Little Partners Learning Tower Kids Adjustable Height Kitchen Step Stool for Toddlers or Any Little Helper – Natural

Little Partners Learning Tower Kids Adjustable Height Kitchen Step Stool for Toddlers or Any Little Helper – Natural

“Let me do it!” Boy, we sure do hear that a lot from our kids. As they grow, that fierce independence gets stronger and stronger. Now, with the Little Partners Step Stool they finally CAN do it, and with the solid wood construction, they can do it safely. When you receive your stool, be sure to open it right away. Admire the finely crafted 100% wood build and adjustable steps. Take it out of the box and assemble it. Take note of how sturdy it is. Notice how it supports your weight, your little one’s and any other family member. Supporting up to 250lbs, this will be the last stool you ever need. What sets Little Partners ahead of the pack is the tongue in groove assembly that makes for serious strength and stability for you and your child. Other stools just can’t measure up to our quality craftsmanship. Do you need just a couple more inches to quietly and comfortably lay baby in her crib? This stool is designed to be used by both children and adults, so now it’s easier than ever to put the little one down for a nap. This versatile step stool will come in handy in any room of the house. Use it in the nursery, the kitchen OR the bathroom. You may even consider getting two… Click the “Order Now” Button. Watch your little partner grow….and let us help.

Main features

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  • Wood
  • CHECK OUT OUR LEARNING TOWER ADD-ONS – A great way to enhance our experience with the Learning Tower is with our Art Easels and Playhouse kits. These add-ons increase functionality and give your kids even more fun things to do with the Learning Tower.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA – Perfect for the curious little learner in your family. No more peaking over the edge of the counter. The Learning Tower sits flush with the edge of most counters and kitchen islands.
  • HIGH QUALITY – Sturdy wood construction. Made from layered Birch & Poplar with a non-toxic, lead-free finish that cleans easily.
  • TOP RATED KITCHEN HELPER STEP STOOL – Parents, caregivers, teachers and chefs agree this is the BEST kids step stool for learning and safe nurturing of your child’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge.
  • BOND WITH YOUR CHILD – Teach them how to cook. Have some fun rolling pizza dough together or using the cookie cutter for holiday cookies. Teach them responsibility too. The learning tower is also a great tool to teach your kids how to clean up and wash dishes.

Verified reviews


very stable & sturdy BUT design flaw with feet

Overall this is a great product. It looks nice, and it is very stable and sturdy and with a bit of practice young children can happily help themselves in and out.Issues:- First, the pictures you see on some sites that show twin girls standing in it, who are at least 3 or 4 years of age, is not realistic. Two 2yr olds can stand in it, if they cooperate with each other. With bigger kids only one will comfortably fit.-Second, some pictures show this item with feet that only stick out from the two longer sides. In reality, there is another set of feet that stick out from the shorter sides. This is a good thing for stability but doubles the tripping hazard.- Lastly, the big problem is the tripping hazard. Some reviewers seem to find it amusing that they trip on it until they’re used to it. I could learn to avoid the Tower’s feet myself. But my toddlers cannot remember, and my toddlers are constantly catching their feet on the Tower’s feet and falling. This is not amusing to me at all. This design flaw could easily be fixed by the manufacturer. Presently the Tower’s feet are vertical pieces of wood. The vertical part catches your toes without warning if you walk too close to the tower. However, if the Tower’s feet were angled to the ground on all sides, like a hill, your toes would feel the rising incline and would not be caught suddenly with no warning. I tried to reduce the tripping hazard by clipping a blanket around all sides but I cannot find a way to secure the blanket tight enough to do the job. I may try a rubberized mat and a staple-gun to secure it. I’ll have to do something with it, or it has to go.

Tonia Northport, WA

I love it, but has serious safety issues.

