Lollaland Lollacup, Good Green

Lollaland Lollacup, Good Green

Lollacup is an innovative and stylish straw sippy cup that makes a great starter cup for infants and toddlers. The valve-free, weighted straw allows children as young as 9-month-old to easily and effectively drink from the straw, even when the cup is tilted. The handles make the cup easy for small hands to hold, but they detach easily so you can put your Lollacup in a cup-holder. The cup is dishwasher-safe, easy to clean, and comes with a straw-cleaning brush for added convenience. Lollacup is proudly made in the USA with safe materials that have been FDA approved for use by young children. 9+ months

Main features

  • VALVE-FREE sippy-straw cup allows infants as young as 9 months old to easily and effectively drink from straw
  • Straw with weighted end makes it easy to use and straw cleaning brush (included) makes it easy to clean
  • Made in the USA: all parts are manufactured, assembled + packaged in the USA, so you can be assured of its quality
  • Beautifully packaged making it the perfect gift for a young child. Design of lollacup is appealing to both child and parent
  • Lollaland is a Mark Cuban Company and has been featured on Shark Tank, The View, and Good Morning America

Verified reviews


Cute, but not entirely practical.

5/3/2012: My husband and I were really excited about this sippy cup. We saw it on an episode of Shark Tank and thought it was a great idea. Since our son was just learning how to use a Sippy Cup and he only likes straws we bought one. The price was really extreme for a sippy cup ($17.99), but thought we should give it a try. Within 2 days our son showed us that the cup holder with the handles is not baby friendly. It is lightly attached by twisting the cup into place. This means, when you drop the cup or bounce the cup off your food trey it has the potential to come unscrewed. Additionally, if you tip it upside down the liquid comes out through the straw. This isn’t a big deal to some people, but our son loves to move things around and therefore, the liquid (milk) goes all over him, the floor, and the walls. Not a good thing for the mom who has to clean it all up.Anyway, cute idea and cute design, but not practical quite yet. Perhaps for $4 it would be worth it, but not $18. Hopefully they’ll lower the price by the time our son has outgrown this stage and we will buy again in hopes he likes to use it because it is cute.

Elba Covington, OK

good cup but needs improvement

I tested out few straw cups and these are pro/cons to this cup.Pros:1) You can clean it well – all parts come off easily so no issue with mold, etc.2) It’s made in USA3) Doesn’t really leak unless you shake it hard or put it upside downCons:1) Why is the handle so large!? Annoying to pack sometimes because it bulges out. Babies hands aren’t that big.2) The piece of straw that hangs down from the top always becomes bent. Liquid flows, but why does it do that?3) If you’re not using the handles and the baby places it down, it tips over because of the shape of cup.4) It leaks in your bag if it’s not upright5) Straw stains if baby has carrots or some food with color in his/her mouth

Alissa La Salle, TX

We Love this Cup!

I bought this cup for my 9 month old after seeing it on Shark Tank. It is great. She has learned to drink out of a straw, which is supposed to be better for her teeth. Yes, it can be a little messy, but I challenge you to find a cup that a 9 month old doesn’t make messy. It is exactly what we were looking for – and I LOVE that it comes with a cleaning brush. The weighted straw is perfect – my daughter has had no trouble getting her juice out of the cup. And, yes, if the straw is out and my child slings it then liquid does come out… JUST LIKE WITH ALL OTHER BABY CUPS. If a baby cup was that spill proof the baby would never get anything out of it. But I have had absolutely no trouble with it staying sealed while closed in my diaper bag. GREAT CUP!!! Buy it! Yes it is pricey, but worth it… you will only need one. And remember to have realistic expectations.

