Little Dundi My Early Steps Baby Walker, Gray

Little Dundi My Early Steps Baby Walker, Gray

My Early Steps is a soft-structured baby walker for use with infants who have demonstrated an ability to stand while supporting themselves against furniture or holding onto an adult’s hand. This is indicative of completed changes in bodily proportion and sufficient leg muscle strength needed to enable the ability to balance in upright posture. My Early Steps is recommended for use with infants with a minimum chest circumference of 19 inches, weighing less than 30 pounds, and at least 8 months old. The unique shell design promotes a natural posture for baby – the arms are used for balancing, which is key to maintaining balance while transitioning from one foot to the other, and the risk of shoulder dislocation caused by assisting adults pulling on baby’s arms is minimized. Baby receives visual feedback related to each step as the view of baby’s feet is unobstructed. The processing of such visual feedback by the brain is essential for independent walking. The adult also benefits from maintaining a natural, upright posture while using the walker. The lower part of the walker absorbs part of baby’s weight and prevents the top part from gathering up under baby’s arms during use, causing them to extend upwards. The wide leg openings allow for free leg movement and baby can gradually build up the upper muscle strength required for independent walking. The most unique feature of My Early Steps is the three-point fastening on the back. Situated close to the center of gravity of the baby it includes the lower point of attachment of the support straps. This is important because babies’ center of gravity lies much higher than that of adults, making them top heavy. Positioning the point of attachment of the support straps close to the center of gravity affords better control for the adult and increased support for the top heavy infant. The support straps are easily removable and adjustable in length to accommodate adults of various heights. Babies can frequently tire of walking practice and want to switch to crawling. It is possible to let baby crawl without undue risk of entanglement – no need to remove the entire baby walker from baby, only the support straps. The three-point fastening allows for adjustments for baby’s height and chest circumference (or thicker outerwear) and makes it possible to create a snug fit

Main features

  • Best performing soft structured walker on the market – designed to cradle baby’s entire torso
  • Fastening on back situated close to baby’s high center of gravity for superb control
  • Removable holding straps are situated away from baby’s ears, no undesired rubbing during use
  • Safety tested; Complies with key US and EU standards; Health Canada approved

Verified reviews


Saves the back and helps baby walk better on her own

No more bending over to hold your baby. This helps save your back. Especially good for grandma so she doesnt have to bend over and dad who is tall. And helps baby learn how to better balance using her arms without you grabbing her under the armpits. Baby has freedom to move and run around and you have peace of mind holding baby safely. If your baby is like mine and is running before learning to walk, this is a good thing to have onhand. It probably isn’t something you’ll use for a long time because once your baby learns how to balance on her own, you probably won’t need this anymore but it will come in handy for a month or two when your baby starts teetering and tottering about. Wish it weren’t so pricey though. That’s why I didn’t give this 5 stars.

Diann Le Mars, IA

Saves the Back

I like this item for assisting little ones in learning to walk, but it must be used regularly to achieve the best results. Little ones should have accomplished their sense of balance before seriously using this for a true walking experience.

Candy Lamartine, PA

Love it

It is perfect because it provides good support for their little bodies so it makes it safer for them to use it.It also doesn’t cut underarms circulations and doesn’t make their hands go up all the time as the ones without the bottom part(like the walking wings that I previously tried as well).It lets them do the work when walking, helping with finding the balance. A physiotherapist told me that we do most of the work for them when their little hands are raised above the head(like the most common thing that happens when we held the little ones’s hands when they are trying to walk :-)).I like the fact that it has Velcro on the back so if you have a very tiny baby you can still use it as it can adjust very small(my little one is weighting only 7.5kg at 1 year old).Easy to use and wash.Definitely prefer this over the Walking wings.

Concepcion Scenic, SD

Daughter couldn’t stand being in harness

Our daughter did not like being in the harness. She would just fight it so we just bought her theHape Wonder Walkerand feel this was more of a developmental tool to aid in her learning how to walk. Plus the walker is really a work of art in our eyes. It is simple and beautifully crafted at the same time. It is very stable and my daughter enjoys pushing it around along with all of her toys.

Germaine Kennedy, AL

Great carrier/walker!

So easy to put on baby and he loves it!At first, he thought it was a jumper, but caught on!

Lois Milltown, KY

Wasn’t comfy

I think my girl felt very constrained in this, and she did overheat a lot, so it was a relief when it was taken off. Opt for a belt/walker that just straps them around the chest and arms.

Sharon Etna, WY

Non-starter for our 1-year-old

Maybe we started her on this too late. She as already walking on her own at 12 months and we just wanted an easier way to hold on to her. But she HATED it. Tried it twice and had to return it. The quality was nice…. I think it was just our kid that didn’t like it at all.

Loraine Alcoa, TN


Ordered this because my DD likes to lock her legs and stand at 5mo. It is a little big (since it is made for older babies) but we still play in it some times. She loves it.

Abigail Dover, MA

Leans the baby forward to walk

I love the concept of this but to keep the straps out of the baby’s way they are too far back so it pitches the baby forward which partially defeats the purpose of it. I do like being able to straighten my back for a few minutes while the baby walks… But I wish the walking was more natural/upright vs leaning forward.Separately, this is pretty easy to get the baby in/out of if they are laying down (ideally on their belly). It also has detachable straps if you wanted to keep your baby in the body harnesses while crawling (although why you would do that I have no idea since it is pretty bulky for crawlers).

Eunice Ernest, PA

OK product

The design is good, but for some reason my baby hates it and we do not use it a lot and now my baby can walk by himself pretty well.

Rhea Olean, MO