Lil Joey 2 Pack All-In-One Cloth Diaper, Lux

Lil Joey 2 Pack All-In-One Cloth Diaper, Lux

The Lil Joey is a newborn diaper designed to fit from approximately 4-12lbs.  Kanga Care brand cloth diapers are the ORIGINAL and ONLY cloth diapers uniquely designed with the patented leak protection technology of dual inner gussets. The inside of each diaper is designed with 2 gentle inner gussets, a double barrier that channels each leg. There is no chance of escape for even the messiest of messes! The Lil Joey takes special care with a snap down front for sensitive cord care during those first precious days.  The Lil Joey is the simplest of diaper systems on the market for a newborn baby.  The internal soaker is 4 layers of thirsty microfiber that have been permanently sewn into the core of the diaper, no stuffing required.  The Lil Joey is waterproof and requires no cover. Kanga Care uses a water resistant polyester TPU which a is solvent-free polyester fabric that has been laminated with a thermoplastic polyurethane using a heat bonding process, not chemicals. This process is low in toxicity and is better for the natural environment then traditional PUL. One of the most important decisions new parents face, just got easier! WASH & CARE: 1. Cold Rinse, no detergent. 2. Hot Wash/Cold Rinse with the suggested amount of detergent (see for full list of recommended detergents). Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry. All Kanga Care products are designed and invented by Julie Ekstrom, mom and CEO of Kanga Care, and distributed worldwide out of Golden, CO.

Main features

  • Patented double inner gusset leak technology
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fits 4-12 pounds

Verified reviews


Love these diapers!!!

I love these diapers. They fit my newborn and are still fitting her now at 7 weeks. She is 9lbs, 11ozs. I think we’ll probably get another couple of weeks out of them. They have been very easy for me to begin cloth diapering as a first time mom. Because they’re an all in one, you just throw them into the diaper pail. If you’re breastfeeding, there’s no rinsing required, just throw them into the washer. They take a little longer to dry (in order to get the thick absorbent core really dry). My daughter, my husband, and I have been very pleased. The snap down for the umbilical cord was very nice while we needed it too. I’m so happy I chose the Lil Joeys instead of using disposables for the first few weeks. My daughter’s diaper area skin is super healthy. No redness or rash. Love our Lil Joeys!

Letha Manasota, FL

Lots of leaks just as everyone warned

I had leaks with these diapers every single time my newborn wore them. she didn’t wear them for long because I could see the wetness on her outfit almost right as she was peeing. I think its the fact that the inner lining is exposed through the side leg. Much preferred Simplex Newborn diapers, because the lining tucks in at the leg and you don’t get leaks.

Lynne Richland, TX

Small but work well

These are little and i do kind of wish they were just a tiny bit bigger since they are kind of pricey, but they work well, my daughter weighed 8lbs when she was born but didn’t come home until she was 6 weeks old and weighing 10.5lbs… these fit her with the top to bottom snaps that shorten it all unsnapped and the sides still have one more snap on each size so she will be able to wear them a little longer. Most diapers she explodes out of but these she didn’t, it keeps poop in but if she pees more than once sometimes the outsides start to get damp. I always place a waterproof pad in her bed when she sleeps so it doesn’t bother me. I got the eco owl print which is really cute sadly thats the one print they dont show on here… I also like that these are all in one and have the liner built in the smaller pocket diapers are harder to stuff. Washing these is easy but if you dont get poop out right away it may stain a bit.

Mattie Clarkdale, GA

My favorite newborn diaper

I love Lil Joey! I wish they lasted longer, because it’s a little depressing to see my little guy grow out of them. These diapers are the only way I could get my hubby to use cloth, and now he’s hooked!

Leona Wyoming, WV

My Least Favorite Newborn Diaper

If I had to pick a least favorite, this would be it. My guy was born at a whopping 9lbs 9oz and was already nearly outgrowing these. Even if he had been smaller, I don’t feel like they are absorbent enough after about 2 weeks or so. Also, the gussets created indents in his butt and my agitatorless washer had a hard time getting breastfed poo out of the gussets. I ended up having to handwash them the few times we used them.