Denise Ogden, KS


OK, so I was out to find an easy to clean straw cup. I ordered a bunch online so I could see them in person (why they don’t show detailed pictures of the inside is beyond the scope of this review) Well this one won and here is why:1. The Straw. The straw is 2 pieces. The top part (the part that the kids drinks from) is a wide silicone. (they can walk and fall with it in their mouth and not get hurt (my boys have these with water all day). The bottom part of the straw is a weighted hard plastic. It slips onto the silicone part very easily. This weighted piece is amazing because it really does stay in the liquid no matter how much your child is tipping the cup. My boys can really get every drop out of this cup. The silicone part of the straw just gets inserted into a hole in the lid. No crazy parts to remove, no Houdini stringing of the straw. Super easy. I actually leave the silicone part inside the lid at all times in the dishwasher so the only part I have to put on and take off is the weighted part (which goes in the silverware basket, no need for a sippy cup dishwasher basket with this one).The straw is wide so it is easy to clean. I don’t feel like I need to even use the included cleaning brush because rinsing and washing is easy. The straw is wide enough for thicker drinks and easy easy to drink from because it is an open straw like you and I use (no valves, no biting it to get liquid out) Here is a major potential flaw for some users – IT IS NOT LEAK-PROOF!!! It is a no-valve straw, so if your child tips it upside-down some drops will come out because it is an open straw. This is not a problem for me because my boys only drink water from it in the house, and milk is only given in their chairs.2. The cup. It is BPA free and is large. It holds about 10oz (and remember they can get the last drop out). It is see-through so you can see how much is left.3. Removable handles. The handles are one-piece that screws to the bottom of the cup. It is nice to have the option of handles or not. My boys like handles, but they can be easily removed to fit into a stroller cup holder or diaper bag if needed.4. The lid. The lid is 2 pieces, but I never take them apart. You can slide the bird head open to drink, and snap it shut for travel. It is really nice because the lid does not get in the way of drinking because it is flush with the top. (some of the cups I bought had a lid that stuck straight up and was in your eyes when drinking. Also, the lid has the straw pointing a a little angle, and not standing straight up out of the top of the lid so it is more natural to drink without wanting to tip the cup. Some of the cups with the straw in the top-center I had to tip my head down unnaturally to drink.CONS: leaks (I would not let your child have grape juice on your carpet with this one)Price – ouch, but if you think time is money then it will be worth it in the end.In review: Super easy to clean, comfortable to drink from and so cute! I have 4 of them and my brother had to know where I got them because he wants them too!

Regina Libby, MT


I was jazzed about a cup with weighted straw. This one is cute too. Violet loves it. However, it leaks like CRAZY. This does not travel well and will make quite the mess for your young toddlers … if you have a seasoned drinker, great. But not for transitioning, early users, active sensory drinkers, etc.

Violet Draper, SD

we love it now

I have a love hate relationship with those bottles. Lollacup is the only bottle we use for our 18 month old daughter but it needed a while. I bought it because I thought it is a great idea and my daughter already knew how to drink from a straw. But those straws are different. They are bigger, spill a lot and it comes out very fast. Now since she is used to it we love them. Still spills a lot but it holds a lot liquid, the straw is great (just nothing for smaller babys/toddlers) and I like the handles. It just doesn’t fit in any Bottle holders with those handles but I don’t think it is bad. We always find a different place. And they are freaking cute and easy to clean. I think if they would cost the half I would buy a few more but they are a bit overpriced.

Martha Wilmington, NY

Leaks, leaks, leaks – Don’t purchase

I was so thrilled to get this. Saw it on Shark Tank and it’s made in the US. But once I put milk in them (I ordered 2 for my twins), the milk ended everywhere. The cups leaked so badly. There were puddles of milk everywhere. Save your money.

Lora Lufkin, TX

Not worth the money

This cup leaks like crazy and it’s got a lot of parts to piece together. really wanted to like it but I don’t and know it’s been put away…

Angeline Bellflower, IL

Cheaper elsewhere

Love these cups but they’re cheaper almost everywhere else I’ve seen them. Shop around for these cute, easy to use cups.

Jacquelyn Gradyville, KY

Drip, drip, drip, drip

I love the lollacup size, BPA free, has handles, etc. But these are not friendly to a kid under 2 years old who wants to hold it upside down because it constantly drips, and there are many parts to clean. I went back to Dr. Browns sippy cups, much easier and 100% zero drip!

