Luvable Friends Diaper Bag – Navy

Luvable Friends Diaper Bag – Navy

Our diaper bag features a compact design that is ideal for day and weekend trips. The large zippered pocket provides for easy access to essentials. A front organizer and side pockets make for easy organizing on the go. Fully lined waterproof interior. Elasticized bottle holders and light insulation. It has adjustable shoulder strap for added comfort. This includes vinyl changing pad. Available in navy with Americana bear print.

Main features

  • 12 x 10 x 6 “es
  • Front zippered waterproof pouch
  • Large main pocket is insulated and waterproof
  • Adjustable Strap
  • Free Changing Pad Included

Verified reviews


Cute, Sturdy, and small

I really enjoy this diaper bag. It is exactly as the title says, and for the price it seems to be quite sturdy. It has a diaper changing pad in it, and it has little loops to store things like creams or bottles. I like how the side pocket has a strap over top to secure things like sippy cups too. For $10 this thing really doesn’t let you down!

Cortney Newport, ME

Diaper Bag or Cooler?!

I was expecting something much larger than this. Had I known it was no larger than a child’s lunch cooler, I wouldn’t have gotten it 🙁

Kaitlyn Constantine, MI

Cheap and cute

I just needed something cheap and functional for when the grandparents babysit and they need some way of toting around diapers, wipes and sippy cups if they want to go out. This works perfectly for that. I doubt it would last long for everyday use but works great for occasional use. The material inside is an easy to clean, wipe-able material and the blue outside is like a stiff canvas. It’s big enough to hold several diapers, wipes, a onesie, all other small odds and ends, and our sippy cups fit in the outer pocket. The strap is even extends long enough for me to wear it cross body and I’m 5’10". The design is pretty cute too.

Katheryn Melvin, TX

Bright color, functional.

Very nice and functional diaper bag, love the bright color, but a bit bulky. It’s enough to take in all I need for an outing.

Abbie Mc Kenzie, TN

Perfect little diaper bag when you don’t need to use your big one!

Love this diaper bag as it really speaks to the quick necessities that you may need when going into a store or going out on a quick errand run. I have another bigger diaper bag but sometimes you just don’t need all that bulk when it’s a quicker outing. And or when you want to go into the mall and have more carriage space and just take in the essentials with this small bag. Love the compartments and overall suits my needs very well.

Katheryn Gwynneville, IN

Good for small trips

I would rate a 5 except the bag still smells like plastic. I had it sit out for a week and finally placed fabric softener sheets inside to help.

Odessa Rake, IA



Marietta Lavon, TX

Again and again

This is my 2nd one. The 1st one got broken because the sewing is too tight to the fabric. But I still buy again because I like the size, the price. It is worth it to use even 1 year.

Meghan Ellenton, FL

Perfect Size, Perfect Price

My favorite thing about this product is the size. It is big enough to hold absolutely everything I need it to hold and then some without being the size of a suitcase like most other diaper bags. It really seems like it was designed with mothers in mind because of the convenient extra pockets and manageable size.I read some reviews about the strap breaking, which has not happened to me of course because I just barely got it, but I pulled on the end of the strap that they were talking about to see and I can see how it could be a problem because the threading there is visible and doesn’t appear to be incredibly sturdy. However, I don’t think that mine will break because it seems sturdy enough to handle what I need it for. I imagine that some of these bags are worse than others in this area.There are only two things I could complain about (other than the potentially weak strap). The adjustable strap does not adjust to be long enough to carry messenger-style and I would like it to be a little more gender neutral. The navy, blue, and red looks very boyish and I have a little girl. Still, I did not plan to wear it messenger style anyway (just think it would be nice to have the option) and the gender neutrality thing is not all that big of a deal to me.Overall, I really like this bag. I will post some pictures so you can see for yourself. (I noticed this product was lacking in good images)

Erna Montrose, AR


I had already bought my own side by side twin stroller and car seats for my nephew twins. It was just too much trouble taking them constantly out of his suv everytime my sister and I wanted to take them places. This bag I was not sure was going to do the trick but was pleasantly surpised! It is perfect for putting in diapers and treats and sippy cups. It is not too big and bulky. Really happy with it. Very inexpensive too. Spent enough money on the other things and was happy to find this bag on Amazon. I also bought the car seats and stroller items on Amazon also. I intend to give a review of those items after using them tomorrow.

