Lorex LW2450 LIVE Video Home. Pet, and Baby Monitor with Pan/Tilt Wireless Camera

Lorex LW2450 LIVE Video Home. Pet, and Baby Monitor with Pan/Tilt Wireless Camera

The Lorex LIVE LW2450 baby monitor enables you to Pan or tilt the camera to change views in the area from the 3.5-Inch rechargeable LCD handset. This color camera has 2 way talk ability and built in sensor to monitor room temperature range. Purchase up to 3 additional cameras that suit your needs – LW2401AC1 color 2-way talk camera with power interruption battery backup (4X “AA” alkaline option), LW2401AC2 outdoor camera with 2-way talk ability or additional LW2451AC1 pan/tilt cameras with 2-way talk. One camera can be selected to view from your iPhone, Android, Mac or PC by utilizing the included Skype software and following the guidelines for use. 1 Year parts and labor warranty.

Main features

  • Remote Camera View via Skype
  • Two-way audio between the camera and monitor
  • Rechargeable handset
  • Expandable to 4 cameras
  • Automatic night vision.

Verified reviews


Wonderful solution for those looking for a self-contained (all elements included) device for local home use.

I have two baby monitors. The Lorex LW2450 LIVE, and theMotorola Blink1 Wi-Fi Video Camera for Remote Viewing with iPhone and Android Smartphones and Tablets, Silver. I only bring this up because I feel the need to explain why I think this product (the Lorex) is going to be better for some people even though the Motorola Blink1 ran away with a big win for us.Before I do that, I just want to say that the Lorex does everything intended well. The handheld controller/display is comfortable, has its own little ‘kickstand’ for tabletop display, and the thumb stick control is easy to use, and the camera responds promptly. The camera offers a quality picture whether the room is lit or pitch black, the motor panning and tilting the camera is quiet enough that it’s not likely to rouse any sleepers. It is, by all measures, a fantastic product for people who want a self contained solution that they’re going to use within the confines of their home.And this is where the Motorola is different, why the Blink1 is a better solution for ME, but not necessarily for you. The Motorola doesn’t have a dedicated device for viewing and controlling as it relies upon your iOS or Android device (phones or tablets). Because it relies on these devices, it offers an expanded range (quite literally) of options insofar as you can continue to monitor and control the device even when you leave your home. Wherever you are, you have the option of connecting and getting audio and video (the quality of which is commensurate, of course, with the quality of connection that device has wherever you are).I loved the Lorex LIVE for what it was until we got the Motorola. And it’s only because we’re already toting around iOS devices wherever we are that the Lorex’s control screen seems an unnecessary addition to us. That’s not going to be the case for everyone else, however. So it seems a relatively simple equation for me, and that speaks to how you’re going to use it and whether you’d prefer to have a dedicated screen for your monitoring or have it through a phone/tablet. The Lorex is a fantastic option if the latter isn’t appealing and the mobility aspect isn’t so important — which is why this is a rare case where I’m giving 5 stars to a product I’ve shelved because I’ve deemed a different one superior for my own needs. The Lorex is well designed, well engineered, attractive, intuitive, and smartly functional. It’s self contained, you don’t need or rely upon anything else, and it does what it sets out to do very well. I can say the same about the Motorola (and have, elsewhere), but even as it’s the same type of device, serves the same purpose, they’re still distinctly different enough in terms of HOW they do it that I’m cross reviewing each without substantially penalizing or rewarding one or the other in the process based alone on my own particular needs.Highly recommended if your needs are as described above — otherwise I’d take a long hard look at the Blink1. You’re going to be very happy either way.

Celeste Philadelphia, MS

Higher quality video than audio

The Lorex LW2450 works well, as design, with night vision, two-way talk, and soothing sounds thanks to the LW2451AC1 camera with mechanical 240 pan and 130 tilt and thus without zooming. It is expandable and allows simultaneous views from many cameras available separately incl. the outdoor LW2401AC2. The 4-hour battery life seems decent, though insufficient for obsessive monitoring. The quality of the video functions is higher than of the audio.Remote viewing on smartphones and tablets requires a Wi-Fi (monitor) cradle sold separately. Then, Skype works fine on Macs, as the Manual states. However, the personal Skype device needs a speedy downlink (4G) for smooth video reception outside home. Otherwise the connection may drop especially on small portables such as iPod Touch, iPhone 3GS, but unlikely on tablets or laptops connected via Wi-Fi.The setup is easy and well depicted on just 2 pages of the Quick Start Guide & in the Manual on the enclosed CD; both also available from the Internet. The night video quality is at the top of those from the Internet searched for “video baby monitor night”. The day video quality is good considering the max. 320×240-pixel resolution available. Video can be recorded with or without sound.The operating system (“OS”) of the home device sending video to Skype and connected to router/modem must be at least Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP SP2, Apple Mac OS 10.5.8 Leopard, or iOS 4 (free upgrade from iOS 3)- the most popular now. It cannot be original (1st) Windows XP, Mac OS 10.5.7 Leopard or lower, Android, or else. Macs with PowerPC processors are NOT supported, only with Intel CPUs.

