Lifefactory Stage 2 Silicone Nipples, 3-6 Months, 2-Pack

Lifefactory Stage 2 Silicone Nipples, 3-6 Months, 2-Pack

All babies deserve a healthy start. Reduce exposure to plastics and ensure purity with Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottles. Lifefactory Stage 2 silicone nipples offer medium flow allowing older 3 to 6-month old babies to transition as their appetites increase. Vented nipple design ensures reduced air intake to prevent colic and spit ups. These nipples are compatible with Lifefactory 4 and 9-ounce glass baby bottles. Made of the highest quality, thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass from France, Lifefactory bottles offer a healthy alternative to plastic bottle feeding. These bottles transition safely from freezer to boiling water while the silicone sleeve provides a tactile gripping surface for little hands and helps protect against the occasional drop. Lifefactory Glass Bottles grow with your baby–they can be used with the range of Lifefactory nipples, sippy caps and leakproof flat caps–providing years of use. While very durable, Lifefactory bottles are still glass and are not unbreakable. Replacement bottles are available. All Lifefactory bottle components are made in the U.S. or Europe. All materials are BPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free.

Main features

  • Pack of two Lifefactory Stage 2 vented silicone nipples for 3 to 6-month infants for use with innovative Lifefactory glass baby bottles
  • Medium flow nipple appropriate after the new born phase; vented to reduce air intake, spit ups, and colic

Verified reviews


Great quality and no leaks

We have been very pleased with the entire LIFEFACTORY line of bottles, nipples and caps. We were nervous after reading some fairly bad review and my sister warned that babies don’t always like certain types of bottles. But we plunged ahead and bought several bottles & nipples in preparation for our little one. Since we adopted, he is only bottle / formula fed, so bottles are very important to us. We love the life factory glass bottles and all the "accessories" have been great, too. The nipples are made of a high quality silicone so they will last. Our little one also likes the longer silhouette as he can latch on really well.My only complaint is that the stage is hard to see on the bottom of the nipple. We have to keep them separate from the stage one and three so I can tell them apart in the middle of the night…

Martina South Amana, IA

flow too fast?

I’m worried these nipples flow too fast. I wish I’d gone with a different bottle system. I have friends with other glass bottles who’ve had better experiences.

Magdalena Wheeler Army Airfield, HI

Love Lifefactory

I love all of the Lifefactory stuff we have and will be sad when the baby outgrows it all. We have Dr. Brown’s nipples as well and they don’t compare. These aren’t flimsy and they hold up great to daily use.

Dessie Bono, AR

Would buy again!

This is the best brand to use for glass bottles. It’s the healthiest choice you can make for your baby, and a sound investment, too. My Lifefactory bottles have gone through two children and are in nearly perfect shape. The nipples are great – the flow has been just right for both of my children during the manufacturer’s recommended ages, and they are incredibly durable. They’ve held up through MANY cycles in the dishwasher, and most of them still look brand new.

Jenifer Mavisdale, VA

Nice nipples, but not my baby’s favorite

We were hoping that the level 2 nipples would work better for our daughter since the level 1 were collapsing when she was eating and we love the glass bottles. Unfortunately these still collapse for her when she is really hungry, so we will be sticking to Born Free for most feedings. Great quality nipple, but not best for our baby.

Gilda Marshalls Creek, PA

Works as it should, but breaks down quickly in hot humid climates

I love the life factory bottles. These nipples seemed to break down pretty quickly. I’m not sure if it’s due to the climate where I live where it is extremely hot and humid for most of the year. That said, many of our possessions have had a shortened shelf-life due to the weather. Other than that, the nipples work as I assume nipples should. I ended up introducing stage 2 nipples 3 months later than suggested on the packaging as their flow was too quick for both my children. I bought the stage 3 nipples, but never ended up using them as they were way too fast flow.

Melanie Seth, WV

Works great, high quality

Like all my Lifefactory purchases, great quality and works very well. Stage appropriate and they hold up very well like other Lifefactory products.

Tisha El Dorado, CA