Little Tikes Discover Sounds Cell Phone

Little Tikes Discover Sounds Cell Phone

Little Tikes lets kids play grown up with their own set of fun gadgets, tools and musical instruments. These toys are inspired by the real world devices that intrigue curious little minds and hold children’s attention with buttons, lights and most of all sound. Cell Phone number and key buttons activate lights and sounds. Calls out numbers 0-9. Talk button activates “hello.” Fun and playful Mylar Mirror Screen. Realistic flip style phone- Just like Mommy and Daddy’s phone. Durable soft textured vinyl grip handle easily fits little hands. 2 AA Batteries. Recommended Ages: 6 months & up.

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Verified reviews


Just alright

I have to admit, what attracted me the most was the price, I was looking for a cellphone toy for my 6 month old boy and this one was the cheapest.On the positive side, this toy seems really steady which is good. The rubber is good to chew on, which is nice because my little boy like to chew on everything. The mirror is also a nice addition.On a more “negative” side, I was surprised by the low volume of it, sometime baby’s toys are loud and annoying, but this one is really to quiet, you can not almost hear it. The sounds are also very limited.The cellphone is pretty bulky as well and it made it a little bit difficult to handle with little hands. And to finish I don’t think this toy are really a educational value, I could have a little bit if you could hear the numbers, but that’s not the case.Would I recommended it, not really.The good thing is, it was cheap!

Corinne Napoleon, MI

Not Annoying!

We just got this cell phone (rated for 6+ months) for our 11 month old son about a week ago.Durability:It has been dropped from heights, thrown across the room, beaten onto the cement outside, and drooled on – a lot. And I can’t find a scratch on it. It’s very durable.Sound:This toy is much quieter than many other child toys we have. This is a huge thing for us since some toys just seem SO loud. It has a child saying the numbers when the numbers are pressed and has three set sounds for each of the green and red phone buttons.What my child thinks:I know this is still his newest toy but my son seems to like it very much. He gets ahold of my cell phone about half as much since we got this one. He likes dragging it around with him so that must be a five star infant rating!*EDIT* We’ve had this phone for 3 years now and had to change the batteries recently for the first time. It still works great and after being not played with for many months, it’s become a new/old favorite for my son to play pretend. I expect it will last through both our kids.

Shelby Cawood, KY

Very soft sounds

My daughter likes this phone but you can barely hear the sounds and words. There is no sound button I can find to change that. I would probably had bought a different phone if I had shopped at a store and not online.

Virginia La Grange, IL

baby phone

My grandson loves this phone. He see his mom on it all the time so now he can talk as well. It is really cute when it looks like he is reading his texts.

Ramona Barlow, OH


This item was bought for my grandson but you can’t hear the sounds it makes but it was already given to my grandson so it can’t very well be taken away from him to be sent back.

Robert Flaxville, MT

Best toy for 1 yr old

This was our daughter’s favorite toy at her 1st It was the go-to toy for the doctor’s office, out to eat etc. We have purchased more for other kids. Great toy!

Jill Henryville, IN

Barely makes sounds.

My 8 month old son does not play with this because you can barely hear the sounds it is suppose to make. I even changed the battery and it still is too quiet. It was a waste of money. I will definitely donate this toy.

Rachel East Andover, ME

My daughter loves this phone

Great service by the way & the toy is perfect. Looks very much like a real cell phone & is very durable. My daughter brings it everywhere 🙂

Jacqueline Check, VA

Good but not excellent

My son is 8 months old and this toy is definitely for older kids to play, I’d say 10+ months. My son just chews it. The phone is very very quiet. If music is playing in the room or people are talking, you can’t hear the phone.

Susan Sabetha, KS

Fair buy.

Whilst the phone is really durable and fairly educational, the volume is really low for it to be of great value in this regard. My 1 year old is more fascinated with it being able to flip open and looking at himself in the mirror. He does not really pay attention to the sounds. I thought it may be the batteries so I changed the batteries but that was of no help. In spite of this he still enjoys playing with it and of course throwing it about.

Nora Lennox, SD

Little Tikes Cell Phone

My daughter loves this phone. She walks around “talking” on it all the me. It’s not too loud, which is great.

Kimberly Coatsburg, IL

Very quiet

My 15 month old received this phone as a gift – as we all have discovered, babies love cell phones, and I thought this would be a great toy! Pro – it is hearty and durable! I don’t know how a baby could break it. But, it is so so so darn quiet that it seems almost useless for actually using it to help learn the numbers. I wish it was a little bit louder (not annoyingly loud, but enough that I don’t have to put it right up to my ear to make out what is being said) and that the lights lit up for more buttons than just the red and green ones.Overall, my baby plays with it and likes to push the buttons, but I wouldn’t buy it myself, nor give it as a gift.

Olive Lake Norden, SD