Luvable Friends 5 Pack Safari Bibs Collection, Yellow

Luvable Friends 5 Pack Safari Bibs Collection, Yellow

5-pack safari bibs collection offers coordinated designs and is made of super-soft and absorbent cotton-rich terry to protect baby’s clothing from drool. Easy closure. Assorted with 1 embroidery, 2 all-over prints.

Main features

  • Easy closure
  • 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Seem strong

These seem strong and are really cute. Gender neutral items are always good. They do seem a bit small so might not fit for long. Affordable in price.

Megan Okolona, OH

Use it for 0-3 months

They are very nice, but not for an older baby. They are relatively small when they arrive and once they are washed, the shrink and wrinkle to be tiny. They can resist burps and milk, but not drooling. So at 3 months they drool a lot, and it will go through this type of bibs. Then it is needed to move to the ones that have plastic behind or in between layers. Hence, wouldn’t it be better to make just one investment and get the second type already?

Isabel Blanchard, IA

Only ok

These are cute, but they are much too snug on my daughter’s not so pudgy neck. The velcro closure is quite scratchy and managed to scratch my girl’s neck. The characters are cute. The material could be thicker and the bib itself bigger. It got soaked in minutes!

Dayna Salsbury Cove, ME

0-3 months old bibs

I bought two 5 packs. I chose the green and the yellow version. They really are pretty cute bibs, however when I got them I realized they were a little small for my 5 month old. Then I washed them and they shrank. I did not try to put it back on my child because I didn’t want to choke her. I think that it would have been nice to know that someone would have suggested an age range for this product. I rated it 3 stars because I liked the bibs, but the bibs were small and then shrank. I would return them, but it isn’t worth it for me to do so. I will be giving this item to Goodwill and hope that someone else will be able to use them. I would not suggest this product unless it was for a child of 0-3 months of age.

Doris Gary, WV

5-Pack Hanging Bodysuits, Pink, 9-12 months

5-Pack Hanging Bodysuits, Pink, 9-12 monthsExcelente producto para los bebes.Material suave y delicado.Bajo costo, embalage acorde al pedido, tiempo de entrega conforme a lo establecido.Altamente recomendado por garantia, calidad, y costo.

Katrina Martinsdale, MT

For new baby only

Those bibs are cute and soft, however they are very small for my 4 months old! I didn’t realize it until I washed them and tried on my son. Didn’t fit at all. Otherwise they will be great for newborns.

Johnnie Pickens, MS

Perfect size for a newborn

These were the perfect size for my newborn son, but he is growing out of them. They are adorable as well and very absorbent. For the price and quality, I have been very pleased with them thus far.

Norma Lissie, TX