Little Carr Cover Me Strap, Classic Pink Cover

Little Carr Cover Me Strap, Classic Pink Cover

Nurse privately with the convenient Cover-Me. Simply attach to any blanket and you’re ready to nurse baby while staying securely covered. Compact, sturdy, sporty, and versatile, the Cover-Me is the solution to your nursing cover needs. The Cover-Me can also be used for more than just a nursing cover. Use it to create a sun shade for the stroller, a bib for a toddler, or a lovey leash. The uses are limitless. How many ways will you use your Cover-Me?

Main features

  • Quickly and easily converts any baby blanket into a secure and private nursing cover^100% polyester excluding hardware^Hand wash hang dry

Verified reviews


Great idea but eh.

I love the concept of this product. It works like it says. Strong clips and a good length for around the neck of a nursing mama. I think that the adjuster buckle slips a little too and the fabric used could be a bit sturdier. It’s not going to rip or anything but it gets twisted easily when not in use. It’s basically a ribbon with some plastic pieces. I found that by the time I got this (and a blanket) all set up for nursing in public, it ended up being more of a hassle than anything. I tried to leave it set on a blanket so I could pop it over my head quickly but that takes up just as much space in the diaper bag as a pricey nursing cover. Eh. I wouldn’t buy again.

Dana Ware, MA

Not convenient for use

This strap is not efficient for snapping on, you can’t really use it when you have a baby in one hand… poor design. I ended up never using it and buying a nursing cover

Lena Gilman, IA

Nursing must-have!

So simple and compact, no need to carry an extra bulky nursing cover around. And baby cannot pull the blanket off while nursing, and I can use it as a toy strap as well. One of the best baby purchases!

Jeannette Mesquite, NV

Nursing Dream

“This was great. It turned a muslin swaddle into a nursing cover. perfect for the summer when a hotter cover was too much. I got a few to stash in extra bags, car etc so i would never be without a cover for baby.

Alicia Wiconisco, PA

Five Stars

Works well

Caroline Waterloo, NE

What you see is what you get

This works and is easy to use. I use it with Aden & Anais swaddles. It fits nicely in my diaper bag and I’m glad I don’t have any kind of fancy breastfeeding cover. It’s cute and easy to use and you won’t be disappointed.

Rhea Bon Air, AL

Love it

Turns any size blanket into a breastfeeding cover. I have some muslin blankets that are oversized and with this thing it makes a great lightweight cover.

Estelle Washington, TX

Must have product with great customer service!

I have a Little Carr CoverMe strap and Latchon nursing blanket strap. They are both nice products but this one is probably the most versatile due to the adjustability factor. I originally had one of these for my first child in 2008 but lost it and had to order a second for my new child. Unfortunately, when that one came the adjuster buckle was so loose that it would not stay where I put it. I contacted the company and they promptly offered a replacement. This strap is perfect and I am happy to support a company that stands behind their products. This strap is great because it is lightweight, adjustable and the clips stay firmly in place and cannot be kicked off by your child. That being said, it is difficult to put the strap on one handed but can be done. This isn’t a problem for me as I put the strap on my blanket before I begin feeding my child, problem solved. The Latchon strap has its advantages in that it is softer and clips easier. However, those clips can pop off easily if your child squirms just the right way and its a bulkier product. Also it is not adjustable. Overall, I prefer the CoverMe strap. This is a must have product. I have tried to use a traditional nursing cover, they can be suffocatingly hot even indoors and it’s one more thing to have to carry. I pair my strap with a lightweight muslin blanket and we are cool, comfortable and covered. To me those apron style nursing covers are more obvious than a simple blanket.

Tania Axis, AL

A versatile little clip

When I first got the item, I thought it was much too short. However, after clipping it on the receiving blanket to try it out, it was perfect. The clips are strong and I can see it being used to clip a small toy to the stroller. I have also clipped it to the stroller while having my older child hold on to the other end…making it much easier to push the stroller.The ribbon is a bit slippery, as another reviewer mentioned, so it won’t hold the length that you’ve adjusted IF you tug or pull on it. If you’re just using this as a nursing cover, it shouldn’t be a problem. I also thought it was a bit pricey for what you get.

Debbie Fruitvale, ID

Convenient, Economical, Space Savvy

Those would be a few quick descriptive words of this product. Before I found these, I had been looking at the expensive nursing covers that run anywhere from $25-$40. But then I came across these little gems.I had already purchasedaden + anais 4 Pack Muslin Swaddle Wrap, Jungle Jamand I knew that paired with this clip, one of these would make a perfect nursing cover. For those of you who don’t own at least one of these blankets yet I HIGHLY encourage you to check them out – they are WONDERFUL! I really love this combo as they are huge so they provide plenty of coverage – 47×47 plus they are light and breathable so you don’t feel like you are suffocating baby, especially in warm weather. Of course you could use any blanket you want, but I would really suggest an Aden + Anais because of the size and breathe-ability.Anyway, I already knew I would have at least one or two of these blankets with me if we were out anywhere. One stuffed in the diaper bag and one one tucked around baby. The clip itself is easy enough to use. You just open the clasp, slide the blanket in and close it. You could definitely do it one handed if you had to. Why would I want to invest in yet another separate nursing cover with no other function other than that when a blanket and this clip can do the exact same thing? I’m really glad someone thought enough to create this – its a real space and money saver!

Celeste Purgitsville, WV