lillebaby COMPLETE Baby Carrier Original

lillebaby COMPLETE Baby Carrier Original

The Lillebaby Complete baby carrier has been perfected to unsurpassed comfort and functionality – a carrier complete in every way; in comfort, carrying options, adaptability and accessories. It fits tall and petite; it fits newborns and big toddlers; it lets sleeping babies lie and active babies participate by facing forward. The líllébaby® COMPLETETM includes all carrying positions so you decide how you carry your baby. Most importantly the unique cupped seat design facilitates a correct sitting position in every setting and allows infants to maintain a naturally curved spine. It’s complete.

Main features

  • Position carrier with neck support, hood, safety harness, lumbar support, manual
  • From Newborn 7lb to 45lb (3 kg to 20 kg) . No insert needed.
  • Machine wash cold, mild detergent, no bleach, hang dry.
  • Carrying Positions: Front, Hip , or Back.
  • 3D Mesh and 100% cotton.

Verified reviews


Review from a dad

I am a dad of a 5 months old daughter and the review is from my point of view. My wife is pretty happy with the carrier as is. We both agree that it is much more comfortable to use this carrier than others we tried once you got it on. The back support is excellent. The child is comfortable both facing forward and backwards. The quality is good and material is pleasant to touch.One feature that I find hard to use is to buckle-up the belt behind the back. The lock is roughly at the chest level. It is so unnatural to bend you hands backward, to find the belt and then lock it. Same thing when you unlock it. If there is someone around who can help me out, I do not hesitate to ask. If not, I still can do it but it is very hard for me. My wife complains less but may be all women are more use to it than guys. I wish the lock was placed at different location.Other than that – it is a great carrier.*** Update after 9 months of use ****My wife and I are very pleased with this carrier. We use it frequently and keep it in the car so it is ready whenever we go anywhere. It is in great shape and doesn’t show any signs of wear or tear. Recently, we started carrying our daughter on the back and she is pretty happy and comfortable over there. Before we switch to the back position, I eventually got used to unbuckle the lock behind my back. Overall, it is very good product and I would recommend it to my friends.

June Dunmore, WV

Sturdy, Comfortable and Forward Facing, yay!

I love this carrier, bought it after I bought the Ergo after realizing my small baby hated facing my chest. Wish I can take my Ergo back because I haven’t used it for the last few months. I also have a wrap and sling that I stopped using after this carrier.I’ve been using this carrier forward facing with my baby since she was 3/4 months old. She’s comfortable in it and will stays in it as long as I let her. She teethes on the front flap which is why she loves it also. The cotton is soft and sturdy and the burnt Orange color is pretty and neutral, it matches a lot of my clothing, like jeans, black, white, gray, cream, blue. I wanted something more unique than plain black. Good buy, comfortable to wear and easy to use.

Vonda Thayne, WY

Beats the Ergo!

I used to be a total Ergo person as a nanny, but since a friend introduced me to Lillebaby we’ve sold our Ergo on craigslist and now have two of these instead (we have twins). At first glance the Lillebaby and the Ergo seem the same and although they are very similar they’re different in a few crucial ways. The rigid head panel is great for letting the kids nap in the carrier without their heads flopping all over the place, and you don’t need an infant insert which make it feel more secure. We don’t use the face out feature but I know that’s something my friends love. The carrier itself is also slightly longer than the Ergo which means it feels more comfortable in terms of weight distribution. The back lumbar panel doesn’t look like it would do much but I find it’s super comfy, I was surprised how much I liked it. That said, you can take it off if you don’t want to use it. My husband loves this carrier over the Ergo too and he’s 6’0” whereas I’m only 5’3”. Lillebaby all the way!

Christy New Martinsville, WV

Best carrier ever!

Love this! The best carrier out there. We have done several 4000 mile flights with our little one and this makes getting around airports and carrying luggage a sinch. He loves ridding in it still at one year. I’ve tried several different carriers and this one takes the cake by far! And it puts zero strain on my back, don’t even feel a thing. In Love!

Helene Mono Hot Springs, CA

Purchsed on zulily but had to rate it

For the record, I also have a moby wrap, ergo sport, infantino mei tai, and a slinglings padded sling. Out of all the carriers I have, I wish I knew about the lillebaby from the very beginning so I wouldn’t have spent money on the other carriers that aren’t getting anymore use. My husband and I used a moby from the beginning and we were content with it, but getting it on was a PITA to say the least. Along came the mei tai which was easier than the moby but not by leaps and bounds. I refused to buy a glorified pillow (aka ergo insert) in order to start using our ergo from the get go and while in hindsight I might have saved money that way, in the end it led me to the lillebaby.Don’t get me wrong, the ergo is nice and definitely more ergonomic than the popular bjorns, but after a while, the shoulder straps on the performance started to dig in and it wasn’t as comfortable as I’d like. I stumbled across the lillebaby while shopping on zulily and googled reviews. For the price (roughly $60 bucks) it was worth a shot – especially with the forward facing feature. Compared to the ergo sport, this is much more comfortable and it allows me to carry my little one for a considerable amount of time. I do wish it had the front pocket that the ergo has for the sleeping hood but other than that, this is the carrier my husband and I grab for!

Ora Chauncey, OH

Love this!

Bought this when I was flying with my 16mo alone. He has DS so isn’t walking quite yet and this just helped so much through the airport. I use it on walks and I love the versatility of front carry (child can face in or out), back carry and side carry! My son loves being able to face forward and see everything. He gets excited whenever I start to put it on now cause he knows we are going for a walk :-)It’s also very comfortable. I’m 5’10" and it fits nicely without putting to much strain on my shoulders when I carry him.Love this!!

Violet Cumberland Foreside, ME