Luvable Friends 12 Washcloths In Bag with Bonus Toy, Blue

Luvable Friends 12 Washcloths In Bag with Bonus Toy, Blue

9 x 9 Inches

Main features

  • Set includes 12 solid color wash cloths and a soft bath toy
  • Super soft & durable
  • Comes with bonus soft bath toy!
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Good quality in a good price

They are fairly good quality and quantity as well. Colors are good however, the toy is a waste though. Liked the packaging although it took me good 10 min to unpack all the washcloths at once.

Greta Troutman, NC

so many uses!

I use these washcloths with the mustela cleansing fluid instead of wipes, and to cover the little guy down there when I’m changing his diaper (to block a potential waterfall). I also use these to cover baby’s belly during a bath to keep him warm, and they are thin and soft enough to get into his skin folds without bothering baby. Really versatile.

Maryellen Oriskany Falls, NY

Great value for the price

Very satisfied with the quality, softness, and durability of these washcloths, especially for the low price. Cute packaging as well that works great to store them. The only “issue” I had was the initial packaging… There was tape EVERYWHERE (all taped together, then taped closed individually, then taped to paper on the inside of each cloth). That was annoying. But other than that, 5 star product! For around $5, you can’t beat it!

Jade Morrisonville, WI

Poor quality.

Good for washing up baby after a meal, but not much else. Very thin and fall apart easily. Also, the packaging as mentioned before is terrible. You have to unwrap each washcloth that has tape holding it together in three areas. Took about 5-7 minutes to get all the tape off of each one and get them in to the wash.

Marsha Monroe, NC

Didn’t use the bonus toy

These wash cloths are very simple and thin. I mostly only use these washcloths to wash my baby’s face or wipe her down and that’s it. I don’t see these wash cloths as being resilient or durable enough to be used for baths. Get actual wash cloths for baths, these are just too thin to really use.

Reva Rosendale, MO

Very thin

These wash clothes are very thin, but we found them perfect for wiping faces after meals.They wash well (and the colors didn’t fade when bleached).

Nannie Winnebago, MN

Nice and soft use daily

I keep these in my kitchen and use them to cean kids faces and hands after meals….instead of wasting paper towels. I have another set I keep for the bath too. Great deal

Jeanie Brethren, MI

great amount of washclothes for the price

i got two of these (when the start was the bonus toy) my daughter loves to chew on the toy while we bath her, it also helps keep her from wiggling around when we change her.

Maribel Spencerville, OK

Good buy for the price

Stain easily, but work well and plenty of them. Great buy for the price. Kind of thin though. Gets the job done.

Nelly Riverton, WY

Great for newborn

These washcloths are super thin, but thats what I like about them. It makes it really easy to get into all the small places of a newborn. I use these all the time. The quality is not great; the seams are coming undone somewhat and the packaging could be much improved. The are a good size and are pretty soft.

Gertrude Lucerne Valley, CA


Good size wash cloths. I’ve washed them many times and the edges don’t fray compared to other wash cloths I’ve bought. They are a good size.

Christina Round Top, TX

Affordable but think fabric

This is very a very affordable washcloth and is very soft.I love the colors.However, the material is a bit thin.

Marguerite Woodbridge, NJ

Ok for Cloth Wipes

I purchased these washcloths to use as cloth wipes for our cloth-diapered baby. They are certainly fine for that purpose, but they are rather thin and I wouldn’t want to use them at bath time.

Robert Montgomery, TX

They do the job

These are very thin, inexpensive wash cloths. They’re not meant to be plush or luxurious–they are just for wiping a baby clean. We like them because they’re so inexpensive and are handy for meal times. They’re small, so they transport easily for when we’re on the go and take baby’s food with us. We use them all the time, so we bought more so I could keep up with the laundry. If you’re just looking for something that is less abrasive than a paper towel that does the job of wiping a baby clean, this will do it! If you’re looking for soft, luxurious wash cloths, look elsewhere.

Kathie Rillito, AZ

Just okay

These are cheap– so what do you expect really. They are very thin pieces of material that don’t lay flat very well because the material is fairly cheap. However, for a baby– this is fine. This washcloth is delicate enough for a baby’s skin and it was nice to have so many washcloths so we’re not doing laundry every minute. These serve the purpose and are fine. However, you could probably just take a soft towel and cut it into many pieces and get the same effect lol

Mayra Bruni, TX

Very thin – but at least there’s 12 of them!

