are returning this tomorrow thanks to Amazon’s easy return policy.

Concetta O Brien, TX

Basic, simple, work quite well.

This set of basic baby monitors works quite well. One of them is a microphone-only device that you keep in the room with your baby. The other is a speaker-only device you keep in the room that you are in. The microphone-device has a big button on the top that you press once to turn it on, and press again to turn it off. When tested on seperate floors of a big house, the other party was able to hear me quite clearly – not super clear but certainly well-enough. The speaker-only unit has a switch to turn it on and off as well as a volume knob. Both units can run on batteries as well.For what it is made for, it works quite well. This is your basic baby monitor unit. They take up very little space and are light and discreet. I feel they are priced about $5 higher than they should be. This feels like a $20 baby gift to me. If they had more bells and whistles on them, then sure, maybe $30. But, well, that’s my only complaint.They do work rather well overall.

Melva Conrad, IA

🙁 disappointed

Dont waste money on this. I returned it. There is too much interference around (think from all cell phones and electronics). Would have loved it if it didnt have the stupid interference

Kathrine Elba, AL

Cute and tiny. Can be battery operated.

This pair uses three AAAs batteries, for each unit. Interestingly, the batteries are lined up in a way that you don’t have to place them with the positive and negative terminals in an alternate position. The negative terminals which have the spring are all located at the top. You can use it either with batteries or via supplied AC adapters. The adapters are also proportionally small compared to the units. I just cannot find any information that if you plug the monitors to the house outlet, the power source will automatically switch to AC to save battery source. That way I don’t have to remove the batteries if I don’t need them.The battery compartment has a small screw which I did not notice before. I first tried to slide the battery cover and couldn’t do it until I saw the screw that is partly hidden by the clip. The clip is for hanging it to your clothes if you want the monitor to be mobile with you. It also has a small hole so that you can hang it to a wall hook if you prefer to.The battery is supposed to last for 84 hours which is 3 and a half days. Max 300 ft with an ideal distance of around 150 ft.Pros:- Very portable. Small and lightweight. If you are travelling or on a vacation, this pair is great.- Can go with you as you can hook them to your clothes.- 2 channels- LEDs for visual alert when there are some activities in the baby roomCons:- Reception. I have an existing monitor in the kids’ room where I can hear every sound, even my kids’ breathing. The Levana is not responding unless it hears louder noises like coughing, snoring or when they are talking in their dreams. I feel more confident with the safety of my kids when I hear them all the time. One of my sons suffers difficulty in breathing that from time to time we have to look after him. It seems like the unit has a sensor that will turn on only when it hear a particular level of sound, and then turn off when the noise is not loud enough to trigger the sensor. This might be good way to conserve the batteries, but unfortunately, it behaves the same way when directly plugged via AC. While parent unit has a volume control, the baby unit doesn’t have a sensitivity control.- Adapters are 120v only. If you travel outside the country, you will need a transformer or stay with the battery option.

Fay Holtwood, PA

Convenience has a price…

We own at home a pair of Fisher Price baby monitors that work well but are bulkier than these. With the idea of switching to a more convenient monitor I decided to give these a try. The box states that the setup should be easy, and it is! There is actually no setup! All you have to do is plug these and start using them.The performance from the Levana baby monitors is pretty much what you would expect from these types of products, to me, the advantage they have over the one we already owned is the size, these are compact, light and easier to carry with the clip included. The baby monitor is also designed to be mounted as well, which may be convenient if you do not want it to be in place where it could fall or something like that.These are designed to be operated with batteries which I have not tried as of yet. Something I liked is that the monitor includes a visual indicator of noise, using 4 small LED lights. This is pretty neat as sometimes we will be working or doing something at home and the background noise may not allow us to hear if noises are being made, having a visual monitor is a very welcomed feature!The only thing I think could be improved on these is that the noise sensors on the baby monitor are not as sensitive as I think they should be. With the old monitors we had we could hear small noises that we can’t with these. Nothing to worry about but I thought it worth mentioning, like stated above, convenience had to have a (small) price!

Earline Brooklyn, MI

Great backup monitor

This is the only monitor we could find where the baby unit (the one you leave in the room with the baby) can operate on battery power. We use this monitor when traveling and when baby falls asleep some place other than the nursery. The units are lightweight and reliable. The main drawbacks include the poor sound quality and static. The parent unit inconsistently transmits random static noise when placed in various parts of our house. I haven’t been able to associate the random static with proximity to any particular electronic device, so we just move it around and find a quiet spot each time. The sound quality is such that when baby starts making noise, we sometimes can’t tell if it is babbling or crying. Basically, we only use this device to monitor whether baby is still sleeping or awake from a nap.

Tommie Muncy Valley, PA

worst baby monitors ever

I wanted to use these just from my upstairs to downstairs, bedrooms are really close. You can not hear anything and it crackles all the time. Buy something better. You get what you pay for.

Diane Rushmore, MN


I put new batteries in both units & only 1 unit worked. I returned the & amazon.com was quick to send the paid return UPS label. They refunded my money as soon as they were notified I dropped the box off at UPS. Thanks again Amazon’I bought Safety 1st Crystal Clear Audio Monitor (1 RX) & it works great.

Elvia Spokane, WA