Lifefactory Sippy Caps for 9-Ounce Glass Beverage Bottles, Set of 2, Raspberry and Royal Purple

Lifefactory Sippy Caps for 9-Ounce Glass Beverage Bottles, Set of 2, Raspberry and Royal Purple

Extend the life of your Lifefactory 4 and 9-ounce Glass Baby Bottles with a set of Lifefactory Sippy Caps. These leak resistant caps offer steady flow control ideal for toddlers and older babies who are transitioning away from bottle feeding. Made of the highest quality, thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass from France, Lifefactory bottles offer a healthy alternative to plastics. These bottles are durable and shock resistant and the silicone sleeve provides a tactile gripping surface for little hands and helps protect against the occasional drop. Lifefactory Glass Bottles grow with your baby into childhood–they can be used with the range of Lifefactory nipples, sippy caps and leakproof flat caps–providing years of use. While very durable, Lifefactory bottles are still glass and are not unbreakable. Replacement bottles are available. All Lifefactory bottle components are made in the U.S. or Europe. The Sippy Cap is made in Poland. The silicone valve is made in the USA. All materials are BPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free.

Main features

  • polypropylene
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Pack of two Lifefactory Sippy Caps to convert Lifefactory glass baby bottles into sippy bottles for toddlers
  • Caps are leak resistant with steady flow control
  • Easy assembly with a simple silicone valve and PP cap
  • BPA/BPS-free, phthalate-free, and dishwasher safe; made in the USA and Europe
  • Lifefactory glass bottles offer a healthy alternative to plastics

Verified reviews


It’s just the sippy caps

Look at the picture- that is what you are ordering. That being said, if you already have the bottles, the caps convert them to sippy cups and work well

Carey Lake Milton, OH

Disappointing caps for fantastic bottles

We love the lifefactory bottles! Our daughter loves them so much it is hard to wean her away from them so we bought the super expensive caps to convert them to sippy cups. She is used to other types of sippy cups so the transition should not be a problem but these caps are almost useless. Both caps came with the hard plastic caps and a silicon insert. The instructions say to loosen the cap on the bottle to adjust the flow. The issue that we have is that when the caps are on as tight as possible, the flow is zero. We tried as hard as we could to suck water out of this bottle with the caps fully tightened and could not get a drop and neither could our daughter. We then loosened it up a bit and we could all get water out of the bottle but it leaks all over the place beneath edges of the collar on the cap when just tilted slightly. When you take the gasket out, the flow is so good that it isn’t much of a sippy cup.On the positive side, the caps that come with the bottles fit perfectly on them. We haven’t had an issue with them breaking but then again we haven’t had much use of them either.On the whole we are really disappointed with these caps. We continue to be very impressed with the bottles and wouldn’t trade them for anything. So we really assumed that Lifefactory would come through with a good product for their caps and they didn’t at least not for our purposes.

Ladonna Davenport, VA

Not leak-proof and only works on their bottles

I bought these thinking that they would fit on standard narrow-mouth baby bottles. I have standard narrow-mouth glass baby bottles and so far other narrow-mouth accessories from other brands have worked beautifully. But these did not fit. The thread is narrower (closer together) than other manufacturers’ bottles, so these are proprietary and will only fit on lifefactory-brand glass bottles. Too bad. I wish the other baby bottle manufacturers would come out with a sippy cap for their narrow-mouth bottles. Seems simple enough. I have tempered glass baby bottles with a permanent silicone coating – no germs getting caught in between, no struggling to pull off the sleeve for washing. They are great, and I want to continue using them as sippies in the car. I did find a spout that you can use with the bottle ring, but I liked the lifefactory one-piece design (two pieces if you count the inner silicone liner) that I was hoping it would work.For those using the lifefactory bottle. The cap is not leak proof. There is a silicone cap liner to prevent water from just pouring out; it has a slit that opens when your toddler sucks on the cap, but if your toddler shakes the bottle, water WILL shake out, though in just little drops. I tested it because my little wobbler likes to shake his bottles when he is in his carseat. Not a huge mess unless you have a long commute with the little one like I do.So two stars for the great concept and nice simple design. But deducted stars for not being “standard” to work with all other standard narrow-mouth baby bottles.And yes, if you are wondering what the 1-star raters are talking about, when I bought mine, Amazon had the caps listed as two bottles. Wow! I figured out it was just the caps by reading the description (and that’s what I was shopping for), but the title was very misleading. So misleading in fact that I was secretly wishing I was wrong and would get two bottles instead! LOL.

Kasey Loose Creek, MO

Doesn’t fit Dr. Brown’s

I bought these to see if they fit on the Dr. Brown’s standard bottles. They do not so I will not be using them.

