Little Luxe Infant Car Seat Handle Arm Cushion, Black

Little Luxe Infant Car Seat Handle Arm Cushion, Black

Little Luxe Infant Car Seat Handle Arm Cushion Tote your tot in comfort and style. The Little Luxe Comfy Cushion’s universal design allows you to attach it to any infant car seat handle alleviating inner arm pain from carrying a heavy infant car seat. This stylish and innovative arm cushion is simple and easy to use. All you have to do is wrap the arm cushion around the handle of the car seat and secure it with the strong velcro closure. The reversible arm cushion is generously padded for comfort, includes two toy loops for attaching baby’s favorite travel toys allowing visual stimulation for baby. It comes in a variety of custom fabrics made of 100% cotton and designed exclusively by Little Luxe. The Arm Cushion is perfect for travel, is machine washable and fully reversible. The Little Luxe arm cushion is a must have for any new mom and makes a great baby shower gift. Visit for more information on Itzy Ritzy and our extensive line of products.

Main features

  • Thick foam padding for comfort
  • Universal fit for use on any infant car seat carrier
  • Reversible with same pattern on each side
  • Includes two (2) toy loops to attach baby’s favorite toy
  • 100% cotton with a strip of super soft minky fabric

Verified reviews


Never used

This product was completely unnecessary. I never even used it once. It was very well made, looked nice and was functional it just wasn’t really needed by my family.

Vilma Stites, ID


Thanks to this little cushion I still have blood flow in my arm after carrying my 4 month old around in her car seat! I wish I would have thought of it, its a great idea and a must for every new mom. My only hack is that the spot where the velcro comes together tends to slip around often and there is no cushion there so its like its not even there, but otherwise if you keep it in place it is an arm saver!

Terra Goodwater, AL


I purchased this because I had heard great things about car seat handle arm cushions. The price was right on the Little Luxe. It works but was clumsy for us. We didn’t carry the car seat with our arm hooked under and this just got in the way. The toy links made our toys too low and they would have hit our LO in the face. We used this for a month and then gave up. The fabric was nice but looked old quickly.

Augusta Geddes, SD

Super Cute

This definitely met my expectations and is super cute on the carseat. It’s very softy and cushy and will make the car seat easier to carry for sure. Would definitely recommend this product to others. Also, the price is very good in comparison of some of the other brands I’ve seen, and the quality is still in target.

Socorro Udall, KS

Makes a big difference!

I love it! It makes a huge difference! And my 3-month old baby loves looking at it! :)I was skeptical about it at first – it is not cheap. But it is worth it! And it looks really neat.

Freda Rockford, MN

Relief at last!

I literally had bruises on my arm from carrying my son until I got this. It gets in the way of some of those cute car seat covers though. It also can slip around a bit if you don’t put it on tight enough. All in all, worth every penny and I’m getting some for gifts!

Shelley Hugheston, WV

great deal

This is exactly what I wanted and the price is great compared to other sites and in store. I would definitely recommend getting one of these to ease discomfort of carrying a heavy carrier! It’s a most have.

Young Dayhoit, KY