This product was recommended by a Montessori link, and that is why I gave it a try. For the most part, I love it! I get my son to help me cook, mix, wash dishes, and otherwise mingle in all kitchen-related tasks. He learns to help, feels important by contributing to the meal, and also becomes more adventurous in his tastes. He likes to try everything I am working on – and has tasted everything from raw bell peppers, flour, freshly chopped onions (he was not happy about that). It is a lifesaver for all moms trying hard to put a meal on the table with a little one underfoot.I must complain about the design, however, because it is a serious one: it has four big openings on each side where the whole child can fit (and fall). My boy is 21 months now, in 90th percentile for height and weight, and has fallen twice (he kneeled to pick up something, lost balance, and fell backwards). I was right there, and was able to break his fall, but had I been a few feet away, he would have plopped his head on the tile floor. The second time, he slipped on a piece of tomato he had dropped on the tower floor. I was perfectly aware of the possibility of falling through these openings when I first got the product, so I always kept a foot behind the tower just in case this would happen.One way we solved this problem was by buying the easel that fits in one of the big openingsLittle Partners Art Easel – Natural. Then we push the tower against the kitchen cabinets, which takes care of the other big opening. The smaller side openings are less of a concern, but still you need to supervise closely. The easel is a great purchase, especially since it is magnetic. I believe Costco sells the tower and the easel bundled together.Bottom line, I highly recommend this product with the caveat that you either need to buy the easel, or somehow rig some sort of a barrier around the tower to prevent falling. Little Partners needs to fix this problem. Perhaps for older children this is not an issue, but I see here that many reviewers have gotten it for smaller toddlers.UPDATENow that my kid is 2.5 years old, the safety issues mentioned above are not a problem. He can climb inside and get out on his own and can even push the tower to the spot he is trying to get (a bit of a problem if unsupervised). However, I am much more convinced that this is not for young toddlers. I am much more satisfied with the tower now. He likes it a lot too.

Hillary Catonsville, MD

Great purchase!

Pros:-So much fun! We’ve only had it for two days and my 21 month old is constantly climbing into it. She loves being up high and seeing what’s going on. So far we’ve made muffins, used the counter to eat breakfast off of, and bathed her newborn baby brother on the island together. The first day she spent about 3 hours in it!-Your kid isn’t under foot when you’re trying to get stuff done in the kitchen, especially dangerous things like opening the oven door and unloading breakable/sharp items from the dishwasher.-Because my daughter likes hanging out in it and can see, she’s not fussing while I’m trying to work in the kitchen. She used to follow me around with her arms in the air crying “up. up. up.” and now she just climbs into the tower. Of course it’s great to include your kid in whatever activity you’re doing since it is the “learning” tower, but sometimes you just need to get the job done and this allows you to do so. I can accomplish so much now while she’s happily playing in it.-Good, sturdy, material-The child won’t outgrow it for many years-Looks nice in the kitchenCons:-Expensive-My daughter can push it around the kitchen and therefore reach surfaces I’d rather her stay away from. We’re going to try putting felt or rubber on the bottom and see if that helps.-Takes a little practice learning how to get in and out of. My daughter has gotten out on her own a few times, but usually yells for help. She does great getting in, but one time when we had the platform lower she did a face plant and busted her lip. She bends forward onto the platform and just throws her whole body onto it. I’m sure she’ll have it figured out in a couple days though.-Other reviews state that the feet stick out and can be a tripping hazard. According to the manufacturer’s website those feet are optional. We left them off and it seems plenty sturdy.

Lillian Geneseo, NY

No more falling

This is very sturdy and we use it daily for helping in the kitchen, working on the computer, and washing hands. Love it.

Bessie Ruidoso, NM

Fantastic for littles and bigs alike!

We have had the Learning Tower now for a few years, and my 2.5 and 5.5 year old both love it. Yes, of course you need to supervise your kids. There are openings so you need to teach your children to be mindful of them. But this tower is certainly a million times safer than pulling up a dining chair to stand on. It’s sturdy and stable, has several height levels that work for little and big kids alike, and it’s really been fantastic for us. It’s pretty easy to adjust the base to different height levels, and this thing has never even so much as wobbled. We do not have the ‘stabilizing’ pieces on the bottom and it’s been fine without them. Sometimes my kids help in the kitchen, sometimes they just watch, and the rest of the time the tower is in use as a fort or nap space for a stuffed animal or any of about a million creative play uses. I was hesitant about the price of this item as well, but received it as a gift from Grandma, and can now certainly say we’d have paid for it with our own cash, knowing what we know now! Really fantastic item for the home, whether it’s used for the kitchen or creative play. With the easel this thing would be worth its weight!

Jamie Seanor, PA

Love it!