Carolina Canaseraga, NY

Excellent baby monitor from Lorex!

We have owned Lorex baby monitors in the past and they were awesome. This is no exception. It is a little pricey but you are paying for quality. The camera pans and tilts quietly so your little one won’t be woken up. The screen is great and you can see everything really well. Everything seems to be solidly built and the monitor holds a charge for a long time. We had a similar baby monitor from Motorola last year and it went out on us after less than six months. It was almost identical to this Lorex system. Based on reliability and my past experience with Lorex I would recommend this video monitor set up over pretty much anything else. Lorex is top notch and worth the money.

Dorothy Burnet, TX

So far so good!

I bought this several months ago when our other monitor was acting up. I finally set it up this past weekend and am disappointed that I didn’t take it out of the box sooner since the picture quality is WAY better than the monitor we’ve been using.Pros –
• signal works well in our house – where the master is upstairs and the baby’s room is downstairs
• very clear image – clear enough that I can see if my daughter’s eyes are opened or closed
• camera on/off – I turn the camera off at night so our room isn’t bright and like that I can choose to use the scan mode where it will turn on if sound is detected or just choose to use the volume to hear when our daughter cries
• little to no feedback when sound is used – the other monitor we had was usually kept on a very low volume because there was an annoying hum/buzz when I turned it up. This one is clear and isn’t distracting when sounds aren’t detected.
• music – while the music selection is limited, I like that I can turn it off from the monitor. I didn’t think this was a feature we’d use but during nap time the other day, after watching her fidget for nearly an hour, I turned the music on and she immediately laid down and went to sleep.
• battery – it has done well without charging during the day
• add-on camera – like that we can add on another camera when baby #2 arrives in a month or so, however, the pan/tilt version doesn’t appear to be available so we can only add-on the fixed camera.Cons –
• the blue ‘scan’ indicator is annoying at night and I will likely cover it with a piece of tape or paper
• green light on camera – this light stays on which means our daughter is aware of the camera now and often points to it. Not a big deal but it could be distracting at night when her room is otherwise completely dark.

Leola Le Roy, WV

Good Video Baby Monitor

We use our Lorex LW2450 to keep tabs on our infant while she naps during the day (we’ve found an audio monitor to be sufficient at night; video generally isn’t needed to clue us in to how she’s doing in the middle of the night as she’s not subtle then), and it’s been quite helpful. While not a crystal clear video feed, it’s adequate for discerning if her eyes are open or closed and such, if she’s waking up, or if she’s fading to sleep.The temperature gauge that displays on the viewer (taking the temp of the room with the camera) is nice and seems accurate.The music that you can play from the camera (started and stopped from the viewer) is awful; it sounds like midi music from ancient Windows operating systems.We only have one camera so we haven’t been able to test the system with multiple cameras running to a single viewer (I think you can link up to four cameras that way). We also haven’t had need to run the video over the internet via Skype. That looks cool, but it’s just not something that we need at this point.

Lucinda Somerset, MA

Great camera, controls, and features.

Gotta admit: the pan/tilt on this camera is really worth it over their stationary cameras. Having at least one that pans and tilts and the others stationary would be fine…but the movement really allows for flexibility that you wish you had with the others. (This unit is expandable up to 4 cameras.)Whether you’re going to use this as a baby monitor, or a home/business monitor, you’ll be *mostly* pleased. Note that the Pan and Tilt functions, as well as the Record (onto microSD card, not included…takes up to 32GB) does NOT work when using the cameras remotely over Skype. It’d be awesome if it did…but it doesn’t. As it is, however, the remote/Skype viewing works great, and when you’re nearby and have the monitor/controller the pan/tilt/record work great, too. You’re not going to be recording hi-def or anything, but you can certainly capture video to show to others later…or just want to relive yourself.The camera can also play baby music…which is generally obnoxious, but I suppose an OK feature. It’d be nice if you could slap some mp3s on the memory card, and have it play what’s on the card (you know..some Beethoven for the baby, or gangsta rap if that’s your – and your kid’s thing.)As it is, the unit is very easy to use, you don’t really need the instructions at all (they’re available and are written by someone who knows English, which is good…but everything is intuitive, so you really won’t be studying the thing.)Would highly recommend, unless you’re looking for a true surveillance system – this lacks in that area (one camera remote viewing, as another example), but that’s also not what this product is geared for…so, have a baby, get this camera, and everyone is happy! Then when the baby is older, use it to monitor your driveway to make sure the mailman isn’t hand-delivering the mail to the doorstep and then staying around for too long…

Roxie Merino, CO

Works smoothly, and the tilt/pan feature is neat.

