Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow, Chocolate Dot

Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow, Chocolate Dot

Bosom Baby creates the perfect position for mothers to raise baby up to breast level. The unique v shape also makes a c ounce y, comfortable maternity sleeping pillow. This is made up of luxurious, 100% soft cotton chenille covers and 100% polyester fiber pillow. This is removable and washable. This will nurture your baby in the lap of luxury. This helps to position the baby for breast feeding. This is a great maternity sleeping pillow. This is large enough for twins.

Main features

  • 100% Polester
  • Imported
  • 100% Polyester, and the pillow cover design does not utilize zippers or Velcro
  • Laregest and mos luxurious breastfeeding pillow on the market
  • Fits women of any size comfortably and Great for twins
  • Removable and washable luxurious covers
  • No flame retardant chemicals used to irritate delicate skin

Verified reviews


Great pillow – not just for nursing

I bought this pillow after my daughter was born and absolutely love it. It’s great for feeding her, as well as playing on the floor or just snuggling on the couch. It’s very soft, but keeps it’s shape. The cover comes off for washing and is easy to put back on. I have a boppy pillow as well, but continually come back to this pillow because it’s so much softer and nicer. Highly recommend.

Brenda Boerne, TX

Too soft and floppy for me

I purchased this when my son was still a newborn, and ended up returning it. I am a smallish person and this was my first time nursing, though I wouldn’t characterize the experience as particularly troublesome. I just needed something supportive to prop the little guy up on, and to keep me more comfortable in those early months. This didn’t cut it: Too soft and floppy to be useful to me, though otherwise the product seemed to be of good quality. I found a “my brest friend” type of product–something firmer–worked best.

Deanna Connellys Springs, NC

My Favorite Nursing Pillow of 3 I’ve Owned

I love this pillow. With my first baby, I had a Leachco nursing pillow. The cover was not removable and every time I had to wash it, the pillow got lumpier. When I found out I was expecting my second baby, I knew I wanted something with a washable cover. After reading reviews, I ordered the Gia nursing pillow and cover. Before the baby came, I thought it would be nice to have a second pillow (one for upstairs, one for downstairs). When I went to reorder the Gia nursing pillow, the cover I wanted was out of stock, so I went with the Luna Lullaby. I’m so glad I did! I have used this for 5 months, and I wish I had 2 of them! This cover is so soft. The pillow is just perfect – not too soft, not too hard. It is flexible enough that sitting in the rocker, I can adjust it to fit around me properly. I’m 5’6″ and 110#, and a lot of pillows don’t really work for someone my size. That said, it seems like it would work for any size mom. All the stains I’ve had so far have washed out without a trace. I’m so glad I ordered the chocolate dot color; babies spit up and have diaper explosions. Who wants to see it after it’s been washed? As an added bonus, it’s even made in the USA!

Rena Richland, PA

Amazing pillow

I have this and the boppy, luna lullaby works best in a variety of situtions.First, the pillow is more comfortable for the baby than the boppy and our baby loved falling asleep on itSecond, I could fit into this pillow post partum; the boppy is very small where as the luna is widerThird, the luna is longer so our child (who nursed past a year) was able to fit on it beyond her first birthday so we got much more use out of itTook this pillow when we flew internationally and nationally; it was fantastic — really comfortable and our child happily slept plus it is not as dense as the boppy so we were able to squeeze/fold it into smaller nooks to carry through the airport!So glad I got this one!

Bertie Bellingham, MA

great pillow

It is bigger than the alternatives. I use it when feeding laying down on my side – it supports my head and my back. I also use it as back support when sitting with the baby over my shoulder in bed. Awesome for tummy time as well. The baby loves the Big Polka Blue color. (Almost new My Best Friend pillow will go to donation.)

Saundra San Miguel, NM

Awesome breast feeding pillow

Great quality, love love love the feel of the fabric of the cover. I can not wait to use it, I already like it better than the Boppy I used with my first child. I will not get to use it till the end of June so I will update my review at that time.

Cherie Ronks, PA

Buy it!!

I am writing this post 5 years later, I used this pillow for my first pregnancy to assist with sleeping, then to nurse my first son, then I used it again to position myself during my second pregnancy and to nurse my second child, now she cannot sleep without it. We are still nursing and it is still going strong. I have actually washed the pillow and the cover. So worth it.

Vera Collegeville, MN

If you’re looking or a big, soft nursing pillow this is for you

I bought this pillow to help me nurse my newborn daughter back in 2006 after reading many high reviews on this item on babycenter’s website. I loved how soft and plush it felt and that it was larger than other pillows I had looked at. I had a Boppy with my son and though it worked, it wasn’t the greatest. It didn’t sit high enough so I’d end up bending over, hurting my neck and back. I didn’t have that problem with this pillow at first. However after much use, the pillow lost a little of it’s fluffiness and I had to sometimes put a bed pillow under it to get the baby up high enough. It lost some of it’s shape after I washed it a few times. I would rather not have washed the pillow itself but I had no other choice after a few bad blowouts! Eventually the pillow pretty much deteriorated and I was sad! I’d say it lasted about a year, which was the amount of time I nursed anyhow. It got LOTS of use in that year and my daugher honestly loved the pillow. We would curl the pillow up and place her in the middle and she’d nap there sometimes. I also used it for a bedtime pillow and in my computer chair behind my back. So while I did have a few problmes with it, I also did really love it at the same time or I wouldn’t be writing this review 6 years later. I’m going to buy another one this time around and try to take better care of it while washing. I bought the My brestfriend pillow recently and I’m curious how that one works out opposed to this one. I’m thinking I’ll like it b/c it’s so firm and sits high up. Even if I end up liking the other pillow, this one will surely get use no matter what b/c of it’s softness and versatility. It’s truely a super nice pillow.