I bought this directly from Little Partners, as the color I wanted was not available on Amazon at the time. And I have to say that this is one of the best purchases I have ever made. It was very easy to assemble, very well made, sturdy and my daughter loves it. She is 17 months old and always wants to be with me in the kitchen. This keeps her active, but off the counters, and she uses it multiple times per day. It is an investment, but one that is totally worthwhile.

Nell Dyersburg, TN

It’s huge.

I’m not sure why I didn’t listen to the other reviewers who pointed out exactly the same thing. I am stubborn I guess. It looked like the solution to our little monkey boy’s incessant need to be up high and climbing on everything. His eyes did light up when he saw it. He’ll be a year old this weekend. I know 18mos and older is what it says. He’s been using my step ladder since he was about 9mos old. I just about fainted the first time I saw him push it over to where he wanted to go and then proceed to climb right up it. Did I mention he can’t walk yet? Somehow he climbs like a gibbon. This tower is heavy and too big for a normal size kitchen. If you have a large kitchen no problem. We have a home built in the 50’s with a decent size kitchen but not the open floor plan kind. With regards to the tower itself it is amazingly solid. You do not need the little extra feet that people keep tripping over. If that is worrying you buy on. In fact you can buy mine off of me. As an example, if I put him at the sink with me, he and the tower take up the entire sink and I can’t reach anything. They need to make a middle class size one, slightly lower price and that fits in a normal size kitchen.****update a few months after owning this****I cannot imagine living without this thing. Really. I’ve just grown used to it’s presence. It is now known affectionately as his “deer stand”

Colette Southport, CT

Worth Every Penny

Every time I would try to cook, my 16 month old would physically pull me by my thigh away from the counter and demand to be picked up to see what I was doing. I got nothing done or had to listen to screaming. Now I put him in the Learning Tower, give him a wooden spoon and he just eats all the ingredients. We also use it to wash his hands. He still screams when we wash his hands, but at least I am not trying to hold his body weight in one arm while washing with the other. (He is a handful.)On my husband’s watch, he fell out of it so don’t turn your back on a toddler in it. We wrapped it in bunge cords to prevent a reocurrance until he is older. Easy assembly, quick ship. You will stub your toe a few times on the legs. We would not want to live with out this.

Aisha Benicia, CA

Excellent quality, fun for little ones

We got this for our daughter’s 2nd birthday, and she absolutely LOVES it. She and our older daughter (3 1/2) stand on it together, and it’s about the only time they get along. There’s so much for them to see and do while I make dinner and bake cookies. They even play in it when I’m not there, pretending it’s a fort with a blanket on top, a bedroom for dolls, or a library for books. They just don’t get tired of it, which is saying a lot for 2 & 3 1/2-yr-olds.We got both the art easel and the play kit with our tower. The chalk board/dry erase easel is easily worth the extra cost. They enjoy coloring on both sides, one girl sitting inside coloring with chalk and the other standing outside drawing with dry-erase markers. It comes with a powerful magnet to hold paper for painting (works on both sides), but we haven’t used that feature yet. I envision a big mess with little girls their age, so we’re waiting a little on that.The play kit is not something that attaches easily, so I don’t see using it much until they’re older. It’s kind of a lot of work setting it up, and for the effort, it doesn’t keep them very busy at their young ages.I’m not sure I would have put a child younger than 2 in it, though it’s rated for 18 months+. My 2-yr-old can climb in and out, but I don’t think a younger tot would have the strength or agility to do it themselves.Very pleased with this purchase, and daughter is delighted with her birthday present. And getting something she can share with her sister is great too.

Noemi Sweet Home, TX

Perfect for toddler

Perfect for toddler, my son loves cookingWell made, quality wood, sturdywould recommend using extra side pieces for stability

Tonya Houtzdale, PA

Perfect investment

The little partners learning tower is a prefect investment. It was easy to assemble And I know that my daughter will be safe while she’s using it. With her at that stage of wanting to know everything that is going on we are unable to hold her when we’re in the kitchen cooking or doing other tasks with this she can actually stand up and view everything at a good level. It is also now easier to get to the sink to wash her hands with and help us with any other types of crafts that we may need.

Shelley Lublin, WI

Love it

Our relatives have one of these for their children and after seeing how much use they got out of it, we decided to order one. Certainly they are not inexpensive, but the quality is worth the price. Our son loves using this to be able to help out cooking dinner etc. Very versatile and will get years of use at our house!

Herminia Whitinsville, MA

BIG and expensive, but worth it!

