Luvable Friends 4 Pack Washcloths, Yellow

Luvable Friends 4 Pack Washcloths, Yellow

9 x 9 Inches

Main features

  • Set of 4 washcloths
  • Soft & Absorbent
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


They’re okay

Not my favourite cloths…they sud prettty well…but seem to soak up most of the body wash and it just disappears..not a strong lather at all..quality is just okay..I needed some quick washcloths on vacay and got these..

Amy Harleton, TX

The most affordable, quality washcloths

These are great washcloths! They are very sturdy, yet soft enough for the little one’s sensitive skin. They wash up as nice the 50th time as they did the first time. The structure has stayed true and there hasn’t been any unraveling or worn spots that have shown up. It’s a great product, especially for the low price!

Dianna Keldron, SD

missing washclothes

I love the wash clothes but i only got 3 in the pack it should have been 4 this is not much but when giving it for a gift I want all 4 and it will cost to much to go back to the post office to mail this one item back but every thing else I order was great

Minnie Severance, CO

Luvable Friends 4 Pack Washcloths, Green

very soft! dry up quickly after wet. machine washable and I throw them away quickly after each one used about 3 weeks. Just to keep it fresh and clean. Will buy more.

Cortney Lake Geneva, WI

This and soft

Exactly what you need when trying to get a good lather. I may pick up another 4 since we bath every night. Can’t go wrong with this purchase!

Beth Palmer, NE

Soft. Lost shape after wash.

These washcloths are very soft on one side, the other side is a little scratchy. After putting it through the washer it lost its shape completely, but it doesn’t really affect using. Would still recommend getting these, because they are the softest among the washcloths I bought.

Lynda The Sea Ranch, CA

Durable and Long lasting from baby to toddler.

Because of the stitched edging, it doesn’t roll up while Im washing my son.There is another luvable friends with a better price. The 6pk.Had this when my so was born. He is now 1.5 and I believe these will last till the age of 4.

Melanie Bishopville, SC

The softest I could find!!

These wash cloths are so soft, I thought about keeping them for myself!! I was obsessed with finding the softest of everything for my soon to be born great-nephew, and it’s a good thing!! At the hospital after he’d had a grueling couple of days of being born, then passed around to everyone possible, I noticed he had some tears or something of the sort by his eye and all I had to wipe it off with was a yucky hospital wash cloth. He shuddered and almost woke up to tell me about how terrible that rough texture was!! So I’m glad to know that now that he’s finally here with us and at home, he has the softest of everything I could find!!

Ila Uniopolis, OH

Itty Bitty

These were much smaller than expected, but they do seem to be very absorbent. Won’t be worthwhile except for tiny messes though.

Lidia Elko, GA

Decent, but don’t bother

These are fine washcloths, but nothing special. The texture is finer than the average terrycloth, with smaller loops and shorter pile, and they’re a bit smaller than most washcloths, so they’re nice for small babies. However, the binding does tend to shrink a little in the dryer so the washcloths don’t fold flat after the first wash, and I can’t say they’re noticeably softer than a decent, cheap 100% cotton washcloth, of which you can get a dozen for the same price as four of these. We have a couple dozen regular cotton washcloths for big jobs like bathing the baby and cleaning up messy diaper changes, and a couple dozen soft flannel wipes for delicate jobs like washing the baby’s face and precision diaper change cleanup in the delicate areas; these cloths fall somewhere in between, and don’t really do anything the other two don’t cover. There’s nothing really wrong with them except the curling issue, but if I had it to do over, I wouldn’t buy these.

Lillian Callao, VA

Best for your money!

These are so cute and they aren’t thin or cheaply made. They are soft and work really well. They arrived on time and I would buy them again!

Jenna Enigma, GA

Gets the Job Done

Truthfully there’s nothing particularly special about these washcloths. They aren’t terribly soft or terribly durable as far as material. Truthfully I would probably just buy one of those value 10 packs next time I’m shopping for some. Nothing bad to report about the product. Just nothing incredible.

Cleo Laurel Bloomery, TN


These washing clothes are awesome! They are so soft and light, it will be gentle on a baby.Easy to wash and dry in less than a day if you are hand washing.

Melissa Loma Linda, CA

Sturdy and good sized

These are bigger than the other baby washcloths that I have. I like the thicker edge and the medium weight of the terry. I use two every morning, one hot and wet to clean her hands and face and another to dry them off. I haven’t been reusing them, so having enough to get through laundry cycles is essential.

Maritza Valparaiso, IN


Theses cloths are so soft. The colours are vibrant. This is a great product and I will definitley order again.

Elaine Fort Riley, KS

Nice little washcloths

I wasn’t looking for too much out of a washcloth, it just needed to be soft, suds up, and stand up to the washing machine. These washcloths pass all the tests with flying colors, I was so pleased I ended up buying 12 more of them. They are much softer than some of the more expensive cloths that I was given as gifts.

Wilda Greenwood, AR

great for baby

I love these wash clothes, they have piping around the edge so they do not fray like the cheapies do.

Zelma El Cerrito, CA

Best washcloths I’ve used on baby

These are really nice and soft on my son’s skin. They are thicker than most of the others that people gave me and appear to be well made (only washed about 5 times so far). I use them on his face and he is much less fussy than with the other thinner ones. Will be getting more of these. Also really great for bath time.

Brittney Webster, MN

Serviceable Washcloths

These washcloths are not as soft as some others on the market, but they are fine when wet. I find that they are a tad to rough if used dry. I’ve had them for 3 months and they seem to be holding up fine and that they will continue to do so.

Gloria Duluth, MN

Better than expected.

These were far better than what I was expecting. I thought I would have to replace these with continued use. My daughter is nine months old. I use these daily to wash her face in the mornings, clean her up after meals, and during baths. They still feel and look like new.

Amalia Tavernier, FL

just what I wanted

not cheaply made like many baby washcloths. fabric border, soft on one side, soft terry on the other. exactly what we needed. we couldn’t be happier.

Krystal Loup City, NE

Great washcloths for the price!

We use these towels during bath time with our newborn, as well as cleaning his face in the morning. They have two sides, a terry cloth side and a softer cotton-y side. I use the cotton-y side for his face. The towels do not irritate the skin.

Lily Winthrop, AR

Gets the job done

Washcloths are nice, I like that they’re edged and not flimsy compared to other washcloths that we have purchased. I’d definitely buy these again.

Rita Ohley, WV

very flimsy

I wish these were fluffier, they are ok I guess for giving my boys a bath. I guess for the cost I cant complain too much!

Tamera Port Gamble, WA