Abby Elliston, MT

Great product!

I wish I’d bought this cup first instead of the other FOUR cups we tried with our baby. As a good friend suggested, the straw cup was easier to learn for our son (between 6 & 7 months old) than the traditional raised lip sippies. Doesn’t leak much when he tosses it around. Cute design.Cons – The handle slips on and off the cup too easily.Good purchase!!

Verna Chriesman, TX

Wish it was spill proof

I like this cup… it just drives me bananas that it isn’t spill proof. But thanks for including the straw cleaner.

Goldie Finlayson, MN

These are the best kids cup!

The concept of gravity has been eluding my two year old since birth. She’s been pretty convinced that if she yells loud enough gravity will bend to her will. When I give he these awesome cups I don’t have to here her yell because she is hold the cup horizontally because the straw conveniently goes where the liquid goes.

Leah Bridgewater, MI

Cute and works, but leaks

I like this sippy cup. It’s the best one I’ve come across so far. Better yet, my LO likes it and was able to easily drink her water from it. But, it does leak when not help upright and the soft straw is beginning to discolor. It was ingenious to add the weight at the base of the straw so it catches the last bit of liquid when the child tips the cup, which is what they do naturally.

Natasha Panther, WV

Great product…if my son would drink through a straw 🙁

I love the idea of this cup and I would love to test it out but my son will not drink from a straw just yet (he is 9 months old) so until then, I can testify to how well it works…its cute though! I have heard great things from others for what it is worth!

Janna Montville, CT

Finally a sippy that works for us!

I have been trying to get my son to use a sippy cup since he was four months old, 20 sippy cups and 8 months later a girl friend said to get the sippy cup with a straw. I immediately went to the store and bought a few with straws…..those didnt seem to work either, then I remembered seeing these on the Shark Tank and bought one of the Lollacup and one of the Zoli Bot cup and he loves them!!! He is so proud of himself that he can drink through the straw. The Lollacup straw is much easier to drink through than the Zoli straw but he loves both of them.

Kelly Palo Alto, CA

Works as described, but not ideal for active or throwing toddlers.

The Lollacup is an attractive, easy to use straw sippy cup. It’s made of safe, non-toxic plastic and is free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, etc., so I don’t have to worry that suspicious chemicals are leaching from the cup into my toddler’s drink. This cup is valve-free and very easy to drink from. Unfortunately, the lack of a valve also means that it’s NOT spill-proof. The flip-top cap and removable handles are handy if you’re traveling with the Lollacup in a cup-holder and don’t want your child’s beverage spilling out if you go over any bumps on your way. But I wouldn’t toss this cup in your diaper bag and expect the contents to stay dry. For the same reason, the Lollacup might not be for you if your little-one likes to walk/run around while holding their cup, or worse yet, if your toddler likes to throw their cup. My toddler gets a kick out of turning this cup upside-down and banging it on her high chair tray because she’s amused by the loud noise it makes. Thank goodness I only give her water in this cup, otherwise the mess would be unmanageable. As it is, I usually have to wipe-up a pool of water from the high chair every time I give my little-one the Lollacup with a meal. But the product description clearly states that it’s valve-free (and thus not spill-proof), so the cup does perform as advertised. However, the Lollacup may not be a good fit for you if your active toddler likes to carry their sippy cup around with them, they toss their cups or tend to put their cups through the ringer.In addition, unlike the majority of straw sippy cups on the market, the Lollacup doesn’t have an x-shaped valve at the top of the straw to prevent backwash, a common occurrence for infants and toddlers, whose mouth muscles are still developing. Therefore, if your little-one drinks from this cup while eating, be prepared for bits and pieces of food to end up in their beverage. For this reason, the Lollacup can be inconvenient to use with meals/snacks prone to crumbs, or with foods that leave small bits in the child’s mouth after chewing & swallowing.Lastly, the Lollacup is somewhat more expensive than comparable straw sippy cups on the market, but that’s most likely because it’s made in the USA, where the costs of labor and materials are substantially higher than in China, where the majority of conventional sippy cups are manufactured. In my opinion, the additional expense is well worth it, since American-made products tend to be subject to more rigorous quality control. You can’t really put a price on that type of extra reassurance, especially when it comes to products that your child eats or drinks from, like this cup.Grade: B+

