Lifefactory Stage 3 Silicone Nipples, 6+ Months, 2-Pack

Lifefactory Stage 3 Silicone Nipples, 6+ Months, 2-Pack

All babies deserve a healthy start. Reduce exposure to plastics and ensure purity with Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottles. Lifefactory Stage 3 silicone nipples offer higher flow to accommodate the needs of hungry babies from 6 months old and up. Vented nipple design ensures reduced air intake to prevent colic and spit ups. These nipples are compatible with Lifefactory 4 and 9-ounce glass baby bottles. Made of the highest quality, thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass from France, Lifefactory bottles offer a healthy alternative to plastic bottle feeding. These bottles transition safely from freezer to boiling water while the silicone sleeve provides a tactile gripping surface for little hands and helps protect against the occasional drop. Lifefactory Glass Bottles grow with your baby–they can be used with the range of Lifefactory nipples, sippy caps and leakproof flat caps–providing years of use. While very durable, Lifefactory bottles are still glass and are not unbreakable. Replacement bottles are available. All Lifefactory bottle components are made in the U.S. or Europe. All materials are BPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free.

Main features

  • Pack of two Lifefactory Stage 3 vented silicone nipples for infant 6 month and up for use with innovative Lifefactory glass baby bottles
  • Higher flow nipple appropriate for 6 months and up; vented to reduce air intake, spit ups, and colic

Verified reviews


flow too fast?

worried these flow faster than they should. It’s more of an issue with the earlier stages than with stage 3.

Latasha Ucon, ID

Good but need replacing

I’m not sure how often you are supposed to replace these. We used Lifefactory bottles from the minute our son came home from the hospital. We usually went up a stage in the nipple every 3 months when he seemed to need different flow. Have had the stage 3 for five months now and I’ve noticed in past few weeks that the nipples come out of the dishwasher kind of cloudy. I think he probably needs another set. Otherwise, these have been great. He has used them daily and they come out of the wash fine. He actually does not like any other bottle nipple!

Shari Purdin, MO

Best brand for glass bottles

This is a great, environmentally friendly brand to use. The nipples hold up well – even after repeated cleaning in the dishwasher. The directions say top shelf only, but I haven’t had any problems washing them in the silverware bins on the bottom shelf. I’ve been using my Lifefactory bottles through two children now, and I’d choose them again in a heart beat!

Jane Huey, IL

fantastic product!

The baby loves these bottles with these nipples. a much better alternative to plastic! And virtually unbreakable! The flow is great too!

Vanessa Brownsboro, TX

Superior quality

Thicker better quality silicone than the Dr. Browns nipples. Only drawback is the hold seems to stretch out faster. Now that my baby is older these seem to be his favorite nipples.

Bettie Wheatland, PA

Work for my son

I already own a few lifefactory bottles for my son and since he turned 10 months, I upgraded the nipples for his bottle. They look just like the nipples I currently own. What I did find strange is that these stage three nipples only have one hole whereas other brands used three holes. However, under closer inspection, the hole on this stage three nipple appeared larger in diameter than the stage 1 nipples. Anyways, price was decent and I got free shipping to HI.

Abbie Crystal, ND

Too fast flow

These nipples are VERY fast flow. My baby was choking on the milk that was coming out. I don’t recommend using anything above stage 2.

Francesca Hawley, TX

Too small

My 6 month old, now 8 month old, never liked these nipples. Her mouth practically fit around the entire thing. Plus, after just 2 or 3 minutes of drinking, the whole thing would deflate and go flat. I have to literally pull it out of her mouth every couple minutes just to let air in and let it pop back to its normal shape. The hole is just not big enough, and the nipple is too small.

Chelsey Merkel, TX

Great product

I’ve read and heard a lot of stories about babies being picky about their bottle nipples but my son took to these just fine. I’ve also read reviews on here that said the nipples weren’t marked by stage. The company must have made the changes because the ones that I received are marked with the appropriate stage – 1, 2 and 3. Be mindful however that the 4 oz. bottles come with stage 1 nipples already and the 9 oz. comes with stage 2 so don’t order more than is necessary.

Traci Lacombe, LA