Luvable Friends 3 Pack Assorted Sippy Cups & Lids, Pink Assorted

Luvable Friends 3 Pack Assorted Sippy Cups & Lids, Pink Assorted

This set of 3 BPA Free Sippy Cups & Lids is a great value for sturdy and shatter-resistant plastic cups for your young child. Perfect for on the go! Available in 3 assorted color sets.

Main features

  • Shatter-Resistant Plastic
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Microwave Safe
  • Available In Boy, Girl, & Neutral Colors
  • Look for Matching Luvable Friends Containers Sold Separately

Verified reviews


Good basic cup

I’ve been searching high and low for a sippy cup for my baby who never took a bottle and transitioned straight to a sippy. The good thing about this cup is that you can tilt it upside down and there’s a small drip of liquid that comes out. In other words, it is not spill proof. It works for my child because he’s doesn’t really suck the liquid out so the small drip will allow him to learn that there is liquid in the cup and he can start to suck. Also, it allows the parents to “force” them to drink. It’s a good quality cup. It’s thick (not the cheapy plastic) and the lid is very secure. It is also super easy to clean. There are only 2 parts to it (cup and lid!). These days, the sippy cups are so fancy and super hard to clean. You can also use this as a plain cup without the lid once your child graduates from a sippy. It makes a great kids’s cup.

Kelly Dumont, CO

More like a real cup, great for a range of ages.

I did a ton of research trying to find the right cup to start my little boy on. He has never taken a bottle, so he didn’t respond well to the softer tipped sippy cups. We also didn’t want him to get hooked on a certain type of cup that we’d have to wean him off of later. These are perfect because they are hard tipped like a real cup edge and he doesn’t have to suck to get anything out of it, so he’s getting used to the way you drink out of a regular cup. They are not spill proof, but we found that any that are spill proof are basically just a bottle anyway. And now at 14 months, he has actually learned to set the cup upright so it won’t spill. The lids snap on super tight, it’s high quality, durable plastic and easy to clean. My 2 and 4 year old nieces use these too, so they work for many ages. We have already ordered two sets and will order more as needed through the years!

Cathleen Perry, IA

Best Sippy Cups

This is the best sippy cup I’ve found, and I’ve gone through quite a few. What a waste of money with all the other cups I’ve been through; for the same amount of $$ I could’ve gotten these plus change left over! My baby wasn’t able to suck out of all the “leak proof” sippy cups (and I’ve bought at least 3-4 others) but these he’ll happily use. Plus, it’s a two for one because you can use it as a regular cup afterwards. And there are only two parts to wash!One thing you have to beware of though — DO NOT BOIL these per the instructions! I did, and it warped the lids so badly there was no way it would fit back onto the cups; so minus one star. Since they were cheap I just got more.

Lelia Terril, IA

but the straight spout leaks terribly the minute it tips over

The caps stay on well and remind me of the tupperware sippy cups I had as a child, but the straight spout leaks terribly the minute it tips over.

Lorrie Manitou Beach, MI

Very pleased

I have been looking for SIMPLE sippy cups for some time now. I was aimed at buying the Tupperware set that my MIL has, but after seeing the price (more than four dollars per cup with lid) I decided to do a search on Amazon. I stumbled upon these and found that other woman too were looking to buy the same expensive Tupperware cups but were pleased when they bought these instead. I too am pleased with these cups; the contain no valves, they are more durable then take and toss cups, the lids snaps on very tight, and they can be put in the microwave (I only put it on 30 seconds to get milk to room temp), and they are BPA free!!!! They do leak out of the spout but that is to be expected when you don’t have all the fancy valves… personally I prefer no valves and intend to teach my toddler to be careful with his sippies and not fling them about as he does now with his old cups. But my son is 15 months old and these cups are great as a transition from sippies to cups with no lids. I would not use these cups after just weaning a baby from a bottle because those little ones don’t have that type of hand control to avoid spills. The package no longer says to boil them before use (which is a common complaint in the reviews) so I just washed them by hand in hot soapy water. I definitely intend to buy more of these cups because they can grow with my son; remove the lid and they are simple 7 oz drinking cups. The seller Baby Vision was awesome to buy from… they sold the cups way cheap and I received my order a few days before it was expected to arrive. So pleased with this purchase!!!

