lillebaby Nordic Carrier

lillebaby Nordic Carrier

For you: Parents tells us the líllébaby NORDIC is the most comfortable baby carrier ever made. The ergonomic design alleviates physical stress as it balances most of baby’s weight to your hips and less on your back and shoulders. With six carrying positions you can alternate positions to avoid repetitive muscle stress and injuries. For baby: The unique carrier seat may be customized to your baby’s size and supports correct sitting positions for baby’s spine, hip, and pelvis growth at each stage. The NORDIC gives you all options to carry your baby in the carrying position she/he prefers, including facing forward. Use the same carrier for your newborn or your toddler – it’s the only carrier you will ever need. Made with extra padded fixed shoulder straps, it is the sturdiest of the líllébabyTM baby carriers. Use it from newborn to 42lb without additional accessories required.

Main features

  • 6 Sitting Positions: Infant Cradle, Front Face in Narrow Seat, Front Face in Wide Seat, Front Face Out, Hip Position and Back
  • Convertible seat can be set to support the correct sitting position for every size and age from birth (7 lbs/3.2 kgs) to 42 pounds/19 kgs.
  • Ergonomic design balances the baby’s weight to wearers’ hips and shoulders, and alleviates physical stress for the wearer.Fixed shoulder pads and built-in foldable neck support.
  • Dual-density neoprene foam-padded waist belt is pre-curved to hug the hips and provide greater comfort and load-carrying control
  • Ergonomic design allows children 6 months and up to sit in the recommended spread-squat position

Verified reviews


Smart and Supportive Carrier!

I love having options and this carrier comes loaded with them. There are six different ways in which to wear your child. I am partial to the front face in support seat position as well as the back position. But I have loved testing out all of the options.The fabric is 100% cotton and machine washable which is huge for when we have spit up issues or a leaky diaper!It has a built in neck support option for younger children. You can snap it into place when needed or snap it down when it is not. Although my little guy is crawling now and doesn’t need the neck support it is nice to have the option (we use this feature when he ends up falling asleep while we are out).This carrier can be used with either a narrow or a wide seating option. Changing the seat is quick and easy.This may seem silly, but one of my favorite features of the Nordic Carrier was the elastic band attached to the end of the straps that allowed the excess fabric to be bundled together. This feature meant that I was not walking around with excess fabric trailing behind me, I was not getting tangles up in strings, and my baby was not pulling the carrier tighter at every available opportunity. There is also an elastic safety band directly below the buckle that is an added safety feature on this carrier. Love it!One great thing about líllébaby and the Nordic Carrier is that there is a wealth of information for this carrier located on the líllébaby website. There are user instructions by age, with picture demonstrations, and videos demonstrations as well.Before I received this baby carrier for review I was using the baby carrier that I bought for myself after I gave birth to my oldest child. He turns three in February, so it is not a super old carrier. I am just amazed at how far carriers have come in just three short years! My old carrier would start to hurt my back within an hour of baby wearing. I can wear my baby around the house for hours without any stress or strain in the Nordic. The líllébaby Nordic carrier is fabulous. It is inexpensive, sturdy, and supportive. What more could you ask for?To view more pictures of this carrier in use and read more about my experience with this carrier you can visit my blog Mom Mart.

Tanya Sarles, ND

Easy to use and baby enjoys!

I bought this carrier after trying 2 other types of carriers (wrap style). This carrier does the job! It’s super easy to put on. Comes with good instructions explaining the different carrying positions. It’s durable and solid. And our 10 mo old son enjoys being in it! I’ve had the carrier for a couple months now, and I love it. It’s comfortable to wear for extended time. Our longest use up to this point has been 4 hrs, with a couple breaks in between. Our son enjoys the "ride" and even falls asleep when it’s nap time, while being carried. I’m pleased with the high quality and durability. And again, it’s comfortable and not hot to wear during warm days. Recommend for mom or dad!

Jaclyn Goodwin, AR

Couldn’t Have Survived Without This!

There weren’t a ton of reviews for this item but we wanted a carrier other than the Moby for our newborn daughter and took a chance on this one…. SO glad we did. This carrier is excellent and I’m not sure how we would have survived the first 3 months without it. My wife wore it every day to get things done around the house and our daughter absolutely loved it. It is padded, comfortable, and does a good job of distributing weight. It would be nice if it had a zipper pocket (I think the non-nordic one has one?). We never really used the forward facing position because it seemed awkward for baby – like it wasn’t good for her spine.Now that our daughter is big enough we’ve switched to an Ergo Sport Carrier because it is so much lighter. I can’t imagine going hiking or walking around in the hot weather wearing the Lillebaby… I’d be drenched in sweat. But I still give it an enthusiastic 5 stars!

Anne Boonsboro, MD

Much preferred to the Bjorn

I got this carrier in response to my upper back hurting from carrying my 6 month old son in the Baby Bjorn. I wanted to replace the Bjorn with something that would distribute the weight to my waist but also provide the flexibility to have the baby ride in several positions such as facing forward (so the Ergo was out). This lillebaby Nordic carrier provided me with all of these requirements. It is comfortable to wear, and once I got used to putting it and baby on, it is easy to use. I have washed it once now in the nearly 10 months that I have had it and it held up fine, except some minor fading. I have recommended this carrier to friends that are having babies and will continue to do so.

Paulette Scalf, KY

Best Baby Carrier ever!

I LOVE this baby carrier! Its like the ergo but better! The best part is that you get extra support around your hips which takes the weight off of your back. There are multiple carrying positions and it even allows you to put the baby forward facing unlike the Ergo. It costs less and does more! Why would you not buy this?

Corine Albrightsville, PA

Great for everyday use!

Love this carrier! I have only had it for about a week now, but I use it once a day and my baby loves it! Its a little hard to put on by yourself, but I have problems with most soft carriers and their clips. I also wish it came in fun colors

Selena Chaplin, KY

Works for what we needed

We are huge fans of taking the little one wherever we go in the easiest way possible. I purchased this carrier primarily for my husband (I wanted a Moby for me and figured he’d like something a little more manly) because of the many different ways it can be worn. Our 2 week old son LOVES it. He rides around the house with Daddy, comfortably snoozing, and I use it to keep him close, safe, and comfortable at the grocery store. It can be a little difficult to put on yourself, but the ease of adjustments and the overall utility of the carrier outweigh those difficulties in my mind.As a general overview, you can use this carrier with a newborn (ours was 8lbs 1oz at birth, and closer to 7.5lbs when he went grocery shopping) as it has the full head support, and as the baby grows and transitions to supporting his own head, you can take the top down so the baby faces out. You can also put this thing on your side and back, and i’m sure there are quite a few other ways to wear it that the manufacturer just didn’t think about, but we haven’t gotten that far yet. Overall, very pleased with this purchase.

Staci Manila, UT