I would have given these washcloths just one star since they’re so thin but since it comes in a pack of 12 it just means that we go through more of them in one bath time. The baby also seems to like to play with these washcloths over all the others we have, for some reason.

Amy Cooperstown, ND

Luvable Friends 12 Washcloths with Bonus Toy, Blue

I love it. They are so soft and of great quality. Very useful, and a good price. I would recommend to others.

Beverley Aguanga, CA


These have so many uses from wiping up spit up to bathing my baby, and they are soft, gentle and you can’t beat the price. We got tired of wasting paper towels, this is way softer and economicalI. Buying these for all my friends with babies!

Esmeralda Drumright, OK

Darling pack, and the price is right

So, yeah, this is pretty much a collection of cheap washcloths, but it has been a pack that has treated me well. The cloths are brightly colored, hold up well with baby washing, and not so nice that I have to panic if a few get lost. They clean well, both with the baby and when being washed, and remain nice and soft. The toy that comes with them is gimicky, but still cute and my baby enjoys it. Nice bargain pack.

Neva Annemanie, AL

Very disappointed

I bought two packages to try out as reusable wipes for my daughters. I have bought many other cheap washcloths and knew what to expect. They are very thin, not the best quality but are decent for the price and do the job. When I received these I threw them right in the wash to start using them. Before I even put them in the dryer I noticed that half of them had threads hanging off. I looked closer and realized the overcast seams were literally coming off. Like I said, I have many washcloths like these (Circo brand for example) that have lasted through wash after wash and none of those seams are falling apart.I returned them right away.

Deana Miami, NM

Does the job..

However, I would just go ahead and splurge for better quality wash clothes. These fall apart easily and are obviously cheaply made. The only thing they are good for is cloth wipes.

Tara Federal Dam, MN

Inexpensive + Work well

Needed baby washcloths ASAP and these have been perfect. They are pretty thin, but that doesn’t really matter. They have lasted daily baths and weekly washings for six months– so a pretty good value 🙂

Kathie U S A F Academy, CO

Tiny and thin

These are very small and very thin fabric. I was expecting something more substantial when I ordered them. Each is maybe 3"x3"

Kerri Flanders, NJ

soft but small, thin, poor quality, etc.

These washcloths are very thin and a bit smaller then a standard washcloth. The packaging comes with them rolled up and taped to cardboard packaging with double-sided tape. This tape is very strong and when pulling some of the washcloths off it would kind-of snag the fabric. The stitching is very poor. It is loose and really is not serving much of a purpose. These washcloths are soft and will work for bath time but will probably wear out fast. They were a lot cheaper then other options so I thought I would try them. Once they wear out I will spend a little more money to get a better quality of washcloths.

Ola Moncure, NC

Average quality and for a good price

These are just like any other average infant wash cloth. They are soft and have held up well. I can’t complain at all.

Rowena Waterford, ME

Great cloths!

My girlfriend just had her 2nd, when she opened my gift box she grabbed the cloths and commented ‘it is great to get gifts from somebody who knows…’ Perfect gift.

Sue Harrisburg, NE


These are thin, somewhat cheaply made washcloths. They are OK, but I wouldn’t purchase again. On the plus side, my baby LOVES to chew on the little fishy that came with them.

Elva Wooton, KY

Use for cloth wipes

I use these for cloth wipes. They are thin and that works. Because they were rolled for packaging, they’re still a bit curled at the ends.

Effie Crete, IL

Great as wipes

I have used these washcloths as baby wipes for 8 months now, and considering the frequent washing, they have held up fairly well. Stains wash out readily, and because they are thin, they compact easily in my wipes holder (and the solution itself goes much further). They are a bit rougher than other cloths marketed as baby wipes (Thirsties arrive and remain very soft), but I have gotten a lot of use out of these cloths. They did begin to fray along the edges after about 5 months, but I simply snip the threads and move on. Surprisingly, these cloths (unlike the Grovias) show no sign of pilling. These would work fantastically as washcloths, and I will buy another dozen for wipes if need be.

Juliet Point Lay, AK

Great for bath or feeding

These towels are thin but perfect for cleaning up your little one while feeding. Bath time is good too, but it is real thin and does not hold the soap in so well. But they workout just fine.

Ora Hoxie, AR