Casey Currie, MN

not worth the money

This product is too expensive. I do like the weighted straw and the non-filtered straw that is easy to sip from. However, if you don’t get the lid on exactly right (sometimes it is difficult to get it on perfectly straight, or it looks straight but isn’t), then when tipped to it’s side it just leaks profusely from the seal of the lid. And the straw has turned orange from nights we had spaghetti, which never happened to any of our other sippy straws.

Diann Chipley, FL

The first cup my daughter liked!

You know the story – we’ve tried several different types of sippy cups, none of which my daughter would drink from. She’d play with them and laugh at me when I tried to show her how to drink from them. Fun stuff. With this one, she took to it right away. She played around with it at dinner, laughed at the cute face, but at breakfast the next morning she was drinking out of it like a champ. The cup is very easy to clean and I like how the handles come off so she can use it when she’s feeling too old for the handles. The straw is weighted so that it stays in the liquid no matter what angle she is trying to drink from. The only thing I don’t like (and it’s not enough to deduct a star), is that the straw has gotten little stained, presumably from whatever food she may have in her mouth at the time she takes a drink. No matter how much I wash it, it stays a little stained. But it’s really not that big of a deal to me, because the cup functions so well overall. As a bonus (and actually one of the main reasons I wanted this cup), it is made in the USA.Edited to add that it will leak a tiny bit if turned upside down, but I think that is to be expected and it is certainly not an issue for us. Also, the cup is EXTREMELY durable. It has been dropped from her highchair numerous times onto the floor (with some force too because likes to hold the handle and swing it around!) and it has yet to break.

Marcia Ellenboro, WV

pretty good so far

i’m in the process of weaning my 13 month old from bottles, and we got this cup as a gift. i was worried that my baby would be fickle with a straw, but surprisingly, she took to it right away.i agree with some of the other reviewers who say that it can get pretty messy with milk dripping out. i found that as long as i monitor her when she drinks it and make sure to set the cup upright when she tips it over, i don’t end up with a mess. when the lid is down, it’s perfectly drip-free, which makes it great for travel. the weighted straw is GREAT at letting her get almost all the milk in the sippy. the straw is flexible and soft. it does retain stains (tomato sauce) which all sippy cups seem to do.some negatives:the top seems to be a bit tricky to screw on….in the beginning, i wasn’t sure if i was ever screwing it on right. i figured it out after a while. also, i wish there were measurement markings somewhere. it would be nice to keep track of how much milk my baby is drinking, especially since we’re trying to get baby to gain a little more weight.overall though, i like this sippy cup a lot. more importantly, the baby seems to like it too.

Roseann Parkville, MD

my daughter love it!

the only sippy cup she like. lve the color and it doesnt leak at all. would buy another one when little boy started using sippy.

Lorene Carnesville, GA

My toddler loves it

I have to admit I purchased this cup for two reasons: 1.) my son showed a lot of interest in drinking from a straw but the first cup we tried had a valve and he had to work way too hard to suck anything out 2.) I saw the product on Shark Tank (television show) and was curious. Plus, I liked that it was made in the USA. It is expensive but my son loves it. The only think I don’t like about it is that it is sometimes difficult to get the top screwed on right. It sometimes will leak a little but this was to be expected, it doesn’t claim to be a leak-proof cup. The only other thing I disliked was that the straw got discolored right away. I am hoping it is possible to order replacement straws for the future. Other than that great product and I would recommend!