Tamra Sylvan Grove, KS

Nice cups but some of the lids split easily

Our 20 month old granddaughter likes these smaller cups and usually chooses them over her clunkier cups with handles and such.But do understand these are the "old style" cups, like the old Bell Tumblers from Tupperware, that don’t have the fancy "no leak when turned over" features inside the lids. That suits me fine most of the time as I don’t care for the clunkier cups with hard to clean and easy to lose little pieces. Those do have their place, though, when she’s going to be in the car with her cup, or on the sofa or church pew, and we don’t want juice or even water stains on the seat if she drops it.Pros: They are smaller and don’t take up so much room in the cabinet, the fridge, on smaller high chair trays, or in small diaper bags. The colors are nice and you can always use a certain color for different drinks. We use yellow for milk, green for juice and blue for water. They are just clear enough that you can see what’s inside – grape juice or orange juice, etc.Cons: The lids split too easily. We have two sets of these. One lid split the first time we put it on the cup. Two other lids split within a week. The others have not split after a couple months of continuous use. Hit or miss, I guess. For the price, we are satisfied.

Ashley Beach Haven, PA

Great cups

Our daughter is picky when it comes to sippy cups. I remember using these cups when I was her age and I liked them. So I went on the hunt to find them. After going to every store around us I finally went on and typed in what I was looking for. And sure enough these cups came up. I ordered 6 cups all together. Though they do spill a little when they are tipped that are great. Our daughter like them and they are easy for her to drink out of.

Elena Wise River, MT


I got a whole bunch of those Tupperware tumblers handed down when my oldest son was a baby. After 3 boys there weren’t many left and no lids left so I got on here to buy more. I couldn’t believe the cost of those Tupperware cups! These cups were cheap and are BPA free and they were pretty much the same cups. My daughter was 10months when we got these and she loves them too.

Carissa Weston, CT

Awesome and inexpensive cups

I love these cups!!! I highly recommend them.I remember having the similar Tupperware cups when I was little. These seem to work just as good and are so inexpensive. Each cup has a lid (no valve, so it will leak a little). The lids stay on tight. I got them for my 18 mo old who was really good at drinking from open cups but also knocked them over fairly often. These are nice because he gets more liquid quickly but if he knocks it over, it’s just a small drip and not the whole cup poured out. I had to train him to set his cup on a table and not just drop it around the room like he was used to doing with a sippy cup. But he picked that concept up pretty quickly. I still keep sippy cups around for the car and diaper bag, but these are great for around the house. They have held up really well to dishwasher use over several months. And I really like that the cup doesn’t have ridges at the top, so it is just a cup and easier to drink from if we aren’t using the lid.

Elba Kreamer, PA


I stumbled across these while perusing the much more expensive tupperware brand version of the same thing on amazon. I remember having the tupperware ones when I was little and I wanted a sippy cup that could double as a regular cup (kinda hard when they screw on). These snap on very tightly and are great. Spill proof, no. It doesn’t have all the fancey valves that all the new sippy cups have. But easy to clean, yes! You don’t have a ton of “parts”….just a cup and a lid, imagine that! And the dribbles are really minimal…at least with my 17 month old. I’m not sure I would have given these to him when he was younger anyway…he liked the silicone soft spouts as a transition from the bottle, these are a nice (and cheap) way of getting him used to a “real” sippy cup. You get 3 BPA free sippies for a fraction of what one tupperware sippy would cost.

Lelia Bemus Point, NY

Love these cups, order multiples!

I bought these originally for my daughter who is now 6 years old. We bought more of them for my son who is now 3 years old. and I just recently bought some more for our daughter who just turned 1. So yes, we love these cups! My wife had bought all manner of different cups for the kids over the years and our cabinets were overflowing with different cups and lids. It was a nightmare trying to find matching sets quickly while a toddler is screaming and pulling at your leg! I begged her to toss everything except these cups, which stack neatly. She met me halfway and tossed about half of the assorted bottles/cups. These cups with the cover work great for our 1 year old. They also still work good without lids for the older kids. Since the cups are cheap and shipping isn’t, I recommend buying in groups of at least three, you won’t be sorry!

Tamra Canyondam, CA