Lifefactory 9-Ounce Glass Baby Bottle with Silicone Sleeve and Stage 2 Nipple, Raspberry

Lifefactory 9-Ounce Glass Baby Bottle with Silicone Sleeve and Stage 2 Nipple, Raspberry

All babies deserve a healthy start. Reduce exposure to plastics and ensure purity with Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottles. Lifefactory reinvents the glass bottle your grandmother used with a patented silicone sleeve that offers a tactile gripping surface for little hands and helps protect against the occasional drop. Made of the highest quality, thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass from France, Lifefactory bottles transition safely from freezer to boiling water. Bottle and silicone sleeve can be washed and sterilized together. All nipple components are top-rack dishwasher safe. The 9-ounce (250 ml) bottle comes with a Stage 2 silicone nipple for 3 to 6-month infants and a polypropylene (PP#5) cap, ring and stopper. Lifefactory Glass Bottles grow with your baby–they can be used with the range of Lifefactory nipples, sippy caps and leakproof flat caps–providing years of use. All caps can also be used with Lifefactory 4-ounce bottles. While very durable, Lifefactory bottles are still glass and are not unbreakable. Replacement bottles are available. All Lifefactory bottle components are made in the U.S. or Europe. All materials are BPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free.

Main features

  • Innovative 9-ounce (250 ml) glass baby bottle with protective silicone sleeve, Stage 2 silicone nipple for 3 to 6-month infants and polypropylene (PP#5) cap, ring and stopper
  • Thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass bottle transitions safely from freezer to boiling water; all components are dishwasher safe; sleeve and bottle can be washed/sterilized together
  • Protective medical-grade silicone sleeve provides a tactile non-slip gripping surface and helps prevent breakage
  • Bottle grows with baby–use with Lifefactory stage 1, 2, 3 and Y-cut nipples, sippy caps and leakproof flat caps ; compatible with most major breast pumps
  • Healthy alternative to plastic bottle feeding–all components are made in the U.S. or Europe and are BPA/BPS free and phthalate-free

Verified reviews



I had read before that the nipples on these bottles were no good, but I strongly disagree! Of all the bottle nipples my son has tried, the ones that come from lifefactory are the best. These are my favorite bottles, stylish and practical. I bought other glass bottles at the store, they broke the first time I dropped them, I haven’t had one of my wee-go bottles break yet! The only complaint I have about them is that the travel lid does not stay on very well. It pops of when it bumps against something. I had pre-filled a bottle with water, when I went to use it the water had leaked into my diaper bag because the bubble top had popped off.

Sara Stanton, MO


Love these bottles! My daughter throws these on the floor constantly and they never break because of the silicone shield. Granted, our daughter is breastfed and does not use the bottle as often as others, but this has gotten some good use over the last 13 months and I love that is entirely plastic free. BPA free or not, I don’t want plastic in my daughter’s mouth. These are high quality bottles, worth the extra cost.

Robert O Brien, OR

Too heavy to be practical

There are a few things I like about this bottle. The silicone sleeve makes it easier to grip and less likely to break if you drop it. It’s also neat looking!I also have some complaints. Mainly, this thing is SO HEAVY! At least compared to plastic bottles. I realize that many people who are going to be buying this may be opposed to using plastic bottles, so maybe heaviness is a necessary drawback for some. However, I wanted to balance what was practical with what was healthy. It just wasn’t practical for me to use such a heavy bottle. The baby couldn’t really hold it up (at least at first), and it was more of a pain for me to hold it, especially around bedtime when we were all trying to relax. I have convinced myself that my son isn’t going to grow a third ear just because I’m feeding him from a plastic bottle.The silicone sleeve also makes it more difficult to see into the bottle to determine how much milk or formula is left and whether or not you got all the spots out when you’re trying to clean it.

Freda Eastpoint, FL

Great bottle after 9 months

I bought two of these bottles at a store on sale for a great price. At the time I didn’t read any reviews, I just liked the sleeve and the glass concept. Now after 9 months I must say I love these bottles. It’s glass so it washed beautifully. I looks like the day I bought it – versus plastic which gets dull after a few uses. I also sterilize with boiling water. Plus I use Dr. Browns and Lasinoh parts with it and they all fit beautifully.This is also the perfect bottle for storing milk since it’s so large and glass.I would definitely buy more when I need them at the price listed here, you get what you pay for and these are worth it.

