Lollacup Infant And Toddler Straw Cup, 2 Pack – Blue/Black

Lollacup Infant And Toddler Straw Cup, 2 Pack – Blue/Black

Lollacup is a stylish and functional drinking cup whose innovative design helps infants and toddlers successfully use a straw. Lollacup’s flexible straw with a weighted end allows children to drink effortlessly from the straw, even when reclined at an angle. Designed to be easy for children to use and easy for adults to clean. Lollacup is proudly made in the USA with safe materials that have been FDA approved for use by young children.

Main features

  • Handle can be easily removed from the base of the cup, for placement in most cup holders
  • Flexible straw with a weighted end that anchors in the liquid to help young children drink effectively at most angles
  • Valve-free straw makes it easy for young children to sip
  • Straw-cleaning brush included
  • Top rack dishwasher-safe and minimal parts make the cup easy to clean

Verified reviews


Leaks everywhere – onto the next sippy 🙁

The only thing good about these cups are the weighted straw = 1 star. Lost 1 star because it leaks when my 12m old carries it around and turns it upside down (he was showering himself with it tonight when left with it for 2 seconds). Lost the other 3 stars because it leaks even when you have the lid closed! We brought these to daycare and they spilled everywhere. The lids were screwed on tight and the tops were closed. No idea why these are so popular & why they cost so much. I’m going to see about returning. probably one of the worst investments we’ve made. My son can drink out of them just fine (he can drink out of any straw sippy fine). But nothing else about them is worth the purchase.

Joni East Rockaway, NY

BEST straw cups

I have purchased TONS of different straw cups, and I have to say that these are the BEST. Yes, they are rather large (not sure what that is)…but they’re fun & easy for kids to hold, and the weighted straw is wonderful. They’re also super easy to wash…and to open/close (which is a HUGE drawback of the Zoli cups). Your little one will learn to successfully drink with this weighted straw, which moves around so that s/he gets every last sip. These cups are quite resilient..and I haven’t had them leak at all.Yes, they may leak if thrown…but which cup won’t do that?!

Joanne Kingsley, IA

Weighted straw a good idea

The weight on the straw means the straw is in the fluid even when the cup is tilted. I wish my travel coffee cup had this feature!

Tasha Lakemore, OH

Good idea, but not practical

I have tried a million and one sippy and straw cups to-date. I love the weighted straw in this cup, but the fact that it’s not spill proof makes it impractical. My son would also get distracted by the bright colored "arms" (handles) and the ears on the lid that easily opens and closes. He wound up playing with this cup more than drinking from it. It has some great qualities, but ultimately falls short.

Jannie Broad Top, PA

Not a great option if your little one throws their cup

The weight straw is great and attaching the handles via the bottom is fantastic. Easy to clean. Cute. When my daughter first started using it I loved it. Now she’s into throwing it when she’s done. After one throw it’s now difficult (I’d say impossible but sometimes I can do it) thread it properly but as soon as she tosses it I have to take the top off and re-screw it on. If I don’t it leaks. So if I haven’t noticed she’s dropped it or thrown it then I have a mess on my hands. She can’t pull the straw out so try try again. It also doesn’t like until then so that’s nice for travel and before use.

Melody Calabash, NC