Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard

Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard

We believe life should be spent together. So we designed a crib to make it easier to do just that. The Lotus is more than a travel crib. It’s an EVERYWHERE crib. So light. So portable. It sets up in 15 seconds. Use it everywhere, everyday. At Home. At friends’ for dinner. At a playgroup. Across town. In the airport. Across the world. And the Lotus travel crib is beautiful. It has clean lines, art-inspired graphics and logos, soft textured fabrics, and modern colors. Easy for You: Since it’s effortless to take the Lotus portable crib with you and super fast to setup, you’ll go more places and see more friends & family. Not just on overnight trips, but all the time at home and across town. And since it’s a lightweight backpack, both hands are available for everything else, including the baby and diaper bag. Guava Family is the only company in the world that makes cribs that pack into backpacks. Fun for them: Nothing makes us happier than to see how much fun the little ones have in the Lotus travel crib. Give them their own way in and out, and they think of it as their world, not a prison. The side door, which can be zipped and secured closed turns the crib into a secure space where they’ll love to play, laugh, sleep. We won’t blame you for climbing in with them either…. Safe For Everyone: No Phthalates. No Lead. No PBE or PBDE Flame Retardants. Full-side breathable mesh. ASTM F406-11B Approved. Also, the Lotus Crib cover is removable and machine washable. Spit up. Slobber. Drool. It’s only a matter of time… What You Get: The Lotus Crib comes with the crib, mattress, and bag (with convertible backpack straps), and instruction manual, and our heartfelt thanks for joining the Guava Family!

Main features

  • 15 Second set-up, backpack portability, fits as a carry-on, use it EVERYWHERE
  • GREENGUARD GOLD certified! No Flame Retardants. No PVC, Phthalates, or Lead. 16 CFR 1221 + ASTM F406-13 certified.
  • Breathable ClearView Mesh allows for full airflow and an unobstructed view of the child, even when the side is zipped up. The mesh sides go all the way down to the mattress to create a safe, breathable sleep environment.
  • 42″x24″ mattress, 25″ deep. 13 lbs. total
  • Fun side door makes it much more than a crib…it’s a perfect, fun, comfortable play area for your little one.

Verified reviews


Lotus vs Babybjorn light 2

I wanted to find a review comparing the two and couldn’t, so bought both. Here is my evaluation.LotusPros: 1.Zippered side door is a nice addition, though less useful than I originally thought. Maybe good for crawling in and nursing while your baby sleeps, but really just as uncomfortable to get your baby in and out as bending over the frame. Also, if your baby is old enough to crawl in there himself then he probably needs a bigger play area.2. Very compact, folds more compactly than the Bjorn and the backpack element is nice.3. The top of the crib is the same size as the bottom, making it a spacious box. The Bjorn slopes in with the top rails having a smaller footprint than the bottom of the crib, making is seem smaller for baby to play in.Pro or Con: Mesh all the way to the bottom. Some parents might think that’s safer, but I think it makes it less cozy for baby, it’s like they’re sleeping on the floor with no protection from floor dust.Cons: 1. Mattress is super thin, I think it’s twice thinner than the Babybjorn. Doesn’t feel comfortable at all. Basically the baby is sleeping on the floor. They say it’s regulation, but Babybjorn has to follow the same regulations and they made a nicer softer mattress. Also, the bjorn mattress can be unzipped for cleaning the waterpoof cover and if you need you can also add your own foam cushion for older babies. But lotus mattress is sealed shut in the waterpoof case.2. Smells out of the box. Materials just don’t see as nice. It smells chemically, like vinyl, or just fresh out of a factory. Babjorn never had a single scent to it. The fabric at the top of the lotus crib snags VERY easily, while the bjorn’s is soft and snag free.And that’s all, whichever you prefer will be fine, but I prefer the Bjorn for the above reasons.

Shirley Flom, MN

Clever, Beautiful, Easy and Great Service!

