Luvable Friends 10-Pack Feeder Bibs – Boy

Luvable Friends 10-Pack Feeder Bibs – Boy

10-pack baby bibs is a colorful, value assortment of an item that mom needs plenty of for baby’s first years. Easy-closure and soft, absorbent fabric make this a great package deal of an essential item. Coverage area measures over 8.5″ wide by 7.5″ long.

Main features

  • 65% cotton, 35% polyester
  • 8.5 x 7.5 wide
  • Machine washable
  • Easy-closure and soft
  • Make this a great package deal of an essential item

Verified reviews


not as good as frenchie but good

2nd favorite bibs only second to Frenchie. Not for newborns at 2 months she can wear them well.

Jessica Brewton, AL

nice bibs

really nice bibs for the price. like that its just all fabric instead embroidery etc, b/c it doesnt curl up when u wash it. good for everyday use. cute colors for the girls pack. kinda long for my 3mo old, covers her whole onesie. but im sure theyll come in handy later on once she starts eating solids. happy w/ product. would recommend. yes.

Liz Milroy, IN


I just had twins and bought these bibs. I’ve washed them about 80 times already and they feel like new. Great price, great quality. Colors don’t fade, fabric doesn’t get rough and velcro is still working great (fyi, I make sure the bibs have the velcro piece together before I put them in the washer).

Jeannie Fluker, LA

Waaay too big

This seem like they would work but only for a 2-3 year old child. I have a 4 month old and they are way too huge. These bibs practically cover her whole body. I can’t really use them now so I will keep them and maybe try and use them once she grows a bit.

Ilene Charles City, IA

These are great bibs – Perfect for toddler-size kiddos.

They are soft, I’d say bigger than average (length-wise), have ample sized velcro sections in the back that are secure. Great price also.I was concerned they would be too small but they are perfect for my teething (constantly drooling) toddler @ 14 months. The neck is also ample – definately bigger than an infant bib. We’ve had them for about a month maybe longer and i’ve seen no signs of wear with weekly washings.

Rena Castalia, IA


These bibs were very affordable and look nice. However, I was looking for something thicker….my son slobbers and spits up a lot, but I’m not a huge fan of the water proof bibs. Overall these bibs will work great when I’m feeding him, but they aren’t designed for all day usage.

Vickie Croton On Hudson, NY

Too big for baby!

I was disappointed to see how HUGE these are. I was hoping for something my daughter could wear most of the time since she’s such a drooler, but these go down past her waist. They work well for my 2 year old @ meal time, though!

Rosalyn Sandyville, OH

perfect basic bibs

Perfect for just at home messes and stains. Would maybe buy again. I let the kids decorate them for a baby shower with fabric markers. And I bought a very similar product from baby s r us and these Velcro much better than the other brand.

Dessie Calcium, NY

Great Value!

Love these!! Such a great value. We go through bibs so quickly now that our baby is eating solid food and teething. Good quality. Very absorbent.

Marisol Mastic Beach, NY

Great for Older Babies

These bibs are pretty thick and very absorbent. For $1 each you can’t beat the price! I use them for my 2-month-old’s drool and spit up while formula feeding. These are HUGE, though, they are way too big for my 12 lb. baby. They are large around the neck, so not a very good fit yet and can hardly be fastened because of it. I still use them by placing the bib under baby’s chin, though I’d imagine that wouldn’t work well with a baby who feeds while sitting up. I’d say these will fit a baby 6 months and up. Good buy overall.

Herminia Jewett, NY

Soft bibs

The bibs are soft and absorbent. Good value and wash well, but, because there is no lining, they soak through easily and clothes can be soiled.

Celia Camp Point, IL

Fantastic Bibs

These bibs are fantastic because the Velcro closure stays flat so it won’t irritate my baby’s neck. They are a bit thin but still absorbs well.

Lucia Gentry, AR

Great for the price

Great bibs especially for the price. A little thin, but works for me/daughter very well. The plain colors go with so many outfits! Would purchase more!

Isabel Mount Blanchard, OH

Total garbage!

These bibs started falling apart after ONE wash! Pathetic. The velcro on all of them unraveled and now the tabs are falling off. Plus the velcro tab is really small so they don’t adjust much, making a gap between my baby’s neck and the bib so her clothing gets dirty anyway. Seriously, if you want throw away bibs, these are for you. If you want something that is going to last, look elsewhere.

Karin Bland, MO

Too thin

Although these bibs are large in size, they are way too thin. When my 3-1/2 month old drools or spits up the moisture goes straight through to his clothes and they end up wet anyway. Also the neck size is large and is too big for him. I ordered the green sprouts waterproof pack of 10 bibs and they are well worth the extra $. They are waterproof, fit his neck perfectly and are also large enough to catch his drool and spit ups.

Elvia Altoona, IA

Utilitarian but not strong

We purchased these for our 3 month old. It’s a great utilitarian purchase because we find we need a new bib after every feeding. It comes of many different colors, and comprises of terry cloth. However, our baby’s spit up quickly gets absorbed through to reach his clothing and allow it to get wet as well. This to us is an issue; it would be better if it had a liner.

Beverly Westminster, CO


These are cheap stiff like terri cloth bibs. I like them for normal every day wear to protect the babys clothes from stains. They do the job. But can’t say much about the quality or cuteness, because they are pretty ugly. They are pretty big. They will probably go all the way to my newborns ankles, but thats my fault for not reading the measurments… I tried one on my husband, and they fit him LOL

Loraine Carterville, MO