Luvable Friends Disposable Bibs, White, 24-Count

Luvable Friends Disposable Bibs, White, 24-Count

Our 24-pack disposable bibs set contains a 3 layer leak-proof design: 1. Quilted top Layer. 2. Absorbent Layer. 3. Water proof backing. Soft and quilted fabric means no itching or scratching for baby. A pocket at the bottom helps to catch crumbs, while the Velcro tabs in the back allow for quick and easy on and off. Perfect to take when traveling or for in the car as there is minimum cleaning and no laundry!

Main features

  • Leak proof
  • Crumb Catcher
  • Self Adhensive tabs
  • Disposable
  • Perfect when traveling

Verified reviews


love it!

Life saver for the trips! They are pretty soft (soft enough to wipe her mouth after she is done eating), very easy to put in/take off. Take literally no space in the diaper bag. Waterproof. Perfect disposable bib! I got more directly thru the seller site and price was lower than at amazon, as well as shipping was less.

Judi Vienna, NJ


We used the heck out of these on a trip to France. It’s a great deal, and all these disposables are the same – certainly made by the same manufacturer. Only way I can imagine improving them is by making the area that the adhesive sticks to bigger than the adhesive, so they came off more easily (often have to tear – but it’s easy and normal to do so), and can be reused after any neat meals.

Fanny Thousand Oaks, CA

I wish I had found these months ago

These bibs are fantastic. I ordered them for a vacation – the first we’ve taken with our 11 month old. We’ve always used reusable, cloth bibs, and I didn’t want to deal with rinsing and washing those while we were away.Here’s what I love about these bibs:- They’re bigger than you think. They’re actually bigger than several of my daughter’s cloth bibs, and as a result, she almost never gets food on her shirt while wearing one of these (a common occurrence with the cloth).- They fold up and take up virtually no space. Perfect for throwing in a diaper bag when you’re out or travelling.- The little pouch. They’re packed flat, so you pop the little pouch out when you put it on. The pouch works surprisingly well. I’ve always been leery of the hard bibs with the pouch (like the Bjorn bibs), so I can’t compare, but these catch a lot of food.- They stay on. The adhesive they use is pretty strong, and my daughter can’t pull her bib off on her own (unlike the cloth bibs that use velcro).- They’re cheap. $5 for 24 is an awesome deal for something that works as good as these do.- They’re disposable. Obvious, I know, but babies are messy, and bibs are gross after a meal. This shortens clean up time, which is great when you’re trying to get the tired baby into a bath and ready for bed before a meltdown.My only regret is that I didn’t try these sooner.

Jaclyn Campton, NH

Just Okay

I was use to using the Pamper brand disposable bibs. Pampers bibsters are pricey compared to this brand. The worst thing about them is the neck velcro. Overall, they get the job done, but not much chance in using them a second time due to the neck velcro.

Rachael Nyssa, OR

Perfect for Vacations, Restaurants, etc…

Fantastic throw away bibs. We used them on our Disney cruise so that we could just rip them off and leave them on the table when we were done. The “catcher” at the bottom of the bib does a great job of catching that extra food your baby will drop. If you carefully align the sticky tabs together and carefully take them apart, you can use these bibs more than once.

Leah Seabrook, SC

Good for one use

I like these, but due to the sticker closure at the back, you can only use them one time. For me this was both good and bad. The good is that my 3 year old couldn’t just tear these off, she had to wait for me to remove. The bad is that if the bid was not dirtied during use, you couldn’t reuse because one you removed from the kid, the adhesived back closure could not be resealed. Also a few times my daughter’s hair got caught in the sticker closure, so you have to be careful about that. Overall, not a bad product and if I remember correctly, they are cheaper than the comparable disposable bids with the velco closure tab.

Sandra Cato, NY