I’m surprised there aren’t more posts. The crib is just beautiful! I purchased it in preparation for a visit to my parents’ home overseas. It’s a last minute trip due to family illness so I didn’t want them running around procuring a crib for us to use that I would just be suspect about anyway. This is small enough to fit in my 26″ luggage and seems quite compact, more so than I expected from the video of the guy wearing it as a backpack. The design is super smart; the angled posts not only add stability but also prevent my 10 month old baby from hitting her head when she falls backward (either in play or when losing her balance). I was concerned about the mattress being too thin but I’ve pressed down on it and find it just fine and comfy enough for my girl. I am most happy that my baby likes it and took to it right away! She is normally clingy and dislikes her playard (even though it’s a huge 8 panel one), but she loves this crib. I played with her zipping and unzipping it and she could not be more delighted, and prefers to be zipped in! She was also happy looking out over the sides. I found the sides higher than that of an evenflo pack-n-play and like that fact; she’s starting to climb and use toys to get a boost to try to get out so I feel more secure with the slightly higher sides. I also liked that it is narrower and longer; it means she’ll get more use and we’ll be less crowded when we use it in hotel rooms. Last but NOT least, I had emailed the company via amazon to see if they could move the shipping up in anyway as I was departing only 4 business days after my order. I received a prompt response and they were able to get my crib to me the night before my travel, 3 business days after my order (shipment was within CA). I am so grateful for this help. Logistics for taking an infant on a 14 hour flight by myself is a big enough challenge! Thanks Guava Family!

Lupe Toler, KY

Interesting design but not easy to use

I really wanted to like this playard but can’t say that I do. I own 4 other playards that I have at home and at my parents house, so I have quite a bit of experience with playards.Pros:- Cool fold-out design- Zippered opening on side- Lighter than other playardsCons:- Really hard to fold up correctly. It isn’t designed to just fold up but requires you to match the right folded side and then the legs only fold flat if you happen to fold them in the right order- It doesn’t come with a sheet nor does it work with standard pack n play sheets or crib sheets. It is longer and narrower. I’m not sure what sheet you would use with it but the instructions don’t tell you anything.- You have to secure a bunch of velcro tabs in order for the ‘mattress’ to lay flat. In order to do that you have to feed 6 small velcro tabs from the inside to through little slits to the outside.- The legs stick way out and are easy to accidentally kick as you try to walk away or pass by.- The mattress rests right on the ground which is alright but it can be much colder to sleep right on the ground.Of all the playards I have tried, I like the Graco one the best because it is priced pretty well, easy to set up, easy to transport, and easy to take down.

Valerie Bellaire, OH

Lightweight. Easy to Use. Near Perfection!

I absolutely love this travel crib. It is much much lighter than comparable products. Set up takes all of 20 seconds and putting it away doesn’t take much longer. I use it on a daily basis as a small play yard for my 8 month old. It is made of durable materials that keep up with his wear-and-tear. I have also used this as a travel crib for him. He slept in it without any problems whatsoever. The only thing you need to be aware of with this portable crib that you may not with others is it being level with the ground. This makes your baby prone to drafts and dust settled on the ground. If you are using this as a travel crib for sleeping overnight, I would recommend getting down on the floor and checking to make sure there aren’t any cold drafts coming through the crib area and that the floor is clear of any dust or insects.

Ella Muddy, IL

Did I get a defective one?

