Lillebaby 5 Position Everywear Baby Carrier – Organic – Earth Brown

Lillebaby 5 Position Everywear Baby Carrier – Organic – Earth Brown

The EveryWear Organic features organic cotton and bamboo fabric as well as a more robust shoulder pad for the wearer who is looking for the most natural way to carry their child

Main features

  • adapts to your child from newborn to about five years and is truly the only carrier you will ever need – without any accessory purchase required
  • only carrier that offers every carrying function, including a true hip carrier function
  • Best Product of the year by Fit Pregnancy- Seal of Approval by the

Verified reviews


Not good for the back

I have a Baby Bjorn and I wanted something that’s more light weight. I have heard good things about the Ergo carrier, but it doesn’t allow the baby to face out. So when I saw the Lille Baby carrier, especially the light weight sports model, I decided to give it a try. There are few steps involved in putting it on, but not too bad. However, after carrying my 7 month old facing out for only 5 minutes in it, my back started to hurt a lot. I had my husband try it too, same thing. Comparing to my Baby Bjorn, the Lille Baby seems much harder on the back. It could just be the sports model, but I decided not to try the original and just stick with my Bjorn.

Lashonda Ash Grove, MO

Sent it back!

I sent this back as soon as I received it, never even opened it. I ordered this because it had a forward facing option. I had not been able to find it in a store to check it out where I live. I went back home and found it in a boutique, tried it on. My son was doing the splits! Yes I did the adjustments for forward facing, I can’t even imagine if I hadn’t. The straps look comfy online, but when you have it in hand you can see and feel the quality is just not there (especially if you have both the Lillebaby and the Ergo to compare). Not to mention there are way more straps to complicate things, and who needs anymore complication with an infant?! I went back to my parents house and ordered the Ergo, had it shipped to them so that I could use it on our visit. Don’t waste your time on this, just go for the Ergo, it sucks that there isn’t a forward position, but it is certainly the best!

Bernice Fort Campbell, KY

Great for hot climates and very comfortable for the wearer and baby

I’m a bit obsessed with baby carriers. I’ve tried so many of them – Bjorn, Bjorn Air, Hot slings, Maya Wrap, Ergo, Ergo Sport, Catbird Pikkolo, Cybex 2.go. So I can say I’ve had a lot of experience. I really loved our Bjorn, but as the summer heat came around and baby started to weigh alot more it just wasn’t comfortable anymore. I tried out a lot of carriers until I got this one. My baby loves the front facing out position and I had a hard time finding anything that was comfortable for that. The Pikkolo felt like she was just facing the ground and pulling on my back. The Cybex was nice and is very well made, but it seems to hurt my hips. Plus it had a lot of fabric once you move to the full motion option. So that was hot.This carrier though was just awesome. Its really soft and comfortable. We took a long walk on the beach and my back felt fantastic. The breathable fabric was so great. It kept both of us cool. Its my favorite carrier now.It does have a bit of a learning curve figuring out how to use it because it has so many carrying options. If you’ve used a baby carrier before, you’ll probably catch on really quick as at least one of the positions will be familiar. If this is your first carrier, you might need to practice a few times. But once you have it down, its easy. I found the back strap (the one that goes a across your shoulder blades) to be easier to secure than the Ergo. I found the padding in the shoulders to be very comfortable and I liked that I could move it around to where it fit me best. The pocket is very roomy and fit a tube of sunblock, my phone and keys.Definitely a great find. We love it.I would highly recommend this for the summer or if you live in a hot climate like us (Florida). The mesh is great!

Norma Wiota, IA

Nice, but the Ergo is better

I read a lot of reviews while searching for a baby carrier. I chose the Lillebaby because of the good reviews I read about it regarding it’s light weight and multiple options for carrying baby. I have now used it at least 10 times and there are pros and cons. The pros are that it is lightweight, has a variety of ways to carry the baby (although we have only used the front carry with baby facing forward or backward#, it has two little pockets on the front for keys, gloves, etc., and it has nice padded straps. The cons are that it is rather difficult to adjust the straps and the material is not very thick and strong.Recently, I purchased a used Ergo carrier in order to have a second carrier because my husband and I were tired of having to adjust the straps back and forth between us. If I were to do it all over again, I would purchase the Ergo instead of the Lillebaby because the Ergo has the exact same design, but it is made of a thicker, sturdier material. One of the adjustable snaps for the pads on the shoulder straps of the Lillebaby carrier ripped right out of the material when we were trying to adjust the straps for my husband, so while this does not affect the safety of the carrier, it just makes me think the whole thing is not very strong. Additionally, the Ergo straps are about twice as wide and have thicker padding which is more comfortable, especially for a larger person. The Ergo is only $5 more than the Lillebaby, so it is well worth it for sturdier construction. And it’s even cheaper if you find a good used one to buy! 😉

Ladonna Beverly Hills, FL

Great Carrier

This carrier is great, I love the fact that it offers so many positions. A friend of mine offered to let me borrow her Baby Bjorn, I’m not sure what model of Bjorn it was but it was huge! I lifted it and it felt like it weighed 10 pounds. I wasn’t even interested in borrowing it. It’s hard enough to carry a baby around without all that extra weight! This carrier is so lightweight and fits great. I’ve already had to send mine through the washing machine and it held up perfect. My baby really seems to like it too.