Lakisha Oxford, CT

Disappointed with Lifefactory Baby Line

My 11 month daughter has it for 3 minutes and manages to unscrew these. The valve is too tight, so I often have to remove so she gets enough water, which of course means she is soaked. Even with the valve, all Lifefactory baby bottles leak if not upright. I wasn’t impressed with Lifefactory baby bottle nipple tops either.

Sheryl Las Vegas, NV

Lifefactory sippy caps

Love them! Work perfectly! Others complain about them not working or their baby can’t get it to work. Use common sense! One was hard at first til the seal was broken. If you take the valve out and squeeze the tip where liquid passes, that helps. If it’s not big enough still, use a knife and make it bigger!!! try it yourself to make sure it works. Maybe you put it in wrong or something. They work great and I am glad I bought them!

Kristin Climax, NY

A tad tricky, but we use them all the time.

Our 3-year-old and 17-month-old use these bottles for milk with the sippy caps. The silicone insert is a bit tricky to get to work, but once we figured it out, we’ve had no trouble. You can’t screw the cap on super tight but not too loose either. Just one twist works for us and we don’t have any problem with them leaking. If it gets tight, our 17-mo-old will just say “tight” and we’ll let some pressure out by unscrewing the cap and then screwing it back on. It doesn’t happen often though. We even let him have his bottle in his crib with him throughout the night with no issues of leaking. The more the cap is used with the silicone insert, the less issue you will have with it being to tight. Additionally, these get thrown around all the time, on ceramic tile floors before we moved to a new house. The bottles have never broken, but we have had a cap break and the company sent us a replacement with no questions asked. Hope these tips help out those who are having trouble.

Amparo North Eastham, MA

don’t leak for me

I am ordering these because I bought one of the sippy bottles to try out and it is all I want to use now … I need more! My daughter likes to shake her bottles and I have not noticed any leaking from this sippy cap at all.We’ve been using these for a few months, now, and this is still our favorite sippy bottle. We’ve never had any problems with leaking and none of the caps (or bottles) have broken — and my daughter loves to toss things around for fun.I’m really happy with these caps.

Latoya Medicine Lake, MT

Spills Easily or Too Difficult

With the silicone part in the sippy cap, our 14 month old cannot get the liquid out. Without it, the cap spills all over and actually shoots out liquid when turned sideways for a kid laying down.I really wanted these to be awesome to use with the bottles, but they are less than awesome. Also, why don’t these come in all the colors the bottles come in?!?

Ester Speedwell, TN

Good glass baby bottle, but leaks

I wanted to try a glass baby bottle and read a lot about them before purchasing this one. While I love the glass bottle itself, and the fact that it’s covered in a silicone sleeve, the rubber insert inside of the sippy top fits too securely to let any liquid through. I tried to loosen it, but that doesn’t work. When I took the silicone insert out, liquid then leaks right out – which I knew would happen. OK to use at the dinner table while baby is sitting in his high chair, but not OK unsupervised because if it tips over or if he shakes it, liquid will go everywhere.

Rene Kensett, IA

okay but overpriced

My daughter prefers the nipples so we don’t use it too much. I think these are way overpriced but oh well..

Celeste Dukedom, TN

Normally I love Lifefactory products

They leak. And if you lose the stopper, you’re out of luck. Also, I find the bottle caps do not fit as well with the sippy caps as they do with just the cap or nipple. Normally I love Lifefactory products, but these just aren’t cutting it.

Mara Glassport, PA

Baby doesn’t like these hard caps.

I love my Life Factory bottles, but my baby won’t use these caps. They are too hard. I wish Life Factory would make a sippy cap that is soft. I spent a lot on my bottles and can no longer use them because of these hard caps.

Leticia Verdon, NE

Not for active toddlers.

My toddler is very active and able to open and close objects very easily. She is comfortable with sippy cups but my wife insisted on using glass so we purchased the whole set of life factory bottles only to be dissapointed. The concept of tightening or loosening the cap for the flow does not work for us, my daughter would just unscrew it open and spill it if I did not tighten it all the way causing the flow to be non-existent.

Marta Bingham, ME

Good product

I love lifefactory bottles. The reason I’m giving them 4 out of 5 is because the original cap broke really soon after my son started using the bottle.

Sara Milesville, SD


It works so it get’s three starts but I had to take the soft plastic from the inside out that is supposed to stop the bottle from leaking but it made it so my son couldn’t drink. But when I take it out it’s easy for him to bang it around and leak the milk out. They need to make these sippy cup lids so there is another exit for air with the soft plastic so they can suck to get the milk and it stops leaking.

Stacie Inyokern, CA

Fix the silicone insert

I liked the idea of this product, but we ended up buying a regular sippy-cup. The silicone inserts close up, so milk doesn’t easily come out.

