LLLI Hands-Free Pumping & Nursing Softcup Bra #4106

LLLI Hands-Free Pumping & Nursing Softcup Bra #4106

La Leche League International Patented Nursing/Pumping Bra – Nude Patented pumping/nursing bra allows you to pump or nurse from the same garment. Smooth seamless look under clothing.

Main features

  • 90% Nylon/10% Spandex
  • La Leche League International Patented Nursing/Pumping Bra

Verified reviews


sizing is all wrong

I bought these first in the 4105 model and thought I would try this model. They are sized all wrong, way too big. When I contacted La Leche League they ignored my concerns. I would not buy these at all–get the other model # 4105, they worked great.

Cora Robinson Creek, KY

Pointy and awkward under clothes

I bought this because I wanted something that felt more like a regular bra than a typical nursing/pumping bra. But I never use this bra. The size seems right, but there is just too much room in the nipple area, leaving a weird pointy shape that is super noticeable unless wearing a large sweatshirt. Also, the holes for the pump parts are really small. I prefer my Bravado from Babies R Us.

Lupe Los Molinos, CA

Works only for detachable shield breast pumps

I bought this mostly to use as a pumping bra. The hole is so small that it is impossible to insert the breast shield while already wearing the bra. It can only work with pumps that make detachable shields like medela. Will not work for others. Support is not so good as a nursing bra either.

Whitney Jonesboro, IN

not worth the money

I really wanted this to work – I got tired of always undressing and using a separate pumping bra for pumping at work. I really wanted an all in one product that would do the job. The bra was pretty tight on me but then the pumping insert was so loose that it could not hold on the parts for pumping. I went back to wearing the Bravado nursing tank and then to pump I would unhook both sides of that and use the Simple Wishes pumping bra, which was secure and comfortable.

Lila Thermopolis, WY

Hands-Free Pumping

I love that when your milk comes in the bra is able to hold everything but I’ve noticed that the shield inserts do not consistently line up so it takes some maneuvering. I’ve given up on using it for hands-free pumping but love the support.

Antoinette Weems, VA

finally a multipurpose nursing bra

I love this bra. It is easy to pump in and easy to nurse in. Only downside is that the pump doesn’t stay as tight as it does with other bras.

Gwendolyn Russellville, IN