Lever Lock for Decorative Door Handles

Lever Lock for Decorative Door Handles

KidCo Door Lever Lock White Model. Deters child from leaving or entering rooms.

Main features

  • White in Color
  • No tools needed installation.
  • No need to disassemble lock to install.
  • Automatically resets after use.
  • Locks one side of door, allowing access from other side

Verified reviews


it works…

I installed this using the adhesive, and it works. It looked confusing to install, but it wasn’t that bad once I got started. It’s the only thing I have found for this type of door handle.You do have to make sure it relatches after you open the door and sometimes the lock will twist in a funny way, but that is easy to fix.

Germaine West Greene, AL

Best investment for lever doors

We bought these for our entire house…which has all lever knobs. It was either buy new knobs…and then the cheap round safety locks, or splurge on these expensive lever locks ….we went with the latter and haven’t been disappointed. The levers resist my cats hanging from them (the original reason we got the locks)….and my toddler can’t open them either.

Lilia Nunapitchuk, AK

Works, easy to install.

The product was easy to install over our curved door handles, and works nicely. I like that you can still open the door with one hand.I wish there was a little more of the padding foam in the package, 4 pieces instead of just two. The case is rather large and really needs padding on all four sides for a snug fit.Btw., in case you are wondering, this is the KidCo product #S353. I order both because from the title it sounded like this one was different but it is not.

Glenna Escalon, CA

These work and are great – the sticker left behind is permanent

My cousin bought these for their 2 year old and our 19 month old loves to get in the pantry and the garage door. I bought these and I love the functionality of them, but like every other baby proof product, they are a pain when having to live with them every day – but they are sturdy and they serve a purpose which is keeping your little one safe. Be sure you are 100% committed to where to sticker goes on the door handle, because once it is on, and it is on for good!

Lilian Copiague, NY

only works on some levers

This didn’t fit on the levers on our home. I wouldn’t recommend this product unless your door lever looks similar to the one pictured.

Margery Emigrant Gap, CA