Littleware Baby Food Storage Containers 12 Piece Set Fits Great in Bottle Warmer

Littleware Baby Food Storage Containers 12 Piece Set Fits Great in Bottle Warmer

Make storing and serving your healthy homemade baby food convenient and trouble-free with one container. Life with a small baby can be very busy. Littleware’s goBaby containers are all about simplicity and ease. Its unique 5 ounce size makes this storage cup one of the most versatile containers on the market. Whether you are just starting to introduce your little one to baby food, or you have a little piggy with a much bigger appetite, these containers easily hold 1 to 4 ounces of pureed fruits and veggies. Have you got a bunch of blended baby food you need to keep for later? No Problem, the goBaby containers come in a 12 jar set. Save time and money by making a large batch of food, dividing it up, and storing it in the freezer. The best part is, with the extra head room for expansion, the lids that effortlessly snap on will not pop off when frozen. The stylish recessed lids not only look good but serve as an important feature, allowing the cups to be stacked on top of each other to save space in the fridge. “What if I’m one of those moms who likes to use ice cube trays to freeze my food?” you ask. Then you will love how goBaby’s 2 inch wide mouth and extra size easily fits your frozen puree cubes. In a hurry? Just pop in a few cubes from your tray and you’re off to daycare or the babysitters with some healthy homemade food for your little one. These containers are BPA free, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. They are made by an ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer right here in the USA, ensuring quality and durability. They are also backed by an industry best 1 year free replacement guarantee. These baby food containers easily go from freezer to fridge to the microwave and then to the dishwasher. Get all of your portioning, storing, and serving needs with the goBaby from Littleware. Click the Add to Cart button now to get your goBaby today.

Main features

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  • Each box includes 12 – 5 ounce baby food containers that hold 1 – 4 ounces of pureed fruits or veggies
  • 2 inch wide mouth easily fits your frozen cubes
  • BPA and BPS Free, Microwave, Dishwasher, and Freezer Safe
  • Made in the USA

Verified reviews


Perfect for baby warmers

I originally bought the OXO baby food containers. They are square and although the plastic is sturdier and the lids seems to be on my securely, it was super hard to warm up the food in those containers. I don’t like to microwave the baby’s food. I put it in my baby bottle warmer, which only fits something round. The square ones did not fit in. I love these round containers as they fit into the baby food warmer with room to spare. I can pop them out of the freezer and stick them in the food warmer and it is super convenient! I also love how they fit 5 oz of food. That is perfect for my 8 month old. I bought two packages of these 🙂 !!

Helen Circleville, OH


i love these little storage containers … they make my life much easy …i only spend 1 houre every week and make my baby food and store it in the freezer in these containers and get them out as needed

Allyson Tunnel, NY

Nice little containers! Would be perfect with a few improvements.

These little containers are great! The only thing that’s missing is ounce markers on the side. I also wish they came in smaller than a 12 pack since I didn’t actually need 12. They fit two cubes of homemade baby food, which makes it easy to thaw food overnight and then send it to daycare.

Cora Oneida, PA

Won’t be disappointed

I have the oxo tot food cubes which are also good and didn’t really need more baby food containers but the oxo tots didn’t fit in my bottle warmer so I bought these. I wish I had seen these ones first. They are the perfect size, easy to clean and the lid snaps on really well so I don’t foresee any leakage (haven’t taken them out and about yet). They fit perfectly in my bottle warmer (I HATE using microwaves and don’t even own one so this is important for warming the food right out of the fridge). And I LOVE that they are made in the USA. The reason I only gave them 4 stars is because they don’t have measurement markers on them like the oxo tot ones. But if I could have given them 4.5 stars I would have. They are great and really the only baby food containers I need.UPDATE: It would seem the customer who complained about being put on a mailing list is correct. I’ve received at least two e-mails from the company asking if I’m satisfied with the product (which is just good customer service in my opinion but only one is necessary) and asking me to review the product on Amazon even after I did (which is annoying in my opinion). The e-mail did not come from a personal e-mail address and has an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom which leads me to believe that it is a mailing list I have been placed on. Annoying? Very. Dealbreaker? Not for me…unless I receive more e-mails after having unsubscribed. Will update this review if I do.UPDATE: I heard from an actual person via email apologizing for the follow-up emails and explaining that they are a small business that relies on good reviews to keep them alive and providing us with this great product. They also thanked me for my review. Totally understand where they are coming from. Great product and good customer service even if a little overzealous.

Herminia Ilfeld, NM

Great food containers

I had been using the Dr. Brown’s silicone food pods for my child’s home made baby foods. Once my child needed larger servings, I purchased these containers. They are exactly what I was looking for. They don’t hold as many frozen cubes as I was hoping (only two frozen cubes will fit – although I think they advertise that), but they are microwavable and the 5 oz capacity holds enough food to accommodate a growing appetite. The lids snap on so there are no concerns about spilling and they are very easy to clean. They do not seem to stain or retain food smells. They seem a little thinner or more brittle than I was expecting so I was concerned that they would crack, but I have been using them for weeks and they have been holding up just fine.Although I really liked the Dr. Browns cups also, I would definitely recommend these cups to start with instead of spending money on smaller cups and then spending money again to upgrade in size.

Tia Harbor View, OH