Lifefactory Baby Bottle Nipple – 2-Pack

Lifefactory Baby Bottle Nipple – 2-Pack

Whether the sun is shining or it’s a bit “nippy” outside, your little one loves the comfort of the Lifefactory 2-Pack Baby Bottle Nipple. With a BPA- and phthalate-free silicone construction made for kids ages three to six months, each nipple is perfect for busy days at the zoo or in the store. It is compatible with Lifefactory 4-ounce and 9-ounce baby bottles, which means they accommodate your growing little one.

Main features

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  • Pack of two Lifefactory Stage 1 vented silicone nipples for 0 to 3-month infants for use with innovative Lifefactory glass baby bottles
  • Slowest flow nipple appropriate for newborn babies; vented to reduce air intake, spit ups, and colic

Verified reviews


Practical and simply done

While one reviewer commented that it is impossible to tell the differences between the stages, it really is not difficult if you can stay organized. I pull the nipples off from the previous stage and put them in a small marked container if I’m going to reuse them for the next one. Of course, if it’s that big of a deal, I suppose you can suck on the nipple to determine the flow.

Marguerite Fairport, NY

High quality and no leaks

We have been very pleased with the entire LIFEFACTORY line of bottles, nipples and caps. We were nervous after reading some fairly bad review and my sister warned that babies don’t always like certain types of bottles. But we plunged ahead and bought several bottles & nipples in preparation for our little one. Since we adopted, he is only bottle / formula fed, so bottles are very important to us. We love the life factory glass bottles and all the "accessories" have been great, too. The nipples are made of a high quality silicone so they will last. Our little one also likes the longer silhouette as he can latch on really well.My only complaint is that the stage is hard to see on the bottom of the nipple. We are just now ready to move to stage 2, so I’m worried it will be hard to tell them apart in the middle of the night…

Camille Ohlman, IL

flow too fast! Don’t buy.

I’m really disappointed. These nipples flow faster than stage 1 should, and I wish I’d gone with a different nipple/bottle system.

Tabatha Pittsburg, KS

gread nipple for a great bottle

I love love love my life factory bottles. We purchased a bunch of the 8 oz bottles knowing that the 4oz would be outgrown very quickly, however the larger bottles start with the level 2 nipples which were too fast for the little one. I love the thickness and durability of these nipples as they don’t feel as flimsy and plasticy as other companies products. Worked great for us for the short time we used the level ones.

Greta Troy, MT

Excellent bottle nipples!

Excellent bottle nipples! Very durable easy to clean and they already come with your purchase of the glass Lifefactory baby bottles. I recommend purchasing a few of the higher stages when your little one grows and is able to take a faster flow.

Candace Northport, WA

Flow is too fast!

These flow WAY too fast. Our breastfed infant was choking on the milk it was coming out so fast. On one occasion when I had left our other bottles with the sitter, I came home to find my husband attempting to feed the baby by letting the milk drip through one of these nipples into another nipple to slow it down for the her. For those looking for an alternative, we ended up using the Avent bottles. They have been great – the flow is just right and our little girl doesn’t get too much gas from them.

Molly Stearns, KY


These work well for us. Still using stage 1 at 6 months, babe is using the bottle for breastmilk and still breastfeeding when i’m home like a champ.

Kathie Brutus, MI

Love life factory!

These are great nipples, our exclusively breastfed baby has taken to them and had no trouble. I do wish that Lifefactory would find a way to clearly mark the different stage nipples, it would make life much easier, but other than that I have no complaints. I love our lifefactory bottles!Edit: baby is now 10months, we have put away the stage 1 nipples now, did that at 9 months, an was amazed at how well these nipples have held up through 6 months of constant use! Top rack dishwasher every other day and they are still in perfect shape! And word on the street is that these are now labeled with stage 1 on them, perfect!!!!

Herminia Nellis, WV

Good for newborn!

This first stage nipple was easily accepted by my newborn and, with just a little coaching, provides the right flow. The nipple is soft, easily cleaned, and does not collapse with sucking. It fits the Lifefactory bottles perfectly, and other regular bottles too. Highly recommend along with the Lifefactory bottles (that can’t be beat!)

Margot Clarksville, PA

Inconsistent holes in nipples

the holes in the nipples appear to be inconsistent. My baby gags with one but seems to be fine with the other. I had these before with my first child without a problem, so I’m not sure if I just got a bad batch or if they’ve changed their manufacturing process.

Carey Combes, TX