Lifefactory Multi Sensory Silicone Teether, Sky/Spring Green, 2 Count

Lifefactory Multi Sensory Silicone Teether, Sky/Spring Green, 2 Count

Offer your baby a safe way to self-sooth and develop oral motor skills with Multi-Sensory Silicone Teethers from Lifefactory. Made in the USA of medical grade silicone, Lifefactory teethers are BPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free. Designed by a Pediatric Feeding Specialist to develop oral motor skills, the teethers are detailed with various ribs and nubs for your baby to explore. Soft and lightweight, the rings are easy for little fingers to hold. The rings can also be worn as bracelets for easy transport by mobile moms. The silicone rings can be refrigerated for cool soothing to sore gums. For easy care, the teethers are dishwasher safe.

Main features

  • Multi-sensory silicone teether is designed by a pediatric feeding specialist
  • Made in USA of medical grade silicone and contains no phthalates, PVC, BPA or latex
  • 4 different sections to develop oral motor skills
  • Can be refrigerated or frozen to soothe aching gums
  • Set of 2 teethers, one each in sky blue and spring green colors
  • Multi-sensory silicone teether is designed by a pediatric feeding specialist
  • Made in USA of medical grade silicone and contains no phthalates, PVC, BPA or latex
  • 4 different sections to develop oral motor skills
  • Can be refrigerated or frozen to soothe aching gums
  • Set of 2 teethers, one each in sky blue and spring green colors

Verified reviews


dissapointing, too big as a teether

I had high hopes for this teether based on the other reviews. It looks just as pictured with the ring having several different textures. The textures are great for sore gums, by the way, I think it would be perfect if it fit in baby’s mouth. My baby is 4 months old and the ring is way too big. She can’t get it into her mouth and ends up frustrated and screaming. Just as another reviewer mentioned, the silicone material is a double-edged sword. It’s soft and bendable and good for chewing on, but it picks up dirt like crazy. It’s a dirt magnet. First time I gave it to the baby, she dropped it on her fleece blanket and got full f lint. I cleaned and gave it back to her. She put it on her head in her hair, where it picked up hair. Third time she dropped it on the floor and again got full of lint. So I gave up & I’m returning the product. BTW, the baby wasn’t into it either. She tried to pull it apart and bend it with her little hands, tried putting it into her mouth but gave up screaming after a few minutes of unsuccessful attempts. I’m still looking for a good teether.

Dianna Lone Grove, OK

Great in theory, but not practical! lint and hair trapper.

I saw the good reviews here and I bought into it. I was excited to finally get a product that my daughter would use for teething. But, to start with the good.Pros:
• Silicone material
• Multi sensoryCons:
• Traps lint. The same pro above is also a con. The silicone traps hair and lint, so you will constantly have to be rinsing the toy or will always be worried about your kid putting it in his/her mouth without supervision. Drove me nuts!
• As soon as you take it out of the freezer, it gets warm, therefore, your baby doesn’t really feel alleviated. This is the reason why 2 stars.
• Not very good tether for those teeth in the back. Babies can hold well, because of shape, but will only work for front part of mouth. Babies mouths are small, so the shape is awkward for their mouth.Trust me, I wanted to love it, but I was disappointed.On the plus side, now that my daughter is 19 months she uses it as a bracelet. I still feel I should have never bought it.

Ella Toa Alta, PR

Perfect for younger babies!

My little guy is only 4 months but was starting to chew on everything trying to get those teeth out! I ordered these teethers and he loves them. He can grip them with one or both hands easily and it really works on his coordination as he maneuvers it into his mouth. It’s become his favorite toy and when I put it in the freezer it stays soft without becoming so cold that it freezes his hands. I love these teethers!!!

Colleen Reeder, ND

Do not put in freezer!!!

While the directions say you can freeze these teethers, being a silicon product they take on a massive aroma d’freezer and it doesn’t seem to wash off. quite nasty really

Elinor Mc Kean, PA

got the wrong color

I made a mistake. I was supposed to get the Yellow/Spring Green one, but somehow I bought the Yellow/Spring Green one. Sometims havig too many choices is not a good thing. Anyway, the color looks good. I like this one definitely.