I am not sure what I am doing wrong or got a defective one but I have been trying to put this pack and play back into its bag for half an hour now, the velcro closures are off and the mattress doesn’t fit properly into the bag,I wish the mattress came with a velcro to close it up before or after putting it into its bag.It doesn’t come with a sheet, I tried to put a porta crib one but it’s too tight and pulls the mattress ends up. I considered buying their fitted sheet but after reading the reviews mentioning that after a wash it shrinks I changed my mind. The company said the mattress can be used without a sheet though.On the plus side it’s a nice size crib.Update: I first gave 2 stars because I was getting frustrated with this crib, but after talking to Asa and Scott, who both gave outstanding customer service I am changing my review to 5 stars. Apparently I did get a defective cover and they are sending me a new one to see if it solves the problem.Best customer service.Update:Have been using it for a month now and unfortunately I hate to say that I have some complaints.The mattress is way too thin compared to other pack n plays (I understand they claim its a safety reason but aren’t other pack n plays with thicker mattresses safe?!)The legs open at a wide angle taking up more room than a regular pack n play.It is smaller than a regular pack and play (just a little longer than a portacrib)I dont like that the mattress doesnt have velcro closure when you wrap it around the folded travel crib.Not a fan of the tight fitting bag it comes in either.Only reason I bought this one rather than a regular one is that my baby is big and heavy and was gonna outgrow the 30 pounds limit way too early.Even though customer service was amazing I am not too happy with this crib, sorry! :(Update: I am really sorry but I have to take another star off 🙁 after using it for a few months at home (without collapsing it), we took it with us on a trip, well, it took me quite some time to first fit the mattress IN the bag and then put the crib and collapse the legs … The whole process is just long and annoying to me, maybe it’s a personal preference but a few months ago we borrowed a friend’s pack and play and all we had to do to collapse it was pull the middle up and wrap the mattress around it, and it was done. It wasn’t any heavier than this one from what I recall, I wouldn’t call this crib lightweight. I am sorry for the negative reviews but it’s just not working out for me 🙁 the main reasons I got this crib were:There is no weight limit, the front opening, which both me and my baby like.

Eula Delray, WV

Great for travel and for toddlers who climb out of their cribs!

Our 16 monther just started climbing out of his crib so we started putting him in the playard. It’s harder for him to climb out of which is awesome for us because the he’s not ready to stay in a toddler bed on his own yet (he keeps climbing out of it every time we put him in). I LOVE the zippered side because once he falls asleep, I can unzipper it so that when he wakes up, he can walk himself out of the room instead of crying for someone to come pick him up.This playard also folds up smaller than other playards which makes travel easier. You can buy a playard mattress if you plan to use it more often than for travel, but you have to make sure the size of the mattress fits this since it’s not a standard playard size.If you’re a new mom or preparing for delivery, check out AllMomsArePerfect.com. It’s got excellent advice on must haves for your baby registry, what to expect at recovery, and how to get the most sleep postpartum (when you really won’t get much sleep).

Florence Readyville, TN

Easy, works great, high quality, you don’t have to think

We researched several different portable cribs for an air trip we were about to take with our 10 month old(20 lbs). This crib was more expensive than others, but the reviews were great so we purchased it hoping that we would be getting something quality.Received the crib and it survived checked luggage without a problem, although there were grease marks that got onto the outside cover from airport handling. When we opened it up and set it up, it was very natural and easy to use. It’s light, so easy to pick up and move around as well. The mattress, that also doubles as a cover for the structural frame in the bag, unfolded and went inside the assembled frame easily.Only issue I’d say was when closing you have to remember to align the crescent with the crescent, I think this is the only step you could possibly mess up, although even if you fold it up the ‘wrong way’ it still fits into the bag, albeit a little weirdly.Our baby slept peacefully and comfortably throughout when sleeping in it, and played happily in one place when awake.Overall, ease of use and high quality of this item actually makes it a great value, have not regretted buying it even though I usually balk at items that may be priced at a seemingly high premium to other items in the market.

Tabatha Walkerton, VA

super easy to set up and great looking!