I hesitated before purchasing this, because of the size (it really is huge!), weight (it’s really heavy!), and price (it’s expensive!). However, I decided to go ahead and try it, because my little ones are forever wanting to come up and help with cooking, washing dishes, or just watch what I’m doing.It is very sturdy – and I do mean VERY sturdy! One reason for the weight and size, I supposed…It easily holds two of my kids at the same time, and they can actually all four fit in and still are able to turn around and move, so it really is very big. This is an advantage if you are wanting to put more than one child in it, or want them to be able to play in it (with the little lemonade stand cover that you can purchase for it), but it is a strong disadvantage if you have a small (especially narrow width) kitchen. We have a pretty narrow kitchen, and it takes up half the width, and due to the weight, is a real pain to have to move out of the way to put dishes away, open the oven, etc, but we love it anyway. It is very difficult to move and maneuver, due to the weight and shape of the item, but we have used it every day, literally, since we got it in. The first one arrived with a defective piece, and we called Little Partners directly. Their customer service was superb, and they even included the little lemonade stand part for free, as an apology for the hassle. I highly recommend both their product and their customer service! It is so great to be able to put my kids up in this to help in the kitchen, knowing that they are safely out of harm’s way from the stove but are still near enough to be able to actively help. The part they stand on is height adjustable, so I can put it at a height that places them at the perfect level by the counter to be able to see well. They love it and so do I. It is built very sturdily, and allows my kids to be active participants in the kitchen. The only other gripe I have about it is that the design of the part where they stand could be better. Because of all of the cracks and crevices, food gets stuck in the cracks very easily, and is not easy to clean out. If there would be a way for them to change the design so that there would not be so many cracks for food, it would be better…overall, we are very happy with it, and feel that even though it’s on the pricey side, it’s worth the cost in the long run, as it has completely solved our issues with our kids wanting to be up by us, but not wanting them standing on an unstable stool, or a chair with no guard to keep them from falling off…it provides a safe place for my to put my youngest two kids while I’m working in the kitchen, so they’re not running around the house, unsupervised, while I’m busy. This alone makes it worth the price.

Ann Wapwallopen, PA

Great idea

My daughter is 16 months old and hates to be on the ground playing while my husband and I cook dinner. This has been a great solution to that problem however my only complaint is that the holes on the sides are very large and she could easily fall thru. We have cardboard covering up the holes right now. I am hoping the company that makes this has a better long term solution. Otherwise this product is great and very well made.

Shanna Gilman, WI

Great piece of children’s furniture, well made & worth the price!

I have wanted one of these since my oldest son was little(he’s 9 years old now!). Either we didn’t have the money, didn’t have a kitchen, or didn’t have a BIG enough kitchen to get one. We have a little one now and have a new home with a big open kitchen, so I figured why not? They sell for practically full price used, so if we didn’t like it we could resell it with little loss.We just got ours 2 days ago. We won’t be selling it anytime soon. We love it! Instead of just watching us in the kitchen sitting on the counter, our 2yo actually can help out. He has rinsed off dishes, made PB & J, sprinkled cheese on bread, stirred juice, beat eggs, and sorted frozen fruit. Then we took the platform out & put the included star cloth cover on top of the tower. He & his brother played for literally hours in it like that.Sure, it’s pricey. It’s super heavy & well made. And it grows with your child. And you can sell it for half to 3/4 what you paid new. It takes up about as much space as a regular sized table chair, so it isn’t super duper huge but it is big & heavy. We put cloth sliders under ours to save our wood floors & make it easier to move.Parts are great! They give you an extra set of allens & extra screws & washers. Instructions are easy to read & follow. Based on other reviewers, we left off the side fins on the base of the feet. It comes with a really cool blue cloth with stars printed on it for extended play. My boys really like that part:)

Fay Yutan, NE

The perfect solution

I bought this for when my grandson comes over. With this tower I no longer need to worry about him trying to use a chair to get to the counter and toppling over. He is 2 1/2 and short for his age but with this he is the perfect height to help me in the kitchen. The platform has adjustments so this will last us for many years. It was expensive but well worth the cost. My husband put it together in about 15 minutes.

Carolina Grover, CO

Great, Safe PlaySpace

We love this tower and were thrilled to receive it as a present. It is very well made and has a sturdy design. It isn’t lightweight (a plus) but an adult can move it. We have a small kitchen but still make it work. We look forward to using the art attachment as well.Also, these retain great resell value after your toddler outgrows it.