Rachel Winfield, PA

Best Nursing Pillow!

I was given the Boppy as a shower gift and found it totally worthless for nursing! I ended up using a bunch of pillows instead, until I discovered the Luna Lullaby! The lactation consultant center has about 10 of these for use during their consultations; the second I tried it, I knew I had to have one. I ordered the fabric with the pink owls and it is adorable. By far the best nursing pillow out there. It’s great for women of all sizes, too.

Miriam Rotterdam Junction, NY

Best of the best!

I have the boppy deluxe pillow, the brestfriend pillow, and this one, hands down, this win.Of the three, this has-the softest cover, is textured, easiest to remove to wash, easiest to put back on.-fluffiest stuffing-most comfy-used the longest.I had a csection, and although the brestfriend seemed the most convenient, I healed slowly and it was just way too painful to buckle up and use as it laid right on my incision. Big flop.-the boppy was awesome for belly time, but breast feeding? Maybe cause I have small boobies (A cup pre pregnancy), but I’m very short at 4’11 and I too had to lean way down to feed, putting a strain both on my neck and back. Also, it did not support her enough. I had to stop breast feeding abruptly due to severe mastitis that required a week hospital stay, two aspirations and then surgery, so the boppy was also great to prop her up at a perfect angle to bottle feed her, especially since she became a big baby, and due to surgery, I couldn’t hold her for too long. However, at only 6m, she became too big for it so I would have to plop her in the middle, then pull the sides out from under neath her, then when she would fall asleep eating, I would have to maneuver her out of it, and because of the horse shoe shape, it was cumbersome and I if ten woke her up.The Luna solved all those issues! And she can easily prop herself up on it when I hand her the bottle, impossible to do with the boppy. Also, I absolutely LOVE using this pillow for myself! It’s so comfy to lie in bed with, one end under my head, the other propping my iPad up for me!Hands down, this is definitely the best pillow to get! Wish I had it while I was pregnant instead of the huge bulky leacho!

Katelyn Arkport, NY

much better than the smaller pillows

I have a long torso and this does the trick. And since it’s an L, it works for football hold as well as cradle. We had a lot of damage and latch issues and I had to have my son in football hold for a long time. Everytime I’d go see the LC, she’d make me use like 4 pillows. I’d get home and put this over to the side and it was enough all on it’s own. My daughter liked to lay on the other side while I was nursing and we’d read. Now it’s used behind the baby as he learns to sit properly. and soon it’ll just be a great pillow for my daughter to use to read.

Bonita Dobbins, CA

Where Have You Been Luna?

I needed a nursing pillow and logged onto Amazon to purchase a Boppy. As I searched, the Luna Lullaby appeared and had really rave reviews. I decided to go off a limb, purchased it, and have already have fallen in love. There is a noticeable difference between the LL and the Boppy. My infant (6 weeks) sits up much higher during feedings and we are both more comfortable. An added plus is that the cover can be removed for washing, etc. Highly recommend.

Marcie Ebervale, PA

Why the bosom baby is my FAVORITE nursing pillow – from the mom who’s tried lots of nursing pillows

As a first time Mom who really wanted to breast feed I’ve tried almost every nursing pillow out there. There are certainly pros and cons to all of them. In the end I found that nursing pillows are certainly not “one size fits all”. Tons of positive reviews from others do not necessarily mean that a particular pillow will work for you. I tried everything from the boppy, to My Brest Friend, to different shaped regular bed pillows, and so on, before finding the Bosom Baby from Luna Lullaby which worked best for me.Here’s what I LOVE about the bosom baby…-Its a great multi-tasker. Even after you’re no longer nursing you’ll find tons of uses for it.-The cover it comes with is nice and thick.-Its fluffy and easy to use no matter what your size.-It raises my baby to a comfortable position for nursing, unlike the other pillows I tried.

Francine Murrells Inlet, SC

Great for nursing

This pillow is by far the best nursing pillow. It’s easy to maneuver the baby and also higher so that baby is closer to the breast. The pillow is wide enough that you can rest your arms. Great for cross-cradle nursing.

Rosalie Harrogate, TN

Better than Boppy

I first got a Boppy, and then as my DS got bigger, his legs would fall off to the side and a ‘dent’ developed in the middle of the curve. I first came across the Bosom Baby pillow at a breastfeeding store, and had to have it!Reasons I love it:1) I heard complaints that the Boppy isn’t long/wide enough for larger women, and this is definitely longer/wider than the Boppy.2)The cover that comes with it is velvety soft.3)I can throw the pillow into the wash/dry when it gets soiled, and ‘hang to dry ‘ the cover like the instructions note.4)It is comfortable to use and could be helpful if you’re nursing 24M+.5)Makes a great pillow for your neck/head when watching tv!Maybe it doesn’t have a pocket to keep your phone or burp cloth, but with the right cover, we’re keeping it in our living room to use for ourselves (minus the nursing now). If you’re the type of mom, like me, who likes buying things w/multiple purposes, the Bosom Baby Pillow is definitely practical in style and function.

Ronda New Fairfield, CT