Suzette Thacker, WV

Great silicone chewies – my 12 week old loves them!

My kid started teething at 10 weeks. Whaaaaat? Apparently it’s not all that uncommon, but I wasn’t prepared and I had to get some help for my little guy, stat. These teether rings are great. They are soft and have varying textures. They are about the width of a pinkie finger, which is great for getting into a little mouth. The little nubbins and texture help channel the spit away from baby’s mouth, and usually ends up on his bib. Good stuff.They become chilly chewies when you toss them in the freezer. It’s helpful that they come in a 2 pack so you can always have one in the freezer. The rings get cool but not too cold. This teether is also a good size for me to hold onto, since the little guy is still little and hasn’t quite gotten the hang of holding and bringing objects into his mouth on his own. As an added bonus, all this use of these teething rings is helping him develop his motor skills more.I’ve been using these with the Boiron Camilia when he gets really cranky, and so far so good.

Lourdes Crescent, IA

Finally found something my daughter likes!

My daugther is very picky when it comes to teethers. I was looking for something that was BPA, etc., free. She is 5 months and seems to get frustrated with other teethers that she can’t quite find the right spot on her own to chew on. With these rings, they are super easy for her to grasp and put in to her mouth on her own. There several different textures for her to mouth around the ring. This is the first teether that she actually likes to chew on for more than a few minutes. I am glad there are two – I have one for in the car and one for at home. I was pleasantly surprised to find that these are made in Racine, Wisconsin. I would rather find toys that are made for her here in the US than in China.

Reva North Falmouth, MA

Very good teether!

My 10 month old is enjoying this teether. Definately one of the better teethers on the market. Happy mommy. Must have.

Sonja Glasgow, WV

Not worth the price! Do not buy if you have a pet

. Do not purchase if you have a dog or cat in the house. Hair sticks to this toy like crazy!!!

Madelyn Smithville, OH

One of the best teethers on the market!

My daughter LOVES these rings!! She was chewing on one for about 30 minutes today and was quiet the whole time (if you have a baby you know how rare this is! :)).The are soft and flexible so the baby can really manipulate it to fit in their mouth. They are a great size too: big enough to grip with little hands and when I need to hold on to it I can wear it like a bracelet. I also like there is no fluid inside for the baby to ingest. There is no way this thing could get ripped or have chunks taken out by a baby gnawing on it.The other nice thing is it’s not slippery like some of the hard plastic teethers. So when it’s covered with drool, baby can still grip it. I guess the only downside is you can’t really chill it, but in my experience the chilling effect of other teethers lasts maybe for 5 minutes before you have to put it back in the fridge, so that feature is pointless.

Josie Arjay, KY

The best teethers out there!

I got these in the mail the same day i noticed my daughters first tooth breaking skin. Lucky us right? Well she took to them right away and has been enjoying them for months.. Now at 10 months old she has lost interest in chewing them she would rather try to put them in my mouth. She thinks its hilarious. haha I think its gross. It was one of the best baby products I’ve bought for her and I’m so glad I did. The extra money is worth it to know shes not chewing something with bpa in it.

Gayla Tickfaw, LA

Good: Not made in China. Bad: Doesn’t hold the cold

Warms up in about 60-90 seconds, so chilling it is almost pointless. Still, my son likes chewing on it, and its not made in China, so that’s a big plus since the thing goes in his mouth.

Ursula Big Rapids, MI

looks good but my 5-month old son is not so interested

we have 2 teethers this one and Green toy twister one. I liked this one since it’s soft. but my son gets frustrated when he holds it and puts it in his mouth. not sure what it is. but he’s not happy with it. so I always have to give him Green toy one. He may like it in the future, so I’ll still try to give it to him later.

Odessa Lansford, PA

I love these

I love these teething rings. My little guy loves them too and knows exactly what they are for. They are very soft, very flexible and narrow enough for him to grip it with his little hand. He has learned how to throw them so they are on the floor most of the time. I just wash them on the top rack of the dishwasher each day and they are good to go again!!

Molly Lostine, OR

Hair magnets

Hair sticks to these like no other. Our baby didn’t find them interesting at all. A sophie giraffe was much better.

Elsa Waldo, FL

Not so easy to bite!

