Long-Range Vibrating Baby Monitor

Long-Range Vibrating Baby Monitor

Hear, see and feel your baby’s call with this long-range vibrating monitor. The pocketsize receiver features sound-activated vibrations and lights so you can see and feel when your baby calls you. The 900 MHz long-range technology has a range up to 1000 feet with superior clarity, and includes 2 channels to minimize interference. A belt clip and rechargeable batteries provide added convenience.

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Clear & Affordable

This monitor is great. I really like the features that it offers. Not only does it have lights that light up when Baby cries, it can also vibrate (if you have that option turned on) when Baby cries, so you’ll know even while running the vacuum. I like how the battery on the parents’ unit is rechargeable, all you have to do is plug it in. This monitor picks of up every sound, which is great to have with a little one.

Magdalena Youngstown, NY

Vibration and/or Sound

This monitor is great! When I have the sound turned up I can hear my daughter breathing. If I have friends over while my daughter sleeps, I can turn the volume down and push the vibrate button and no one has to put up with the "white noise". If my daughter wakes up, it will vibrate like a beeper. It also has a handy belt clip so I can wear it while vacuuming the house and don’t need to worry about listening for the baby when the vibrate feature is on.One reviewer complained that the life of her battery only lasts 20 minutes and that she constantly has to have her monitor plugged in. When you have this monitor plugged in, it’s considered re-charging. Don’t make the same mistake she did. Plug it in to re-charge, then unplug. It will last you a long time. I have been using this monitor for a year now and my battery is still working strong.

Mae Baldwinsville, NY

Buy the model that takes regular AAA batteries

I love this monitor, except that I have the rechargeable model which does not hold a charge anymore. I have used it every day for the last year and the charge kept getting shorter & shorter. It’s still fine if you are in the house & can plug it in. On the positive side, it is crystal clear. I can hear my baby girl breathing! I can hear the next door neighbors in their back yard if it’s turned up loud enough. It is also small and lightweight, and clips nicely to your pants. Oh, I did take it on vacation where we were in a condo and there was a lot of interference, may not be for apartment/condo dwellers. I’ve heard with most monitors you need to try them to see what’s best in your home.

Carolina Patchogue, NY

Picks up too much

I had to turn this thing off at night because I hear everything, including my neighbors, people outside, and if a car drives by it sounds like it is coming through the house. maybe 900 mhz is too much.

Celia Poca, WV

A necessity! Clearly picks up subtle sounds.

I got this as a bridal shower gift or I probably never would’ve bought one. As a new mom, I didn’t plan on being out of my baby’s sight. It took me a few months to try it and learn to trust it. From then on, it’s one of our most popular baby devices. I feed my horses and dogs while my daughter sleeps or plays in her pen without worry. It picks up the slightest of sounds. I use it when I’m upstairs in the shower and she stays in her pen sleeping. It saves the hassle of moving her closer to me and waking her up or disturbing her play time. It has tremendous range and the portable or plug in feature is quite practical. I think it is a great way to keep an eye on your little one when you need to run outside, shower, or be in another room altogether. I’m very please with this product.

Gertrude Browns, IL

We’ve Tried Them All- This One Is The Best!

We have this monitor for our 12 mo. old daughter. At first we had a First Years monitor but the reception was terrible so we exchanged it for this Fisher Price model. The reception on this one is crystal clear. I like the light and vibration features- I can see if she’s crying if I am in the shower by looking at the lights. We have never had one problem with it. We now have another First Years monitor for our 1 mo. old- it has a lot of static just like the previous one (we should have learned our lesson the first time)- we are going to return it for another Fisher Price monitor.Update: We bought this monitor again for our son- like the other, it is crystal clear. This is the BEST monitor!

Suzette Little River, TX

Mine works good

I love the vibration feature… thats why I picked this one. I have to do the yard work while my husband is away with the military and I can even mow the lawn and know when she wakes up. So far I haven’t had a problem… twice I have had to replace the batteries in the mobile portion. The monitor seems to fade – you have to keep turning the volume up to hear and then it fuzzes, that’s when the batteries need to be replaced. I hope that this is the only problem that I will have with it – I really like this one. Also, I have had no interference or problem getting out of range while working in the yard.

Laurie Quartzsite, AZ

Great monitor, great price

I really like this monitor. It works and there is not any feedback and we’re in a small place. I also like the ability to use the batteries and put it on your belt. We use it if we go take the dog out or to do yard work while she’s sleeping. I would recommend this.

Bette Breaux Bridge, LA

Works like a pager.

This monitor is fantastic. I can be wireless or not. And best of all you can wear it like a pager. That way I can feel it buzz when I’m mowing the lawn. It is loud, and crystal clear, and has a belt hook. Careful though, it will fall off your pants if you’re not careful. I don’t know how many times I have dropped this monitor. Good news is that it’s really durable.

Claudia Harrellsville, NC