We babysit our niece often and have been using this Lorex Live baby monitor to keep tabs on her while she is sleeping. The monitor works well and has some nice features. The camera pans 240 degrees and tilts 130 degrees, so you can move around the room (you do this via the 4-way controller, so it’s not like it’s motion-sensing or anything). The picture is of a solid quality, as long as you are not expecting HD levels.I liked the two-way audio feature as it allowed us to talk to our niece without walking upstairs. The audio seemed clear and distortion-free. There is also a setting where you can hear audio but have the screen turned off, in order to conserve battery life. It can also be set to play baby music, though you can’t plug in your own iPod with your own music.I really liked the temperature sensor. Our niece likes to sleep in colder temperatures, and the sensor would warn us when it hit a pre-set temperature. This is a feature I have not seen on other baby monitors.The unit is advertised as having 4.5 hours of monitor time on a single charge, though we got a little bit less than 4 hours.Overall, I am happy with the performance of this baby camera.

Christine Pierceville, IN


This baby monitor is great. The only problem we have had since buying it is being able to stop watching the video! I do wish there was a zoom, but other than that I think this is perfect.

Joyce Hume, MO

Very Nice!

I was very excited to try the Lorex video baby monitor out. I had a regular voice monitor (that was a name brand) and it was so bad. It kept always saying that I was “out of range” when I wasn’t, or when I haven’t even moved the monitor! The Lorex has fully taken care of that problem! The video and audio are very good. There is no zoom, though. You have a 240 pan and 130 tilt so you can look all around the babies room (or any room, if you use it as just a home monitor).The video monitor is very compact, so you can carry it around. The battery lasts around 4 hours, then it will let you know it needs to be charged. It also has buttons that you can play lullabies or even talk to the other room. I honestly haven’t had any problems with this and love it. I would use it as a home monitor system, since you’re able to hook more of the cameras up. Another great plus is the fact that you can use the disc that comes with the cameras and watch from your computer! Very nice product!!

Lola Muncie, IL


This is amazing technology-even for those (like me) who aren’t the most tech savvy. The monitor immediately comes on after plugging in both the camera and the monitor into wall sockets.The monitor is about the size of a palm pilot and it comes with a charging dock. I LOVE that I can take the monitor around in my pocket ALL OVER our two story house. The buttons are well-labeled. With one press of the “video” button, I can choose to turn on the camera’s video or opt for mere sound. I can press the “talk” button (on the front next to the screen) and speak to my child where she is lying down in another room.By switching the mode to “scan” (third button on the right side) I can conserve battery power since it will then only turn on when a certain level of sound is reached near the camera. This enables my daughter to toss and turn to a degree…Only when she purposely begins thumping or making other moderately loud noises does the video turn on.Though I feel this is a really good level of sensitivity, this system also allows you to increase/decrease the level if desired.The camera automatically activates night vision when the lights are out. I can see my daughter crystal clear in light or darkness. However, don’t expect the same degree of vibrant color on the monitor as you see displayed on the box. The colors are much more muted in person.The camera even detects the temperature in a room. It is displayed clearly at the top of the monitoring screen.I can pan/tilt the camera to get a better angle if my child rolls around to another spot on her bed. After being alerted of her restlessness, I can immediately tell her over the speaker to “go back to sleep.” I can even choose a lullaby from a few musical selections built into the unit (“music” buttons on left side) to lull her back to sleep. WOW.A CD is included for remote connection with Skype (PC or Mac is required). Once system is in place, you can monitor virtually any room or outdoors (up to 4 cameras-the additional 3 sold separately) with the included monitor.*Note-You are only able to monitor ONE of these cameras remotely via computer, Android, iPhone, iPad or iTouch.The company even thought to include three Cable clips with this device to secure the cords along a wall or another flat surface, out of the way of a child’s reach.Our family continues to be amazed by these features and the incredible clarity of both the video and sound. The ease of use and affordability of the system and its available add-ons is pretty impressive.This is truly a monitoring system that can grow with the family and provide invaluable peace of mind.