Winifred Davenport Center, NY

Not my favorite

The pros of this are that the handles come off and you can put it in a cup holder. It’s bright and catches a child’s interest. However most of the issues are with the straw and the material it is made with. The straw is too fast flow and my son gets too much and then spits it out (he does fine with the Zolibot). The straw materials is too thick and if you have the cup “closed” for too long the straw gets bent and kinked. Also, the straw stains, especially with green things (spinach, kale). I much prefer the Zolibot cup (slower flow straw, doesn’t stain or kink, and it’s cheaper).

Marcia Saint Paul, AR

Great cup

Even though a little pricey this is a great cup. My daughter get every drop of her liquid.I have purchased 4 more of these cups

Esperanza Roma, TX


Not the easiest to clean, but the straw gets it all!! It’s also made in the USA!! Good job guys 🙂

Avis Wascott, WI

Returning It: Compared to Zoli-Bot

I have a couple straw/sippy cups and they all have their issues, so I was (and still am) on the lookout for the "perfect" straw cup. My 1.5 year-old already drinks out of a cup by herself thanks to the Doidy cup (great!), but we still need a straw cup for travel.Zoli-Bot:We had the Zoli-Bot cup and it was very durable (fell a lot) and straw moved with the liquid perfectly. However, the lid is pretty tricky to get on right and it’s impossible to tell you didn’t get a good seal until everything spills out of it. Also, it does leak out of the straw. Some difference in pressure or something causes liquid to travel up the straw and leak profusely out of it. This does not happen most of the time, but it’s very annoying when it does because there’s nothing you can do to stop it aside from drinking it all out. It also does this when the lid is closed, too, so you sometimes get a nice big splash in your face and everyone when you open the lid.This Lollacup:I was really looking forward to this straw cup so much that I was not upset when we lost our Zoli-Bot cup, as it was the perfect excuse to get a new straw cup! However, I don’t know if we just received a defective one, but the straw does not move AT ALL. With the Zoli-Bot, you can even drink upside down. If you even tilt this Lollacup, the straw does not move with the liquid. I can’t say much for it’s durability or leakage, as we are returning it due to its defective straw. Getting another Zoli-Bot.

Rosetta Odell, IL

not the most durable

We bought this because we saw the owners on Shark Tank & absolutely love to support any Made in the USA products. However, this sippy cup will not stand the test of time. It is very cheap feeling & flimsy. My very rough 2 1/2 yr old beats up most of his cups & this cup just won’t work for a toddler like him. It also doesn’t fit well in any pocket of a diaper bag. While it’s cute, it just isn’t made very well.

Lynette Otley, IA

Cute cup, broke in 2 months

This cup was very cute and I wanted to love it. The straw is weighted and flexible so baby can get most of the milk/water out of the cup (unlike other cups that have a straight straw that prevents baby from getting that last ounce of fluid), and we had very few problems with leaks. However, with a baby/toddler you have to expect a certain amount of throwing of the cup. This cup broke within 2 months of use into several pieces after hitting the wall. Also, another note, the handle is attached at the bottom of the cup (where the feet of the penguin are), so it makes it hard to put into the cup pocket of a diaper bag.

Ernestine Sylvester, GA

Love this cup!

Easy to clean, easy to fill – I love this cup! If my son tips it upside down and shakes, the drink will come out the straw because there is no valve, but the lack of valve makes it easy to use and the perfect cup for smoothies.

Trudy Avawam, KY

Love this cup!

This is the best cup for infants. The only other cup that my daughter liked was Playtex Little gripper because it also did not have a valve in the straw. Unfortunately my daughter couldn’t get the last 1.5 oz out because the straw wasn’t waited. This cup solved all the problems and my daughter likes that she can close this cup on her own. The only problem I had with this cup is it leaks when traveling. This 1 of my 2 lollacups does not have a tight seal and probably defective. I wrote to the owner and they are sending me a replacement themselves even though I bought it through another store on Amazon. The owners of Lollacups really stand behind their product. And it’s made in the USA.

Francis Mackey, IN