Luvable Friends Disposable Bibs, White, 24-Count

Luvable Friends Disposable Bibs, White, 24-Count

Our 24-pack disposable bibs set contains a 3 layer leak-proof design: 1. Quilted top Layer. 2. Absorbent Layer. 3. Water proof backing. Soft and quilted fabric means no itching or scratching for baby. A pocket at the bottom helps to catch crumbs, while the Velcro tabs in the back allow for quick and easy on and off. Perfect to take when traveling or for in the car as there is minimum cleaning and no laundry!

Main features

  • Leak proof
  • Crumb Catcher
  • Self Adhensive tabs
  • Disposable
  • Perfect when traveling

Verified reviews


Great for travel!

We love these disposable bibs! They are so convenient for travel or when you are out and about. Just throw it away when you’re done!

May Dana, NC


Very convenient to bring along for on-the-go moms. When I do bring bibs, I always seem to forget to take the soiled bibs out of the wet bag (yah, i know. gross). With these disposable bibs, I could just pack several and then throw it away. Easy peasy!

Catalina Farmington, IL

Great for feeding on the go

I had already stocked our diaper bag with containers of baby food and take and toss spoons, but also wanted some disposable bibs for eating on the go since I wasn’t sure I didn’t want the hassle of having to remember to keep the bag stocked with washable bibs, and periodically remember to take them out and clean them. These seemed like a good cost-effective solution, so I bought some and tried them out.They work well for the purpose. They are made pretty thin and lightweight, made of a paper towel like material lined with a thin plastic so they have a small amount of absorbancy, but don’t leak through onto our baby’s clothes. The fastener is a sticky tab that you can re-seal. They are not as good as washable cloth bibs, but that’s expected for a disposable product. The only complaint I have is that due to their lightweight nature they can easily swing from side to side, and expose some of baby’s clothing if you are not careful. The bib itself is pretty big and covers the entire front torso of our small 9 month old. I haven’t tried using them with the side containing the "food catcher" pocket, as these have really only been used for feeding baby food purees.I would recommend these to anyone looking for an easy to use disposable bib for their diaper bag. I liked them enough such that I recently bought another set since the first box is almost empty.

Luann La Porte City, IA

Perfect travel bibs

I love the Luvable Friends Disposable Bibs. Used these for a 10 day trip overseas for 3 meals a day.*They are soft and a great size (width and length) for my 8 month old.*The pouch works and so does the waterproofing.*They are easy to close/adjust. And they stay closed. My baby couldn’t pull it off. You can even reuse it if the don’t get too soiled.Will definitely purchase these again.

Twila Culberson, NC

Works great! Very soft and just the right size.

We’ve never though of carrying around disposable bib until my sister-in-law sent us some when she shipped us baby related gifts from overseas. I immediately searched on Amazon and found these to be most appealing. And, fortunately, they are working out great for us. Our baby girl is 13 months now and it covers he torso almost entirely. I initially didn’t understand why the folded section for catching food and water was attached backwards until someone pointed out to me that I needed to flip it backwards. I’m probably not describing it well but you can see the product picture. I should have done that more carefully as well. 🙂 So, the size is good and the thickness is just right for us as well. It’s thin enough that it doesn’t take up much space when it’s folded and it thick enough that food/water/juice would seep through easily. Also, it’s like paper towel material so you can use it to wipe the table or food tray after words. Very satisfied with this product.

Lacey Gibson, MO

Great for travel or on the go

We bought a box of these bibs for a cruise. We ended up not using them all, so now I toss a zip loc bag into my purse that has one of these bibs, a table topper placemat, a take and toss spoon and a couple of wet ones wipes. It is great for on the go feeding – never have to worry if I have a clean bib and it takes up barely any space at all. I was using these on my son at 6 months – he is currently 8 months old. He does not try to pull the bib off – though he often yanks at cloth and plastic bibs. This one doesn’t seem to bother him. It’s not reusable because of the sticky tab in the back. It does work great for one time use. It holds up a lot better than I expected during the feeding.

Lilly Hawick, MN

Good bib for traveling babies

These are great bibs to use while eating out or on-the-go. We used to bring our bibs and then pack them in ziplock to take home. These fit the bill perfectly. The backing is touch and go but for the most part it stays. The food catcher is decent so no complaints.

Josefina Normanna, TX


These bibs have a cleverly designed pocket and a secure attachment at the back of the neck, but that doesn’t matter: my 8mo baby just grabs hold, and in one motion, rips them from her. The bib itself tears and there is no salvaging it. By the time we fasten the bib, she has already ripped it off. Very disappointing. We used Bibsters with previous kids–the fabric of those was much sturdier so they didn’t tear, and they fastened with velcro rather than tape, so they were easy to re-use. I’ve heard that Bibsters are no longer the same, which is why we tried these, but for us, these aren’t worth the money because they tear too easily.

Candy Dunbar, KY

Don’t waste your money!

We bought these to use for our 7 month old when we went on vacation last month. They were pretty much useless to us. The baby was able to rip them right off her neck as soon as we put them on her. Now we have a box of worthless, half used bibs sitting in our closet.

Wendi Newville, PA

They don’t stay on

These just don’t work… can’t be used as a bib because the self adhesive part that is supposed to stick together (to hold the bib in place behind the childs head) doesn’t work ever. They just fall off. Now I see why they’re so cheap, I will have to purchase another brand to replace these.

Jimmie Isonville, KY

Five Stars

Great for traveling or keeping in your bag for dinners out. The crumb catcher is awesome.

Rosella Willow Springs, MO

great for travelling

these r great for travelling with your messy little 1 they r easy to store n soft so they don’t take up space in baby bags.they attach with a sticky tape around the neck so easy to put on n take off. n they come in handy. n the best part u just throw them away when your done no worrying about stains afterwards.

Adrian White House, TN

Good product

Overall happy with the purchase. It works fine and I would definitely ordered it again.You just have to be careful when you close it on the back. There is a sticker and your child hair can be attached.

Renee Clermont, FL

Good for young toddlers

These work for younger toddlers who don’t mind wearing bibs. By a year and a half, my Daughter was able to rip it right off.

Jewel Hazelton, WV