Loraine Flint Hill, VA

simply reliable & controllable

This video home or baby monitor improved a lot in quality and functionality compared to its past models. I still have and use one of Lorex’s older models (3 years old). That old one seems likes a really ancient tool now. It doesn’t have pan & tilt, the screen is very small, the picture quality is not so good, wireless range is limited, and there are no extra functions, such as temperature meter. All these things are featured in this newer video home monitor, LW2450.I’ve been using the new Lorex model for over a month now, non stop, for over a month, and I have had no single issue. The reliability of this monitor is just wonderful. I have more than 10 wireless devices running all the time at home, and this monitor has never interfered with any of my wireless devices. Unlike this one, my older Lorex monitor had some interference with my iPhone 3GS; therefore, I am rather pleased that interference has not been a problem.The big LCD monitor (3.5″) is good enough to identify what’s going on in the scene. It is not super clear like the iPhone’s retina display of course, but I can tell the picture quality has improved a lot from the past models. Night viewing is limited in color and range due to the nature of the technology, yet I think it’s better than any other brands’ I have tried. Also, the viewing angle from the lens seems wider than I had expected, and I prefer a wider angle than a normal angle. Pan and tilt is just as great. It works the way it should and as expected without an issue. Among the many features from this video monitor such as two way talk , recording, and expandability, my absolute favorite is the temperature sensor. The wireless camera senses the temperature and displays it on the monitor. This is very useful and the best feature for me personally.Remote viewing is also a nice feature, and I like the fact that it’s capable. However, setting up with Skype for remote viewing is not that simple and functionality is limited. It is not difficult to set up with Skype actually. I just had to make a new account just for the camera and changed the preference Skype to auto answer on the computer. It is not that big deal to go through, yet I can see there are many people just wanting something easy to install and simple to connect. And in my opinion, this is not the simplest solution for remote viewing. There’s another way, still not the best, to use for remote viewing. Using iCam app on the smart phones and tablet allows slightly simpler setup with push notification on motion detection. I prefer using iCam app for remote viewing, and it’s nice the wireless cam works with the application, not just Skype. But both applications are not able to control pan and tilt.So my wish for this unit is for it to have a dedicated smart phone app for remote viewing with push notification and pan and tilt control. Lorex’s other video monitor series have their apps for iPhones and tablets. This shows the company is capable with the current technology for more flexibility. I know it is nice and useful to have a separate viewing monitor unit, but we are living in a mobile era now, and we will probably never go back to old technology. So it’s only reasonable for new Lorex to embrace technology and improve product functionality. The WIFI IP cameras are getting really popular these days because of the flexibility that one can use in his/her current smart phones, which do not need to be tied to a separate monitor unit. If you are technically advanced and have some networking knowledge, WIFI IP camera will be cost effective. If you want something simple and easy to use for monitoring home or baby with some nice extra features, this might be a good choice.

Ofelia Bowling Green, SC

Great little camera

Wish I would have gotten this in the beginning with my kid. We got it because we are expecting kid two and started kid one in the big boy bed. Wanted to make sure all was kosher. Works great.

Paige Onley, VA

Best monitor!

I’ve had several video monitors since my 3.5yo was born, including the live snap by Lorex. This is, by far, the best! I love the picture quality and the pan feature. It also allows me to turn the video off at night and just use it as an audio. It automatically switches between cameras, which is the feature I use most. However, you can set it to scan the cameras and automatically switch to the one where it detects sound. You can also view all the cameras at once, but with no audio. I have found the temperature indicators to be pretty accurate. The temperature alert on ours does not work. I’m not sure why. I may not be doing something right. To be fair, I have not taken the time to look into it or call the company. However, when I set the alert, the alarm keeps going off even though the temp is not even close to the min or max that I set. It’s a minor inconvenience and hasn’t been a problem.