I actually haven’t used the crib yet, but got it before we move from the US to Africa in a couple weeks. I wanted something we could carry on the plane to ensure my 6 week old would have a place to sleep immediately when we arrive (and we travel a lot). I was actually going online to buy the Guava GoCrib when I saw that this one had just come out! I was delighted as I wasn’t crazy about the inflatable one. The bag is so light and portable. It is so much nicer than lugging the pack n play bag we are using now. I couldn’t believe how easy it is to set up and take down! The frame is so simple and great. The mattress does take a little bit of time to velcro all around, but it is not too bad. The mattress feels comfortable and I love the look of the crib. It is going to be perfect for our uses. I only wish the bassinet portion was available! I am sad about putting my 7.5 week old on the floor.Guava- can you get the bassinet out in the next couple weeks, please?!?!I am looking forward to getting the sunshade when it comes out, and I am hoping there will also be a bug net (we will be living in a malaria zone and using another net, but I’d like one that fits perfectly).With the bassinet this will be the perfect travel crib and I am really happy we got it!Edit April 5, 2013:Now that we have been using the Lotus crib for a few weeks, I thought I would edit my review. Overall, we have been very happy with the crib! We moved from the US to Africa with it. I had planned to carry it on the plane to ensure it arrived safely for our move, but ended up checking it since we had so many bags and I was allowed to check it for free. It made it through the flight and baggage handlers unscathed. I was able to set it up it minutes when we arrived and baby took a nap within 10 minutes of being in our new home. The key to a very quick set up is to already have the sheet on the mattress. The only time consuming part of set up is pulling the velcro tabs through the sheet holes and then securing them to the crib. If you have the sheet on already, it elimates one of those steps. Baby has slept comfortable and happily in the crib. (I have added pictures to the gallery) In my pictures I noted that the mattress curves up a bit on the ends. It really hasn’t effected the crib or baby’s sleep, but I thought I would mention it. Also, the mesh around the zipper bunches a little bit. The zipper moves smoothly still, so it is only an aesthetic concern. Speaking of the zipper, it is a bit loud. I rarely use it because the noise bothers my daughter. Now, without using the door, it is a long bend down to the floor to put baby in and out. Since my daughter is only 3 months (have been using the crib now since 2.5 months) we have to go all the way down to get in her in and out. Its a pain on the back! This problem will be solved by their bassinet option. Very small problems aside, we are very happy with the crib! We’ll continue to use it around the house after her real crib arrives and look forward to easily using it for travel in months to come.Edit February 8, 2014:We have now been using this crib for almost a year. It has been to 3 continents, grandparents’ houses, friends’ houses, and more. The portability can’t be beat. I have to be honest that I do prefer a regular pack n play when I have the chance. They are wider and off the ground, which I prefer. That being said, this one gets the most use. My daughter still seems comfortable in at at 13.5 months (she’s over 90% in height and weight). The size of the packed crib is so small and perfect and it is very easy to use. I never hesitate to just pop it up in a friend’s house for a quick nap. Most of my friends say they would never attempt that with a regular pack n play. Over the summer I noticed that the top corners were developing some small holes. It looked like pressure holes from where the crib folds. I contacted guava and they replaced the cover immediately. That kind of customer service should get 10 stars!

Katelyn Lynn Center, IL

I wanted to love it, but HATE it.

I so wanted to love this travel crib, but I just can’t. After copious amount of research I purchased the Lotus (at the hefty $200 price point) for a trip to visit family alone with my 8-month-old that involved flying. This thing seemed like the perfect solution since it was compact enough to fit in an overhead storage bin. The compact size is the ONLY thing I ended up liking about it. Below are my major disappointments and reasons I am selling it after about 4 months of use:- velcro straps take forever to thread through the base to secure the mattress and sheet (all while hunched over at a very uncomfortable angle since you have to have one arm in and one are out of the crib to do it).- the mattress DOES NOT LIE FLAT once the sheet is over it. It pulls the mattress to a point that baby has to lie on it (uncomfortably I’m sure) to flatten it out, and even then it still pulls up on the ends. I have no idea how they got it to lie flat with the sheet on it in the product picture. Mine will not do this.I find myself envious of my friends’ bulkier pack ‘n plays because they are SOOO much easier to assemble and take apart and their babies look so much more comfortable in them. For the $200 price tag, the lotus should have a more efficient assembly and the mattress should lie flat!!

Mia Hayden, AL

Super easy to use

We never got a pack-and-play, and have avoided all the baby clutter since our daughter was born 8 months ago. We do, however, need a place for her to sleep when we travel. We bought this after checking out several alternatives and are thrilled. It is super light, super easy to use, and also quite aesthetically pleasing. Would absolutely recommend this to anyone.