Colleen Belvidere, IL

Good carrier

Our first baby carrier was a Moby. LOVE IT! But, it’s way to cumbersome to take out and about. So, we bought this for that reason, and because I wanted a carrier that would allow forward facing and hip carry. It was very complicated at first to figure out how to manipulate the straps…maybe it’s just me. I’m a total pro now, except for the hip carry, which is not very comfortable. In the end, we ended up carrying her mostly backwards facing (which is comfortable)…it’s better on her anyway. But, occasionally, we do the forward carry for short periods of time. My daughter seems to really like this carrier as well, so I assume it’s comfortable. We machine wash and line dry. It’s become a little pilly in the indside with use, but not bad. Would definitely recommend it.

Julianne Arbuckle, CA

Awesome carrier!

I usually use ring slings and Moby wraps (all great), but wanted something for my husband and something sturdier than the slings. This has everything. Breath ability, the baby can face forward, comfortable, secure. It is really great. Someone mentioned that the baby nearly fell through and it is dangerous, I have really no idea how that could happen unless they didn’t secure any of the straps. It is NOT an issue. The instructions are a little difficult, but once you get what they mean, it is a cinch. Also, you do not need the infant insert unless you want to do a cradle hold. An infant can face towards you without the need for the expensive insert. I learned this the hard way and had to send it back.

Roxie Lake Lure, NC

I love this carrier

I searched and searched for a baby carrier that would satisfy my baby’s need to face forward. I had the original baby bjorn….I hate it…kills my shoulders even with my small baby. the lillebaby is great. It is comfortable to wear…I don’t even feel like I am carrying extra weight and my baby loves it. She hates to face in so the ERGO was not for us and she is too small for the back carry. I love that you get so many options for carrying and the price was so great compared to other carriers like it. this is one of the rare times where paying less actually got me more. the only thing my baby has trouble with is that she is short and she gets mad at the fabric in front sometimes because it is right under/a little over her chin…but she usually just sucks on the fabric and that keeps her happy. She will be taller very soon so it really isn’t an issue. I highly recommend this item. One of the best purchases I have made after 3 kids.

Haley Berwick, IL

Extremely useful carrier- light enough that you might actually have it around when you need it

I really like this carrier so far- it has allowed us to comfortably get around without lugging an infant car seat/ carrier. Our little one is now three months old.I should note that it is the only carrier we own, so don’t have a lot of comparison with other brands. We do own a Boba Wrap as well (similar to a Moby Wrap, though stretchier and so, at least for us, more comfortable)- the two are both good and do different things, though I find myself more likely to use the LilleBaby when out and about because it is easier to get on and off, and the Boba around the house because it is a bit comfier and, in the first few weeks at least, we could use it more like a sling.We started putting our little one in the LilleBaby inward-facing around two weeks of age. She has always seemed to like it- she is calm and content in it, often falling asleep (especially when on Mommy, since her head is snuggled exactly where she likes it). One convenient thing is that her pacifier is caught inside of the straps when she drops it- meaning she can usually find it again herself (or I can grab it really quickly and give it back to her)- it has never dropped out of the carrier.I’ve used this carrier while hiking, at doctors’ appointments, walking around the city, shopping, in airports and on planes (though the flight attendants request you take the child out of it for take off and landing). It’s not particularly convenient to eat with the child in it- for obvious reasons. We usually leave it in the car in the footwell under little one’s car seat to make sure we don’t forget it.The one star I took off is because it always seems to be ever-so-slightly uncomfortable- rubbing behind the arms and pulling a bit at the back of the neck- I don’t know if we have it perennially adjusted incorectly, if our little one just likes to sit asymetrically, or if it is meant for someone a bit smaller than my significant other and myself.

