Luvable Friends 6 Pack Baby Burp Cloths, Blue

Luvable Friends 6 Pack Baby Burp Cloths, Blue

Luvable Friends 6 burp cloths are made from soft, absorbent cotton rich knit terry with extra large coverage and bound edges for longer last. Assorted with embroidered design and coordinating prints.

Main features

  • 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester
  • 17 x 10.5 “es
  • Set includes 1 embroidered, 2 solid color, and 3 patterned burp cloths
  • Machine Washable
  • Matching Luvable Friends Receiving blankets

Verified reviews


They’re ok…

To be fair, I haven’t used these yet (I’m washing them first)…but I don’t know if I’m going to love them based on the fabric feel and size. I think I much prefer the gerber cotton burp cloths that resemble cloth diapers. I will update this review if my opinion changes after I actually use these.

Elva Chaffee, ND

Cute Burp Rags

These burp rags are very soft and cute. The only thing I would like different about it is a little bigger as babies can have pretty big throw-ups!

Rocio Chalk Hill, PA

Cheap and thin

CONS:-very very thin. If the baby spits up at all it pretty much soaks right through. I always have to “double up” to even use them.-cheap material, scratchyI bought them because they were the cheapest burp cloths on amazon. Now I know why–because they are so cheap! It’s not worth it, considering that I never use them (I would rather do an extra load of laundry of my GOOD burp cloths) or if I did I had to use 2 of them together. And I really hate doing an extra load of laundry with a newborn on my hands, but I’d rather do that (or buy better burp cloths) than use these.

Virgie Peru, IL

His lovie

My son uses this as his "blanket" he has 18 and he loves them. He likes to hold it in his hand and I like that its small so I don’t have to worry about it suffocating him. I buy them whenever they go on sale. Love them.

Patsy Butler, IL

Durable and Worth the money

I bought these because with a 2 month old daughter, I go through burp rags like CRAZY. These are very durable and a good size too.

Roxanne New Philadelphia, PA

Great item

Bought for my grandson on the way and they are soft yet very durable . Highly recommend to anyone who needs these !

Louella Mexico Beach, FL


They’re a nice size and washed well. But the material is very rough and I don’t feel comfortable having my son’s face against it. The pattern side is rough, but the back side is a little softer so we use it with the back side facing up.

Teresa Sterling, NY

Must Have

Nice fabric, good colors, right size – I use these all the time for cleaning up little drool or spit-up. Everyone should have a pack of these.

Selina Lisbon, MD

they’re OK

They are cute, but they are small, thin and scratchy where the fabric is died (the polka dots). I use them only when all my ‘good ones’ are dirty. They are not the worst, but I wouldn’t recommend them or buy them again.

Kristina Pecatonica, IL


Cheap. Does not clean up spit up all that great. They are cute and soft however… just spend the money and get some good ones!

Jimmie Elk Mills, MD

Not really impressed

I expected these burp cloths to be thicker. They are large enough – just wish they were thicker. If mom/gma are wearing nice clothing, the burp cloth is not going to absorb enough to keep from staining. I was also disappointed that only 1 cloth had a cute design on it. Overall, I was disappointed in this product.

Georgette Wilton, ND

Not the best burp clothes

My grandma made me some plane white burp clothes out of regular flannel and I prefer those much more. These are not that absorbent and scratchy on one side.

Crystal Winston Salem, NC

Great for newborns

these worked great when my son was a newborn, once he got older now they were not enough to catch his spit up.

Lina Avon, OH

Very small and thin

They look cute first but after just one wash 9and you have to wash it before use) these got scratchy. The fabric is thin and the cloths are way too small.

Anita Goessel, KS

Sturdy and Cute

Even after 9 months these burp cloths are holding up rather good. I would definately recommend this product to anyone. Item received promptly and exactly as pictured/described. I would recommend doing business with this seller. Thank you so much! =)

Meagan Sugar City, ID

Waste of money

Thin and scratchy just like one other reviewer said. Don’t bother. Buy cloth diapers instead. I still use the cloth diapers and my son is 15 months old now. I threw these things away long ago.

Beverly Outlook, MT

SUPER THIN and small

These burp cloths are small and very thin, which makes them not very useful at all as burp cloths since they’re not absorbent and don’t cover a large enough area.

Angeline Cunningham, KS


I got this for my sister’s baby shower and she loves it. I’m waiting to see how my niece looks in them and recommend it

Leta Redwood Estates, CA

Baby Burp Cloths

This 6 pack of Luvable Friends Baby Burp Cloths are excellent. Love the size and of course the color option of blue for our new great grand-nephew! They are very convenient and useful for feeding time. Yes, this is a great purchase.

Jeanette Tipton, MO

good deal!

I would say its a great deal with prize. Burp clothes are not very thick but still not bad for new born. Size a absolutely perfect!

Georgette Keyes, OK

very thin, cheap feeling

these are very thin and cheap feeling, only good thing is that they are good for diaper bag b/c they don’t take up any room.

Joni Nursery, TX

So so

I thought that this item would have been thicker In quality. It can be used to clean your babies dribble

Myra Bethera, SC


Like these little towels a lot. They’re really soft, I just wish the applique was on more than just one of the towels. The others are awfully plain.

Wanda Rosebud, MT