Camilla Kew Gardens, NY

Perfect for little chefs

I finally broke down and bought a learning tower when my son refused to let me cook unless he could see what I was doing. What a fantastic item! It is bulky, but we have a very large, open kitchen. I like the dark cherry color, but it doesn’t match my kitchen as well as I was hoping. It is darker than our cabinets and table. Now that I know it doesn’t match, I wish I would have bought one of the colors instead (blue, green, or red). Regardless, it is a well-built piece, so it doesn’t bother me. My son is only 18 mos, and he quickly figured out how to get in and out of the tower without assistance. My 4 year old niece is also a fan. I definitely see us using this for many years.I did a lot of research before deciding to buy the learning tower over similar products. My two biggest reasons for paying the extra money to get the learing tower were that (1) it is large enough for 2 kids to stand in it at the same time and (2) it felt much sturdier than some of the collapsible versions. I highly recommend this product if you have a big kitchen. Your child will love "cooking" alongside you every evening.

Nikki Rush Springs, OK

horrible smell from paint

The tower is very nice and does its job. BUT the paint smell is impossible! I wish i would ordered the natural finish and not a color.It is winter time and my house has all the windows closed. The smell cant go anywhere, I even got a migraine.I wouldnt recommend any color, get the natural finish.

Vanessa Sigel, IL

I can get so much done with this!

This has been a GREAT buy for us. Our toddler LOVES to stand at the counter in the tower to eat as well as to play, much prefers it to the high chair. Unlike a chair the tower has 4 sides to prevent falling and stumbling, and a wide stable base so no wobbling. It takes up some room but even if I had a small kitchen I’d still buy this because it’s been so useful. I love that it can be turned into a little house just by throwing a small blanket over the top, and it is SUPER easy to change the height of the base, no tools needed. Honestly I have no complaints about this product, it’s so well made and provides so much entertainment. We just leave it out all the time, it’s always getting used.

Cassie Lebanon, TN


Reva Mont Vernon, NH

This has been the BEST purchase ever

We love this Learning Tower! We got is for our daughter at 18months. She always wanted to be held so she could see what was going on in the kitchen. I would end up cooking dinner with one hand. Now she can climb in her self and loves to help with the cooking. We put felt feet on the bottom and slide it all over the kitchen.Great quality.We ordered it in black… My only disappointment is the large logo printed in bright white in several area.We also got the chalk board that attaches. She loves it!We would defiantly recommend this product.

Esmeralda Holiday, FL

great tower for toddlers

My two year old loves going up in the tower to help and be part of dinner prep and just part of the action. Well made and durable, not too hard to assemble.

Tania Johnsburg, NY

Better than a gate, and works for two kids (new tips in edit)

So after spending about $150 on a huge gate that blocked off my kitchen, we moved and I bought yet another gate, then a third, all looking for a way to keep my kids safe. The problem was, we all kept tripping on the gates and slamming our toes into the bars on each side. We had a small step ladder, but when both boys fought to use it at the same time, it was time to finally get the learning tower. Both boys can use it at once, and the nice thing is, between hanging on my leg, or climbing up here to watch me, guess which they choose, EVERY TIME? Yep, the tower. I have a small kitchen, so the real estate loss is a bit tough, but I now have a two year old that helps me make coffee, smoothies, shreds lettuce, and likes to help set the table. The gate is gone, and all of us are so much happier. It holds 500 pounds, so my husband even uses it to reach the high shelves. My biggest regret is how long i waited to get this. I should have had this on the baby registry.Edit:*Since this is wood, I get a little nervous when the kiddos splash water on this, and used a pet mat on this as a non-skid surface when they are “helping” to wash dishes. But today, I realized some newspaper served the same purpose once the surface was a bit wet, and when they were done, I tossed the paper – instant clean up! Now I need a six rating.*Don’t forget to babyproof the counter before you let them “work” with you. My toddler just cleaned my coffee grinder with dish soap!

Lana Woodland, GA

Thrilled 18 month old

I love this product. Very sturdy, provides much needed hands free time while in the kitchen. 18 month old loves that he can stand and watch or "participate" in the action. Would definitely recommend!

Janna Cushing, MN