Loveybums Hand-dyed Organic Wool Diaper Cover – Cornflower blue – newborn/small

Loveybums Hand-dyed Organic Wool Diaper Cover – Cornflower blue – newborn/small

Our organic wool covers are made with two layers of felted 100% organic merino wool jersey. The outer layer is hand-dyed with baby-safe dyes, and the inner is undyed. Available in four colors with natural snaps/thread. Our organic wool covers work well for day or nighttime use. All of our covers are sized to fit over our diapers in the same size. **Made in the USA with fabrics produced in the U.S.**

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really nice

great quality wool, so soft. The leg gussets are non-restrictive and don’t bind or leave marks on the baby’s legs. I use these over cotton prefolds, and they work wonderfully for keeping wetness contained. The poo does sometimes leak out the legs or the back, usually just stays on the diaper cover though and misses the baby’s clothes fortunately. When this happens, it’s really easy to hand-wash the soiled area, stains come right out and it dries in a few hours. I pre-lanolinized these and redo the lanolin every 2 months.

Patrica Centuria, WI


I love how cashmere soft this diaper cover is! We use it at night over a pre-fold and it works great. This is been the only nighttime diaper solution that has worked for us with no leaks. I am so extremely happy with my purchase. Just a hint if you like lovey bums on Facebook they will alert you about upcoming specials or discounts! I will definitely be getting another one of these.

Elvira Pachuta, MS


I really love this cover. When I received it in the mail, I quickly took it out and was so awed by how cute it is. And how large looking; and it is, but oddly enough, size medium fit my 10-pound newborn perfectly. It went up high on the waist, so wait for the umbilical cord to fall off before using this cover, but it was nice and snug and was my go-to diaper for nighttime. I loved it. Still using it on my 18ish pound baby, and it says the cover will fit until 22 pounds. YAY! Easy to wash too!

Wendi Lumberton, MS


these covers are adorable! I like the velcro a little better because it’s faster to change, but the snaps look cuter. I love that this company has so many organic options!

Lynette Mamou, LA

LOVE LOVE LOVE these covers….

Not only are they soft, natural, breathable, and ridiculously adorable… but they WORK!!! I lanolinize them much more HEAVILY than the company recommends (with 1/4 tsp NOW liquid lanolin) every week or so, right after I wash them, because I love the softness it gives the wool AND the natural moisturizing properties for my son’s skin and my own hands. Lanolinizing isn’t really that hard, either: hot water +lanolin +soap and shake. Mix into the damp (just washed) covers and warm water. Soak 30 minutes or overnight. Whatever. Totally no big deal. And it’s nice on dry hands, too! I started lanolinizing my wool sweaters and my son’s wool blanket, too. It’s heavenly.I just cannot BELIEVE how easy (and cheap) it is to diaper this way! I only have 12 ozocozy pre folds, which I fold and place into these covers, 3 wool covers, and 3 g diaper covers, which I also use with pre folds, when I need him to be sitting for a potentially longer period and 100% waterproof. I drop the dirty pre folds into a bucket of vinegar water and power wash them in my front loading machine every day, so there’s never any smell whatsoever. I don’t even rinse the poop off or anything. They smell brand spanking new, and my son’s butt looks well-aired and pristine.If only clothing myself could be so soft and easy.To be fair, though, I bought another wool cover from these guys, the soaker pull up brief, and it was terrible. Very scratchy, and my son’s butt always felt damp 10 minutes after I put it on him. He didn’t soak through it, mind you, but I just don’t like the idea of feeling pee (even if it’s only water vapor) when I pick him up. Gross. It was only 1 layer of wool though, and these overs have 2 layers, so maybe that’s the trade off for having a thinner cover.Don’t be scared to try wool. I almost chickened out, but I’m SO glad I gave it a fair chance!

Tommie Holualoa, HI

Work well but are thick and heavy

These covers do an excellent job at keeping liquids in. I prefer the velcro to the snap they are faster to use.I only have rated this 4 stars because it is thick and heavy, probably better for nights to trap fluid. Overall I prefer the wool jersey cover to this one as it is lighter and less bulky than these organic ones.Using wool covers overall is a bit more work as you have to soak them in lanolin before use, and resoak them every month or so, but the lanolin does make them waterproof and I have found them very effective. You don’t have to wash them every day, just air them to dry if they get wet. They only need washing only if they get poop on them. They also breathe and my son doesn’t get sweaty, great for summer!

Ingrid Harrington, WA