Lifefactory Flat Cap for 4 & 9-Ounce Glass Bottles, 2-Pack, White

Lifefactory Flat Cap for 4 & 9-Ounce Glass Bottles, 2-Pack, White

Convert your 4 and 9-ounce Glass Baby Bottles into food or milk store with Lifefactory Flat Caps. These caps offer leakproof security for use on the go and are great for storage. Made of polypropylene (PP#5) in the USA, these caps are BPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free. Lifefactory glass baby and beverage bottles offer a healthy alternative to plastics. Lifefactory flat caps are made in the U.S.

Main features

  • Pack of two Lifefactory Flat Caps in white for use with 4 and 9-ounce glass baby bottles
  • Leakproof flat caps are perfect for travel, milk storage, and food or juice storage
  • Lifefactory bottles are compatible with most breastpumps
  • BPA/BPS-free, phthalate-free, and dishwasher safe; Made in the USA
  • Lifefactory glass bottles offer a healthy alternative to plastics

Verified reviews


Heavy Duty Caps, But Pricey And Likely Not Necessary

I must say I honestly resent paying the price of the Lifefactory bottles, which are not cheap, and then having to pay $1.25 (plus shipping if you’re not buying other stuff) per cap.The caps are very heavy duty and you feel that they really are a barrier. I bought them so I could freeze milk in the bottles and I needed caps. If you don’t get the cap on just right, it doesn’t seal completely, but if you do, it’s a good seal.Once I realized how many bottles I really needed, I broke down and got Evenflo bottles and I use their caps on their bottles when freezing. I overfilled one Evenflo bottle and it froze and burst, but other than that, I haven’t had any problems with them.So if you only need a few, get them, they look nice with the bottles and appear well made.But if you’re looking to cut some costs, try some caps from less expensive bottles. The Lifefactory bottles are a standard size so other caps work. I’ve used the caps that come on my Medela pump bottles on my Lifefactory bottles and even the ones that came on the Evenflo bottles. I even had some sample bottles sent to me from a formula company. I recycled their cheap bottles, but have been using their caps for my Lifefactory bottles with great success.

Tameka Bahama, NC

Worked how I needed it

it worked how I needed it, worked as a lid for my babies life factory bottle so it wouldn’t spill on trips.

Corina Pembroke Pines, FL

Great for mixing and storing

We bought these in both white and the multi color pack. They are perfect when mixing formula in the bottles or storing — in the fridge or on the go.We have not had any issues with leaking, but found you do need to twist them on fairly tight to get a good seal.Definitely recommend if you are using the LIFEFACTORY bottles.

Rosalinda Underwood, WA

A little more convenient than the lids that come with the bottles

I love our lifefactory bottles. Seriously, love them. I am so glad that I bought a couple of packs of these. I find myself looking for these over the ones that come with the bottle (you know the two parts that you screw together). It just saves a step. It’s one less thing that I have to dig into my pumping bag to find, and when you are pumping during a quick break every second counts. That’s just my two sense. Can you get by without them, sure. But truly, I look to see if these are clean and grab them first, then use the ones that come with the bottles as my backup. I might just be lazy, but I will take any help I can get!

Sara Centerbrook, CT


Loved turning my bottles into jars for pumping right into them.This thing is making me type more and I have nothing else more to say. Stupid.

Claudia Arthur, ND

Lifefactory Caps

Great product at a good price. I tend to use my large lifefactory bottles for pumping and storage. My daughter prefers the Born Free for feeding.

Alisha Jersey, VA

No leaks, great for traveling

Lifefactory bottles are my favorite baby bottles….these caps work awesome if you want to travel with liquids without leakage or spills.

Allyson Edwardsport, IN

Excellent bottle caps for mixing formula!

Excellent bottle caps for mixing formula! Very durable easy to clean and they already come with your purchase of the glass Lifefactory baby bottles.

Lenora Spencertown, NY

Fits as expected!

These fit our Lifefactory baby bottles as expected. It is so nice to have actual caps. The bottles themselves come with a little plug to put in the hole of the nipple cap when the nipple isn’t being used but it’s easily lost at daycare. Less parts are better and these caps have been handy!

Rosario Pembina, ND