Diann Tutwiler, MS

Works with other (not-wide) neck bottles

I bought these to use with my Gerber glass bottles intentionally. They FIT. Which is a good thing. But they don’t really come out when you try to drink from it. I put water in and then tried to drink from it and it was very hard for even me. I used it on my other plastic Medela bottles and they work better. It’s probably because it’s flexible. Not quite sure why, just that it works better for the Medela plastic ones.They’re good for getting her started on drinking from the sippy. Not sure if I would buy more though…

Joy Lawndale, NC

Leak and Spill; go with NUK sippy instead.

I invested in the Lifefactory bottles (large and small) as well as these tops. [First kid, what can I say…]. These do not work well as a sippy cup. They leak and spill and my little guy did not like the hard spout. I ended up taking the advice of other mothers (and the wisdom of our daycare workers) and went with a NUK sippy. Don’t bother with these; the idea is awesome, the product execution is not.

Helen Broadway, OH

It’s a little hard for baby’s to use?

I don’t know if my 7 month old daughter will get the concept. I tried to drink out of it, while it does work, I think it will be a little hard for her to grasp how to drink out of this sippy cap. Wish it were just a silicon cap where water flows a little more out so that drinking would be more easy.

Heidi Ludlow, PA

Only option for glass sippys- so I guess they’re the best!

There are no other glass sippy cups on the market. Life Factory is the only maker. These sippys are ok. They fit on other glass bottles I have which is a nice money saver. However, they leak and the inside plug is a pain to adjust. Supposedly you can adjust the flow by loosening the cap. However, this is rarely true and the only way to know how much liquid is flowing out is to test it yourself. My 3 year old also doesn’t care for the hard spout.

Francisca Wakarusa, KS

The babe loves it!

He’s loving the sippy bottle as he transitions to a regular drinking cup. Love the colors and the fact that I can just order the sippy caps to convert our Life Factory bottles. You can adjust the flow by removing the insert from the lid to make it flow faster.

Billie Glenville, NC

Great transition item

I bought these after my son was already drinking from sippee cups, but still it’s a great idea for babies going from bottle to sippee cup. Great quality product and very cute.

Selina Eloy, AZ

Good for what they are used for, but too expensive for what they are, especially since they don’t come WITH the bottles…

These work great, and allow the bottle to be transformed into a sippy cup. I have rated it four stars instead of five because of the cost. The cost for these is way too high for plastic sippy spouts, and really adds excessively to the cost of the bottles if you are buying the bottles to use as sippy cups. The quality is nothing amazing…just plain and simple sippy spouts. Not worth more than a couple of dollars…

Gena Bee Spring, KY

Nice product

A little difficult for the little one to figure out but once he did good quality.We love all the life factory bottles so this allows for a longer life.

Marguerite New Preston Marble Dale, CT

Perfect conversion from bottle to sippy but they crack easily

The life factory glass bottles have stood the test of being dropped by baby and daycare staff while other glass bottles have broken. Now we are using sippy cups and we’ve had problems with leaking. But that’s not the case with the life factory sippy tops. No dripping as long as you tighten the top just right (takes a couple tries to master).UPDATE: While these work great, no problems with my daughter being able to drink from them etc. as many other readers have complained about, they crack easily. When used by a 12-16 month old, the bottle is going to hit the ground. The lifefactory bottles are amazing at not breaking even when dropped (thrown!) on tile (whereas I had several of my Avent natural glass bottles break when daycare staff knocked them off the counters and I have stopped using them). But the sippy caps don’t have the same lifespan. We’ve had 3 of these caps crack and once they crack you can’t fix them with super glue etc. They just crack again as soon as you screw them back on snuggly to the bottle.

Julie Albuquerque, NM

i like these.

they are great for my older son when I take out the silicone insert. as for my infant, he sometimes has a hard time sucking out if I tighten it too much.

Lucile Watauga, TN

Simply the best!

The best baby bottle out there. Mommies everywhere, buy these!I used different bottles with my first son and hated them. Could not properly wash them and on and on. These are perfect, no leaks, ever! Can wash them easily, silicone protects the bottle. Perfect!

Sadie Palisades, NY

Good idea in theory, bad idea in practice

I was really excited to have the Lifefactory bottles (and truly do LOVE them) plus the interchangable sippy tops. How easy I thought…no need to buy sippy cups! This was my thinking BEFORE the baby. Now that baby is nearly 7 months old, I’ve realized the flaw in this thinking. As much as I love the bottles, they are too heavy for my little guy’s arms to hold up the bottle and use the sippy cap. In the meantime, I’ve had to buy real sippy cups with the little handles on the sides so he can hold it. Perhaps if Lifefactory would make some snap on handles or something like that, the sippy top would be useful, but unfortunately I don’t think it’ll work out for us. Did I mention I love the bottles?!?!

Arlene Chesapeake, OH


I love that with these we’re able to get more use out of our glass bottles. We haven’t had any leak problems which is a big factor for us!

Ethel Delano, MN