Loveybums Wool Pull-up Diaper Cover – Pink – medium

Loveybums Wool Pull-up Diaper Cover – Pink – medium

Our pull-up wool covers are made with 1 layer of thick and stretchy hand-dyed wool interlock in the body, and undyed/untreated interlock in the waist and leg cuffs. Our wool interlock fabric is made in the U.S. and oeko-tex certified. The stretchy wool fabric allows easy diaper changes and a wider size range. Our pull-up wool covers are trim and make a great daytime diaper cover. Each cover comes with a packet of lanolin and care instructions. All of our covers are sized to fit over our diapers in the same size. **Made in the USA with fabrics produced in the U.S.**

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No more leaks at night!

We had been struggling with leaks every night/morning with our cloth diapers, and I was at my wits end. I finally heeded the advice I had heard about wool, and broke down to buy one to try out. I was hesitant, because I thought the wool would be too scratchy on our DS’s sensitive skin. But they’re super soft! And even better, THEY WORK! We haven’t had a leak since we started using them! Thank you!!!

Adrienne Round O, SC

Wonderful, adorable cover!

This is a very adorable, yet functional cover. I got a size Medium which fit my newborn perfectly. She was a hefty 10 pound, 4 ounce newborn but lost a tiny bit of weight as newborns do, and it fit perfectly. It aired her bottom out nicely during the day. I never used it at night as it’s just too light of a cover for that, but PERFECT for day time use. Got a bit of newborn poop on it, and it stained, but the actual poop washed out easy peasy. A fitted worked great under it. The pink cover is lovely!

Kellie Beltrami, MN

Good with disposables, cloth not so much…

I don’t understand why this product receives such good reviews. I love all the other loveybums products. I used the snap covers with AIOs and pre folds (all loveybums brand) for almost a year and had a good experience, as far as cloth diapering goes. But these covers were almost useless. They’re thin, and I don’t care how much I lanolinized them, my son soaked straight through within minutes. So I wouldn’t recommend them for cloth diapering.That being said, I use them over his disposables now, and it prevents leaks. My son pees out of absolutely every diaper on the market, and this is the only solution that has worked for us. It allows me to use eco-friendly diapers, too, which I appreciate. These thin pull-ups work perfectly for this. They’re thin and hold the diaper snug.

Trudy Avon, SD

the nicest wool soakers out there!

We tried lots of wool soakers over prefold diapers, and these are by far the nicest ones I’ve encountered. It was hard to spend so much $$, but we only needed to to rotate and they worked so well, that I don’t regret it at all.

Summer Powderville, MT

One of the best and so cute!

This is one of the best wool diaper covers I have used. It is very well made. An nice soft fine knit that is very trim on the baby. They are extremely cute, I rarely even cover them with pants, but when I do they are a little less bulky under clothes than other woolies that I’ve tried. One of the things I especially like about these covers is the very stretchy waistband that makes it really easy to pull up over baby’s legs and diaper.They are not 100 % waterproof but do hold wetness in very well even on a heavy wetter. You might feel a tiny bit of moisture through it during normal use, but nothing will actually get wet. That being said, I wouldn’t use this cover when I am planning on wearing my baby in a front pack, as squishing the diaper and cover between you and your baby, a little wetness will certainly wick through. For normal use and night time though, totally reliable at keeping the wetness in, and wonderfully breathable which is great for preventing diaper rash. You do not need to wash these often, I am able to spray off any mess with my diaper sprayer, hang to dry and keep using for weeks without actually washing. They do need to be lanolized periodically, but this is very easy.I highly recommend this cover.

Jacquelyn Diana, TX

Great daytime wool cover!

I just got two of these and I love them. The colors are really pretty (I got pink and yellow) and the wool is nice and stretchy so it fits snugly over a fitted cloth diaper. They have to be lanolized before use but this is easy. They are not as soft as Kissa’s wool covers but they don’t feel itchy or anything. My daughter seems very comfortable in them.I love having the option of a natural fabric diaper cover that is breathable! Also these don’t leave red marks on the thighs like PUL covers do. If I could afford it I think I would buy every color! I definitely recommend these. 🙂

Carolyn Blue Jay, CA