Mariana Bridgeport, NE

I’ve tried many types and this is the one

I had a babyjorn air one from my sister-in-law. It was nice and light and can fold in it’s own pouch. but really, it’s only good for the first few months while baby is small. When my son turned 10 pounds, just walking a mile killed my back.I also tried some moby-type wraps (which I made by cutting some long cotton clothes) which was ok, but it was very hot and tangling with the long strips to tie. It’s not convenient to bring since it’s so dangly. My son also got very hot.I bought and returned the Ergobaby. The straps were so high they dug into his face and he wanted to face out. Also it was tough to unbuckle/buckle the thing on my top shoulder myself.I used this Lillebaby one from about 10 lbs and up and it was best for what’s out there, since it can switch from baby facing in to baby facing out, (also side and back) has good back support and was easy to get in and out. I have very weak back and I had only slight soreness from walking a mile around the park.I have to complain that the buckle in the straps dig in under my shoulder blades. But that’s all. I haven’t used it as much when my son turned 8 months since we usually stroll him now. I do want to try the side and back carry once it is warmer out.

Beulah Luckey, OH

Mixed bag

My experience with this carrier has been mixed. Prior to getting the Lillebaby I exclusively used a Sleepy Wrap (like a Moby) and loved it, but I found as my baby got larger that I wanted something with more support and structure. I liked the Lillebaby because of the many carrying options and the lumbar support.When I first got it I really liked it, I thought this would be the definitive carrier for me. I found it easy to get on and really liked that the baby could face out. But unfortunately after 2 weeks of steady use I found, like another reviewer, that the stitching was coming apart at one of the main pressure points- where the carrier connects to the hip belt. My baby is only 14 pounds so it’s not as though we are pushing the weight limit. I think it’s coming apart because the fabric is not strong enough, it needs to be reinforced. I also found that the shoulder straps were always digging into my arm pits and would never stay in place no matter how much I adjusted them. I’m 5’8″ and have a small frame- I’m not sure what was happening there. Then the head support became floppy after a few uses and didn’t hold the baby’s head up as well, and while I found the back support decent around the house, if I actually went for a walk my back ached terribly. So for all these reasons I decided to return it.After this I tried on an Ergo at a store and was astounded at how much more comfortable it was. I got one off amazon (better color choices) and it’s head and shoulders above this one in quality and comfort. I use it all the time.

Latoya Burke, NY

GREAT carrier!

I can’t say enough about this carrier! It’s easy to use, very lightweight and nice on your back. If you have used any sort of ssc like an Ergo or Beco you wont have any problems with this carrier. If you are new to babywearing then there is a slight learning curve but not bad at all especially being how many different carries you can do with this carrier. The only thing I found a little difficult is the hip carry. I have the “sling” attachment for the hip carry and can’t for the life of me figure out how to use this attachment correctly nor can I find any info or videos online about it. Other then that you can switch from facing in, forward facing and back carry in a jif! Will for sure be keeping this carrier for any future babies

Nell Montpelier, IA

Good carrier, especially for front-facing, a little awkward at times!

I looked at all kinds of different carriers when deciding what to buy. I’ve also been using this Everywear now for 8 months, so I feel pretty comfortable giving a full review of the item. Overall, I think it’s an excellent carrier, for regular use, especially as your baby gets older, but with a few flaws.The biggest advantage is that it allows for a true front-facing position, which my baby prefers to be in now, especially since she’s curious and wants to look around. When she first started off in the carrier, she was content to face me, but now when I carry her inward facing, she’s always twisting her head to look around. Front-facing is a lifesaver! Of all the structured carriers, this one gives the best front-facing position — the problem with the Bjorn is that it carries too much of the baby’s weight on the crotch, which isn’t advisable for good hip development. The lillebaby spreads the weight out, so the baby feels as though its being carried under the armpits or just held up. The Beco Gemini’s frontfacing spread my baby’s legs a little too far wide and the mainbrand carriers that I looked at eg. Ergo didn’t offer a front-facing option. I also looked at ring slings and wraps (I have a Moby as well), and I wanted something a little more secure than strips of fabric.Other Pros – extremely lightweight, due to the reduced padding and thinner straps (see Cons though), the Lillebaby is definitely lighter than other carriers. Has two convenient pockets in the front, which are great for carrying your essentials, and even a diaper change and travel wipes. I regularly go out with just my baby in the carrier. The material itself is cloth, and a soft suede inside, which I like. In terms of adjusting the carrier between different people, my husband and I don’t find it too difficult, it’s just a matter of tightening the straps by yanking a couple of places.Cons — it is a little fiddlier than say, the Ergo because the smaller shoulder pads tend to move around and twist a lot. The straps are thinner, which also makes it hard to put on. I’ve gotten used to it over time, but it is harder than other carriers to put on. Not as good for newborns – I used a Moby for my baby when she was very young because this carrier seemed too big and awkward, and the Moby was snugglier for her. Finally, because the baby is held so close to you (so as to avoid putting weight on the crotch for front-facing), it can get a bit hot.

Maria Wyarno, WY