Lifefactory 9-Ounce Glass Bottle, Raspberry

Lifefactory 9-Ounce Glass Bottle, Raspberry

Lifefactory creates innovative, non-toxic products that make it easy to lead a healthy and eco-conscious lifestyle. They fuse modern sensibility, composition and exceptional utility to produce a glass beverage bottle that is free of known harmful chemicals such as BPA, phthalate, PVC and polycarbonate. All materials are FDA approved. The unique silicone sleeve is free of plastics, 100% non-toxic, provides a great gripping surface and helps prevent breakage. The benefit of using a glass beverage bottle is that there is no risk of chemicals leaching into your drink and no metallic taste. Great for toddlers, Lifefactory’s sippy caps are leak resistant and have steady flow control. The sippy cap bottles provide a wonderful next step hydration solution as your child grows. Beverage bottles are easy to clean and dishwasher safe (the glass bottle and silicone sleeve can also be washed together in the dishwasher). Each bottle holds 9 ounces (250ml).

Main features

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  • Great for toddlers, sippy caps are leak resistant and have steady flow control
  • Silicone sleeve provides a great gripping surface and helps to prevent breakage
  • Bisphenol (bpa), phthalate, pvc, polycarbonate-free and 100% non-toxic
  • Glass does not add a chemical or metal taste to your beverage
  • Dishwasher safe, easy to clean, bottle and sleeve can be put into the dishwasher together

Verified reviews


Only glass sippy out there

I’ve recently committed to only giving my kids glass to drink out of having lost faith in metal (Sigg scandal) and not truly trusting plastic. These are the only glass sippy cups on the market. The top is not great- it takes a lot of suction to pull out the water. If you take out the inner silicone piece, the water just flows out so this is not practical in situations where the cup may not be upright. Tightening and loosening the top helps a little but its still not great. My 3 year old, who is used to plastic sippy cups, hates it. The spout is hard (not soft like the old ones) and he doesn’t like how hard it is to get the water out. It is also big. I would prefer it if it had handles too for little hands to grab onto. Even with the inner piece in it will leak if left upside down or on its side. But since there are no other options, we will continue to buy these.The only up side is that I’ve found their tops also fit on other small glass bottles I have. That means I can just buy the sippy tops and not the whole bottle.

Edith Tyner, KY

Horrible! Leaks everywhere!

When I read the reviews I saw a lot of bad and a lot of great comments. It seemed like if you just read and followed the directions it would work great. NO WAY! If you tighten enough so that it doesn’t leak then the baby can’t get anything out of the spout. If you loosen it like the directions say it leaks all over everything! I’m returning it ASAP.The only good thing I can say is that it does fit with the parts from Dr. Browns bottles, so you don’t have to buy everything.

Beverly Silver City, MS

Really like it

The only reason this didn’t get 5 starts is because the lid cracked today and I’ve only had it a couple of weeks. Otherwise – these are really durable products and a great idea. I did, however, take the plastic flow stopper out of the lid – what’s the point in buying a glass bottle with silicone lid to just have plastic hidden in there? It does leak a bit with the flow stopper thing out, but I would rather deal with a few drops here and there than have his drink flow through plastic (and I suppose it’s better to simply have a drink flow through rather than sit in plastic…)

Virginia North Haven, CT

My experience with Life factory vs Pura Sippy

I was torn between Life factory and the Pura stainless sippy for my 11 month old son. After several days of research there was only one thing I could do. Get both and see which one was better for transitioning my son from bottle to sippy. After using both for 3 to 5 months, I can clearly say that I like these better but the Pura sippy is better for transitioning because it has a silicone spout. My son took to the Pura Sippy right away but would not use these until he was fully comfortable with a harder spout at 13 months. Since my son is now fully comfortable with harder spouts, I have stopped using the Pura. The main reasons why I like the Life factory better than the Pura are:1. Very minimal leakage. I can give my son this bottle and not worry. Since the Pura has a silicone spout, if dropped upside down, the spout will open and leak. I also went out and bought all the harder Avent spout that is compatible with the Pura and it all leaks. The Avent spout has a small hole at the top and it will leak from there.2. Life factory makes a screw top cap that fits this sippy. Awesome for travel or mixing formula. Pura does not.3. Comes with the Sleeve! With the Pura, you must buy them separately and don’t try using them w/o it. The stainless gets super hot and cold depending on the liquid. I put WARM milk in it and it felt hot. I was quite surprised.4. Has OZ markings on the outside of the sleeve. It’s on the inside of the Pura. Not so easy to see.5. I like the look and the ease of the Life Factory. Just screw the spout to the bottle and your done!There are a couple of annoyances with the Life Factory sippy. The bottle opening is slightly bigger than the scoop that comes with the formula so a little bit of powder can get on the bottle. I’m pretty good at it now so it’s not a big deal. Another thing is that the sippy gets very heavy when filled with liquid. This will obviously happen because it’s glass. Pura also gets very heavy. It doesn’t bother my son so I am okay with it.I read a review that says the liquid is hard to get out of this sippy. I haven’t had this issue. You just have to make sure you pinch the slit open on the valve and insert it loosely into the spout. Then make sure you don’t over tighten the spout to the bottle.In my opinion, if your child is okay with a harder spout, Life Factory is the way to go!***If you are transitioning, you might want to try the Pura for a couple of months since it has the silicone spout. I also found another sippy that my son took to right away and it helped him get comfortable with a hard spout. It’s thegreen sprouts 7 Ounce Sippy Tumbler, Green. ***

Ernestine Eagleville, CA

Great Product

My 10 month old son loves this bottle. He is always throwing it off his highchair and it never breaks.