Marian Glastonbury, CT

Perfect little bag for daycare

The entire inside of this bag is insulated, so it is perfect for bringing bottles to and from daycare every day (fits at least 6 9-ounce bottles but it’s not a bulky bag) – when our baby is older it will be perfect for bringing his food as well. The pocked in front fits a little extra outfit and bib and the pockets on the side are good for extra empty bottles for formula. We’ve been using it for a month now and it’s in great shape, great buy.

Hattie Winterville, GA

strap broke! but love wallet compartment!

I gave this a two because the strap broke. It ripped at the seems. I read reviews saying this but didn’t think it would happen it did. I breastfeed so no formula or bottles and still broke. I really like the front pocket has a wallet compartment so I moved my important cards I use regularly to avoid carrying diaper bag AND purse. The changing pad it comes with is a joke. its good for quick trips with its compact size. I LOVE the wallet compartment and worth 10$ to use for a month before it broke. If I can’t find another diaper bag with built in wallet I may buy again for 10$ just to use til it breaks bc that part I love. Not very trendy either but oh well it works.

Diana Latonia, KY

I like it

I bought this because I needed a diaper bag that had enough pockets to hold just a few of my items but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. This bag does the job. The front has two separate zipper pouches. I keep my wallet, keys and lip gloss in one, and the other I use to store her pacifiers and disposable changing pads. The inside is very roomy. I usually keep about 8 diapers and a pack of wipes in there, with enough room for a bottle, a small container of formula, and a bunch of snacks. I even have a rolled up mat for when we eat out and that can go on top of everything else. It’s surprisingly roomy! The fabric is a bit stiff and it’s a bit boyish, but the bears are very cute. I don’t care that it’s not pink. The bears are a bit neutral, so it works for us.

Abigail Bliss, ID

Great bag for the price but lacks some features

UPDATE: We have now had the bag less than a month, and the strap has completely ripped off of one side. We were happy with it for what we paid but even at a low price, that level of quality is unacceptable. We have now returned it in favor of a more expensive, and hopefully sturdier, diaper bag. It’s too bad, though, because I really preferred the color and pattern of this bag.ORIGINAL REVIEW:Considering we paid less than fifteen dollars for this diaper bag, I really can’t complain. But reviews are always helpful to other buyers so I will say that the quality is about what I expected – some loose threads, cheaper material. But the zippers work well so far and the bag is quite roomy without being bulky (I would say it is slightly larger than a mid-size purse). My only real complaint is a lack of extra compartments that close for things like pacifiers, medicine, diaper cream, etc. The two pouches on the side are completely open and I have already had my cell phone fly out and land in a puddle – learned my lesson that those pockets are pretty much useless! I suppose they are for bottles but I can imagine that even those could fall out when you grab the bag out of the car. They need Velcro or snaps to keep them closed.Other than that, I am satisfied with the bag for the short trips to the store or when we are visiting friends. But if you use your bag every day, you probably want to invest in something a little higher quality with more compartments.

Marcie Franklintown, PA

Good for the Money

I won’t be using this for another few months, but it looks sturdy. You can see white threading (bag is navy blue) on some of the seams. This may bother some, but I am not too concerned with that myself. There will be plenty of room for all the baby’s needs and even some of my own! I recommend this bag to anyone who isn’t too concerned about imperfections. It will be suitable for me and my family and the price was right.

Mary Inglis, FL

Compact but roomy

I love this bag because it is smaller than the original diaper bag that I had. Even though it is a compact size that is easy to travel with, I can still fit everything that my daughter would need for a whole day out and about.

Ivy Stearns, KY