Luvable Friends Flannel 6 Piece Receiving Blankets, Elephants

Luvable Friends Flannel 6 Piece Receiving Blankets, Elephants

From our premium Luvable Friends layette collection of unique baby clothing and baby care products, Our flannel receiving blankets are made of only the softest cotton flannel for the softest touch on your baby’s sensitive skin. Each set comes with 6 unique blankets.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton Flannel
  • Warm and Comfortable
  • Cute Designs
  • 28 X 28 Inches

Verified reviews


Great Blankets

I buy these baby blankets to line the shelves of my rat cages because it’s so much healthier for the rats than other types of bedding and the rats love to cuddle in them. These are also great for baby’s as intended. I bought this pack and used 2 of them for my rat cages and gave the others to my daughter for my newborn grandson. When he outgrew them she gave them back to me and they are now being used in my rat cages as bedding.

Adela Norwood, MA

Small sized receiving blankets.

These receiving blankets are on the small size, but I knew that based on the earlier reviews. These blankets won’t swaddle a baby, but I bought them to fold in half and lay on top of my changing pad cover. They are the perfect size for that.All in all, not too bad for the low price.

Arline Princewick, WV


Nice prints. Very soft material. I like that it is also thick, not that cheap thin flannel. We use them a lot ( burping, covering, as a car seat cover…).

Marjorie New Harbor, ME

Great recieve blankets

Perfect, very useful product, The designs are girly but modern, I love the cupcake pattern!!Nice to have, I use this all day for 3 months now and be very ok.

Evelyn Harmonsburg, PA

totally cute..

you can split this up to put into BABY SHOWER gift baskets. You make two sets of three or three sets of two each. Very worth the money. Will purchase more.

Tami Luther, IA

Very small and thin

These are very small and thin, they suit better as either burp cloths or just to put under my baby’s head in a swing.

Francisca Saint Benedict, LA

Cute and soft

These are about average in size for blankets. For the price and quality these blankets are worth every penny. There’s outfits that these blankets match great with as well. I’m excited to use these. Coming right out the package these were already very soft. Like someone pointed out in an earlier review, the more blankets the better.

Antoinette Cotopaxi, CO


There were a few to choose from Amazon and i happened to picked this as the price of another set i picked shot up overnight. I find the material ok. It looked alright even after wash. it has the seams neatly locked in white. I had worried if it’ll turn out small but its ok. my bb sleeps on them during afternoon naps. really handy to have thin and light blankets to carry about. many usages, to place baby on or to cover the car seat when its not in use, etc. Substitute the boring muslin cloth uses with these nice colored prints.

Caryn Moody, AL

Great quality

These are great for swaddling and for using as burp cloths. They are a great deal as well. And the little bag makes it a great gift. I got these for my shower!

Beatriz Pipe Creek, TX

good quality

Nice colors, good quality, ironing easy, love it, I am so happy with this product, and I use it alot

Dominique Omena, MI

great blankets

great blankets for babies. the price is really good for 6 blankets. I ordered these for my friend that is having a baby.

Kaitlyn Freeland, WA

So cute!

So cute, very soft, and great quality! I love them and can’t wait to use them when my daughter gets here.

Tommie Clarkfield, MN

Okay quality

I purchase these for a baby basket. The quality was okay. I did use them after all but, I wan’t that thrilled.

Manuela Ollie, IA


This is a high quality product and it works well the baby is very comfortable and light weight perfect for summer. My grandchildren love them. I will buy another 3 sets due to the quality of the product. It is a must buy and very lost cost compared to other stores and online shopping. Perfect!!

Lawanda Jameson, MO

Good product

Good quality of the product. The size smaller as I expected. My wife used them on a daily bases for our kid.

Edna Nashwauk, MN

Great Receiving Blankets

These blankets were great! We only used them for a short time because our little grew so fast, that these were too small for her to use. These did shrink some in the wash, but now we use them as covers for our changing pad – they weren’t a waste even when she was to big to be swaddled in them.

Gilda Pilot Hill, CA

Great Value

Standard sized receiving blankets, but they are very warm. Great for swaddling in winter months, or laying over bedsheet as a barrier between baby and mattress/bassinet sheet. cute colors and designs as well!

Laura Cee Vee, TX

Nice set of blankets

These blankets are somewhat small, thin, and they shrink in the wash. However, I’ve found that they are nice burp cloths and protective coverings if you need to lay baby down. The case that they come in is also reusable. I keep many of baby’s bath products in it.

Laura Choudrant, LA

Small but that’s okay

From the mom: Wish these receiving blankets were a bit bigger, but I already knew that when ordering. Actually the best use i found for them is to put it on top of my boppy/pillow when I’m feeding her to catch any of my leaks as well as any that dribble out of her mouth. Or I’ll stuff the whole blanket into my bra so that I don’t leak through my clothes while I do house chores.Another perk, super soft, even without fabric softener.

Noelle Goodview, VA

cute, light but small

cute blankets but they’re kind of small and not really good for swaddling. Light weight and good for us in the car seat or when shes in her swing or bouncy seat.

Virgie Mantorville, MN

a little small

I purchased and used a lot these blankets. They are soft and good quality. I only feel they could be a little bigger.

Clarice Francestown, NH

more like a sheet

They’re very cute, but not what I expected. They’re thin… more like a sheet, and smaller than any other blankets we purchased. Used it more like a light cover on warm days and a giant burp cloth.

Teri Zamora, CA

Five Stars

Love this!

Jessie Bay City, MI


I’ve bought two of these packs because we use them all the time. They are great for covering the baby in her carseat on a sunny day or using as a burp cloth. We typically need 2 or 3 if we are going somewhere cold because they are about the thickness of a bad sheet. They are a little small for swaddling, unless you have a small baby (<7lbs, <20inches). I highly recommend these to anyone with a newborn.

Gail Dannebrog, NE

Cheap quality – avoid

Got this pack in pink as a baby gift. Washed them for the first time last night in prep for baby girl to get here. Washed on cold, gentle cycle and put on low in dryer. All the stitching came apart and it is very very cheaply made in Pakistan. Avoid. It is also not very soft at all and I wouldn’t want this on my baby’s soft skin.

Michele Barre, VT

perfect size for my 6 pounder

These are soft and perfect for my little boy. After a couple of washes the colors have faded a bit but they are wonderful for almost anything. I use them as burp cloths, swaddles, protective sheets for when I have to put my baby down on my bed. They are light weight and easy to carry around so I also use them to cover my son when we go out to see his pedia. I also got the Aden By aden + anais swaddle blankets but those were too big and bulky.

Karin Fremont, IA

Great as lightweight blankets, etc.

Very cute, lightweight blankets for hot, humid areas, or can just be used as burp cloths. My infant is small, and even she is way too big to be swaddled in these blankets. I use them as burp cloths, lightweight regular blankets for those hot days and nights, car seat cover, and something to put down in her co-sleeper. Would probably buy one more set like this and then be done. They are great though.

Stacy Jacksonville, OH


Yes, cute, but small for swaddling. It is good for a very tiny baby or just to use as a light cover in Spring time. I use those as burp cloths or used some of them as bassinet sheets.

Karla Hancock, VT

Five Stars

Were a good quality of receiving blanket

Aurelia Sheffield, IL


These been holding up for a while. I love them. I bought a different design too. Simple and cute for a newborn baby girl

Susan Star Lake, WI