Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt – Princess Pink

Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt – Princess Pink

Pregnant moms have been stretching bulky headphones across their bellies since headphones were invented. Lullabelly is the safer and more convenient alternative. Lullabelly is the modern mom’s way to safely and comfortably play music, lullabies, audio books, or any recorded sounds to her baby in the womb. By using Lullabelly, parents-to-be can create their baby’s playlist, AND listen along.We also include the sound splitter and earphones so mom or dad can listen too! Lullabelly utilizes safe sound level technology where the maximum volume level of the Lullabelly speaker is similar to a mother and father speaking or singing aloud to their baby in the womb.For added safety, the Lullabelly speaker has a volume control dial so, when using the sound splitter, mom or dad can separately control the volume level of their earphones and the volume of music playing for their baby.Playing music during pregnancy -Creates a wonderful bonding experience between mom and baby – Helps reduce stress levels for mom – Improves a baby’s sleeping habits after birth – Encourages early brain development.

Main features

  • Plugs into any portable music player (iPod, iPad, MP3 player, digital music player).
  • Includes the sound splitter and earphones so mom or dad can listen too! With Lullabelly, parents can create their baby’s playlist, AND listen along.
  • Patented independent volume control for baby’s speaker and mom/dads earphones.
  • Adjustable, machine washable (removable speaker), and made from ultra soft minky fabric. Available in Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow or Brown.
  • Utilizes safe sound level technology. Maximum volume level is similar to a mother and father speaking or singing aloud to their baby in the womb.

Verified reviews


Lullabelly is a great company, that’s for sure

***MAKE SURE YOU READ MY EDIT!***I think this product should be significantly less expensive, and that they are taking advantage of pregnant women that want to do the best they can for their baby.The product works well enough, that is not where my problems are.It only has 1 speaker. I expected it to have 2, like normal headphones would. Sound quality from that speaker is fine, I just feel like there should be two.The splitter that they included is complete garbage. It warps the sound, causes major distortion, and only puts sound out to one of earpiece on the headphones.It comes with warnings to only use it during the third trimester, and to limit the use to 60 minutes no more than twice or three times a day. This is disappointing because I was hoping to use it on long walks and also starting now, in my second trimester.The velcro that they use is sharp and hard! No matter what I try I can feel it against my skin, and it’s quite uncomfortable.Really, they sold me a plushy belt with crappy velcro, a cheap single speaker, and a broken splitter. For $60. I’m not very satisfied, though as I said, the sound from that one speaker is fine. I will continue to use the product because there is nothing more affordable that does the same thing. I’m tempted to start making my own, though, and selling them at a reasonable price.***EDIT:One week after reviewing the Lullabelly, I received correspondence from them addressing my issues. They even sent me a new splitter! I guess the broken splitter I got was a fluke, because this new one works wonderfully.- As far as there being only one speaker, they say: “Lullabelly is specifically designed with a single speaker to help protect the baby’s delicate ears while still in the womb. The single unit speaker is a safer alternative to headphones, which are made for adult’s ears. Your baby is surrounded by amniotic fluid, which is a very good conductor of sound. It is not necessary to use surround sound speakers, as too much sound/stimulation can be harmful to the baby.”This makes me wonder about the super expensive music-playing-belly-bands from other companies, like the one that has 4 speakers. Maybe that is too many? I still think 2 speakers would be better than one, but I’m no expert.- I was sad that I could only use it in the third trimester, and I still am. They give a decent reason, though: “Lullabelly is recommended for use starting in the 3rd trimester as this is the time period medical research indicates the baby’s inner ears are fully developed and ‘active listening’ begins.”- I wasn’t aware until purchasing and receiving it that I should only use it in limited bursts, and I still do think that should be somewhere on their website. However, they have sound reasoning: “We suggest limiting the use to no more than one hour at a time and limited to two or three times per day – we are firm believers that prenatal music stimulation should be practiced in moderation.”- This is what they say about the velcro: “Lullabelly should be worn with the sifter “loop” side of the Velcro facing the skin. The zipper and garment tag should be on the right side when worn. This will ensure that the softer loop portion is against your skin once extended. In addition, Lullabelly may also be worn over a t-shirt for additional comfort.”To this I can say that the t-shirt may be an option that would work, except it’s winter and I’m spending a lot of time bundled in thick hoodies, leggings that come up over my belly, yoga pants that also go over my belly, and sweaters.I have not been wearing it in the wrong direction. The problem is that I “muffin top” over the edges of the belt a little, meaning that my fat bulges out a bit around the back of the belt. The part of the velcro that is bothering my skin is actually the hard edges of BOTH sides, the hook side and the loop side. They use a very hard velcro that goes all the way to the edges of the belt. If they were looking to improve their product, I would think they could use a thinner piece of the same velcro and totally eliminate that problem. If there was just some fabric buffer on the top and bottom, I wouldn’t be able to feel it at all.- Overall, I can say that I am thrilled with Lullabelly as a company. I’m still not too happy with the discomfort of the velcro, but it’s not a huge deal. I love that they were concerned enough with my satisfaction that they wrote me a letter to personally address all of my issues. I think if more companies had customer service like Lullabelly, there would be many more happy customers in the world and fewer negative reviews here on Amazon.I didn’t mention this in my original review, but the fabric is very soft and nice feeling on my skin. The green color that I got is great, too. Very cute.Thanks, Lullabelly! I’ll be recommending your product to everyone I know that is pregnant!

Jeanette North Chili, NY

Love sharing music with baby

This belt is awesome. It is soft and fits around my belly at the top, middle and bottom because the velcro is adjustable. I love being able to fall asleep to the same music as my baby because they include a splitter and earbuds for me. The belt includes 2 volume controls; 1 for baby and 1 for me. I would recommend this product and will probably buy it for other expectant mothers.

Sondra Vredenburgh, AL

Great product

I tried to use headphones on my pregnant belly in order to play music for the baby. Did not work. They kept popping off, and I could not freely walk around the house and run errands.This product was great, because I could strap it on, and wash dishes, cook, etc. I also loved how I was able to listen to the same music at the same time. I’d recommend this to any pregnant women who want their baby to listen to music.I created a playlist on my ipod for my baby, and now when she is fussy, I play the same songs I played in the womb. The songs calm her down! Seems a little pricey, yes, but for me, it was worth it!

Lakisha Richmond, VA


got this for my wife for music for the baby. She did notice baby thrashed around less when she was realxing and playing the music. Not mush to it…just a headphone speaker for your belly and a split adapter for mom. But overall a nice product.

Aurelia Dungannon, VA

My wife is so excited

She already loves this belt. It is super soft, and very nice looking. She finds if comfortable to wear, and the built in speaker is audible, but not crazy loud. The included splitter and earbuds are a nice touch.

Michell Baldwin Park, CA