Angelica Crestline, CA

Great glass bottles

These glass bottles are amazing. We didn’t want to use anything plastic with our newborn and after some research decided on these (not too much of a decision because there aren’t a lot of glass bottles on the market). We are extremely happy we did. After four and a half months, we’ve never had one break yet. They are easy to clean and easy to store milk in. Our son is exclusively breastfed but his mom is working, so she pumps. We store the milk in the refrigerator and when we need to heat some up we just put it in a cup filled with hot water. After a few minutes it’s ready to go. The glass doesn’t get too warm because of the silicone sleeve. We’ve never had trouble transporting milk with these bottles. Unlike other reviewers, we never transport milk with the nipple on. We bought the 4 pack of bottle caps made by lifefactory. That is also what we use to cap the bottles in the refrigerator. Nothing has ever leaked. We were unsure of how many bottles to purchase because we just needed to use bottles when his mother is at work or if we’re out and about and it’s easier to bottle feed instead of breastfeed. We bought 6 of the small bottles and right now we have 3 of the larger bottles (our son is 4 & 1/2 months now). We mainly use the larger bottles to store milk in. We typically use the smaller ones to fed (since he is breastfed and eats on demand you never know exactly how much he’s going to eat at any given time and we don’t want to waste any breast milk by heating it up and then him not eating it). Even though these are expensive, they are definitely worth it. Plus we plan on having more children and these will not have to be replaced unlike plastic bottles that start to look nasty and cloudy after a while.

Stacie Williamston, NC

Glass Bottle Review by […]

Here at MommyReview we are big proponents of green products! We are excited to share Lifefactory Glass which is BPA/PVC free and non toxic. Not only are you eliminating the exposure of toxins when using this product but it is also made with borosilicate glass. So if you are thinking “Glass, but it might break?” think again. Borosilicate glass is a stronger glass making process that is less likely to break and resistant to thermal shock. What’s thermal shock you ask ? Well if you decided to stick your glass bottle in the freezer straight into boiling water… that’s thermal shock. So they have you covered! So yes READ MORE AT […]

Lisa Kooskia, ID

Ditch the plastic!

Love using glass bottles for our little one on the rare occasions when we need a bottle. I wish I knew whether or not the nipples were BPA, etc. free, however.The day after this bottle arrives I accidentally dropped it out of my truck and it bounced down the driveway… answered my questions about how easily it would break. 😉

Elisabeth Martins Ferry, OH

Excellent glass bottles

We have tried many different types of bottle for our baby who is now 18 months. LifeFactory is by far our favorite. The person who had an unfortunate break must have dropped it at just the wrong spot on a very hard surface. Our daughter has dropped/tossed/thrown the bottles on hardwood floors many times and they are as good as new. We love using glass bottles since we know that it has no chemicals that will leach into the milk. Dr Brown bottles are fine but these are more sturdy and lack the plastic inserts. One good thing is that Dr. Brown’s nipples fit perfectly in the LifeFactory caps. We have not had a problem with the travel lids that I have read in other reviews. You do need to make sure that they ‘pop’ on so that they won’t fall off. The silicon on the outside is not only fun and neat it also makes it really easy for a baby to hold on to and if the milk is warm, the silicon protects the baby’s hand from the heat. Overall, we love these bottles and have found no faults with them at all.

Haley Hillburn, NY

nipple seems cheap for the price

I really wanted this bottle to work, because a. it’s stylish and b. it’s glass which I would have much preferred over a plastic bottle. Alas, this bottle didn’t really work for us. For one, it is difficult to get it leak proof, second it can get kind of heavy (he smaller version would have probably fixed that) and third, baby did not accept the nipple. it seems that the wider nipples on of the Tommee Tippee brand are just a lot closer in feel to the real thing.

Gail Kent City, MI

These also works with the Medela ring and nipple!!

I brought these bottles out of a couple of reasons. 1. My son doesn’t like the avent glass bottle, I think the nipple might be too hard for him. 2. I didn’t buy the Born Free bottle because they break too easily. I owned about 4 of them and they are all broken. So, these are my third try for glass bottles. And these are definitely the winner!!I am super happy with these bottles because it is really good quality glass, has a sleeve, doesn’t break easily and most importantly my son likes it. Well, to be more specific, my son only takes the Medela nipples and by accident, I’ve found out that these bottle will fit with the Medela ring and nipple! For us, this is the perfect match.

Sally Glenwood, WA


This is a gift for a very special baby coming in April!!The new mommy & Daddy wanted this. It was on wish list.