Kristine Wheeler, IN

Definitely worth the purchase

I love that these adorable little diapers fit my son right home from the hospital. He weighed 7 1/2 pounds. Now at almost 10 pounds (and 6 weeks old) they are too snug. They were great, no leaks or breast-milk poopy blow-outs.My one complaint is that they take forever to dry. I always felt like after two cycles in the dryer and some California sun drying they should have been bone dry, but it would still take too long for them to dry. I know it’s to be expected with all-in-ones, but my kissas and Swaddlebees dry without issue.So I would purchase them again and would recommend for an excellent newborn option, but be prepared for extended drying times.

Cara San Luis, AZ

The ease and convenience outweighed the problems.

We had some problems keeping blow outs in with these, but they were so easy being AIOs for daddy, grandparents and babysitters. These were the diapers we kept in the diaper bag for easy changes out and about. We had some leaks but that was minor. My biggest problem was the material. The fleece is soft but I felt it was near impossible to get clean. We got rashes galore after washing in tide ultra powder and rinsing multiple times and drying in the sun. Could never figure out the rash issue as we had several other fleece pockets that didn’t cause a problem. These also tend to stink after a few months. I tried everything in terms of cleaning and stripping, but in the end, when he outgrew, they were trashed.

Kaye Northbrook, IL

Love my CD

We have been using the Lil Joeys since my son was about 2 weeks old (don’t use them until they get rid of all the meconium). He is now 3 mos, around 11 1/2 #, and kinda skinny. I had some problems with leaks for a little while, but I contacted Rumparooz and they told me about how to put them on (believe it or not, there is a technique) and which detergents to use. That solved all of my problems. I am hoping to keep using them for a few more weeks before we switch to our BabyKicks. These Lil Joeys have lots of adjusting options and a button to keep it off the umbilical cord which is great! I don’t rinse mine before putting them in the pail, I just toss them in the washer every couple of days and do a cold rinse cycle, followed by a hot wash. For HE washers, you may need to add a wet towel to the load to increase the water level and get them clean. I prefer to line dry them and let the sun bleach the stains out, although the manufacturer does not recommend this as it may damage the lining. Rumparooz had great customer service!

Angel Frenchville, ME

I LOVR these

Great! Perfect fit fory newborn. He’s weeks and a little over 10 pounds. He can still fit these. They do take a longer time to dry and still look like new.

Judith Cibolo, TX

Leaked, hardly used

I’ve only used this a few times because they constantly leaked. Also she outgrew them really quickly. The blueberry simplex newborn size is better– more expensive but you’ll use them longer, they seem much comfier, and no leaks.

Jacqueline Greenfield, NH

Easy to use

These diapers are so easy to use. I like the fit and have not had any blow outs. However, I don’t like that they take too long to dry. I have to air dry them because they take too long to dry in my drier. If not dried well enough they begin to smell and have had to re wash them. I am glad I only bought two diapers because my baby has almost grown out of them after only a few uses. Overall satisfied but glad I did not buy more.

Valarie Douglas City, CA

great colors

so soft, excellent design. theses are my favorite cloth diapers. neutral color for boy or girl. 2 pack is a great deal.

Sonia Copen, WV

Impossibly cute, impressively effective

We got these knowing that it would be slightly frivolous to pay so much for something that would only fit for a few months (they came in a sampler set with some one-size diapers). I have to say, though, I’m glad we did. First off, they are the most adorable tiny diapers you’ll ever see. Second, the double gusset – even the tiny one – really does do an impressive job at catching poops. Third, it is nice to have a smaller option to put under tiny-sized baby clothes, which can look/fit a little ridiculous over one-size diapers.We have 10 of these that we use in combination with our regular stash of Rumparooz one-size diapers. Our gigantic daughter was born at 9 lbs 3oz and weighs 14 lbs at 2 months, so she could wear one-sized diapers right away, and has almost grown out of these at 2 months. From the time she was about 10 lbs, if she peed more than once in them, the diaper would be saturated and leak, so we have used them mostly just at times when we know she’ll be changed again soon.I give them 5 stars because they’re great for what they are: newborn sized diapers. If you’re really looking to stretch your cloth-diapering dollar to its maximum usefulness, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere. But if you want something that will fit even a tiny baby right away, AND will look so darn cute in newborn pictures, this is the diaper for you.

