Luvable Friends 3 Pack Baby Burp Cloths, Blue

Luvable Friends 3 Pack Baby Burp Cloths, Blue

Luvable Friends burp cloths are made from soft, absorbent cotton terry with extra large coverage and bound edges for longer last. Assorted with embroidered design and coordinating prints.

Main features

  • 65% Cotton / 35% Polyester
  • Bound edges for longer last
  • Machine Washable
  • Measures a generous 17.25 x 10.75 inches
  • Set Includes 1 embroidered, 1 printed, and 1 solid color burp cloth
  • Great Gift Idea!

Verified reviews


Okay, not great

These are very thin and cheaply made. They do the job though. They are cute however. If I knew the quality, then I would not have purchased them. It is not enough $ to justify the hassle of mailing them back.

Tiffany England, AR

cute but thin

These are cute and will serve the purpose. But they are very thin, I doubt they will absorb much when used. But as nasty as burp rags tend to get they will be fine for a short time I am sure.

Alisha Burton, OH


I love these burp cloths. I bought two sets and then bought more. They serve more than one purpose for me. I use them to burp my son BUT I have a few that I use when changing him. Boys have a tendency to pee on you.. So I put one of the cloths over him so he won’t pee on me.. It’s better than using a diaper wipe cause they’re cold and sometimes the coldness can make him pee. And just so you know, I make sure I only use the “pee cloths” as “pee cloths” and burp cloths as burp cloths. I wouldn’t switch up! They are thin but I have yet to have a problem with spit up leaking through them. Plus, I usually don’t let the spit up sit on the cloths on my shoulder the entire time. Typically if he spits up I remove it from my shoulder and clean up his face.. Then fold it and start burping him again. I wouldn’t want my son’s face sitting in spit up. So ignore how they’re too thin to be a burp cloth.. or a pee cloth for that matter! Oh, and I haven’t had an issue with shrinking. I wash his clothes and what not on warm/cold and dry everything on low heat.

Elena Lehigh, OK

Way too thin!

You get what you pay for! These afre super thin. You can practically see through them! They will not last for long

Ingrid Cushing, WI


I bought the pink 3-pack for my 6 month old. These are larger than the current burp clothes I use but they’re very thin and don’t hold up to much use before needing a good washing. I bought Gerber terry burpclothes that are much thicker and better than these but unfortunately, Amazon sells those for three times the amount of these burp clothes…

Isabella Dekalb, IL