Maryellen Hi Hat, KY

not unbreakable, but close

I’ve used these bottles since my daughter moved from smaller 4 oz. Dr. Browns. They are great. They aren’t as unbreakable as plastic, but they can take a fall without breaking, though of the four I have one did break when it fell out of a 7 foot high cabinet, but, for a glass bottle, that isn’t bad. To me the best part about these bottles is that you can feel ok about your child holding them. One morning, our daughter decided it was time for her to take over morning milk and she jut grabbed the bottle out of my hand. She’s dropped these many times (and occasionally thrown), and I’m convinced that without the silicon sleeve both making them easier to grip and more resilient when dropped, I would have had to clean up at least a few broken bottles. They do fine in the dishwasher, though if you sanitize with heated dry, the silicon may be loose when everything is still really hot. Life factory sells a sippy conversion cap- our daughter never really took to it though.

Berta Lomita, CA

Plastic free yay!

Love the idea of glass bottles with no plastic. The nipple is super small and skinny it’s difficult for my son to drink from and he’s 3 mo old. He prefers the advent style or playtex nipples that are wider. If you read and watched the documentaries on plastic and espicially the chemicals that are released when heated and yet we heat up plastic bottles several times a day. I don’t care if they are BPA free it’s still plastic. Im glad they still make glass bottles as a alternative!

Letha Dilliner, PA

Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle 9 oz

I love that this is NOT made in China. Not that there is anything wrong with China! But it’s sorta sad that aside from this Lifefactory bottle, everything, and I mean everything I have for my baby was manufactured in China. But my love ends there. Yes, its durable, and the silicone sleeve is nice. I also like that the cap can double as a practice cup for my baby. However the bottle is narrow and so I end up spilling formula all over the counter. So, I have to say, I much prefer Born Free glass bottles with their wider neck and lower price point — $19 for three versus 1 Lifefactory for $13, probably because Born Free bottles are made in China.

Maxine Woodstock, MD

Worth the price… surprisingly pleased!

These bottles are GREAT! We started with one and now have a rainbow of colors, along with the sippy caps we sometimes experience with in the right mood. I just couldn’t use plastic bottles that would go through many different temperature changes so opted for glass. The silicone sleeve is what makes this bottle a winner. It’s comfy and solid and washes well and can survive falls and colorful and fun and such a secure feeling knowing that the glass isn’t exposing my guy to chemicals. A great feature is that the silicone sleeve covers the bottom of the bottle so it sits securely on any flat, hard, surface.

Gayle Morse Mill, MO

Add a cap and use as a child’s water bottle in lunch box!

My son has used this as a water bottle (with a flat cap we purchased separately) in his lunch box for two years now, and it is still going strong. He is only 8 years old, and so 4 ounces of water is plenty for him during his short 30 minute lunch, and it fits nicely in his lunch bag along with a bento container.We give it a rinse daily and run it through the dishwasher weekly; it would probably need washed well daily if anything other than water was stored in it. So far, there have been no leaks, and the bottle is easy for little hands to open. The glass container offers me peace-of-mind, and I appreciate that the components are NOT made in China (though it would be nice if it was 100% made in USA).

Leona College City, CA

Great bottles

These bottle are great. They are the perfect size for my one year old to grip and are completely solid. She has thrown these bottles onto concrete without so much as a fragment of a crack. They can also be used as water bottles as baby grows. The only issue is that the caps have cracked (user fault–baby has a good arm!) and I’ve been unable to locate replacements. I’ve had to go with another bottle brand for the caps.Minor issue. These bottles are fantastic.

Alana Rockville, MD

Great bottle!

I wanted somthing in glass and these bottles were highly reccomended by a natural parenting website. Although I haven’t used them yet, as I am still pregnant. I love the idea of glass instead of plastic.

Gay Fort Leonard Wood, MO

Okay if you must buy glass.

I never could get these bottles to be easy for my son to drink from. The nipples always collapsed and upgrading to different levels didn’t help. We ultimately switched to Dr. Brown’s wide neck bottles to help prevent gas pains and the wider nipple is recommended by lactation consultants to avoid nipple confusion. As much as I wanted these bottles to work and to avoid using plastic these just didn’t work for us. I bought the sippy caps to go with them to prolong the use but my toddler likes to throw sippy cups repeately on our hard brick floors and it shattered the glass into a million pieces. It’s a nice idea and I still use these bottles for myself with the normal lids but I wish we had passed on these bottles.

Hester Mc Neill, MS

My favorite bottles

These bottles wash well, wear well, and feed well! They do not leak, nor do they break-unless you throw one. I dropped a full glass bottle on the tile floor, without a silicone sleeve, and it didn’t break. I’m guessing manufacturers are making these glass bottles much stronger than they used to. Our daughter switches effortlessly between breast and this bottle without any complaint. I love that a sippy cap can be used in conjunction with this bottle as the baby transitions from milk to other liquids.

Cassie Stockport, OH

Love the Sippy!! The Bottle? … Not so much.