Dolly Union Lake, MI

No toxins like plastic! Easy to use! Looks neat! Love this!

This is a fabulous product for baby/toddler! Feel great about giving my toddler his formula and liquids from glass – no chemicals like plastic! Love the outer sleeve – helps with grip, helps his hands not get cold when liquid is from fridge, and looks neat!! Also, I like the sippy spout; easy for him to drink, and he can’t chew it which has ruined others! I love that I can still attach a regular size nipple for formula when he wants it!! I am impressed with this brand. So much so that I purchased a larger glass bottle for myself for carrying drinking water!

Jolene Lochgelly, WV

Great bottle

We have a few of these, in different sizes. They are our favorite bottles, and they are quite durable. It is comforting to use glass rather than plastic.

Kathie Blodgett, MO

Great Sippy Cup!

These sippy cups are a huge hit with my kids! My 20 month old son is actually super excited to drink his milk out of it and when I tried to put it in a sippy cup before, he was really not happy about it and chunked it across the room to protest.My 4.5 year old girl is also excited to use these. At home she uses an open cup but for away from home, these will be great. I think this is the ticket to getting him off of the bottle, which he only still used for milk. I don’t plan to go back. Before we were using the Evenflo glass bottles but they don’t have a sippy cap and these caps do not fit the Evenflo bottles- although it seems like they would, they just don’t quite fit.The measurements on the silicone sleeve are also very helpful.The caps seem to be made very well and I don’t anticipate them breaking. I made sure not to over tighten it so it’s easier to get the liquid out. I did however remove the valve that helps it to be spill proof so it’s more like an open cup but won’t spill nearly as easily. We just tell him to hold it up so it doesn’t spill. I was able to suck it out myself with the valve but it definitely requires more effort with the valve. Also, I really don’t like to mess with cleaning valves. There are 3 tiny holes in the lid that allow the liquid to come out.Before we were using plastic sippy cups for water when away from home. But my kids are sensitive to plastics. We had all of the cups tested (several brands) with our natural health practitioner and they tested poorly for them even though BPA free. However, my hard acrylic cups with no lid tested fine as do the Ozarka water bottles.When I ask him if he likes his new cup he shakes his head yes, grins with excitement and takes another drink!

Michael College Place, WA

Great product for toddlers

I love that this is glass. It washes easily and is fairly easy to handle. It is a bit on the heavier side. For bottles, I p[refer the SImba BPA Free Diamond Glass because it is so much lighter but those do not convert to a sippy cup whereas this one does. Weight is the only issue.

Antonia Birchleaf, VA

What a disappointment…

Five stars for being unbreakable: My son dropped the bottle getting out the car from a height of about 5 feet on to the cement garage floor — it didn’t break!!One star for poor sippy cup design: This is not really a spill-proof sippy cup. The instructions say, "Control flow by tightening or loosening the cap." If you have the cap on tight, I cannot even suck water from it, let alone my 2-year be able to do it. If you loosen the cap to the point that he can suck the water out, it is so loose that the cap unscrews way too easily and then spills all over. The only other option is to just remove the silicone sleeve, screw the cap on tight, but then accept that it’s going to leak out the sippy cup holes all over if it falls down.Overall, not worth the price.

Jennifer Days Creek, OR

One of my favorite products!

Love lifefactory bottles! This is the second one I purchase for my son. Love their products and the fact that they are made of glass with no harmful plastics to worry about.

Nanette King William, VA

not to impressed

i usually like the life factory company products but i do not like the sippy cup top on this on. its really hard to suck water out of it. my 3yr old can’t, my 10 month old can’t and can’t either. i also emailed the company and they didnt help with the problem either.

Earline Valley City, OH

Great alternative to plastic!

We really love our life factory bottles. Our son uses the 4 oz ones for his bottles, but I recently invested in these larger bottles for myself because they are the same size as the 9oz "water" bottles, except these can go in the freezer and the "water" bottles can’t. As far as the sippy top, it is very hard. My son is just starting to use a sippy though, and he is able to use it. If you are going to use these as water bottles, you can buy the plain, flat (not sippy) tops separate.

Cherry Lowell, VT

Beautiful, not functional

It’s impossible to get anything out of this unless you take the plastic valve out, at which point the liquid flows easily but spills everywhere when it’s on it’s side. My 1.5 year old loves this though. He’s seen them around town and really wanted one (he love circles and loves glass – refused to drink out of plastic), so I will just have to clean up the messes. Still searching for the perfect glass sippy. Also, this took TWO WEEKS to arrive from Amazon.