Deann Felch, MI

A Must for Short Mamas

I’m short (a little over 5 feet tall) and can barely brush my fingertips along the bottom of travel cribs. This means I’d be dropping Baby Dragon in, making her feel as though she were falling (which would wake a sleepy baby). I like that the side unzips so that I can gently place her inside. The only other travel crib I found with a side that unzips is the Phil & Ted’s crib. I looked at the manual for it though, and there are a bunch of steps for assembly: it’s like pitching a tent. No thank you. If you go to the Guava Family website and watch the artfully done video, it really is that simple to set up: you extend the legs, flip it over, and pop it open. Wonderful. It’s also a good size (I can fit a good 2/3 of me in there), washable, lightweight, and folds up fairly easily.Other great things about the side that unzips: you can nurse your baby laying down together, you can rub/pat baby’s back, baby doesn’t feel caged (if you use it as a play cave, baby has good associations with it), it helps you pull the mattress Velcro tabs through the slots in the bottom of the crib (remember – I have short arms)….If you’re concerned that the mattress is thin, the matching plush quilted sheet helps.

Karla Mather, PA

So easy!!!

I absolutely love this travel crib. I did my due diligence in research before choosing the Lotus. I have so many friends with traditional pack and plays and I find the name to be beyond misleading. They’re heavy, hard and time cnsuming to put together and you can forget about ever packing them up to take on a trip. That would be a joke. This on the other hand travels and sets up like a dream. I showed my husband the promo video and he wasn’t sold and when it arrived he seamed mildly impressed. Skip forward one week to our first weekend away to NYC with our 6 week old daughter and he was a believer. The backpack straps on the carrying case allowed us to easily transport all our belongings to our room in one trip and setting up the crib in our small manhattan hotel room took all of two minutes. I only wish there was an added zippered pocket somewhere on the case to store the sheet. Honestly that is my only complaint!

Sherri Church Point, LA


After searching for the perfect travel sleeper for my baby I decided to get this one based on all of the great reviews and also because it was the only one that was light weight and had mesh all the way down to the bottom.It’s easy to put up and take down. I was concerned about the dimensions and if my son would outgrow it fast. I put the pad/mattress in his crib to compare and was pleasantly surprise that it wasn’t that much smaller than his crib mattress.Today was the final test. Will he sleep in it? I put him in it for a nap today and he slept for about 1 1/2 hrs which is very normal for him.It does have a bit of an odor to it so I’m going to leave it set up until we need to use it for travel. If the smell doesn’t go away I will just wash it since it is machine washable.

Sandra Saint Anthony, IA

Baby slept well

We recently started traveling more and my husband refused to take our regular play yard because it was too heavy. This travel yard is light and compact. Our baby was 8 months old when he first used it and he slept good in it the first night. The legs are a little confusing to fold back up.

Nellie Shirley, IL

LOVE it!

My new lotus crib arrived today and while we haven’t given it an official test run yet, I’ve been “playing” with it for a while and LOVE it! Such high quality, I set it up in less than 60 seconds, without reading instructions (most of which was placing the sheet on the mattress) and took it down in about 20 seconds. My son enjoyed laying in it and it folds down so compactly and will be perfect for air travel (looks perfect size for a carry on), car travel and traveling to friends houses. My only, very minor complaint, would be that the mattress is just a bit too thin, but I look forward to purchasing the padded sheet once my son is older than one year, which I think will solve this issue. Five stars, Guava Family, this travel crib is GREAT!

Yvonne Hostetter, PA

Expensive, but we like it

After spending considerable time looking for the perfect travel crib, we went with the guava. It is very easy to set up and take down. A little heavier than I was expecting, but it’s sturdy and the mini me doesn’t seem to mind sleeping in it when she’s away from her normal crib. Certainly beats lugging around a 22lb pack’n’play.We also purchased the quilted sheet which I highly recommend (although I’m a little resentful at guava for charging $26 for said sheet. When the crib itself already costs $200, I think they should throw in the sheet as a gesture of thanks for giving up lattes for 3 months to pay for it).

Ines Amboy, IN

Beautiful design, incredibly functional!

