Lulaclips Seat Harness Clip

Lulaclips Seat Harness Clip

Lulaclips hold the car seat harness out of the way when loading your child. They are like an extra set of hands when you need it most. Lulaclips ensure that you never have to dig the buckles out from under your child and make sure you never risk waking a sleeping baby. They will make you and your baby smile. Holds buckles open while you place the baby into the carrier. No more digging, helps prevent tangling. Installs in seconds, works with all infant carriers and car seats. Easy to adjust or remove.

Main features

  • Holds buckles open while you place the baby into the carrier
  • Helps prevent twisted and tangled straps
  • Saves time and frustration
  • Installs in seconds
  • Fits all car seats and carriers

Verified reviews


Wish they worked

They do not work for me after multiple positioning attempts.I gave up and threw them out.The magnet would not hold my Graco 35’s seat clips in any effective way which just made me frusterated, and it seems almost dangerous having these attached to the car seat, since they are attached via a safety pin type mechanism (if they came unclipped, there’d be a sharp needle near baby).Waste of money.

Esperanza Detroit, OR

Great baby shower gift – practical and works great

We bought these early on and are so happy we did – they work great and really do make it easier to transition a very young baby in and out of the carseat. It takes a few tries to pin them on in exactly the most practical place but it is so worth it in the long run. One of mine did break, as some of the reviews have mentioned, but I just super-glued it back together and it continued working fine. We used these for the entire year our son was in the infant carseat.

Tara Broadwater, NE

such a help

its really clover ideiaits help me a lot , my baby and i was suffer when i tray to but him in his car seatand tray to handle the belt in the same time esb. when he is sleeping now with thislitll hand i had a big helpno more sufferworth the price

Sofia Milnor, ND

Great Invention

These are secured to the rim or outer edge of your infant carrier and you take the metal portion of the seatbelt and these hands magnetically hold back your carseat straps while you place baby in carrier. I had seen another mom use these over a year ago and kept their image in mind. Was so happy to happen upon them on Amazon. Great invention, cheap and they work!

Josefina Indore, WV

Not worth it

These are a great idea but not worth the trouble. You attach them to the child’s seat using a safety pin and the placement required leaves it where a child could play with it. The magnet is not strong enough to work through the cloth.

Germaine Troy, ME

Easy to Install

This is a very simple product. It is super easy to install and has been great at keeping hot buckles from touching baby. We live in a warm climate and it is HOT this time of year. The buckles get super hot. This makes it easy to put baby in the car and safely buckle her in.

Millie Wimauma, FL

5 stars for function, 3 for form.

These work really, really, well. The magnets are strong and much nicer to use than velcro (like on the Britax seats) which catches on clothes and baby blankets.Unfortunately they’re really, really, ugly. Hopefully they’ll make another set that’s less gaudy.

Erica Renovo, PA


I can’t believe I did not know about this product until my baby was almost 3 months old! It took me overhearing 2 other moms discussing it in the nursing lounge of Nordstrom for me to learn about it. Every parent should know about this – OR even better, every car seat should COME WITH these! All those times of digging the car seat buckle from under a tiny, sleeping baby could have been saved! My only wish is that these came in more neutral colors that could blend in to the seat.

May Cable, WI


They easily pin on and the magnet is strong enough to hold the metal clips in place. No metal clips?? The Lulaclips come with a velcro adaptor you can attach to plastic clips to make them work as well. It’s been a huge help getting my baby in and out of the car seat.

Tanya Sawyer, MN

Wish we had them for our 2 other children

These are a lifesaver, especially now since our 2.5 year old likes to buckle the straps to the car seat. It is easy enough to undo them (she only fastens the chest clip) and attach them to the magnets all while holding my baby. I bought these for my brother and his wife who are expecting their first soon. Everyone asks me about them and comments about how genius they are. Very strong magnet and easy enough to install on the seat. It is also nice that they match our car seat but it may be nice if the company would start offering other colors.

Joyce Perry, MI

works as expected

It is simple and works as expected. No more digging under sitting baby, particularly under sleeping baby. Agree it is not pretty, but not “ugly” too.

Terrie Universal, IN

Work wel

These little clips work pretty well. It has definitely helped to get my son in his carseat easier than before. It is definitely trial and error to get them in the right spot but once you do they work well.

Maryann Lakewood, WA

Wonderful idea….falls a bit short.

Love this idea….and works well with infants. But as they kid gets bigger, the straps get pulled into the seat as you put them in, so it becomes kinda useless!

Julianne Azusa, CA

Great little item !

I am very happy with this. it was hard getting my baby in and out and messing with the clips, and these are perfect ! highly recommend !

Claudette Lapoint, UT

Ugly and not useful

When I place the baby in the car seat the straps get pulled off the magnets and stuck under him anyway. A hook or clip design might work better

Angelita Monmouth, ME

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Thank god for these. For 12 months I never knew they existed. I am no longer fighting with the stupid car seat straps. Get it for anyone who has a car seat. They will thank you!!

Maureen Brookton, ME

Perfect for keeping straps from tangling

If you have a carseat that doesn’t have velcro or magnets to keep the straps out of the way, you’re probably used to them tangling everytime. Get these!!! They work perfectly on ANY carseat, stroller, etc… and come with an adapter for non-metal buckles as well!

Penny Kalona, IA


Great product! Helps prevent tangling/rolling if straps & buckles which saves this mama time & frustration! So glad they are available on Amazon…

Kenya Freeville, NY


They hold the straps for her convertible seat out of the way, just as intended. Wish we had bought them when she was a newborn and in her infant seat.

Beth Buffalo, IN

Makes getting baby in the carseat easier

I started my second baby out in a convertible carseat and these make it so much easier to get her in. Love that they are CPST approved too 🙂

Jeannette Tuxedo, NC