My son used the Lifefactory sippy and I loved it. So naturally when I was expected baby #2, I knew I was going to try these instead of the Dr. Browns I used for baby #1. These are well made, super easy to use and I figured I would love them.When my daughter arrived, I forced myself to like these but finally had to admit that these were not working out. After only 3 weeks of use, I had to stop and shell out the cash to go buy Dr. Browns. Here are the reasons why these just didn’t work for us:1. Nipple collapses frequently making it hard for baby to drink. This is a real pain in the butt since I have to keep removing the bottle out of her mouth to let the air back in. (The Dr. Browns’ nipples are actually thinner and flimsier than the Lifefactory ones and yet they don’t collapse. I wanted to use these bottles so badly I actually tried to use the Dr. Browns’ nipple with these bottles and it still collapsed.)2. Creates a lot of bubbles. When the nipple collapses and we removed it from her mouth, it creates a lot of bubbles giving her gas.3. Creates nipple confusion for babies with poor latch. My daughter wasn’t great at latching on but she still took the breast after a few attempts. Once I introduced these bottles, she would not take the breast at all. I only used these bottle when I was in too much pain to latch her on or when my milk supply was too low.As much as I wanted to love these and avoid washing all the extra parts that Dr. Brown bottles come with, these just didn’t work for us. If you must try these, I recommend buying one or two to make sure this will work for you instead of buying 4 like I did!

Hilary Stanley, ID

Seems Practical

I ordered a couple of these 4oz bottles for my upcoming arrival. I plan to breastfeed so these are just a backup for the meantime. I was amazed at how durable they are. We just installed hardwood floors in our entire house but I don’t think it will be a problem with these bottles.

Marylou Waycross, GA

Great, Healthy Bottle

I love that this is truly BPA free and just glass! A lot of bottles claim to be BPA free but I’ve heard they just use something else that is very similar to BPA so you can’t fully avoid chemicals. The silicone sleeve makes it easy to hold onto and I don’t worry about the bottle slipping out of my hand and breaking. The flow of the nipple is a little fast for my baby (currently 7 weeks old) so I’m hoping that will improve over time because I love using this bottle. I would have given it 5 stars if the nipple flow was a little slower.

Leanna Owensville, OH

Great bottles!

I know that bottles may not be thought of as family heirlooms, but these quality bottles could be!! The weight of the glass and the silicone wrap are perfect. The wrap makes the bottles easy to handle, even after sterizing them, and protects them from breaking if dropped. I see no visible difference in the bottles after many, many, uses and boilings. I have them in all colors and both sizes (with sippy cup caps waiting in the wings). I couldn’t be happier with this investment.

Harriett Ossineke, MI

great bottle

This is such a nice quality bottle. The only reason I chose to give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because my son doesn’t prefer three nipple that tommee with it!

Gertrude Washburn, ND


I bought a 4-pack of these. Thus far, very happy with purchase. I have dropped several times on a wood floor and not one break. Also banged against other dishes/pots in sink and dishwasher and no chips. FYI: replacement glass bottles are sold @ Lifefactory website for only a few dollars in the event that you do have one break. They are cute, durable, and I don’t have to worry about all the chemicals from plastic leaching into my expressed breast milk. Would highly recommend!

Nadia Palm Harbor, FL

Also fits ,edema breast pump!! It gets heavy tho.

Love these bottles. Although my little one won’t use as bottle, but as a sippy cup with the sippy cup caps. But I love that they are compatible with my medela pump , although they get heavy and pop off but I just hold them on and am careful.

Harriet Mineola, NY

nice but pricey, cap falls off

The plastic cap is really hard to "snap" on, takes a lot of force to get it to stay without falling off. The bottle and nipple part are fine, and the silicone sleeve is really the nice part to prevent breaks. I have seen much cheaper glass bottles out there that are just as good however.

Jessie Muscatine, IA

Glass bottle

The glass bottle is safe for babies. No BPA, phthalates or PVC. No plastic, just to screw the nipple on. Arrived no later than expected. Packaging was a fair size to protect product.

Joy Dysart, IA

Great. One caveat

We love not using plastic and wish we’d known about this bottle when our little guy was much younger! This bottle is tough and can hold up to whatever our toddler throws at it (or throws it at). It’s been dropped from a high chair and rolled across the floor, with never a problem. The silicone sheath is a brilliant idea.The one caveat–it’s pretty hard and heavy. Would hate to see what’d happen if, in his toddler exuberance (or frustration) out little man were to throw it at a window. So far it hasn’t happened (knock wood), but you’ll want to keep an eye on your toddler with this satisfyingly heavy projectile.

Dixie Belvidere, IL