This thing is amazing! It’s beautiful to look at and so incredibly functional. We used our Lotus during a recent vacation and it was a lifesaver. First, it takes up half the space of a standard pack n’ play. Second, it’s incredibly light so traveling with it isn’t an issue. It’s very easy and quick to set up and take down and easy to clean. Our baby used it as both a place to sleep and a play pen during the day when we needed to contain her. The netting is very durable and breatheable. She slept in it all night with no issues too, so it must be pretty comfortable. I cannot recommend this product enough. It is so much easier to use than a traditional pack n’ play. There was clearly a lot of effort put into developing this product. It’s by far the best made baby product we have purchased since our daughter was born (and we’ve bought a lot). When not traveling, we plan on using it around the house as an easy-to-set-up baby jail.

Erica Milledgeville, OH

Great playard easy setup very light

This playard is worth the money. It is very easy to set up and extremely light, which makes traveling very convenient.

Gena Rio Rico, AZ

Great for long term sleep and is light!

We travelled to Hawaii for two weeks with this crib. It worked well. We did have to attach a sheet of fabric to the walls to ensure baby got enough privacy to sleep, otherwise all that see through mesh was too distracting. We did not check it in, it fit in overhead. There was also enough place inside the box for spare sheets and pajamas. We did not buy the special sheets. We used standard sheet, slid it under mattress and fixed it in place using velcro that holds the mattress to the bottom.

Lenora Collegedale, TN

Fantastic crib

We have used this crib for the past year. I have taken this crib on at least 6 flights (2 international). The best thing about this crib is that it can stored as a carry-on. It easily converts to a backpack and my husband says it is very light (about 11 pounds). The sides are completely breathable (unlike the Bjorn) and the crib is VERY easy to assemble. The most time consuming part is getting the Velcro tabs secured to the bottom of the crib. I used the quilted sheet and my little guy loves it. He sleeps very well in it. My only complaint is that the mattress is on the ground…literally. So it can be very difficult to get our son in and out of the crib without waking him up. The side door looks a lot more useful than it is. I can’t use it to put my child in because zipping up the door wakes him up. However, some reviewers are able to lay in the crib and help get their children to sleep. Overall, I think it is a great crib. It is so easy to fly with and my son sleeps like a champ in it. I also bought the sun shade (not available on amazon) that allows us to put him to sleep in a bright room because it keeps the crib very dark.

Robin Waterloo, NY


We took this on a trip to a wedding this weekend in another state. It was incredible. We had it outside, in a hotel room, and at a wedding reception. It really does fold up easily, is very easy to carry for a backpack (and I don’t have big arm muscles!), and super easy to set up. Like the other reviewers said, the tabs do take an extra minute, but I feel they’re well worth it for the added security. Once you do it a couple of times, it becomes second nature. I do think it’s essential to buy the sheets, as they have the tabs that go with the tabs on the mattress. For the weekend trip, I just kept the sheets on when I folded up the crib to save time and it easily fit into the bag that way. We also bought the sunshade and mosquito net accessories, which we loved. It is also a pretty streamlined looking crib!!! We may buy another to keep out in the house, since it is so easy to move from room to room. It is well worth the price. We are getting rid of the pack and play. My sister-in-law used a Baby Bjorn travel crib a couple of years ago and said this looked much better.

Estella Granville, WV

We use this for co-sleeping

Nice and easy way to co-sleep if doing so with the parents’ bed on the floor. It gives the baby his own space, we also bought the shade fly from the Guava Lotus website (wish it were on Amazon) and it makes a nice dark daytime nap space for our baby. We haven’t traveled with it yet but the backpack should prove to be nice and convenient.

Graciela Mulberry, TN

The perfect travel & home crib – stylish too!

