Luvable Friends Applique Feeder Bib with Teether, Green

Luvable Friends Applique Feeder Bib with Teether, Green

Luvable Friends Applique Feeder Bib with Teether is a fun and practical way to help protect baby’s clothing from drool and messy spills, as well as providing a conveniente teether! Teether is BPA Free and Phthalate Free. Self fastening for easy closure, and available in 4 designs: Blue Trim – Train, “chew, chew”. Pink Trim – Butterfly, “what’s to munch”. Orange Trim, “I’ve got the Munchies”. Green Trim – “creative genius at work”. 65% cotton, 35% polyester. Machine washable. Unique baby clothing and baby care products.

Main features

  • 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester
  • Easy-closure
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Great Bib!

Great bib for a teething baby! Thick and big enough but not too big. Just wish they were a little less expensive so I could purchase more!

Renae Leedey, OK

Great Product

Love the bib !!!! i washed it several times and still looks like new . i bought 2 of them

Eleanor Colts Neck, NJ


This is a really cute bib. Bought it as a gift for someone and hope they like it. Seems strong.

Marci Manchester, VT

Nice Bib, but I did not like the Fastner velcro

This bib is super cute, and washes nice, but I really did notlike the velcro fastener. My baby got a cut and a scratchedbeck of the neck from this velcro. It is sharp and I was nothappy about that. Make sure you secure the velcro overlappingit to prevent scratching. I am not liking velcro bibs anymore.

Janette Mayaguez, PR

Great bib!

This is a great, large bib, that is colorful and absorbent. Some bibs are thin, but this has a thickness to it. The teether on it is a bonus!

Alison Bainbridge, NY

Really like this! Not sure about BPA free though.

My daughter loves this bib. It is of adequate size to prevent food from getting onto her shoulders when she turns her head from side to side during a feeding. She also really likes the teether. I’ve had two of these for several months now, they are constantly in the washer and so far, have held up really well. Only thing is, the packaging says nothing about BPA free plastic on the teether part. However, when I purchased mine, the sight claimed they were BPA free. I haven’t let it bother me too much because she chews on most of her toys and only a few of them claim to be made of BPA free plastic. Give these a try if your child has trouble hanging on to her teether. This one is guaranteed never to hit the floor because its fastened to the bib itself.

Casey Beaverton, OR

Totally Awesome for bigger babies

Our 6 month old was 10.4 and 22 inches when he was born, then doubled his weight and added another 5 inches in his first 2 months. So he’s a big boy! And he started teething at 4 months, so it’s been really hard to find bibs big enough for him that are also appropriate for his developmental level. He doesn’t need the plastic ones with the pocket food catchers, he just needs really big, absorbent, waterproof ones. And these bibs are AWESOME. Totally worth the price. They are nice and thick, and have a huge neck hole. I love them. He’s only recently figured out that the rubber on the corners is for him to chew on, so not much to say about that, but I’ve really appreciated the size and absorbancy. Just to be fair, they WILL soak through if left on for too long. I’ve literally ordered about 10 of them, and we rotate through around 4 a day to let some dry out…..

Luann Enigma, GA

Perfect giant bib!

Very large bib, soft but thick, and the corner is fun for the baby. It’s our favorite, and we wish we had more like it! Nothing gets through it – very thick cotton – like a nice towel.

Olga Auburn, NE


Every baby should have one of these bibs. My little man loves to chew on everything… so the hard corner on this bib keeps him very busy.

Jessica Coin, IA