Sara Nashotah, WI

Awesome Newborn Diaper!

I’m in love with the Lux pattern and Lil Joey’s! They fit my newborn great…she was 6 lbs 9 oz when born and is probably a little over 7 lbs now. Even though they have the snap in the front to avoid the umbilical cord, I couldn’t get a great fit and it rubbed on my daughter’s cord stump. I ended up not using these until the cord fell off and they work great now. They are so soft and really absorbent! I love her little fluffy bum in these!

Aurora Memphis, MO

My favorite newborn diapers!

My baby is strictly breastfed, and a diaper with the “poo fence” is essential for preventing leaks. I also love the way they fit him. I find myself reaching for these diapers first every time. A little disappointed in the color, I had thought it was a neutral pattern but it’s really very girly. The picture should display the pink/purple sections better.

Greta Bosque Farms, NM

Five Stars

So cute and works well.

Jesse Woodland Mills, TN

My favorite All In One

Adorable diaper!I started off wanting to exclusively use one type of cloth diaper (gDiapers) but quickly found out that, since babies come in all different shapes and sizes, not all cloth diaper solutions work for every baby in every situation.These diapers say they are for babies from about 4lbs to 12lbs and I would say that is about right although we have now been wearing them for almost 3 months an still fit in them at 12 lbs, we are starting to have for issues.I started using these with my twin girls when I was looking for an overnight solution that would allow me to go 4 hours between diaper changes without leaks. They were about 7-8 lbs at this time and very tall and skinny. This was the ONE diaper than would fit their skinny legs from the get go! I also absolutely LOVE the double leg gussets. The inner gusset can hold some SERIOUS mess and I’ve never had a leak with this diaper unless I left it on just WAY too long!!The snaps are very simple and hold strong! No infant is escaping them. Initially I was worried that they would cause me to rip the out layer of the diaper because they held so strongly, but I’ve used them daily now for two months and they have held up wonderfully!For those having problems with absorbency, the problem is likely in cloth diapering basics: you don’t have to prep these (thank god! One wash and ready to wear!) Wash with twice the water and half the detergent and pre and post rinse to prevent build up and absorbancy loss.Bottom Line: Pros: very soft, good absorbency and has life saving double gussets! Super cute designs. Easy to use and durable. Good in the small baby range that most cloth diapers miss.Cons: you can’t add absorbancy since this is a trim fittin AIO. ALSO, they are so small there is no way to add an insert on top.For my little Skinny Minnie’s, I preferred Lil Joeys until they got some leg chub, now that they are starting to top out on the weight scale (we probably will still get 14 lbs out of this diaper) we purchased Rumparooz diaper covers as they are the mother company I Lil Joey and also have the double leg gussets!!

Angela Post, OR

A great diaper for preemie baby

I had twin boys at 29 weeks. I wanted to cloth diaper for the beginning but I had to wait until they got out of the nicu. The smallest twin came home at 4 lbs, and these diapers fit him perfectly and they are still working out great. The smallest twin is now 6 lbs and 10 oz and the biggest twin is 9 lbs (The diaper fits both of them just fine and we had no leaks). I made sure I wash them in warm water 5 times before using the diaper.

Carly Howes Cave, NY

Great diaper

Double gusset diapers are awesome. My skinny baby had a hard time fitting in them for a while. But once he did, no leaks!

Ella Bronaugh, MO