My 4.5 month old baby is finding it difficult to get a good grip of this with her mouth. My opinion is it would have been better if the diameter was smaller so that it can get into a baby’s mouth without frustrating him/her.

Gayle Negley, OH

Too big to fit into mouth

I wanted to like this teether based on the other reviews, but our kiddies are having a hard time chewing on it because they can’t get it very far into their mouths. It’s too wide for them at 4 months. They get frustrated trying to chew on it with their front gums. Maybe I will like it a bit better when they are a older and will revise my review at that time. However, they do enjoy the texture and being able to grip it with both hands.

Nancy Bath, MI

Silicone Safer Than Plastic!

These teething rings are excellent. I’d rather my daughter place a silicone product in her mouth than plastic. They are well made, easy to clean, and durable.

Tara Liguori, MO

Great quality

My son is 4 months old and doesn’t have the hand-eye coordination to hold things and get them to his mouth …YET! However, when I help guide it to his mouth, he’ll chew and chew until he moves his hand away from his mouth. They’re a great quality teether and I just know they’ll be his favorite once he’s able to get object into his mouth on his own. Worth the money!UPDATE: It’s been a couple of weeks since my little boy has had these and his hand eye-coordination is so much better. He LOVES these teethers and rarely plays with anything else. He has the ability to bend these to fit into his mouth and they are so light that he passes them from one hand to the other. Changed from 4 stars to 5 stars.

Melanie Deer Isle, ME

Wanted to love it

I wanted an alternative to Sophie the Giraffe and the many postive reviews indicated that these would be. However, they are not quite as good. Since it is silicone it is not rigid and a little harder for baby to grip and put in the mouth with ease.

Vonda Van Etten, NY

Nice teethers

I can tell why my son likes to chew on these, they have a great texture. I highly recommend these for teething babies.

Pat Saint Paul, MN

My son loves this teether:)

My son loves chewing on these teethers. They are safe and easy to clean. It has different textures and super easy to handle. Highly recommend these!

Misty Harvey, LA

Daughter loves these!

Her favorite teethers. Daughter immediately took to these. Spend the extra $. Those hard rings are too tough on their gums.

Lora Hinsdale, NH

Best teether!

This teether definitely doesn’t stay cold, but my daughter loves it! She chews on it all the time, loves the different textures and plays with it like a toy.

Iris Bethune, CO

8mo old enjoys this!

Bought for my teething baby. She seems to enjoy it. Easy for her to hold. Safe silicone and not the bad plastic.Easy to clean and convenient to attatch to her travel rings so we can attach to her carseat and jumper.

Yvette Saint Clair, MO

Average Teether

I was looking for a silicone teether and purchased this one because it seemed popular, but my daughter just wasn’t that interested. She liked the Nuby silicone teether with bristles better. I think the bristles made the difference.

Rose Edroy, TX

Great teether for older babies and infants

These are good tethers, but may be better suited for children with good grasping skills. My daughter starting using this at four months when she began teething, and this was not her favorite teether. She had difficulty grasping it to chew on it well, and seemed to prefer chewing on her sleeves instead. This is, however, great for when they get a few months older. The multiple surfaces provide various tactile textures for infants to feel and chew. Putting it in the freezer only keeps it cold for less than 5 minutes after it is taken out of the freezer, especially when a child is holding and chewing it.

Marjorie Charlo, MT

daughter seal of approval

My daughter loves these teethers. She can happily gnaw on these for good chunks of time. She’s 5 1/2 months old, and can easily grip the rings and rotate them. I’m happy they contain no phthalates, PVC, BPA or latex.

Jean Cherry Creek, SD

perfect teether

My 4 month old was always sucking on her fingers and we’re slowing trying to ween her from it. Although she still does, these silicone teethers are a great alternative. The width of the rings are a great size. I love that it is 100% silicone. She is able to grasp it easily as well. I’m very happy with this purchase as I’m not a fan of plastic teethers.

Cristina Crowder, MS

My baby loves these.

My baby loves these. He has two teeth coming though and these rings are easy and fun for him to hold and to chew on. Their simplicity is nice in that he doesn’t get distracted from the task at hand – chewing them. Am going to purchase them for the other new moms I know.

Vera Sperry, OK