Shelia Van Tassell, WY

Best Monitor I’ve Encountered

This video monitor is by far the best one I’ve come across, especially given the price. While it can be used for both survelliance and a baby monitor, my experience is related to using it as a baby/toddler monitor. The features that make it worth every cent include:-Pan/tilt option (this is the best feature of all – you can pan/tilt the camera to follow your baby/toddler – this isn’t such a big deal when you have an infant who doesn’t go very far, but it’s a fantastic feature when you have a toddler who can get out of bed and move around the room or when you have a toddler who’s old enough to play by himself in his room and you’d like to keep an eye on him – a GREAT feature that will be more valuable as your baby grows)- Great picture quality (both at night and during the day – compared to the several other monitors I’ve used, the video quality on this one is superior and the picture size is generous)-Temperature (the monitor reports thet temperature where the camera is located – for a parent who is particularly obsessed, as I was, with making sure the baby’s room isn’t too warm, this is a great feature; there’s also a temperature alert feature that you can set to have the monitor notify you if the room temperature falls below or exceeds a specific temperature that you choose)-Two-way Talk (the monitor includes the ability to talk to your little one without physically being in the room with him/her)-Recording feature (if you’re interested in recording some of the funny things your little one does when he/she should be sleeping – this monitor offers the option to record it; this is also a valuable feature if you want to use the monitor for survelliance)-Mutiple camera option (multiple cameras can be connected to the unit so that if you have more than one child, each can be viewed via a camera and you can watch what they are doing simultaneously)-Baby music (baby music is programmed into the monitor, though it would be better if you had the ability to hook up your iPod or mp3 player to play your own music)-Decent battery life (while the battery life isn’t great – perhaps 4-5 hours, it’s good enough)-Skype access (you can access the camera via Skype – I haven’t really had the need to do this, but it’s a great feature if you need it)The only issue I found with the monitor is that it isn’t quite as sensitive to sound as some of the other monitors I’ve used. This hasn’t been a problem at all.This is a great value with all of the features that it includes!

Traci Sedley, VA

The best video baby monitor I’ve tried

While by no means perfect, this is the best video baby monitor i’ve had a chance to use. The image is clear, set-up is easy, and it has useful features like sound-activated recording into a mini-SD card. It even comes with a little stand to prop the parent unit in, both to hold it at a good angle for viewing and to charge it, so you don’t have to fumble with the cord every time. This is very handy if you have your hands full (say, with a baby) and can’t use both to plug the cord into the monitor. (If you choose, you can plug it in directly. When we travel, i usually don’t bring the stand, but at home it’s the charging home base.) It even has an option to mute the parent unit speaker when there’s no sound coming through, so you don’t have to listen to the faint static hiss of your baby not crying. The range is good too – we seem to have lead walls in our house, as most monitors can’t seem to broadcast all the way from the nursery to the kitchen. This one can.Alas, it’s not perfect. There are many minor problems which don’t trouble me but might be deal-breakers for other parents.1) The camera makes a little whirring noise when it turns, more so than other pan/tilt cameras i’ve tried. It wasn’t enough to wake my baby, though.2) The time/date resets if you let the battery run completely dead.3) The time/date stamp does not appear in recorded footage. The file name tells you on what date the file was recorded, but there’s no time stamp anywhere.4) The battery life is only a few hours, and there’s no battery indicator on the parents unit. If you don’t remember how long it’s been since you charged it, you have no way to know whether it’s at 90% or 10%.5) The camera has a green light on the front to indicate that it’s on, and it’s awfully bright in a dark nursery. You can turn it so it’s not pointing at the baby, though, but it takes a little forethought. You could also probably tape or paint over it.

Aida Snowflake, AZ

Used to expand….

I already owned a Lorex baby monitor, and loved it. We used this set to expand our other monitor and make it so we can switch between rooms. Now, we have three set up on one device (two pan/tilt and one stationary) and I can’t say enough good about this monitor.It is simple, easy to use, and the picture is great.If I had to have one complaint, it is that you need to be a little clever with hanging the pan/tilt camera (I put down a piece of packing tape with the edge folded down so I could easily pull it later, then used a good piece of heavy duty velcro..) and that the temperature gauge seems to be 4-6 degrees off on average – which is actually much better then other monitors I’ve tested.This is by far, the best monitor we’ve used (and I’ve tested 5 or 6). Definitely a great buy.

Selena Glencoe, AR

Great Expandable Baby Monitor with Zoom

We purchased this after retuning our Summer Infant Baby Touch monitor. The parent unit broke after only a week, due to mishandling from my toddler and we decided to try the Lorex LIVE instead! I think they are very comparable however i do believe that the Lorex has a higher picture quality. I have been very pleased with this monitor and just purchased an ad on camera for another room. One thing i wanted to add that i have seem some complaints about in other reviews is the lack of a zoom feature. This is not accurate. The camera will zoom, all you have to do is press and hold the middle of the toggle button and it will zoom in. You can’t move the camera while in zoom mode but i don’t find that to be much of an issue because i get the camera facing exactly where i want it prior to zooming in.

Lillie Ocean Park, WA