Tori Paw Paw, WV

Great for my kids

I bought one in pink and one in purple for my girls (4 and 2 years). They love it and I don’t have to worry about plastic chemicals leaching into their drinks in the hot sun. They don’t have any trouble getting liquid out of the spout and I haven’t had any problems with leaks nor breakage.

Susan Moweaqua, IL

Great non-plastic option

I like this bottle a lot. It’s a little heavy for my baby to hold and the silicone sleeve is a bit challenging to get on and off to clean, but otherwise I am very happy with it. I like that you can switch to a sippy cap lid (though I wish you did not have to buy it separately) and my son really likes the sippy. I also wish there was straw attachment option. Overall, love that the milk is not sitting in plastic and very happy that my Dr Brown’s nipples work with this bottle.

Holly Doylestown, PA

Lifefactory Sippy

I love this sippy cup for my son, mostly because it’s glass, and I worry about chemicals from plastic leaching into water. He has no trouble using it. It did take me some practice not to put the lid on too tight. You definitely have to pinch the valve and make sure the lid isn’t screwed on too tightly. I did have a few times when the valve got stuck and fell into the water, but I think I just had the top screwed on too tightly. Overall, this is a great product if you want your child to have a glass bottle. I also love that I can buy a regular cap and he can have this water bottle forever!

Virginia Columbus Junction, IA

love love these bottles!

The baby loves these bottles with these nipples. a much better alternative to plastic! And virtually unbreakable!! So healthy, very useful and they look great too. Also not made in China!

Elena Lanesville, IN

Perfect After We Tweeked It.

At first I was a little disappointed because my son did not want to drink out of this because it was so hard for him to get anything out, but after I removed the inside plastic piece drinking was a breeze. With that being said, it does make it to where it will leak if on it’s side full or tipped downward, but hey at least he can use it now. It has also proved to be durable through my son’s temper tantrums and accidents. I highly recommend this!

Mariana Sound Beach, NY

Favorite sippy cup

Love these. My daughter can drink water out of it all day, and it doesn’t taste like plastic or anything else at the end of the day, just clean water. The glass is very sturdy and has withstood many a toss from the high chair onto tile floor with no harm done. I’ve had one cap crack after being thrown pretty hard, but the bottle stayed in tact. I got two new caps on amazon for about $7. Expensive, but worth it. I’m a believer.

Lucille Allakaket, AK

LOVE it. LOVE glass.

I wasn’t crazy about the nipples because they are too small. (comparable to the dr. browns or evenflo). I like a more wide mouth nipple but I use these to pump into (they attach to my medela pump) and i bought the Caps that the company sells and they are very convienent.why does this thing make me say more in order to type a review. i have nothing else to type/

Denice Garner, NC

Hand wash the caps/tops

I love these glass bottles for my 2 and 4-year olds. I am only giving it three stars because one top cracked within a month or so of purchase. I will be hand washing the tops from now on.

Marcie Rossville, PA

The best sippy cups, once your child is comfortable with one

These are the nicest bottles.Because they are glass, the clean easier, and don’t stain or retain odors. We use them exclusively without the rubbery plug and the flow is very fast, so make sure your kid has mastered the sippy cup first

Rosalyn Gann Valley, SD

The perfect sippy bottle!

This has been the best bottle! The trick about the lid is to not over tighten it. It should be turned just until some resistance from the interior silicone piece is felt. My two year old son uses this as his milk bottle. It’s been dropped many times and is still as good as new. The plastic lid has held up well too. We’ve had this bottle for about four months and I just purchased a small 4oz Lifefactory bottle for our little girl who’s due any day now.

Catherine Reubens, ID

Nice sippy. Good, but not great.

I love the idea of a non-plastic bottle that my daughter’s water is kept in, and this one is nice, but it does have a few drawbacks.Pros:- Water sitting in the bottle doesn’t touch plastic! Great for traveling or when you’re out for the day, and will keep your sippy full of water for long periods.- My daughter has dropped it onto slate tile from about 4′ up, and onto gravel roads, and not a chip or scratch, so seems to be sturdy.Cons:- Heavy. My daughter is 16 months old and she has a little trouble lifting it up and tipping it back when it’s full of water.- The valve thing is a bit tricky. Make sure you squeeze it open, after EVERY wash or rinse, and don’t screw the cap on too tight. Honestly, I have trouble with other sippys, too, so this isn’t unique to this brand. I just give it a test myself if it looks like she’s not getting enough water.I’ll keep using it for day trips, long walks and keeping it around during play for now and then sips, but for meals I’ll use a plastic one and just dump the water each time.

Janna Homedale, ID

Great bottle

I wanted to find a sippy cup that wasn’t plastic for my son’s warm milk. So I started doing some searching and found these. I love the fact you can get nipples for it to be a bottle or a sippy cup lid. Great idea! My only complaint is for a veteran sippy cup toddler like my son (17month old) the valve that comes with it (you don’t have to use it) doesn’t let enough liquid out so my son gets frustrated. So now I only use this for his warm milk that he has in the morning and before bed time because with out the valve it is not leak prof! With the valve it is leak prof but is only good for the transition time from nipple to sippy cup. Other then that it is a great bottle and very easy to clean!

Loraine Vanderbilt Beach, FL