Lil’ Diner Baby Diner-Dish Holder

Lil’ Diner Baby Diner-Dish Holder

Baby Diner-Dish Holder attaches to smooth table tops and structures, allowing you to secure all types of smooth-bottom plates, bowls and any other dishware to prevent children from accidentally knocking or throwing dishes on the floor.

Main features

  • Works great with smooth, non-porous dishes like plastic, ceramic, glass, china, stoneware and melamine dishes
  • No more spills
  • Easy to use

Verified reviews


It works!

I hesitated before purchasing this because up to this point none of the suction based dishes I’ve bought worked. They might deter initial movement of the dish, but became loose pretty quickly.So when I brought the Lil’ Diner home I decided to test it before trying it. I put it together and attached a dish to it. I checked it a couple of times and them forgot about it. Five hours later the bowl was still stuck firmly. I attached it to the table and used it. Success! Works beautifully. It’s actually difficult to get the dishes detached from.I was incredibly surprised that the suction base attaches to our wooden table, but not for too long – about 20 minutes. The clamp works best for the wooden surface.This product makes it so much easier and safer to use glass and ceramic dishes. I am leery of plastics, so that’s a big plus for me.Since I have both bases, the suction cup stays at home and the clamp travels in the included bag.Over all I am thrilled with this purchase. It’s a product that works as described and better than I expected. It’s easy to clean and simple to use. I see no downside.

Paula Central Falls, RI

Hit or miss

This suction dish holder is a wonderful concept. I just wish it would work consistently all the time. I only use it with non-porous surfaces like it says but it is still hit or miss. Sometimes it works like a charm and I am very thankful for purchasing it. Other times, mainly if I stick it to plastic, my lil guy just pulls his plate off and tosses his food everywhere.

Susan Big Indian, NY

not as good as expected

works ok with glass and porcelein but not that great with plastics. Sits up a little high so my son is more interested on that then his food. would not recommend

Jannie Delavan, MN

worked ok

This worked great as a short time solution but after a while the suction sorta lost its suction and now dishes are able to be pulled off easier

Gertrude Yellowstone National Park, WY

it works pretty well

My one year old can move it by sliding it but she can’t throw the plate so it is still a win for us!

Josephine Minot Afb, ND

holds for awhile

as long as the surface is completely smooth it will stick as long as you dampen the cups. As for the cup that holds onto the plate, it holds but there is almost no easy way to get it undone without needing a butter knife to reach under.

Claire Otisville, NY

Has to be wet to work

I thought this was a pretty neat idea and it seems to work well as long as you moisten the suction cups before pushing it down. My only complaint is that it makes the bowl, plate, whatever stand up about an inch off the table instead of flush to the table enticing little fingers to pry at it.

Dixie Vredenburgh, AL

Works some of the time

At first, I thought this was a miracle invention. Then, I switched to something other than a ceramic plate. This contraption does not work with plastic or melamine plates. It only works in breakable plates (ceramic/glass). The problem with that is my son can turn his plate (like a steering wheel) and it comes loose. Thus, leaving a breakable plate free for the breaking. Ideally, you could use a non-breakable plate so you could actually have double coverage. If you are planning to use ceramic or glass dinnerware for your kiddo, then this might be worth it. However, know that the average toddler can wiggle that plate loose in less than 5 minutes.

Lynne Chillicothe, TX

I wish it worked like I hoped it would

My goodness I am tired of cleaning up after my 20 month old throws his plate on the floor. He sits at a booster seat at our regular wood table. He figured out pretty quick that he can just pull pretty hard and it comes right off. My table is pretty hammered on top so maybe that is why?

Monique Raymond, ME

waste of money.

Do you see the kid on the box? That was my boy after I proudly stuck his plate to the suction cup and walked away to get his drink. We have a wood table, so it might work better on laminate or slick surfaces. Very disappointed!

Lora Madisonville, KY

Does exactly what it says

This product works well to suction to laminated/ plastic/ non abrasive surfaces. The top suction worked with a small plastic bowl we have and a glass plate. Washing can be tricky if you get a bunch of food between suction.

Veronica Fowler, MI