I have long hated the traditional pack and play designs and was thrilled to see one that was so stylish. We were in the market for a lightweight easy-to-setup travel crib and were considering this, the gocrib, P&T;’s yet to be released traveler v3 crib and 4moms. Weight wise, the P&T; wins at 7lbs and 4moms loses. Ease-of-setup goes to 4moms but the weight is hefty. I read the instruction manual for P&T;’s new crib and it looks like the set up is not as easy as it seems. That being said, I was willing to give it a try except it wouldnt be released until April.We received the Lotus three days ago. Set up was incredibly easy. The hardest part was trying to get the safety velcro tabs through the mattress. I would recommend that you sew on some longer strips to feed it through better. I’d expect to get really good at doing this though. The mattress was not completely flat when opened but we left some heavy weight pillows on it overnight and it straightened out! The size looks just fantastic in our living room, not too big and not too small.The best part – our DD took her nap in it with no problems! I LOVE the side open door so I can lie next to her and soothe her if needed. It was also much easier to sit down and put her in so i could take some time settling her instead of reaching over the crib. Love that feature so much! The zipper is a little bit noisy but I don’t think there’s anyway to get around it.Customer service is FANTASTIC. I thought one of the straps was inverted and I emailed to make a complaint. They replied within an hour in the middle of the night and said they would send me a replacement cover immediately. Turns out I could have easily flipped the flap myself so they didn’t have to ship me one. Still, I was super impressed with customer service and truly feel like part of the guava family.Totally worth the $199. We’re gonna be taking lots of naps in this.

Meghan Caledonia, OH

Not for us.

We purchased the lotus and the baby bjorn for an upcoming trip across the country. For us it was a no-brainier, the baby bjorn won out. I found the fold to be slightly more complicated, the mattress to be thiner, and we preferred the solid strip of fabric that runs around the crib like a bumper on the bjorn. I also HATED the quilted sheet that I purchase for the lotus- it made the mattress curl up. Overall I think this is a good quality travel crib, but just not for us.

Valarie Patriot, OH

Best Travel Crib

We purchased this travel crib after a bad experience with a metal hotel crib (baby was banging his head into the bars at night and waking up). We already owned a pack n play, but it’s too heavy and large for air travel and we didn’t want to have to pay an extra baggage fee to check it. This crib is super light-weight and can even be worn as a backpack. Even better, we were actually able to pack it inside one of our suitcases and still have room for babies things. Baby sleeps great, with now possibility of head injuries and therefore we are happy parents!Some people have complained that it’s hard to get the velcro tabs through the holes in the bottom, but I didn’t find it to be difficult. It helps if you unzip the side panel and stick your arm through there or even turn the whole crib upside down.I use the American Baby Company Fitted Pack N Play sheet and it fits the mattress just fine. No need to pay double for the other sheets.

Dayna Saint James, NY

super duper easy

This crib arrived today and I already love it. It is so light. Not sure how the backpack feature is going to work out, but it’s there. I figured out how to set up an take down within 5 minutes. (even my husband, who is from Arkansas, figured it out…) haha. Super easy. Definitely will fit as a carry on an airplane.I did not order the Guava crib sheet, however it will be very easy to make one to fit. Just add button holes for the velcro straps to go through. Regular crib sheets are much too big.The mattress is not very thick, probably only about 0.5".

Kristie Sutton, AK

So well designed, except for the stupid travel bag it comes with.

The great thing about this crib is the instant set/up take down. So I don’t understand why it would come with a travel bag that is so small you break a sweat wrestling this stupid thing into the bag. Why not a drawstring bag? Immensely frustrating.

Aileen Chewelah, WA


I love this travel crib! It is so easy to break down and put up. It folds up small in seconds and the carrying bag is very convenient. It was so easy to use and my 1 yo loved being it. We used it on our 4 day road trip when we were in hotels and it was our favorite purchase.

Tonya Cambridge, IL

Love this

Lightweight, easy to put together, great for the beach, great customer service. I would highly recommend this product. I would recommend getting the sheet or a sheet.

Concetta Flint, TX

A travel must!

Love this crib. Easy to set up and take down. Love that it is light weight and traveling was so much easier than the other typical pack and play units. Love the zipper function although it does make a little sound while your little one is sleeping and you are trying to zip it up, but a zipper is a must since Velcro would be easy to press against and for baby to get out and buttons would do same thing. I am short so to bend down and place him in the crib rather than stretching over and about falling in myself is so much nicer. Recommend for traveling or even for a second around the house crib.

Janette Frederick, IL